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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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i like this metaphor. >> you are watching kcci eight news. >> if we just let her go. steve: next at 10:00, brutal beating in a grocery store parking lot. what the woman who called 911 is telling only kcci. >> very quiet community, very safe. stacey: attempted a reduction. what happened there in altoona middle school that has parents on edge. steve: and, it is make or break time for the cubs. live coverage from wrigley field where the world series is in sight for the new york mets. stacey: first at 10:00, a des moines mother is charged with child endangerment after allegedly beating her toddler in an old -- in a grocery store parking lot. steve: we are hearing from the witness that intervened.
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laura: it all happened here at this hy-vee parking lot on south east 14th. witness kalyna thomas says she believes the child would be dead had she not stepped in. >> she was punching the baby so hard. laura: kalyna thomas says she couldn't look away after seeing 28-year-old shauna davis brutally beat her toddler son. >> she was punching her baby in the face and she literally threw her baby onto the cement. laura: then, the horrific scene kept getting worse. this whole time, the toddler, who thomas estimates to be around two years old was crying and screaming in pain. >> a spec is one thing but that was like she was fighting an adult laura:. thomas --laura: thomas says she tried to reason with davis.
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>> i was like, are you ok? she was like, i wasn't hitting my baby. laura: davis gave police the same story when she arrived, saying she was only upset because she lost her wallet. a police report, officers report to the toddler said, "mama hurt." thomas hopes this should be a lesson for everyone to never be afraid to step in and call 911. >> she could have died that night. laura: police say the toddler was taken to blank children's hospital to be checked out. we do not know the extent of his injuries. we do know davis is still in the pulp county jail. -- in the polk county jail. stacey: a guilty verdict for pete polson. a des moines jury found him guilty on all nine charges in
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last year's shooting spree. mitchell was shot in the abdomen. whitehill was shot in the back and neck. police say polson shot at stevenson five times but miss. jurors found polson guilty of assault with serious injuries for those incidents. a jury continues to deliberate in the federal trial of two ron paul former campaign aides who were accused of making secret payments to a state lawmaker. jesse benton faces one count of making false statements. dimitri kesari faces five counts including obstruction. both have pleaded not guilty. steve: two men offered candy to some students and asked them to get into their truck. rose heaphy has the story from altoona.
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of south west 5th street and southwest 3rd avenue where the two men called out for two young boys, just footsteps away from altoona elementary. jennifer duff is a mother of three. living in altoona, she never thought attempted child induction was something she had to worry about. >> when i first heard about it, i thought if it happens here, it could happen anywhere. rose: two children going home from altoona elementary. two men in a white truck started calling out to them. they offered voice candy and asked them to get in the truck. >> the elementary students did the right thing. they were a little frightened but they turned around and ran back to the school to report it. rose: the students told police both men had brown hair and wearing hats. one also had a goatee. the vehicle is an older white two-door style pickup. >> we get these incidents reported from time to time and
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rose: school leaders met with classes throughout the day to give students a reminder of safety. >> what with their friends and make sure they get home safely. rose: duff says she is glad to see the school taking these steps but this incident will have her on edge for a while. >> i will be much more aware of my surroundings. rose: police and school leaders are also asking parents to reach out to their children. this case is still under investigation. in altoona, rose heaphy. stacey: a big announcement from vice president joe biden today. he says he is out of time to mount a campaign and will not run for president. vice president biden: i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation.
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stey: biden saw the democratic nomination in both 1988 and 2008, but exited both races early. recent polls show biden a distant third, if he ran, but to -- if you ran, behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. dennis gulfport says that vice presidents don't have to get elected to be president. >> it is probably the best for him because he can leave public life with a certain amount of esteem and affection that he would not have had should he have run for the nomination. stacey: several candidates are reacting to the decision including donald trump. mr. trump: i think he did the smart thing because i don't know that he would have one, i don't think he probably would have -- he would have won and i don't to keep what happened. brickley, i want to run against hillary. -- frankly, i want to run against hillary. stacey: republican candidate chris christie is also campaigning in iowa today.
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he held a town hall meeting in newton and spoke at a republican party of polk county event in newton -- of polk county event tonight. he is more stops planned for tomorrow. steve: protests in iowa city over the hiring of new president bruce harold -- bruce harreld. hundreds of professors and students disrupted a state board of regents meeting. they called for the resignation of president bruce rastetter and the other regents. they also circulated a petition calling for bruce harreld to step aside. the event marked the first organized protest since harreld was hired. he is a former ibm executive with no experience in higher education. the meeting resumed after a five-minute disruption.
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to trying -- battling it out to try and stay in the national league championship series. andy: kind of a rough night tonight out here for cubs fans, streaming out of the ballpark before the game is over because frankly they have seen enough. it has been a tremendously fun season but has come to an end. the mets right now leading 8-1 in game 4, what will be the deciding game of the nlcs barring a huge comeback. the mets second baseman hit his seventh postseason home run. it has been icing on top of the mets cake. they will pop the champagne and celebrate in the visitors clubhouse tonight. the cubs will lick their wounds and then look back and remember what a fantastic season they had.
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the cubs will celebrate what was a fantastic year. kris bryant with a two-run home run making it 8-3. it is the bottom of the eighth inning. more score updates when we are back at about 10:25. andy garman, kcci, iowa's sports leader. steve: the cubs are young and had a bright future. over in the american league, the blue jays are holding on. toronto won today to stay in that series. the are hoping for better luck back home. first pitch is set for 7:07 friday night. stacey:'s taking a live look from our downtown skycam run. the chill is back in the air. kurtis: cool air mostly moving into northern iowa.
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cruise in, but eventually are low will be at 58 degrees. highway 20 north, 30's from fort dodge to mason city. starting off your thursday, 40's in the morning our. generally partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. a little more sunshine to the north. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 65. still 4 degrees above normal. 63 degrees at 6:00 p.m. very good chance of rain on friday. computer models squeezing out 3/10 to 7/10 of an inch. timing details coming your way in just a bit. steve: the news at 10:00, remarkable rescue. the amazing way a des moines man saved his neighbors dogs. stacey: new diet research says how to give your brain a boost
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steve:isrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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>> this iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin.
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stacey: these dogs are still alive because of the quick reaction of a southside man early this morning. firefighters would tell you never to do what andrew robb did last night. he went into his neighbors burning home. he told robb is three dollars were still inside. robb crawled it twice to get the dogs out. he said he could only see a few feet in front of him. >> my roommate was with me and he was like, you should go back in there. i was like, i can't leave those dogs in there. stacey: as you can see, casey, scrappy, and chipper are all ok, as is their owner. stacey: steve:. --steve: a health alert tonight about adult marijuana use. almost 10% of adults in the u.s. now use the drug, most of them recreationally. nearly one in three of those
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right now, recreationalp p useot -- recreational use is legal in four states. today, president obama success to come back here with academic. -- the heroin epidemic. the president says 120 americans die every day from overdoses. he is not directing federal departments and agencies to ramp up dr. training and improve access to treatment. new research shows that eating more fish and vegetables could slow down the effects of aging on your brain. a columbia university study found that eating a mediterranean diet, meaning more fish, vegetables, fruits, and grains, may help people lose fewer brain cells as they age. >> the more you adhere to the mediterranean diet, the better protection.
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least 3-5 ounces of fish a week or no more than 3.5 ounces of meat per day. stacey: a campaign underway to eliminate hunger crisis in polk county. the goal is to raise $10 million in five years to allow food pantries. >> the food pantry can only stay open a certain amount of time. people can get to the food. stacey: $3 million already been raised thanks to polk county money and large gifts. get ready for a little out of this world scare on halloween. scientists say a massive asteroid will hurtle toward our planet and unusually high speeds on october 31.
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experts say you will be able to catch it from a telescope. steve: just more great fall weather. we are so lucky. kurtis: tonight, we do have some clouds rolling in. this is about 10-20 meteors per hour maximum. not a great meteor shower this year. it is going to be pretty dark out there. a good opportunity if you are at one of the locations that have the clouds breaking up. this is very mild for this time of night and this time of year. 30's up in northern iowa. we will get down into the upper 40's. east winds at 5-15. new type temperature, 59.
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super doppler 8, there are just a couple sprinkles out there. these are some windmills getting picked up by radar. a little bit of activity around stewart. a week system and the slides to the east. trying to see if our -- these temperatures really not unusual. keep an eye to the north. eventually, some of that trust that our way. 60's for the metro as you head south. here are the clouds that will try to spoil our meteor shower just a bit. cirrus clouds so you may be able to see those meteors now and again. some rain in colorado and
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oklahoma. that is the next system that is headed our way. this system slides in with our best chance of rain on friday. we will stay mild out there. futurecast, a brand-new and coming to the weather center. clouds screaming -- clouds streaming to the north. thursday, the farther north you are, better chance of sunshine. on friday, morning hours, we will probably get some showers it was like to the east by the evening. temperatures tonight cruising down to 40 degrees. few sprinkles on the best part of town. good chance of that rain on friday. how about your weekend. clouds early, son late.
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mostly sunny on sundays, starting out in the 40's and topping out at 65 degrees. more 60's early next week. a rain chance tuesday.
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star stacey: a viral video lands a fraternity dozens of taylor swift tickets.
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those of the members of delta sigma phi at transylvania university in lexington, kentucky. they made a video about a year ago and it got millions of views, even catching the attention of taylor swift. she promised the students tickets to her lexington concert last night. >> we all got two tickets, so we thought it would be a shame not to do something good with it. stacey: instead of going themselves, the guys gave those 37 tickets to the local big brothers, big sisters. this is the first time a fraternity -- the fraternity has used the video to help others. when it first went viral, they used their youtube channel to raise money to help battle leukemia. just before the october 17 game between the cyclones and tcu, this happened. not bad actually. texas christian university
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quarterback trevone boykin knelt down to say hello to kick captain abby faber. the photo has been shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times. >> he has got a lot of pressure off to take a brief second to kneel down, get off the game face, i thought that was pretty cool. he didn't have to do it. stacey: abby was born in 10 weeks premature, weighing in at just one pound 13 ounces. she usually gets around with a walker, but for this special day, her father thought it might be best if she used a wheelchair. looks like she got a lot of attention from the cyclone players. stacey: tony seeman and with sports and it is a tough day for cyclone ends. tony: comes in a win or go home
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showed u tony: welcome back. could the cubs break the curse? chicago had their back against the wall tonight.
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wayne and force a game five, lose and blame it on that goto again. unfortunately, the mets rolling lucas duda, the dinger. mets up 6-1. daniel murphy putting together the best postseason ever. he is a literal goat. 6 straight home runs. it is 8-3 in the ninth inning. barring a ridiculous chicago comeback, it looks like the mess will be moving on. andy garman joins us with more live from chicago. andy: tony, it is not over yet. that is what cub fans need to remember. it is not over yet. it is 8-3 nats -- 8-3 mets. it is the bottom of the ninth in the cubs are coming to bat.
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if they come up short, the season ends with 101 wins. the old phrase, it was fun while it lasted, it was a lot more than that. a great ride for cubs fans this year and a surprising ride for most of baseball, seeing what of the youngest rosters anywhere in baseball come out and win 97 regular-season games plus the wildcard playoffs, plus beating the team with the number one record in baseball, the cardinals, to get to this point. the frustrating part, the cubs offense has been blowing the doors of people and has quite frankly evaporated in this last couple of rounds. as been tough to watch some of the cubs big hitters this year swing and miss in the postseason. as we said, right now headed to the bottom of the ninth. the cubs with one final shot. if the mets hold on to win, they will sweep the series and move
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on to the world series. tony: your face as i threw to use speaks volumes. hopefully they can pull off something crazy. kansas city is a team that flat-out knows how to win. yesterday, they scored 14 runs. a win today would send them to the world series but they ran into some trouble of north. in game 4, taking on toronto, that is chris collabello. he says see you. blue jays continue to run it up today. 7-1 is your final. joel ending -- joel lanning was a standout as a quarterback. at iowa state have the shadows but it looks like it might be stepping up into the spotlight.
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the ankeny to urbandale connection. >> we weren't overly excited about what we saw, even though the one was the touchdown, a phenomenal play by allen. probably not a ball you should have thrown but when you are throwing to allen. the other would be hindsight. we should have read and more. tony: the cyclones take on baylor this weekend. the hawkeyes undefeated a who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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s the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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