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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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elizabeth: right now -- they needed it, but couldn't handle it. rain makes a muddy mess in california, trapping cars, and closing roads. >> this isn't me. i would never hurt anyone like that. eric: he says he's sorry. for the first time, we hear from defendant pete polson. what he says is the reason for his shooting spree last year. elizabeth: and is he in, or out? new signs this morning that the
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into the presidential race. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning, everyone. and welcome back on a chilly morning. i feel like i am mr. rogers, zipping up a sweater. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. and eric has the right idea. you are going to need a jacket recess. it's chilly. jason: it is chilly this morning and will be chilly all day long. we usually see highs in the low to mid-60's, we will be in the mid-50's today and starting in the upper-30's. 39 and we could see patchy frost through western portions of the state. temperatures following suit. 36, upper-32 over-40's. our cold start matches the rest of the day. we topped out in the middle-50's and sunshine all day long.
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for the weekend, a lot more working in our favor, a cool start, likely cooler tomorrow, bottoming out in the low-30's to start and topping out in the mid to upper, 67 on sunday with plenty of sunshine. elizabeth: in california a developing story, mudslides leave thousands of drivers stranded overnight. shaina humphries has more. and shaina, we understand the mudslide hit one o othe state's biggest highways? shaina: 2 highways. two highways are actually still closed. one of those is interstate 5, which is the main road connecting northern and southern california. drought and wildfires there have stripped the land of any vegetation. so when rain fell, mud and water came rushing down over the roadways. even burying some vehicles up past their tires. >> tons of vehicles covered in three feet of dirt and mud. i remember i grabbed a piece of wood from a picket fence and started digging out under the bumpers. >> i've been out here for 24
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years now, and i've never seen this much water in 24 years. you really can't tell how fast that's moving or how safe it is. shaina: cleanup crews are already working on both of the affected highways. they are still closed this morning. no word yet on when they'll reopen. news around the world now -- israel is deploying more troops to its border with gaza as they brace for another day of possibly violent palestinian protests. dozens of palestinians and several israelis have been killed there in recent shootings and stabbings. israeli authorities have now banned young muslim men from entering a sacred mosque in jerusalem because it has been the site of many of those attacks. elizabeth: right now, central iowans are reacting to president obama's decision thursday to keep 5500 troops in afghanistan when he leaves office. previously, the president had vowed to end the war in afghanistan before his term was over. lieutenant colonel mike wunn was part of a 2800 troop deployment to afghanistan in july of 2010 working directly with the afghan army. wunn says he knew then that
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keeping the middle east country secure would be a very long road. lieutenant governor mike wunn: there just are a lot of challenges and it's going to take time for them to be able to to build up their nation, to build up their security forces, to be able to provide the type of security that's required for that part of the world. elizabeth: wunn tells kcci that he's not surprised by the president's announcement. right now, the iowa national guard does not have a unit deployed in afghanistan. the u.s. army reserves reports it has between 10 and 20 iowans serving. eric: more big stories now, the man accused of going on a shooting spree in pleasant hill last november, injuring two men, took the stand in his own defense thursday. pete polson apologized to the victims and said he remembers nothing about the shootings because he was high on methamphetamine at the time. polson says he injected meth six hours before he shot at three people that morning. pete polson: i'm sorry from the bottom of the heart. i apologize.
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it is not me. i wouldn't hurt anyone like that. i wish i would have just shot myself that day instead of hurting these people. eric: polson faces drug charges along with those three counts of attempted murder. the jury will have to decide whether polson was too intoxicated to have the intent to kill. testimony continues this morning in the federal trial of two former ron paul 2012 campaign aides. jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making hidden payments to former iowa state senator kent sorenson when he switched to support the paul campaign from the michelle bachmann campaign. sorenson took the stand himself yesterday and testified that, in december 2011, kesari gave his wife a check for $25,000. sorenson said he told kesari that he wasn't sure he wanted to switch to paul's campaign. but that he was conflicted because, at the time, he was facing financial issues. testimony resumes this morning at 9:00. trust kcci for complete coverage.
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elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news -- protestors gathered in windsor heights thursday to confront carly fiorina over her stance against planned parenthood. the republican presidential candidate spoke at a fundraiser there where she spoke about her problem-solving abilities as a former hewlett-packard ceo. ms. fiorina: every time i ran to a problem i knew -- i discovered we actually knew how to solve the problems but we had to challenge the status quo and produce results and solve the problem. and we haven't had that in washington in a long time. elizabeth: fiorina continues campaigning in iowa today with stops in pleasant hill and also in grinnell. and we're still waiting to hear a 2016 decision from vice president joe biden. overnight, we learned one of his closest aides sent an e-mail to former staffers telling them they would need help from all of them if he does decide to run. biden has also laid out a platform for his possible campaign. we'll have the details on that
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right before 6:30. eric: i saw two words behind you that i do not like. i will cover them up. wind chill. jason: it seems a little early but it is not. inching through fall. did the extra blankets out -- get the extra blanket out. the windchill, we are getting smacked with the cold. frost advisories to the west, freeze warnings to the northwest and tomorrow morning, that will continue to shift eastward and we keep the gold in the mix for another day -- the cold in the mix for another day. likely seeing some of us in the upper-20's. a decent day besides that. working in a little bit of wind but a lot of sunshine and once we get rid of this cold, looking beautiful, 76 degrees is your
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elizabeth: thank you, jason. it's going to be a busy and exciting weekend in downtown des moines. eric: runners are gearing up for a chilly des moines marathon this weekend. emmy victor joins us live from the locust street bridge. so, emmy, what do we need to know about the marathon this year? emmy: it is going to be a little windy. a little cold. that will not stop the 10,000 people we are expecting for the annual des moines marathon. this is where everything will be happening. this is where the race starts and finishes. there will be three separate races starting with the principal financial group 5k, happening on saturday for the first time. on sunday, the half marathon and the full marathon. an event that draws people from across the country to come out and participate. most people like the half marathon, one of their favorites. this year some of the runners took advantage of a discount
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both marathon days if you want to run the 5k and the half marathon and marathon on sunday, the des moines marathon is an event usually put on by a committee that works year round to make sure it is a great event, they have 2000 volunteers , a reception area with lots of food, free beer or anyone of age and the city says this is an event that keeps growing and makes des moines special. >> they love the course, beautiul in october. but they also love the support they get from the city, from the volunteers. even the spectators that come out and cheer and hold signs. what they tell us is that it is a big course with a small city feel. emmy: every time there is a race downtown, expect road closures, some starting today until sunday. for a full list check out well. we have those closures. eric: a gordon yourself down.
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-- anchor yourself down. elizabeth: ahead, one sign we could be hearing a big announcement soon from vice president joe biden. eric: which coast will the cubs be playing on tomorrow -- east or west? those online fantasy sports site we have been seeing commercials about are in hot water, we will tell you about the new cheating allegations. elizabeth: and are you feeling lucky? some cereal lovers say the marshmallows in lucky charms are the best part of breakfast -- how to get a whole box full ahead. shaina: you may slip into a diabetic coma. no problems on the roads, a been a bit of stretch of orange on university near pleasant hill but nothing major. no accidents to report. we will head outside and look at the roads, very dark. the 3580 and hickman, traffic picking up. no problems. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had
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woman: and it's going the wrong way! oh, my god! switch to u.s. cellular today for a price that's guaranteed to beat your verizon or at&t plan. who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis
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with shaina humphries. jason: happy friday morning. we have a chilly morning to get through today and another one tomorrow. we look at the wind chills, mid-20's in spots. 27 in webster city. mid-30's through central portions of the state. some of the coldest air we have seen in a while,.. may 19 we saw a low of 39. at least we worked in sunshine and winds picking up and sunshine later but will not warm us up much. 52 by noon. ontrack 455 or a high. a 1 -- ontrack fourr 55 for a
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shaina: right now, fans of the atlanta falcons are still trying to wrap their heads around their loss to the new orleans saints last night. you may have seen the game right here on kcci. the saints went into the game 1-4, while the falcons hadn't lost all season. saints quarterback drew brees led the team to two early touchdowns and the falcons just couldn't bounce back. final score, 31-21 new orleans. fantasy sports companies draft kings and fan duel are now at the center of a federal investigation. investigators are looking to find out whether games are being manipulated by players with insider information, specifically company employees. the controversy is getting attention on capitol hill, too. some members of congress are calling for more federal oversight and possible legislative action on fantasy sports. and right now, kansas city is gearing up to host the alcs tonight. the toronto blue jays will be in town for game one with the royals. first pitch is tonight at 6:30 on fox. you can count on kcci to have
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at 10:00 and tomorrow morning. >> they will face the chicago cubs in the national league championship series. elizabeth: that's right, the cubs officially have their opponent in the nlcs. the new york mets beat the los angeles dodgers 3-2 in game five last night to win the series. that means the cubbies will be heading to the big apple for games one and two. the series starts saturday at 6:30. you can watch it on tbs. eric: great that baseball fans have two teams to cheer for, the kansas city royals and chicago cubs. go cubs and royals. shifting to basketball this morning -- that looks so much fun, they're back to back big 12 tournament champions and right now coaches around the nation expect another banner season from iowa state basketball. prior to this year, the cyclones highest preseason ranking ever was ninth. that was in the ap poll back in the 1996-1997 season. well this year, the first usa
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today coaches poll of the season has the clones checking in at seventh. kentucky and unc are tied at first. big 12 rival kansas is up there as well at number five. could be another big season in the big 12. new coach steve prohm says he's not afraid of all the hype. >> keep improving each month to where come march we are efficient. that can do special things. you do not think about expectations right now you think about getting your team better. >> he wants us to take the extra step as a team and we know he has that swag and he believes it and it makes you work harder. eric: iowa state's first exhibition game is just a few weeks away now. they'll play grand valley state on november 6. elizabeth: economic headlines -- kia is recalling more than
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419,000 suvs for transmission problems. the company says the transmission can be shifted out of park when the driver's foot isn't on the brake. it happens when the gear shift lever is pushed too hard causing the car to unexpectedly roll away. elizabeth: on wall street, markets closed on a positive note. the dow was up 217 points. the nasdaq rose about 87. and the s&p 500 gained more than 29. some bad news for social security and medicare recipients this morning. more than 60 million of social security recipients will not see a cost of living increase next year due to flat inflation. and about 30% of medicare recipents could be paying a lot more for their part b premium. the almost 50% increase is the largest in medicare history. eric: lucky charms lovers -- today might be your lucky day. get a load of this -- the cereal brand announced it's finally making all-marshmallow boxes of lucky charms. it is what you need. but there is a catch, there are only ten boxes out there.
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to snap a selfie holding an imaginary marshmallow-only box and share it on twitter, instagram, or facebook, with #luckytensweepstakes. you can get a whole rush of sugar. elizabeth: ms. markey -- biz markee the -- to sell that. a chilly morning. jason: if sugar does not make your teeth fall out, chattering will this morning. 40's and 30's. eventually warming up. we start off at 39 at 7:00 a.m. and getting up to 55. we are working in sunshine all day long. we will pack in a little breeze. the breeze carrying much cooler air. jet stream has shifted so we have built a rich to the west on the backside of a trough that is driving in much colder air.
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this air will be sticking around into tomorrow. that could be much colder than today, at least waking up to today. freeze warnings, frost advisories in the west of the metro and western portions of the state. tomorrow, this mass of cold air continues to shift to the east and as it does so it will drag in those freeze warnings through most of the state. settle in for another chilly morning tomorrow as we could be seen low temperatures overnight in the low-30's. dropping ports freezing. the highs for tomorrow, coldest of the gold over the great lakes. this mass of air will move in and help us climb into the 60's for the later half of the weekend and eventually 70's throughout the beginning of your work week. we continue with the sunshine. some cloud cover, i think we see that overnight but we should see another sunny day throughout your saturday and into sunday.
6:21 am
we try to hang onto some semblance of warm throughout a portion of the weekend. 55 and sunshine, breezy, so pack on the windbreaker. low to mid-50's throughout the state and tonight, colder, 33 degrees and the breeze license a little bit -- lightens a little bit. a little bit of hope, 67 on sunday and 30's for three straight mornings and after that back to summer-like temperatures and chances for rain. eric: find the other black it for the next couple of days -- blanket for the next couple of days. shaina: so far so good on the roads. seeing tiny little patches of orange and yellow but nothing major, no big backups. a good time to go now if you have anywhere to be before 7:00 or so. mobile speed units, des moines, 3000 6th avenue and 39 and
6:22 am
to altoona units. 10,000 northeast 70th and body 5800 lock of northeast present >> speculation building over a joe biden run, how soon he could decide coming up. >> coming up, mountains of mud in southern california where flash floods caused mudslides trapping cars. gop presidential hopeful jeb
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elizabeth: vice president joe biden may be close to making a decision in the race for a white house run. 4 suggests he could reach a conclusion within days. eric: those close to the vice groundwork, how soon could we know something? nikole: the vice president could make a decision within the next three days according to cnn. so far he has not given many
6:25 am
>> have you made your decision yet? jill biden -- joe biden: i can't hear you. nikole: the vice president brushed off reporters thursday outside of his home in washington. the cable network cites a democratic official who claims biden's family is "totally onboard." a top biden adviser is reaching out to former staffers in the event he gets in. he says the vice president would run an optimistic and unscripted "campaign from the heart." eric: do you think you will get into the race and what else could we expect if so? nikole: all we can tell you is his office will not comment on his deliberations. we do know that he met with several of his top advisors earlier this week to discuss the race. clearly one of his aides has a game plan. he could still face pretty major hurdles if he decides to take the plunge, most notably
6:26 am
catching up to his competitors in terms of cash and operations since he has none, especially in some of the key states. elizabeth: we will see what happens. thank you. new stories ahead in our next half hour -- major problems in california this morning after rain causes several feet of mud to cover roadways. plus warm dry weather in iowa lately sparked several fires - new pictures and information. we'll also tell you why google hooked up an entire iowa community to wi-fi.
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>> tons of vehicles covered in three feet of dirt and mud. eric: muddy mess. incredible pictures from california. they sure needed the rain, but didn't need what came after. elizabeth: on the stand, pete polson tells jurors about what he was doing the night before he went on a shooting spree in pleasant hill. emmy: the des moines marathon happening this weekend and we have road closures so you can get around the city. >> you're watching the most viewed morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this
6:29 am
morning. elizabeth: also this morning -- halloween is turning teal. the very good reason for these strange-looking pumpkins and why you may be seeing a lot of them this year, just ahead. good morning and welcome back , everyone. it's friday, october 16. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: and i'm eric hanson, along with shaina and jason. when is the right time to put the electric blanket on the bed? shaina: it is your call. eric: of course but we are getting into those days. shaina: you might have to take it away. jason: you can use it in the middle of the summer if you want. we did not -- some spots will got to a little snow. in the upper peninsula of michigan. at least flurries. i saw a few pictures on twitter. freezing temperatures, 34 in webster city.
6:30 am
for the morning commute it will stay chilly. could see patchy frost in spots, the best chance for that will be western portions of the state where they are seeing freezing to bridgers at the -- freezing temperatures and it is looking sunny and nice, just cool to cold. a stiff breeze out of the northwest that will knocked down temperatures. the weekend, warming back up, 58 on saturday and 67 on sunday. shaina: thank you jason. we'll get started with dramatic pictures out of california. some severe flooding in los angeles right now is leaving cars stuck in several feet of mud. it is the after-effects of three and a half inches of long-awaited rain the water just flowed out of control though over the drought-stricken land. people were trapped in cars and campers. many had to be rescued. it even closed all northbound lanes of the freeway, forcing traffic to be diverted. cleanup has already begun but two highways remain closed this morning, including interstate 5,
6:31 am
which is the main connector between northern and southern california. new pictures from israel right now -- security forces are already positioned, ready for what could be another day of violence. hamas is calling for a 'day of rage' and israel has banned young muslim men from entering a holy mosque in jerusalem. palestinians threw firebombs early this morning at another holy site, the tomb of biblical patriarch joseph. and a suspected hacker in malaysia has been arrested -- accused of giving isis secret information on american service members. officials say the hacker accessed federal computer systems, stole information on service members and federal employees, and then passed it on to a british man, who is considered the social media mastermind of isis. the u.s. is trying to extradite him now so he can be brought here to face charges. elizabeth: now to today's big stories here in iowa. former state senator kent sorenson will take the stand again in just a few hours in the trial of two former ron paul
6:32 am
are accused of making hidden payments to sorenson to switch from the michelle bachmann to ron paul's campaign. thursday, sorenson testified saying that in december 2011, kesari gave his wife a check for $25,000. sorenson says he was conflicted at the time because he was facing financial issues. today, we will also continue to follow pete polson's trial. he's facing charges following a shooting spree in pleasant hill last november. thursday, he took the stand in his own defense. >> i wish i would've shot myself instead of hurting these people. elizabeth: polson apologized and said he doesn't remember anything about the shootings because he was high on meth. polson faces drug charges and three counts of attempted murder . the jury will have to decide whether polson was too intoxicated to have the intent to kill. eric: rand paul is trying to
6:33 am
the question asked, should an employer be able to fire an employee because they are lgbt. >> i think you could just leave them in your house and they would not be part of the workplace that said that they class of people who can now sue at there are plenty of places to hire you if you are gay. eric: he said he does not think anyone should be fired for being gay and your personal life should have no bearing on your work success. 200 sex offenders will soon be transferred to the newton correctional facility. all of the inmates will come from the mount pleasant correctional facility. the newton prison will allow for individual, multiple-occupancy cells and dormitory areas, with a less open environment. and it will be better equipped for treatment with more security. the move will happen in phases and it could take up to a year. elizabeth: crews are busy preparing for the 14th annual des moines marathon.
6:34 am
sounds like it will be a busy place. emmy: we are expecting thousands of people to come out to the locust street bridge and fill the area. this is where everything happening, the race starts and interior, the des moines marathon one of the biggest events put on by the city and you do not lead a lot -- need a lot of athletic ability to have a good time. a lot to choose from, the principal financial group classic 5k on saturday and on sunday the half marathon and marathon. there are two challenges presented to runners, if you run the kansas city marathon on saturday and run the half marathon and marathon on sunday you can win a prize. there is a discount for runners if you run the 5k on saturday and you run the half marathon and marathon on sunday. runners get gifts this year for participating. >> the metals have been unbelievable, look at this, this is what you get if you do the
6:35 am
marathon but if you also run on saturday, the day before, you get this metal. they clipped together. that has to be one of the most unique running metals and all of sport. emmy: this race is bringing road closures downtown and we want to tell you about a couple of them, the walnut street bridge closes at 6:00 p.m. at east first from walnut and road closures on grand avenue and even the drake neighborhood area, so check out our website for more information on the road closures. live downtown, emmy victor. elizabeth: a little tricky to navigate but a lot of fun. eric: stay warm. wired for wi-fi, how google stepped into bring an entire i went out to the internet. elizabeth: out with the orange and in with the deal, how halloween is changing color. jason: first frost of the season, we get another chance
6:36 am
shaina: looking good outside. you will be wearing a next her jacket but you should be about to get where you need to go in plenty of time. this is to 35 and valley west in west des moines, backed up pretty soon, one of our busiest
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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if you are heading for a bit of football tonight it will be brisk. wear a jacket and hat. mid-40's by the end of the game and only a high in the mid-50's today. thankfully, a good chunk of sunshine to go along with that. it will not warm us up at all over the next couple of days but we kick off the work week in style with a high of 76. eric: the dry, warm weather we were having sparked several field fires on thursday. shaina: there is a large fire in fort dodge. several firefighters on scene and takes to our viewer, kevin for sending the pictures. the wind did not help the situation, they spread the flames faster and the state has burn bans in place in a dozen iowa counties. eric: now to sioux city -- did you know iowa has cactus plants?
6:40 am
endangered cacti! there's a field of 100 bigroot prickly pear cactus plants, like these, that are right in the way of a major road project. state officials have now rerouted the construction to steer clear of the cactus plants. shaina: in council bluffs, the community-wide wi-fi is now on! google teamed up with the city and private donors to launch wi-fi that the entire city can use. it will be the largest open public wi-fi network in the united states. officials say it's going to be especially helpful to those students that don't have wi-fi at home. now they won't be cut off from the internet when they leave school. elizabeth: you wonder if other towns will take notice. we are used to seeing orange a new color is popping up and it's for a very good reason! eric: the color teal.
6:41 am
it's really taking off this year for trick or treating. simply paint a pumpkin - place it on your step and that's a sign you have non-food treats available. it's reassurance for parents of kids with food allergies that that house is a "safe zone." shaina: it is a tiffany's blue, maybe something real special. jason: this always comes up this time of year too - why the des moines area has beggar's night instead of trick-or-treating on the actual day of halloween. this is a where tradition if you're not from here. the register wrote a story about it - if you're not from here it's pretty interesting. it goes back to 1938 -- when des moines police answered 550 calls of vandalism on halloween. the following year, the city's then-recreation director started the beggar's night tradition - they encouraged kids to use the phrase 'tricks for eats' and that's when the whole joke thing started. eric: it took off and is still that way today. what kind of roads do ghosts
6:42 am
dead ends. what do witches put on their hair? scare spray. shaina: that is cute. this will be my first time living in a house where i will have trick-or-treaters, you are not supposed to guess? nope, try again. elizabeth: tgif. a live look at our skycam over downtown des moines, a before
6:43 am
the mo the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." jason: happy friday morning. we have a cold start to everyday, 42 at the moment. who cares about the comb -- cold when you are waking up to a painting on the horizon, beautiful sunrise. we will see the great sunshine, 55 is all we will muster. even though we see the sunshine all day, it will not help our temperature climb and a huge it
6:45 am
in our jetstream is why. a ridge to the west and that is where the warm weather is. it is bringing down the cold air as we get a northwest breeze and the wind will be strong today. a freeze warning off to the west into the dakotas and through western portions of minnesota and this will continue to shift eastward as we head throughout the day tomorrow. waking up to more cold, freeze warnings through the better portion of the north eastern half of the state and metro included in a frosted visor he. we will hang on -- a frost advisory. today, a couple degrees warmer tomorrow. 58 in des moines. to the east, the cold air mass is sagging into the great lakes region were some of them are waking up to a little bit of snow. thankfully, we are not seeing that yet but we are seeing the sunshine and we will likely
6:46 am
bring in a little bit of cloud cover into later portions of the day and especially saturday morning. throughout the day on saturday, clearing that out and we will get downright nice as far as the sunshine goes. we will hang onto to the cold, mid-50's today, across the state, low to mid-50's throughout and sunshine. tonight, more cold, 33, widespread patchy frost, a freeze warning for a good portion of the state. the next few days, we get back to more seasonable conditions, 60 seven on sunday with the sunshine and as we head into the next eight days, we continue to warm it up, 76 monday and 75 on tuesday. a shot for rain or not all bad, back to near summerlike temperatures. eric: how was traffic? shaina: well, no accidents. enjoy that. starting to see a little bit of a slowdown on university in both
6:47 am
directions east and west in between pleasant hill and des moines but nothing major. no accidents so hopefully it will not slow you down much. here are your mobile speed units. two in des moines. beautiful in that neighborhood. from the polk county sheriff's office, both in altoona. elizabeth: news to go is a last
6:48 am
and what to presidential eric: news to go is your last blast of news. elizabeth: former state senator stand again two hours from now in the trial of two former ron paul 2012 campaign aides. jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making hidden payments to sorenson to switch from michelle bachmann to ron paul's campaign. pete polson's attorney could call more witnesses to the stand. his trial also resumes at 9:00 a.m. polson testified thursday, apologizing to the victims he shot in pleasant hill last november. he said he remembered nothing about the shootings because he was high on methamphetamine at
6:49 am
the time. the jury will have to decide whether polson was too intoxicated to have the intent to kill. shaina: some dramatic images of mudslides in california. severe thunderstorms pounded a remote area just north of los angeles. although much of the state has been experiencing a severe drought this year, yesterday's heavy rain fell too hard and too fast. the terrain just couldn't absorb all that water. luckily, no one was hurt. and we could now be days away from hearing whether the vice president plans to enter the 2016 presidential race. reporter: have you made a decision yet? vice president biden: i can't hear you. shaina: vice president joe biden isn't talking, but one of his top advisors is. he sent a letter to former biden staffers, saying that he knows a decision must be made soon, and if he does jump into the race, he would need their help immediately. and on the republican side -- two front-runners are
6:50 am
donald trump and ben carson both wrote letters to msnbc, saying they would not participate if the debate lasted more than two hours. it is set for october 28. eric: it's also football friday night week 8. number one dowling catholic at des moines roosevelt, and number two valley playing ankeny centennial. look for live previews and highlights tonight on kcci at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. tomorrow, the 17th ranked hawkeyes hit the road to take on 20th ranked northwestern. that game kicks off at 11:00 and you can watch it on abc. the cyclones are home on saturday, taking on third ranked tcu. that will be a tough one. kickoff is set for 6:00 p.m. at jack trice stadium. you can watch it on espn2. elizabeth: tonight game one of the alcs! the kansas city royals hosting the toronto blue jays. the game starts at 6:30 on fox. tomorrow, the nlcs gets underway in new york. the chicago cubs take on the mets. the series starts saturday at 6:30. you can watch it on tbs.
6:51 am
eric: runners are gearing up for a chilly des moines marathon this weekend, the principal financial group five k race is on saturday, a new date this year and the full and half marathon are on sunday and a couple of road closures starting today, 6:00 to 91 at street bridge will close at east first from walnut to court. more online at des moines jason: temperatures starting off in the mid-30's for the marathon. three mornings of the cold in a row. we will bounce back in a big way soon. mid-70's back in the forecast, it is hard to believe when you are looking at temperatures at freezing in spots, we crews throughout everyday and it will not get a hold of warmer. 55 degrees by 4:00 p.m. low to mid-60's is where we should be for this time of year. plenty of sunshine throughout the entire state. it will not do much to help us warm-up. the next three days, changes, 67
6:52 am
mid-70's on monday and tuesday. shaina: the change should be on the road soon, but right now looking good, no problems to slow you down. if you have to be anywhere anytime soon you should have no problems. seven minutes from the west mixmaster to downspout and six minutes from the east. eric: thank you for joining us, have a great day and a great weend. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
6:53 am
s the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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