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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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arrest, polson told her this was all a big misunderstanding. girlfriend: they stopped you, and this is all a big misunderstanding? pete: yeah. girlfriend: and you didn't have a gun? pete: no, i swear to god! kim: polson says he doesn't remember that conversation because he was still coming down from his high. during closing arguments, the prosecution painted polson as a man who went on a random shooting spree with the intent to kill. stephanie: at least twice, he shot at mark mitchell. at least twice, he shot at zachary whitehill. and at least five times, he shot at matthew stephenson. kim: the defense attorney criticized what he called a "flawed system" that resulted in pete polson not being drug tested. >> he was all over the place because of lethal intoxication, which created for him a mental disability which made it impossible to form intent. kim: like i mentioned, the jury started deliberating around 4 p.m.. they will have to determine if
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polson was too intoxicated to form the intent to kill. live at the polk county courthouse, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: thanks, kim. meanwhile former state senator , kent sorenson back in a federal courtroom today for a second day of testimony. he's testifying in the case of two former ron paul 2012 aides. jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making secret payments to sorenson, who switched from the michelle bachmann campaign to ron paul before the iowa caucuses four years ago. kcci's rose heaphy was in court today. and she's live in studio right now. rose? rose: prosecutors continue to find more evidence how he kept his name off the books. our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but our cameraman caught this video of him walking in. sorenson explained kesari had given his wife a check for $25,000 in december, which he later told sorenson not to cash. he said kesari told him to bill a company called ict for payment, which would then pay sorenson's company grassroots
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strategy in return. bank statements show sorenson received $73,000 through wire transfers. but the defense argues sorenson held onto kesari's original check to use as leverage. the defense also noted that sorenson had lied in the past. sorenson replied, saying "he's additional witnesses took the stand, including kesari's own brother, paul. he stated that dimitri first approached him to help him pay a "graphic designer" as a third-party company because of internal politics. paul kesari explained he recommended a friend's company, ict, to act as paymaster to grassroots strategy, inc. -- which is sorenson's company the worker at ict said he did not know who sorenson or what the company was. the trial will continue monday. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8,
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iowa's news leader. couple is charged in a sexual abuse and child endangerment case. office says the abuse involved a juvenile. the incident reportedly happened august 13 at a home in the 300 block of highway 48 in newton. 46-year-old berlou barnard is charged with second degree sexual abuse, violation of sex offender registry, possession of a controlled substance, and drug paraphernalia. 38-year-old michelle wortman is charged with child endangerment. she is barnard's girlfriend. both are being held in the jasper county jail. kevin: new at 5:00, the des moines fire department made a little history today. captains steve brown, percy coleman, and kerry schneider were all appointed to district fire chief. brown and coleman are the first-ever african-americans to hold this position in the department's 132 years of history. the department says diversity is very important for a variety of reasons. one of them is because it helps firefighters better connect with more of the community. chief tekippe: it's really important that the citizens of des moines can look at the fire department and other departments and say that's possible for me. i can see myself being on that fire department. and sometimes that means seeing someone who looks like me.
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kevin: the promotions mean the department will now have two district chiefs on each shift. something they say will help to improve safety. stacey: kcci's scott reister is live in waukee with our game of the week. scott: quite a matchup, fort dodge undefeated. 7-0, best start in 70 years. they're talking to the warrior. fort dodge is bringing serious talent to the field. everybody talking about the running back named sam cooke. he averages, per game, 207 yards and three touchdowns. he not only leads the class in rushing, but he has 300 yards more than the next post is guy. he helped fort dodge blowout all opponents by 40 points or more. he is a low to the ground
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he also plays linebacker, does this guy ever get a break? sam: i don't usually notice and told 7:30 saturday morning. but usually, i can get up and have a good day. scott: it is a 7:30 kickoff in waukee. the junior varsity game going on behind. they have some plans of their own to slow down the running back from waukee. live in waukee, scott reister, . stacey: thanks, scott. in college football, the 17th ranked hawkeyes hit the road tomorrow to take on 20th ranked northwestern. that game kicks off at 11 a.m. you can watch it on abc. and the cyclones are home saturday taking on 3rd ranked tcu. kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at jack trice stadium. you can catch that game on espn2. kevin: if you're more inclined to baseball, tonight is game 1 of the american league championship series. the kansas city royals host the toronto blue jays. that games starts at 6:30 on fox.
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the national league championship gets underway tomorrow night in new york. the cubs take on the mets. game 1 starts at 6:30. you can watch it on tbs. stacey: runners are gearing up for a chilly des moines marathon the principal financial group 5k race is saturday, a new day this year. and the half and full marathons are sunday. there are a couple of road closures to tell you about that start today. the walnut street bridge closes at 6:00 tonight. east 1st from walnut to court closes at that time. find more road closure information online at kevin: marathon runners -- as you say, the half and full is sunday morning -- like cool temperatures. they like those 40's or 50's. stacey: frank, will they get their wish this weekend? frank: they sure are. waking up tomorrow morning, in the 30's. it will be a chilly star, probably the coldest morning so far of the season.
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55 the current amateur, winds have been gusty out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. we a few the sunshine, just a few clouds out there. if you're headed out for football friday night, you would need a sweatshirt or jacket -- kickoff temp is 49 degrees. by the end of the game, we are by the low 40's. some frost and freeze warnings in effect, we would tell you about that coming up. stacey: gas prices are going up. many energy analysts are still predicting prices will drop below two dollars a gallon by the end of the year. kevin: today was all about creativity and west des moines. take a look at fine arts day, it brings 40 artists to elementary students. they specialize in all kinds of work -- music, dance, even juggling. students made projects. the school was recently
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renovated and they're looking to fill out those hallways. >> art is very awesome, a lot of people can do it. some of the most famous people ever did art. kevin: yes they did, good idea. the pta was on this event every five years three and a galfhalf years. stacey: politicians are often accused of tap dancing in their but this daytime talk show host has a pretty good record of getting them to dance for real. but first -- sally: i'm sally kidd in washington with a new twist in the continuing campaign drama
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biden is in or out. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. kevin: welcome back everyone. don't count him out yet. there's a new sign today vice president joe biden may jump into the race for the white house after all. stacey: kcci's sally kidd is live in our washington bureau with that update. sally? sally: steve and stacy, this latest speculation comes after an e-mail one of the vice president's closest advisors sent to former biden staffers.
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the vice president still keeping people guessing. and president obama? president barack obama: i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. sally: but now this from an ex-biden chief of staff, former senator ted kaufman, in an email to staffers. quote, "if he runs, he will run because of his burning conviction that we need to fundamentally change the balance in our economy and the political structure to restore the ability of the middle class to get ahead." josh: former senator kaufman is one of the few close confidants of vice president biden. so for him to sort of preview a potential campaign message is very significant. hillary clinton: get things done. sally: the email dampens speculation that biden would not launch a bid after frontrunner hillary clinton's strong debate performance. josh: hillary clinton has good reason to be concerned because joe biden pulls support disproportionately away from her. she's the establishment
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he's an establishment vice president. sally: kaufman says the vice president would run "a campaign from the heart." and he also writes, "if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you, yesterday." underscoring the organizational and fundraising disadvantages biden might face if he makes the leap. well another possible clue? , sources close to the vice president say he has been placing calls this week to key democrats in early primary states and caucus states like iowa and new hampshire. stacey: sally, how is biden's indecisiveness affecting the campaign overall? sally: it is all of the uncertainty, stacey. political observers say the uncertainty is wearing on a growing number of democrats. some are even questioning whether it is too late for him to get in at this point. back to you. stacey: thanks, sally. we will keep watching.
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cnbc agrees to cap the next gop presidential debate at two hours after republican candidates ben carson and donald trump threatened to pull out of the event. the last gop debate, which aired left many candidates visibly exhausted. kevin: right now, tensions among israelis and palestinians are high as a new wave of violence hits the region. violent clashes in the west bank factions are calling a day of rage against israel. earlier today, dozens of palestinians threw fire bombs at a prayer site revered by some religious jews. president obama condemned the recent attacks and called on leaders in the region to work together. the state department says secretary of state john kerry will likely meet with the israeli prime minister next week during an international trip. stacey: after tonight, there will be no more u.s. airways. it's combining its reservation systems with american airlines, which completes the massive merger. the last u.s. airways flight takes off from san francisco -- the red eye to philadelphia. right now, hundreds of cars and
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trucks are still stuck in mud from flash flooding in the mojave desert north of los angeles. the powerful thunderstorms in southern california's mountains and deserts yesterday afternoon unleashed the mud flow. more thunderstorms are possible tonight. kevin: let us get more on that from frank. and look at the football friday night. frank: it is just a couple of hours away, kickoff in most 7:30. 51 for ames, look back 20 hours ago, a lot cooler -- 12 degrees cooler in des moines and ames. but it is a very nice fall day, still a nice day to be outside. our own photojournalist was out at pumpkin world. if you know there was such a place? it is in windsor heights, thousands of pumpkins. thanks to adam for letting me share that.
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you can see the trees blowing around with that is the other story of the day -- the wind. you can see toilet paper in the trees, something going on at the middle school this week. notice those winds out of the northwest, sustained at 13. they have been gusty at times up around 25. levels are dialback this evening, 7:00 temperature is right around football friday night kickoff, 44 degrees. by the end of the game, pulling back down to the low 40's. 39 by 11:00. look at your wake up temperature, 33 degrees -- the coldest night so far the season. it will not warm up much tomorrow, the clouds around tonight might be our saving grace in some spots, actually keeping us warmer in the role areas. we should not drop a lot, but very cold night. high pressure remains in control, but the good news is that as we had on the backside of this pressure, we will see some week return flow, and that
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which means it is more mild this time of year. futurecast is starting out and 11:00, it shows the clouds around my. but it still will be a very chilly overnight, notice tomorrow at 2:00. some clouds, i do think we see a mixture for both saturday and sunday. and actually will be a couple of nice days, as long as you can stand pictures tomorrow that are below average. sunday, i think you will like the temperatures. upper 20's in mason city, right around 33 degrees here in des moines. for that reason, we have some frost and freeze advisory. notice in the metro, at frost advisory for dallas county -- off to the north in story county. a freeze warning there in the lighter blue. the freeze up here, the frost to the west. it is what we chilly wherever you are. 33 degrees. 59 degrees tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and the winds will not be as gusty tomorrow.
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but they will start to kick back up sunday. that would take our temperature back up to 68 degrees. look at monday, though. 77 -- we have been anticipating it will only last a few days. look at tuesday and wednesday, another chance for rain. temperature still pretty good for this time of year. kevin: thank you very much, frank. time for kcci traffic. taking a look at our traffic map, look in the upper left. traveling in the westbound lanes commuting on i-35 all the way down to 235, let's a look at the dot traffic them from hickman road. we have a traffic a.m. in the southbound lanes at university, that is blocking things up all the way. other than that, things are looking good as we take a look at the mess on the west side.
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staceyl tonight on kcci at 6:00, we'll show you how this isn't the first time the lehigh fire department had to fight a fire at a fellow firefighter's house, all within a month. plus -- jason: for the first time in their history, the des moines fire department has promoted two african-americans to be district chiefs. i'm jason rantala.
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we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. kevin: welcome back everyone. today in the buzz, there's no way a presidential candidate is going to dance his way to the white house. stacey: but that doesn't stop them from dancing onto the "ellen" show. as jeanne moos shows us, democrat bernie sanders is just the latest candidate to burn up the dance floor. jeanne: first, he loosened up backstage. and then, 74-year-old bernie sanders made his entrance on "ellen." to the beat of disco inferno. burn baby burn we don't know if bernie had a burning, burning desire to dance. but he did it. in what "new york magazine" has called the requisite "trial by dancing" encouraged by ellen. barack obama did it, back when he was first running for president.
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she's done it not once, not twice, but three times. ellen even sells a cd called "i'm gonna make you dance jams." she's made cnn's wolf blitzer dance. but occasionally, there is someone who is able to resist the siren call of ellen. john mccain opted to walk, rather than dance onstage. so did joe biden. the vice president even whispered in ellen's ear. joe biden: can't dance. don't make me. jeanne: and though hillary clinton resisted any impulse to boogie down back in 2007, last month, ellen managed to lure her into learning the whip/nae nae during a commercial break. politicians are becoming more like the movie stars we expect to dance. though ellen had to use a
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$20,000 check for charity to seduce matt damon into the whip/nae nae. when ellen asked bernie sanders what song he would sing to in a karaoke bar, he chose "stayin' alive." too bad we have no polling data that indicates whether public displays of dancing help a candidacy stay alive. stayin' alive, stayin' alive jeanne moos, cnn, new york. stacey: it is fun when they do stuff like that. kevin: you can tell the ones that have more confidence in the way they did. the first lady knew what she was doing. bernie sanders? stacey: but he had fun.
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kickoff. low 40's. sweatshirt and a light jacket. frosty in the morning, too.
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we will be back here at si
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