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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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traffic stop and ended like this , broken glass in the middle of the intersection of merle hay and urbandale. police say officer vanessa miller shot ryan bolinger from inside her squad car, after he was acting erratically and moving toward her. bolinger was not armed. >> it has not set in on me yet that he is actually gone. i know he is gone. he is not coming back. laura: bolinger's friend justin kendall told kcci last june he had no idea what could have led up the shooting. in august a grand jury made the decision to not charge miller with a crime. >> this is a very fair process. laura: now des moines police say after their own internal review they've cleared miller. after looking at evidence witness statements and dash cam , video, des moines police believe officer miller did not violate the department's policy. bolinger's family disagrees. a statement sent to kcci by their attorney says in part of course ryan's family never
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expected the des moines police to find that one of their own did anything wrong. therefore the opinion of the des moines police department on the matter is not a surprise to us. only by verdict of a jury of the officer's peers will justice truly be had. eric: the attorney for bolinger's family tells us they are considering a lawsuit. we are expected to hear more from the des moines police chief dana wingert today on why they decided to clear officer vanessa miller. elizabeth: after six hours of deliberating monday jurors left the polk county courthouse with noerdict in the pete polson trial. he's accused of going on a shooting rampage in pleasant hill last november injuring two people. kcci's kim st. onge reports. kim: pete polson testified that he was high on methamphetamine on november 17, 2014, and doesn't remember shooting at three people in pleasant hill. his attorney says the drug intoxication created a mental disability which made it impossible to form the intent to kill. the prosecution argues everyone
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who came in contact with polson after he was arrested says there were no signs of intoxication. jurors spent monday going over testimony from 40 witnesses in 4 days and deciding whether polson is guilty of 9 charges. those include 3 counts of attempted murder, 2 counts of willful injury, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, 2 counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and failure to provide a tax stamp. but it's more complicated than just guilty or not guilty. if jurors don't believe polson is guilty of attempted murder they have the option to convict him of lesser charges assault -- lesser charges, assault causing serious injury, assault or not guilty. elizabeth: polson could face more than 100 years in prison if he's found guilty not including the drug charges. jurors will return today to continue deliberating. eric: a pleasant hill day care provider pleaded guilty in a plea deal monday morning. she could face up to seven years in prison for abusing children in her care.
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it was all caught on camera. kcci's emmy victor has more. emmy: a pleasant hill case moved forward today at the polk county courthouse. >> pushing her down? >> yes. >> do you agree that resulted in an unreasonable use of force? >> yes. emmy: police say they arrested 28-year-old christina williamson back in may. she was caught on camera abusing multiple children she was caring for. >> the things that were viewed by police investigators. it was very serious and something that the police department had to act on fast. it was disturbing. emmy: williamson was a non registered in home day care provider. this is legal in iowa because she cared for less than six kids. >> when you are looking for a childcare provider you need to do your homework. emmy: the incident happened inside of this home on cypress drive. >> i had a hard time putting the girl that i knew in place of the girl who did this.
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emmy: one neighbor says that she is still in shock that this happened next door. >> if she did everything that they think that she did then 7 years is not long enough. eric: her sentencing will be on december 8 at the polk county courthouse. elizabeth: want to check in with metinka for a look at the forecast. metinka: it is a warm and beautiful start. temps are warmer. 64 starting out here. ames looking great, 63 degrees. right now we've got clouds but we are tracking a few thunderclouds. if they hold together, they could be affecting far southern iowa over the next one to two hours. nothing overly widespread today. highs will become double in the mid-70's. -- highs will be comfortable in the mid-70's. eric: several field fires
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reported monday across central iowa. one of the biggest dangers was the strong winds gusting to 35 miles per hour which moves dry material like corn stalks and husks. elizabeth: if any of it catches an ember it can carry it with the next gust and spread a fire quickly. kcci's vanessa peng reports from story county. vanessa: out in the field when a farmer hasn't seen raindrop for days and what's left of the harvest is flying this way and that. >> it doesn't take much to start a fire, especially with this wind. it travels really fast. vanessa: luckily a fire at jordan uthe's corn field near boone was contained before it got out of hand. all it took to take off was a little spark from an engine manifold. >> it's just so dry you never know. vanessa: the national weather service says monday will be the 20th straight day of no rain in des moines. that has only happened five times in the last 100 5 -- in the last 105 years. the lack of rain mixed with low humidity and lots of dry material creates a toxic recipe for fires. >> if you have a bearing go bad or a belt gets to dragging.
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something creates a spark, and as dry as the conditions are it wouldn't take much of a spark to ignite a fire. vanessa: uthe's field fire was one of many firefighters fought on monday. you can see in this video how quickly the fire spread across a field near colo in about an hour -- about an hour. >> with the winds coming out of the southeast things like that that's why it moved across to the northeast so quick. vanessa: firefighters contained it before it spread to a nearby house. farmers tell us they'll take the warm without the wind. >> it's good for everything other than fires yeah the corn's nice and dry coming out of the field and harvest has been clicking right along. elizabeth: some burn bans are still in place across the state. still ahead 40% decline. why iowa saw such a big drop in abortions. eric: plus zero tolerance. the strict new set of rules for
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for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. where waking up to a gorgeous fall morning. temperatures warmer than the typical high for today. 63 degrees in ames. we have clouds moving into the area but no rain. a few thundershowers north of kansas city. this rain is lifting northeast. if they hold together, they are
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you might want to throw in the umbrella into your bag. we have a chance for more shower activity this afternoon. temperatures recover back into the mid-70's this afternoon. if you do not get the rainfall, you will have a couple more chances in your 8-day forecast. eric: the number of abortions in iowa is on a steep decline. new statistics show abortions are down by more than 40% over the last eight years. elizabeth: kcci's jason rantala tells us the reason why the numbers are down depends on who you ask. jason r.: from roadside protests to vocal politicians. >> how could anyone defend the practices of planned parenthood? jason r.: debates over abortion have raged on. especially since this video. allegedly showing planned parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal tissue. now in iowa new statistics show a dramatic decline in abortions.
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2006. and from 2013 to 2014 an almost 10% drop. >> we've been watching it over time. jason r.: penny dickey with planned parenthood says a big reason for the decline has to do with more use of long acting contraceptives in recent years. >> that's when we really started to see that over time women are continuing to use these methods and we have also seen the decline in abortion. jason r.: dickey also cites increased education to make good decisions, the affordable care act and changes to insurance plans for the decline. >> it's been very encouraging to see that trend over the last couple of years. jason r.: jenifer bowen over at right to life argues the decline has to do with an increase in pregnancy centers often next to planned parenthoods and an increase in baby pictures on social media. she argues contraception is not a factor, citing a huge failure rate. >> i think that that is a claim that often times the abortion
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side of the conversation will point to that. elizabeth: both organizations say they will continue to work on education with the hope of helping women make smarter choices. eric: new warnings this morning about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. the american academy of pediatrics now says no amount of alcohol is safe for pregnant women. kcci's stacey horst has more. stacey: when lauren schuck of manhattan found out she was pregnant six months ago with her first child she instinctively , put a cork on her drinking. >> i would say i'm a social drinker, a couple of drinks a week with friends with a nice meal. stacey: now a new recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics says completely abstaining from wine, beer or hard liquor is just common >> what we are finding now is that even small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. stacey: studies show pregnant trimester are 12 times more
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likely to give birth to a child with behavioral or neurological issues and drinking throughout pregnancy puts babies at 65 times the risk. >> a baby's brain and central nervous system is exquisitely vulnerable to teratogens things that can cause damage and alcohol is one of them. stacey: lauren is expecting her little girl on new year's eve. she says until then she'll use other ways to relax. eric: surveys show 8% of women say they drank alcohol during pregnancy. elizabeth: of the time is 4:44. where waking up to 64 degrees right now -- the time is 4:44.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. you are waking up to warm and breezy conditions. it is going to be a great day, even with a slight chance of rain. a lot of clouds in the forecast with highs near 74. our better chance for rain arrives this afternoon. not everybody is going to see it. it is not going to be significant. really less than .1 inch.
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we are tracking a few showers north of kansas city. this area of rain is lifting northeast. maybe near lamoni, you might see some rain showers. this whole system begins to pull closer towards us. it is still affecting the dakotas out toward nebraska. we have a frontal boundary stalled out over southern minnesota. we'll have a few showers for the southern half of the state. tomorrow, a cold front moves across the area. the wind will be shifting back to the northwest. the main system is still off to the southwest. this will be affecting us as early as thursday morning, followed by friday, the moisture begins to return. more heavier rain over kansas.
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temps will be mild, well into the 70's today. we've got a cooling trend headed our way. highs falling back into the 60's and 70's. thursday, high temperatures going back into the 60's. right now, that is where we nice and warm this morning. there. a high of 74 degrees, you might need an umbrella this afternoon. a few showers possible wednesday. maybe a sprinkle on thursday. the best chance for rain arrives friday, early saturday. the weather settles back down and temperatures get back to where they should be which is in the upper 50's to low 60's. it is going to feel more like october i the end of the weekend. it is nice to have these mild temps. elizabeth: enjoy them while we have them. eric: right now more signs point
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sources close to biden saying a decision could come within others saying saturday's 48 hours. jefferson jackson dinner in des moines would be a logical place for a kickoff party. no official word if biden will be here saturday or not but some other serious stars will be. elizabeth: presidential candidate hillary clinton, her husband bill clinton and pop singer katy perry. kcci's todd magel tells us you can see all three at a free rally and concert downtown. >> i'm back! todd: it's been more than a year since president bill clinton visited iowa with his wife hillary. she wasn't ready to announce her presidential bid here at the tom harkin steak fry in indianola. but now the front runner is returning to des moines to rally her supporters. and just announced today she's bringing the former president. >> so we're very excited to welcome him back. he has some fond memories and good friends here in iowa so i know he's looking forward to it. todd: katy perry will be here too. she wowed the superbowl crowd
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this past winter. her performance in this parking lot behind the clinton headquarters at 611 5th street will not be quite as spectacular. but clinton's iowa communications director says she expects a huge crowd. >> katy perry announced her support for secretary clinton early on in this campaign and even offered to write a song. so i think these weekends are definitely about politics but i hope they are a little bit fun too. todd: so if you're fan of the clintons, katy perry or all three, the fun starts at 3 o'clock and the best part? >> it's free for everybody to come in. elizabeth: you can rsvp for the 3:00 rally on the hillary clinton iowa campaign website or just show up saturday. eric: also happening at 3:00 saturday, a rally and march for bernie sanders. that event happening just east of the women of achievement bridge in the armory parking lot. it's also free and open to the public. >> i think the question we have to ask ourselves what is the state of american democracy? eric: senator sanders was in iowa monday. he held a town hall meeting in
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oskaloosa. a new monmouth university poll shows him second to hillary clinton. joe biden has 17%, but again he has not yet joined the race. elizabeth: we'll be watching today for a potential shake-up in the presidential race. democratic candidate jim webb is expected to make an announcement. sources say he's considering running as an independent. the former virginia senator complained he didn't get enough time to speak during last week's debate. in a recent cbs national poll he has just 2% support. on the republican side donald trump is still on top of the polls. he spoke to a record crowd of more than 7,900 people in anderson, south carolina, last night. trump is back in iowa tomorrow. his make america great again rally is set for 6:00 p.m. in burlington. eric: first lady michelle obama is calling on the biggest names in media to help promote education. the better make room campaign encourages teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19 to never stop learning.
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where young people can engage with each other. where they can inspire each other to complete education beyond high school. we want to make room for their stories, their dreams, their achievements, because the truth is that right now that space really doesn't exist in our popular culture. eric: the initiative is part of the first lady's 'reach higher' program to expand educational opportunities for young people nationwide. the marshalltown honor guard's bus breaks down. coming up find out how a , community got together to get
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metinka: good morning. it is warm and breezy. no rain across the state. we have the cloud cover in place.
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first temps will be near 60 degrees. headed for highs into the mid-70's. it will be a beautiful afternoon. maybe a few raindrops in the forecast today. by friday, a better chance for more widespread rain. that will last friday night into saturday. the weather quiets down. beautiful conditions at the end of the weekend. >> it is an impressive thing to see and do for the families. elizabeth: more veterans are dying each year and honor guards around the country are being stretched to the limit. the marshalltown honor guard is on pace to appear at a record number of funerals this year. eric: so as kcci's mark tauscheck shows us, it was a bad time for their bus to break down. marco inside marshalltown's the
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marshalltown's vfw post a group , of marshall county veterans ranging in age from 63 to 95 assembled for the 73rd time this year. [laughter] larry warnell stood guard at john f kennedy's funeral. >> we try to recruit all the time but younger guys right now we're short younger guys. mark: this group from the vfw and legion are not the only members of the marshalltown honor guard getting up in years , the bus they take to as many as 3 funerals each week is 23 years old. the transmission blowout, the air conditioning broke and the tires were bald. $6000 for repairs was about $6000 more than they had. >> ready front. ready address. mark: but after a mention in the marshalltown newspaper. >> we could not believe it. none of us could believe it. donations just kept coming in. mark: prayers answered from citizens across the county. >> honor guard 10 hut. present arms. ready unlock weapons aim fire. aim fire.
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mark: and focus could return to the simple but immensely important role of this volunteer unit. taps mark: this funeral was for air force veteran gilbert beye. >> it was exactly what grandpa wanted we were very glad to have them here. >> if he signed his name on the dotted line he'd give his life , if it was necessary for his country. that's the last thing we can do for him, regardless of who it is or what they have done. i figure he deserves a military funeral -- military funeral. eric: there was actually more money raised than needed the money left over put decals on the bus and fixed the rotting floor. marshalltown businesses that did the repairs also gave significant discounts. ahead, going above and beyond.
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