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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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and polson just missed a 3rd. kcci's kim st onge was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. she joins us live downtown from the polk county courthouse. kim: after nearly 3 full days of deliberations jurors found , polson guilty of all 9 charges but to varying degrees. , polson appeared emotionless as -- emotionless, actually looking around the courtroom as the judge read off the verdict around 3:00 this afternoon. the jury found him guilty of attempted murder with mark mitchell, who was shot in the abdomen. but jurors chose lesser charges assault with intent to , inflict serious injury, for the two other victims, zach whitehill, who was shot in the back and neck and matt stephenson, who he shot at several times and narrowly missed. those are aggravated misdemeanors as opposed to a forcible felony. jurors also convicted polson of both willful injury charges, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, both drug charges, and failure to possess a tax stamp.
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we did see some of the victim's families crying when the verdict was announced, and did not want to comment when the trial ended. zachary whitehill told us off camera that he was just still trying to absorb what just happened here at the courthouse today. i also reached to some of the jurors as well as the defense and prosecuting attorney to try and get comment but was told they did not want to comment. polson is being held without bond until his sentencing on december 9. stacey: still no verdict in the federal trial of two former ron paul for president staff members jesse , benton and dimitri kesari. both men are accused of trying to cover up thousands of dollars in payments to former state senator kent sorenson. sorenson then switched his support from michele bachmann to ron paul. steve: new information tonight in the sentencing of a webster city wrestling coach. radio station kqwc reports that 50-year-old ted larson was re-sentenced yesterday to probation.
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one-year in prison for assault and 5-years for 2nd degree criminal mischief. a jury found him guilty of going into a house and attacking lyndal olsen. larson must now pay olson restitution, an amount that is yet to be determined. another man, also charged in connection to this crime, terry nessa, goes on trial january 26. stacey: a house fire overnight in south des moines. steve: the man living in the home escaped, and because of the bravery of a neighbor, his 3 dogs did too. kcci's mark tauscheck is here to explain. mark: andrew robb did something firefighters will tell you to never do. he went into a burning house to save the pets of a neighbor he had never met. >> he was trying to talk to me and i didn't know what he was saying because he had inhaled a lot of smoke. >> pretty much telling him to come with me for real, i really couldn't talk. mark: demarco carter and andrew robb are neighbors, but met for
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the first time early this morning after carter awoke to a kitcn fire around 1:00 a.m. and ran out of his smoke filled home. >> he says anybody in there and i say, emi dogs. and he says well, we gotta get them out and he ran in there and grab one. mark: robb crawled through the burning house twice to retrieve casey, scrappy, and chipper. >> i could see the kitchen going up in flames and everything but when i looked to living room where dogs were i couldn't even see their kennels until i was up close to them. >> is got to be crazy. mark: the dogs seem ok, although scrappy is usually a white dog . demarco says he doesn't know how to thank his neighbor, other than to just say thanks. have you ever heard you're not supposed to go into a burning house? yeah, but i got dogs of my own, they are like my kids. part of my family and i see these dogs all the time out here so i'm like that could be his , family. i can't leave those dogs in there.
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i can't do that. mark: andrew's mother told him, never do that again. stacey: an early morning chase ended with a wrecked police cruiser and one man in jail. the chase started in des moines and ended just north of the copper creek golf course in pleasant hill around 2:00 this morning. des moines police say an officer was chasing a motorcycle when the cycle lost control and crashed. the police cruiser also crashed and had to be towed. no one was seriously hurt. the driver of the motorcycle, 29-year-old jordan young, is in the polk county jail on charges of theft, eluding, operating while intoxicated, and driving without a license. steve: a des moines mother is charged with child endangerment. she's accused of beating her toddler son in a grocery store parking lot. 28-year-old shauna davis was arrested just before 10:00 last night. officers say they were dispatched to the scene on a child in need of assistance call. there, they met davis who said she was looking for her lost wallet. davis denied hitting her son.
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but the son kept saying, quote, dashcam saying, "mama hurt, mama hurt." the child was taken to the hospital with marks on his head. stacey: altoona police are looking for a truck that two elementary school students say tried to entice them away. the incident happened yesterday afternoon. two altoona elementary students say a truck pulled up to them while they were walking home from school. the men inside yelled they had candy and told the students to get in the truck. the truck and drove off. if you have any information on this case, you're asked to call altoona police. steve: after a dry few weeks in central iowa, we've had a couple of days of rain. another shower moved through the metro area just as the morning commute was wrapping up. but can we expect some more rain tonight? let's go to meteorologist kurtis gertz for the answer. kurtis: we do have some beautiful pictures coming in from our schoolnet webcams. live picture out of pella.
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a little bit of light rain to extreme western iowa. 69 degrees. steve mentioned that morning rain. it didn't amounts to much. i will false, 2/10 of an inch. about 1800s in marshalltown. the rain could move in here later tonight. it is not going to a not -- not going to amount to just a sprinkler two. a cool 40 eight to start out your thursday. 59 by the noon hour. through the temperature in the mid-60's. temperatures in the 60's moving in. notice the cooldown. 60's for the weekend with some fixed -- with some 50's oblique next week. stacey: the university of iowa hopes to begin offering classes on the aib campus next fall. aib plans to give control of the campus and facilities to the university as of july 1 of next year.
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the university of iowa's plans are being discussed at a board of regents meetings today and tomorrow. the university of iowa says it plans to start using the campus as early as fall 2016. the university is currently developing undergraduate courses to be delivered at the aib campus. but iowa is also considering using the campus for its students studying medicine here in des moines. aib plans to hand over control of most, but not all of its des moines campus. a portion will be sold to pay for aib's expenses. after months of speculation vice , president joe biden has declared he won't run for president. steve: chief political reporter cynthia fodor is here live with reaction from iowans to today's news. cynthia: steve and stacy iowans , who have been chanting run joe run tell me they are disappointed, but believe the vice president must be breathing a sigh of relief after finally making a decision. vice president biden: unfortunately, i believe we're
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out of time to mount a campaign. -- a winning campaign for the nomination. cynthia: with time running out, joe biden ended a months long flirtation with a third campaign for the white house. >> i think people in their heart knew that he wasn't ready with all the tragedy had. cynthia: the iowa co-chair to draft biden, kevin mccarthy, says 2 paid staff here and volunteers were all set to get to work if he ran. >> the last 2.5 months have been a roller coaster. the draft biden movement we had staffed in 14 states, so there's a lot of people disappointed today but we all respect the decision. cynthia: biden had said last month on the the late show with stephen colbert that he was still experiencing moments of uncontrollable grief after the death of his son beau in may. the supporters i talked to here in iowa said they would remain
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stacey: the u.s. attorney who covers des moines says he is resigning from the job next month. nicholas klinefelter is stepping down to join the des moines office of international law firm. he has been in the southern district office since november of 2009. the southern district cap -- southern district covers 47 counties. steve: there is a live look outside wrigley field, where fans are piling in to watch a do or die game for the chicago cubs. kcci sports director andy garman , he is there live. coming up a preview of this , crucial game 4. plus, some des moines school kids get a look at this ride of the future. how it's designed to keep drivers safe. stacey: and, a kid captain's coin toss at saturday's isu/tcu game turns viral. what the tcu quarterback did
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman.
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>> it's crazy, it's mind boggling. stacey: a picture of a simple act of kindness at a cyclone football game goes viral. a quarterback from the other team takes some time to talk to an iowa state kid captain. steve: our vanessa peng is live at jack trice stadium. vanessa, you spoke to the girl in the photo? that they that's right. that girls name is abby faber and she is seven years old. she was inside jack trice stadium being the kid captain. now, she says she feels famous. it's a touching timeout, social media won't let go. >> i feel famous. >> she'll say what? and i'll say you're on fox sports. fox sports, oh my. vanessa: a picture shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times shows a brief moment, when, instead of thinking about the game, texas christian university quarterback trevone
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boykin knelt down to say hello. abby faber was the kid captain for the october 17 game between the isu cyclones and the tcu horned frog. when forth worth star-telegram photographer paul moseley snapped the photo. >> i got to shake the quarterback's hand. vanessa: he also asked her what her name was. >> it made me feel surprised. vanessa: abby was born 10 weeks early weighing in at only a pound and 13 ounces. >> my ring fit over her foot onto her leg, and over her hand , on to her wrist. vanessa: she spent days in the 105 nicu. abby was diagnosed with cerebal palsy just before her third birthday. she usually travels with a walker, but for this special day dad thought it would be easier with a wheelchair. and now abby's family has have a freeze frame from a moment social media won't let them forget. >> just take that brief second
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face, and just say, hey, what's your name. i thought that was pretty cool . he didn't have to do it. vanessa: abby attends weekly physical therapy sessions at black children's hospital. blank partners with isu for the kid captain program, where a special kid gets to act as a team captain during a home game. by the way, abby's dad tells us that her brother, who is also seven years old, is getting jealous over all the attention she's receiving. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: also new at 6:00, some meredith middle and des moines hoover high school students got a hands-on demonstration at what could be the future on driving. the university of iowa brought over its semi-automated research vehicle. the car has the ability to do some emergency maneuvers like automated braking, if the car needs to make a sudden stop. stacey: that is pretty cool, but it takes a win the fun driving. kurtis: it is fun to engage
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think years. although if you saw some of the teenagers at my house drive you would want that. look at this absolutely gorgeous shot from big creek marina. full skinning out and enjoying the still waters. temperature, 65 degrees. north-northwest winds at seven miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-60's. 11:00 p.m., 58 degrees. i think we can see a few light showers and sprinkles. we were back up into the 60's, a little bit above where we should be at this time of year. temperature at noon, 55. we did have that morning rainfall. nevada, 1800s.
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right now, you can see this little precipitation in southwestern iowa. that rain chances not going to about to much out there. should be drive for the game with a northwest wind. there is a bigger system spinning southwest from southern colorado. but in the high temperature today. 70 in des moines, 80 in burlington. mid-eighties in st. louis and kansas city. that is trying to filter in behind the ridge of high pressure. that precipitation moving in on friday. for tonight, a couple of sprinkles possible late. i think southern iowa will have
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rain early friday morning and then we get another round of rain as we head into friday evening. a few showers late. north winds, 5-10. sunshine north, clouds south. east winds at 5-15. friday, a pretty good chance of rain. right now, morning and early evening, kind of two rounds of rain. temperature, 64 degrees. sunday starts off: the 40's but it will warm up to 65. more 60's early next week and then we cool down into the 50's. steve: you might say the chicago cubs have their backs against
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tony: announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. >> such an important historical landmark.
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>> cubs win world series. against miami? >> who would have thought? 100 to one shot. tony: it was predicted back in 1989. in 2015, the cubs win the world series. and considering we are all moving around on hover boards and driving flying cars, we need to take "back to the future 2" very seriously. so being down 3 games to 0 seems like a steep hill to climb but the cubbies hopefully have hollywood on their side tonight. sports director andy garman drove our delorean east to chicago and he joins us live with more. andy: the nlcs, to this point, has felt more like groundhog day starting -- groundhog day starring bill murray. they are trailing the entire
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zero games to three. that is the series score right now. the mets have a chance to clinch. joe maddon said there are no magic tricks or words, they just have to get out and play better. >> to stand up and give a speech, that have nothing to do with tomorrow at all. our guys come prepared to play and i expect the same thing tomorrow. the mets pitched exceptionally well in you have to give them credit. business as usual tomorrow and then take it from there. andy: the next certainly have played fantastic in this series. tonight, the cubs will have to be a picture they have not faced this year.
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the amount to begin what they hope is a four-game sweep. if they don't win tonight, the season comes to an end here in chicago. live coverage coming up at 10:00. i'm andy garman, kcci, iowa's sports leader. tony: kansas city is a team that just flat out knows how to win. yesterday they scored 14 runs, 14 runs. a win today would send them to the world series. but they ran into some trouble. game five, chris mccullough bellow -- chris colabello says see ya! finally this one, 7-1 blue jays. isu has their hands full this weekend. they take on baylor, the top-ranked offense in the country.
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saturday 11:00 a.m.. the hawkeyes are undefeated and
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kurtis: pretty nice night out there. showers friday. stacey: back at 10:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to
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