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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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elizabeth: right now, chase and crash. while you were sleeping, a des moines police officer crashes his car during a pursuit. who he was chasing and why. also, no verdict yet. a legal expert tells kcci what could be happening in the jury room as 12 people deliberate the pete polson case. shaina: come on, cubs. why tonight is do or die in the
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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. marty: uh jennifer, i don't know how to tell you this, butyou're in a time machine. jennifer: and this is the year 2015? doc: october 21st, 2015. elizabeth: great scott. back to the future fans, today's the day. october 21, 2015, the day that marty mcfly and doc brown landed in the future, in the second film. we'll be looking at what things the film got right, and what they got wrong ahead. welcome back everyone, i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina: i'm shaina humphries. one thing the film may be wrong about, the cubs winning the world series. we aren't quite there yet but it could be a great day for a come back. they're down 3 games in the nlcs. we'll have that ahead too. things may not be looking great at wrigley but here they are looking nice. metinka: nice and mild, clouds in central iowa and a few showers from nebraska approaching red oak and
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hour. lightning strikes associated so brief showers are possible in southwest iowa. temperatures are nice, readings in the low 60's while the north is a touch cooler into the 50's and 40's. first temperatures will be near 60 degrees, a few sprinkles or showers around lunch-recess. nice and mild later at 72. shaina: developing overnight, a police pursuit ends with the suspect and a des moines police officer crashing at northeast 51st court and northeast 30th place. that is just north of copper creek golf course in pleasant hill. this is video from the scene there. police were pursuing a motorcycle around 2:00 a.m. when the driver lost control here. the des moines officer also crashed his car, and we're told the vehicle was not driveable. it had already been towed away when our crews arrived on scene. the officer was not injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the driver of the motorcycle was also not injured. he was arrested.
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a new york city police officer is dead after he was shot in the head on a call last night. police say 33-year-old officer randolph holder was responding to a report of a man with a gun and was hit while exchanging gunfire with the suspect. he died two hours later at a hospital. the suspect was caught blocks away with a gunshot wound to his leg. three other men were taken into custody and are being questioned this morning. officer holder is the fourth new york city in the last 11 months. investigators in california are working to identify a body found at the scene of last week's flash flooding. officials say the man's remains were found inside a car while fire crews were digging it out of feet of mud. some roads are still closed from the flash floods and mudslides, but are expected to reopen in the next 24 hours. until now, no injuries or deaths had been reported from the flooding. state, local, and federal authorities are working to figure out who's responsible for setting fire to several churches in the saint louis area over the
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last two weeks. six churches, all within a few miles of each other, have been set ablaze since october 8th. officials say five of them have predominantly black congregations. luckily no one has been injured and most of the damage has been minor. investigators say so far there are no suspects, and they're trying to determine if these fires are hate crimes based on religion or race. and weeks after house speaker john boehner announced he was resigning from the position. republicans may have a new candidate in wisconsin congressman paul ryan. but he's not committing just yet. ryan says he's willing to run but only if the party unifies in support of him. he also wants to make changes to house rules and ensure time for his family. ryan is giving his colleagues until friday to back his bid or he says he will get out of the race. elizabeth: big stories in central iowa now. des moines police chief dana wingert is defending the department's decision in clearing senior officer vanessa miller after she shot and killed an unarmed man in june. dashcam video shows the incident
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started when ryan bolinger pulls up next to another officer on a traffic stop along merle hay road and blocks him in. bolinger then gets out of his vehicle and moves towards the car officer miller is sitting in. chief dana wingert says miller feared for her safety and handled it the way any reasonable person would in that situation. >> we are running, we are running. shot fired. chief wingert: in this case, officer miller felt trapped in that vehicle, as he is right at the drivers door. that is generally not something that happens to a police officer, not something we're usually faced with and certainly not something we expect. elizabeth: officer miller has been cleared to return to the department but is still on paid personal leave. shaina: the jury in the pete polson trial will be back today for a third day of deliberations at the polk county courthouse. polson is facing nine charges, including attempted murder after a shooting spree in pleasant hill last november when he shot
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at three people, injuring two of them. he says he was high on meth at the time and didn't know what he was doing. we asked a jury expert if that might be why its taking so long to come up with a verdict. bob rigg: keep in mind the verdict has to be unanimous and trying to get 12 people to agree on anything is pretty difficult anymore. shaina: the jury asked the judge five questions tuesday about the verdict. we'll continue to watch this trial until a verdict is reached. we'll also be watching for a verdict today in the federal trial of two former 20-12 ron paul for president campaign aides. jurors got the case tuesday. jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making secret payments to former republican iowa state senator kent sorenson. sorenson switched his allegiance from the michele bachmann campaign to ron paul's just before the 2012 iowa caucuses. elizabeth: a newton man is behind bars this morning after police say he tried to kill several people with his car. 50-year-old john britton is charged with attempted murder,
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scene of an accident. newton police say britton hit one man with his vehicle monday night. that man suffered non-life threatening injuries. he then hit another vehicle on the road several times. the woman and 5-month-old child inside that vehicle were not hurt. the case remains under investigation. shaina: in commitment 2016 news now. a rally in burlington today is expected to draw big crowds for republican front-runner donald trump. trump's "make america great again" rally will be held tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the burlington memorial auditorium. republican contender chris christie will also be in iowa today. he's making campaign stops at the raceway cafe in newton and a private residence here in des moines. elizabeth: it sounds like another day to groep shorts. metinka: -- groeperrab shorts. cooler to the north, aims at 50.
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grab umbrellas, rain moving in. bedford, probably for the next half hour or so, you will notice raindrops and if they hold together, they will arrive late this morning. watch for showers or thundershowers but nothing severe. temperatures mild. 72 degrees. elizabeth: sports news now. the chicago cubs really needed a win last night in game three of the nlcs. shaina: but that win just didn't happen. the cubs kept it close early in the game. kyle schwarber with a bomb in the bottom of the first ties the score up at one. but every time the cubs put one on the board, the mets came back with another run. new york pulled away in the 6th and finished the game strong. final score there at wrigley field 5 to 2 mets. they now lead the series 3 to 0. joe maddon: another close game. we have to score more runs and they played exceptionally well. it's just about tomorrow. of course we have to win four in
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a row, but i want us just to concentrate on tomorrows game. shaina: the cubs will get one more shot to save their nlcs run. game four of the series starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. you can watch it on tbs. our andy garman is there in chicago as well. look for his live reports on kcci at 5, 6, and 10. elizabeth: the complete opposite situation for kansas city fans this morning. just one more game stands in between the royals and the world series. facing the toronto blue jays in game four of the alcs last night. the royals got on the scoreboard fast and early. going up 4-0 after just a half an inning. and the scoring did not let up. alcides escobar went 2 for 3 on the night with 4 rbi's, and lorenzo cain had a big night as well. 2 for 3 at the plate with 3 rbi's. the royals went on to win an impressive 14 to 2. ned yost: we feel good. we like the way we're playing right now. our offense has been really really good. alex rios: we did a good job as
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a team collectively. defensively we played well. offensively we played even better so. elizabeth: one more win today will put the royals in the world series. first pitch of game five is in toronto at 3:00 p.m. you can watch that on fox sports one. elizabeth: next day delivery. shaina: doesn't that sound great? well it's coming true in the des moines area. we'll tell you the sites you can shop online and get the goods the very next day, and how much it will cost you, ahead. elizabeth: plus, toy shortage. what favorite toy may not be under your tree this christmas. also. alyx: as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. we are in an antique store covered from floor to ceiling in treasure. shaina: nothing to report on the roads that was low you down. if you are ready to go out and beat the rush, you should be
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, rain on super doppler creeping in across southwest iowa. rabbit umbrella out the door. it is a warm start here in des moines at 63. northern iowa is a different story.
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but it will be a mild afternoon. has today near 72 degrees but we have a cooling trend in the forecast and additional chances for rainfall. shaina: it is 25,000 square feet filled with hidden treasure at the local store. it is attractive people across the country to west des moines. elizabeth: alyx, tell us about what makes the store different. alyx: the sheer size and different services. you can buy, sell, and there was an auction. we have been walking around and i wanted to grab some things for myself. i have a hat. i have a bit of a jacket here. they have anything from clothes to knickknacks and large furniture. even this if you want to, as a party. >> i like that.
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ch brody here. >> i really like this because of the time and quality of stuff. if you look anywhere from the paper to the pillars, to the old windows, everything took a lot of time and it looks great. alyx: this is sort of your passion. this business has really grown rapidly, but it all started with just that. >> i have been in there for about 15 years ago, i grandparents did it and they got into it. it is in our blood, i guess. alyx: there is anything from six
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>> there are no reserves and best it has been fun. alyx: everything has to go. they have a corner of just iowa history. we will bring that for you in 30 minutes. shaina: today's economic headlines, crews broke ground for a new kum and go convenience store headquarters at 14th and grand in downtown des moines. it will be called the krause gateway center, and will be located right across from the sculpture park. the 5 story building will be glass on all sides. kum and go hopes to have the new headquarters completed in 2018. shaina: google express is bringing next day shipping to central iowa. the service allows customers to shop at stores like toys r us, barnes and noble, or costco online and have their purchases delivered the next day. shoppers pay $95 a year for an unlimited delivery membership. elizabeth: a down day on wall street tuesday. the dow closed down more than 13 points.
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the nasdaq fell more than 24. and the s&p 500 lost almost 3. electronics and transmission systems are causing reliability ratings to slip for some automakers. a new consumer reports survey shows acura is the latest brand to drop sharply for overall predicted-reliability because of problems with electronics systems and transmissions. ford, nissan, and fiat-chrysler have also seen lower scores because of similar problems. subway announced a plan tuesday to sell only antibiotic-free meat in its stores, but the process will take a while. officials with the company say the full transition won't be complete until 2025. chicken and turkey will be the first to switch by the end of 2017. shaina: some kids this holiday season may not be getting any legos. a spokesperson for the factory says they are working at full speed with problems on forecasting demand meaning all orders will not be filled in time for the holiday.
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shaina: chocolate lovers rejoice. hershey's is coming out with something extra sweet this holiday season. the hershey's kisses deluxe will be double the standard size of hershey kisses, and have a hazelnut center and rice crisps. the new kisses hit shelves november 5th. just in time for the holidays. i don't want to think about the holidays too much because they are cold. still feels like summer now. metinka: no complaints, a mild morning with thundershowers. they are across southern and southwest iowa from near leon to mount ayr. we are expecting them to arrive in central iowa by mid-to-late morning. by 8:00 a.m. they will be near the atlantic area and lifting to the metro area and east of i-35
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we cannot rule out thursday with sprinkles and a better chance for more widespread precipitation. by friday. more rain in the forecast. a slight chance of rain, temperatures will be mild. highs in the low 70's this afternoon. a great day once the showers go through the area. you might need a light jacket with temperatures holding in the 40's near 60 degrees. the clouds are already in place across central iowa. bush our activity across central nebraska down through kansas. the cold front will be trekking through the state and behind it the wind will be shifting to the northwest. we keep the chance for rain in the forecast as stronger systems
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a mild start at 63 degrees, rate with a few clouds with south-southwest wind. shifting to the northwest, high near 72 degrees with showers. rain arrives thursday into friday that may boost out and give way to a gorgeous weekend by sunday and highs in the low to mid 60's. more rain and tuesday, that will be followed by more typical october weather with highs in the 50's. we have had a nice run. shaina: the problems on the road. things look good. you should be able to breeze through your commute. here are your mobile speed units . 2000 hartford avenue. 41st and ingersoll. you will see a polk county sheriffs car in bondurant at 5000 northeast 94th avenue. elizabeth: vice president joe biden may be 'biding' his time when it comes to a 2016
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announcement. plus, today's the day. the day marty mcfly goes back to the future in his flying delorean. what the white house is doing to celebrate, next live from washington.>> paul ryan says he is willing to serve as house speaker on his own terms. there on capitol hill with his demands.
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and the controversiak hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans...
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they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome to subway, what can i make for you? you'll love our new rotisserie-style chicken. 100% white meat,
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herb-seasoned pulled chicken, fresh toasted with melty cheese n' crisp veggies on freshly baked bread. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. shaina: to the nation's capital now. nikole killion is live in washington with a look at what's making headlines. elizabeth: vice president joe biden has biding his time. some comment suggest he may be eyeing the race for the white house. where do things stand now and any word on when he announces? nikole: not yet. he could get in after appearing to take aim at hillary clinton last night. he said republicans are not the enemy answer suggested treating them that way as naive. that was perceived as a shot against clinton who called the gop her enemy.
6:25 am
situation. saying he urged the president to follow his instinct despite previous comments are warning against the mission. shaina: switching to a lighter note, it is 10, 21, 15. the white house is getting in on the back to the future celebration. nikole: the white house says it is facilitating a day in which everyone can nerd out together. you may recall in the sequel, the characters travel from 1980 52 today and the white house says we have a comp list a lot in those 30 years so they are looking forward to more 30 eayears. they are coordinating with scientists and innovators to tweak questions like what will 2045 look like using the #backtotherfutureday. elizabeth: seems like a long way away. shaina: thanks so much.
6:26 am
elizabeth: more news to come, what to be taking the jury so long in the pete olson deliberations? what a man in newton did with his car has them in jail, charged with attempted murder. funny money, where fake $20 bills are popping up in iowa. shaina: how big of a cubs fan are you? would you do this to your hair?
6:27 am
what one shaina: right now, an overnight chase ends in a crash. we'll tell you what happened and why the officer involved was taken to the hospital. elizabeth: plus, a cancer scare for pope francis? the new report overnight about the pontiff's health and what the vatican is saying, this wednesday, october 21st. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. shaina: hope the neighborhood kids don't get any ideas. quite the college chemistry experiment, we'll tell you what these iowa students learned by
6:28 am
blowing up pumpkins ahead. welcome back everyone, it's wednesday october 21st. i'm shaina humphries. elizabeth: and i'm elizabeth klinge, along with metinka. multitasking. metinka: a beautiful morning, cloudiness in central iowa, 63 degrees with rain on super doppler. thundershowers blossoming near osceola toward bedford. it is lifting to the northeast so we are expecting it to hold together and arrived in central iowa by mid-to-late morning. tracked him forecast will be soggy across the southwest but it should stay out of the metro by 8:00 a.m.. highs today near 72. rain will move out giving way to a nice afternoon that returning by friday, ending up with a cooler weekend. shaina: you are waking up to a new story overnight. a des moines police officer was taken to the hospital earlier
6:29 am
this morning after he crashed his car during a police pursuit. the crash happened north of copper creek golf course in pleasant hill. officers were pursuing a motorcycle driver when he lost control and crashed, and so did one of the officers. the officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the motorcycle driver not injured, he was arrested. we are learning of a deadly cedar rapids. police say they stopped the vehicle as part of a narcotics investigation when one suspect ran away and shot at officers. police fired back and the man was killed. the officers were not injured. the iowa division of criminal investigation will take over and the officers are on paid administrative leave. elizabeth: officer cleared. this morning the des moines police chief is defending the internal review into officer vanessa miller. chief wingert: in this case, officer miller felt trapped in that vehicle, as he is right at the drivers door. elizabeth: chief dana wingert
6:30 am
safety when she saw the suspect at her window this past summer on merle hay road. dash cam video shows the incident with ryan bolinger. the department says officer miller felt so threatened she shot bolinger, and he was killed. officer miller has been cleared to return to the department but is still on paid personal leave. the jury in the pete polson trial will be back for a third day of deliberations today. polson is charged with 9 counts including attempted murder in a shooting spree last year in pleasant hill. he says he was high on meth and didn't know what he was doing. legal experts say it's the intoxication defense that may have stumped jurors. the jury asked the judge 5 questions tuesday about the verdict. we'll also be watching for a verdict in the federal trial of 2 former staffers to ron paul's presidential campaign. jurors got the case tuesday. jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making secret payments to former state senator kent sorenson. sorenson switched his allegiance
6:31 am
from the michele bachmann campaign to ron paul's just before the 2012 iowa caucuses. shaina: a new york city police is dead after being shot in the head. tuesday night officer randolph holder was responding to a report of a man armed with a gun. officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter and holder was hit. the suspect was captured several blocks away with a gunshot wound to his leg. three others were taken into custody. holder was 33 years old and the 4th nypd officer to be killed in the past 11 months. this morning the vatican is denying a report that pope francis has a small, curable brain tumor. a spokesperson said the report in the national daily was unfounded and seriously irresponsible. citing unnamed sources, the newspaper said the pope had traveled to a clinic in recent months. the editor said it expected the vatican's denial but stands by their story. the u.s. house may have found a new speaker. wisconsin republican paul ryan says he will make a decision in
6:32 am
desperate need of leadership. he said he would run for speaker, but only if his republican colleagues embrace him by week's end as the consensus candidate. ryan also wants to make it more difficult to overthrow a sitting speaker. elizabeth: news around iowa, some funny money is being passed in one iowa town. mason city police say they have had multiple fake bills pop up just this week. they appear to be $20 bills but the watercolor marks don't match, the margins appear to be wrong, and the picture of the white house was printed upside down. police say the cases all appear to be linked because the serial numbers on the bills are the same. look for a bill banning smoking in iowa casinos to come up again this next legislative session. democratic state senator wally horn says he will introduce a bill to offer guidelines for a smoke-free casino. he is chairman of a committee that examines casino licensing in iowa, and they met tuesday to hear testimony on casino revenues and the iowa racing and gaming commission.
6:33 am
shaina: and in mt. vernon, pieces of pumpkin went flying at cornell college. the chemistry club decided to celebrate national chemistry week by using a chemical reaction to explode pumpkins. they used a combination of hydrogen peroxide, calcium carbide, and water. the group practiced with smaller explosions, working their way up to the full explosion. as you can imagine, it attracted quite a crowd. head looks like they scooped the inside out. good for a laugh but maybe not on halloween. well things aren't going quite right for the cubs, but how about this for a good luck charm? we'll tell you the secret behind this creative cut. elizabeth: plus, flying cars, hoverboards, self-tying shoes? how much has come true from the movie "back to the future part 2?" also. alyx: four back to the future day, why not take a trip back in
6:34 am
we found ourselves in a super antique store with a bit of iowa history. metinka: thundershowers are in your wednesday forecast with more mild temperatures. we will start to feel more like typical october. soon enough. shaina: luckily we have not seen any issues that will slow you down. here's a look at 3580 and douglas avenue.
6:35 am
hope you have a great metinka: waking up to thundershowers across southwestern and south-central iowa back to mount ayr. lifting to the northeast at 30 miles per hour. probably by 730 or 8:00 showers are headed for the mature area probably by late morning through the early afternoon. after that it will be a beautiful day with warm highs and upper 60's to low 70's. a cooling trend in the forecast along with more rain by the end of the week. elizabeth: a local success story, a giant antique store says business is booming. shaina: sounds like people are coming from all over the place
6:36 am
alyx: i hear people come from all across the area and even australia. so they want to come and get that nostalgia, take a trip back in time. what a better day to say the stamp act to the future day. this has a bit of iowa history. do you recognize the sign? we are in a old store so they kept that history alive inside the store. good morning to you. tommy about some of the iowa centric things you have. >> the $, super iowa history. also, taylor stadium, the old cubs stadium that is not principal park. a really good piece. alyx: there is something that recently stopped that you have on the wall. you pick this up yourself.
6:37 am
ride, a piece from it. that just got torn down at adventureland. new changes coming every day. alyx: what kind of people walked through the doors of your store? >> pretty much everyone but you see the couples trying to finish their apartments to the collectors trying to find a piece they can buy themselves and turn around and sell. alyx: a special event tomorrow, tell us about the auction and how people can go. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. the preview starts at 4:00, checking out >>. the auction starts at six and ends at nine so we'll high paced environment. everything has to go. alyx: if you want to check it out that is tomorrow. they do so much for having us. >> thank for having us. shaina: they have so much cool stuff there.
6:38 am
elizabeth: the cubs just can't seem to get a win. shaina: we were hoping eric could bring them some good luck. we posted some things outside wrigley field before the game started. but even his cheers weren't enough to help the cubs beat the mets. new york bested chicago 5-2 to take the series lead, 3 games to nothing. game 4 is tonight in chicago at 7. it is a must-win for the cubs if they want to stay in the game. elizabeth: there is still a chance. sports director andy garman is also at wrigley covering the game. he posted last night that a mets fan walked out chanting "lets go mets", while flipping off everyone in sight, reinforcing every possible new york stereotype. despite those fans, we will wish thae cubs good luck. shaina: some cubs fans are hoping a new haircut will bring good luck.
6:39 am
out the arrieta cut. it even features a beard. i guess a real beard on the back of your head. barber miguel rosas has set up a temporary shop in the lobby of the acme hotel, and he's getting a lot of requests. elizabeth: at least it is not a tattoo. still just a great way to show your devotion. we've been saying too that it's "back to the future" day, the movie predicted that the cubs win the world series this year. guess that remains to be seen. some other things from the film made it 26 years ago have come true. we do have google glasses, videoconferencing israel and when marty has a fight with his boss, everyone remembers the hover board. several companies have ted making them that works on a particular type of surface.
6:40 am
the entire trilogy is being released today and jordan creek is showing off restarting at 4:30. if you have kids i haven't seen them, show them the greatness. elizabeth: this could be the last one day for a while, we take you out for a look at i-235. and show you the cooldown that is coming after this look at cbs this morning. >> paul ryan says he is ready to be house speaker but with conditions. we are on capitol hill with a list of demands.
6:41 am
talk about his new >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, a few rain showers across southwest iowa and thundershowers. rain on super doppler from council bluffs through red oak, bedford, toward mount air and sheraton trek into the northeast
6:42 am
at almost 30 miles per hour. probably arriving in creston at 7:30. raindrops spreading through central iowa. and we are left with gorgeous clouds with widespread rain. this morning you might need a jacket, 50's and 40's to the north. the southern half of the state in the 60's. nice and warm with the blanket of cloud cover across the state with rain moving in from nebraska off to the northeast. this is along the system that has more rainfall through central nebraska. a better chance for more widespread rain will arrive on friday. the reason is a cold front that moves through the area, switching wind back around to the northwest and a stronger system will begin to pull out of
6:43 am
kansas. that will bring decent rainfall totals like friday and saturday. we still have a southwest breeze at 10 but that will switch back over to the northwest with cooler wind in store. temperatures will be mild near 72 degrees. spotty showers in the forecast for the early afternoon. more rain is coming late thursday into friday, moving out giving way to a gorgeous weekend. highs in the 60's to warmer than it should be this time of year. rain possible monday and tuesday followed by more typical october temperatures. shaina: no issues on the road, good news for you. should be able to get anywhere with ease. here are your mobile speed units . 2000 hartford avenue. past plymouth church on
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bondurant, 9000 northeast 94th avenue. 7400 northeast 40 six st. elizabeth: a deadly offi people make mistakes. like paying too much for wireless. so switch to u.s. cellular and we guarantee we'll beat the price on your current verizon or at&t plan. that's right, guaranteed to beat. plus, right now we'll give you a $150 promo card when you switch. don't let your next mistake be missing out. switch to u.s. cellular today for a price that's guaranteed
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isrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off
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the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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shaina: time for news to go. overnight police pursuit ended in a crash. an officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. and the suspect being taken to jail after a crash. police have not said why they were chasing the suspect. it ended north of copper creek golf course. cedar rapids police shot and killed a suspect who shot at them. police say they stop the car during a narcotics investigation. one suspect tried to run and fired shots. police are they returned fire and the suspect was killed. the officers were injured. -- no officers were injured. elizabeth: an update in the pete polson trial, he is charged with three counts of attempted murder. the intoxication defense could be what is stumping jurors. we will be watching for a verdict in the federal trial to
6:48 am
jurors will resume that this morning. as soon as there is a verdict in here on kcci and a found its the speaker. paul ryan will make a decision in the next week and says he would run for speaker but only ever publicans embrace them as the consensus candidate. most americans think the 2016 presidential race is hillary clinton's to win. the poll finds eight in 10 democrats have a positive opinion. three quarters of americans in general think she could win. less than half think any of the republicans can win. republican presidential candidate chris christie will be in iowa today. he will host a town hall meeting this afternoon in newton. he will attend the polk county republican party meet and greet at the home of governor branstad son. elizabeth: a new $10 million campaign to end the hundred
6:49 am
leaders will unveil a new campaign today to raise $10 million in five years to ensure no one just hungry here in central iowa. shaina: by tonight we could know the two teams who will play in the world series. but for the sake of cubs fans we hope not. the mets lead the nlcs three to nothing. if they win tonight, that is it and the mesko on. if the cubs do win, they're in it. begins at 7:00 tonight on tbs. watch for andy garman flight report at five:00, 6, and 10. elizabeth: if the royals win, they are in the world series against toronto. -- if they win tonight's game against toronto. metinka: nice and warm if you liked yesterday. we have a chance for rain today moving from the southwest from council bluffs toward mount ayr to the northeast arriving in
6:50 am
central iowa later this morning. a gorgeous morning with a few clouds going for a high of 72. spiegel possible thursday with more rain friday. trying out -- drying out. shaina: a accident happening right now on highway five in the northbound lane at i-35. how a five and i-35, keep that in mind. we don't have anything affecting our drive times if you are inbound. six minutes from the east mixmaster. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, cbs this morning is next. it's time to rise and shine. at kum & go, we're doing more for you to start your day right. like serving up a friendly "good morning" along with breakfast sandwiches & breakfast pizza, yes pizza, & donuts & muffins & coffee
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