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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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>> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: fire forces two families a des moines duplex overnight, what may have caused it. >> a spanking is one thing but that was like she was fighting an adult. shaina: she stepped in, a kcci exclusive. we will tell you what a woman
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saw that had her afraid for a toddler's life. >> they have not been to the world series its 2000, and the mets are on their way back. shaina: i hate to be the bearer of bad news, the mets are world series bound, not the chicago cubs as many people in the midwest were hoping. elizabeth: well the mets were celebrating, cubs fans were a little choir. -- a little quieter. manager joe maddon is looking on the bright side. welcome back, it is thursday, october 22. shaina: i am shaina humphries and i hate to say it, it feels like kind of back to normal. metinka: it actually does feel like fall this morning with temperatures downright chilly to the north. mason city at 33 degrees.
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in des moines, we are at 54, 10 degrees colder than this time yesterday. temperatures overall will feel more fall-like. a couple of sprinkles are possible this morning that no heavy downpours are expected. we do have some more rain in the forecast. friday, we will have off and on showers and a few thundershowers, but the rain moves out just in time for the weekend. next week, more rain will be followed by yet another cool down. shaina: the past couple of hours, a fire at a duplex in des moines. this is the picture from 113 east mckinley avenue. firefighters saw flames in a basement window when they arrived around 4:00 a.m. this morning. there is no estimate on the damage and firefighters are still on see. elizabeth: a des moines mother is charged with child endangerment after allegedly
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groceries -- beating her toddler in a grocery store parking lot. kalina thomas could not stand by and watch when she saw the beating. thomas saw davis hitting and punching the toddler. she called 911 and said she hopes anyone else would have done the same. >> i felt like if i did not help at that point in time than i probably would have woke up and seeing the baby on tonight's news. elizabeth: the toddler was taken to blank children's hospital with marks on his head. no word on the extent of his injuries. shaina: april county jury finds pete polson guilty on all night charges. he was found guilty of attempted murder of the first victim, mark mitchell, but not the other two,
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-- m matt stephenson. he is being held without bond until sentencing on december 9. jurors will resume deliberations . two men are accused of making secret payments. jesse benton is charged with one charge of making false statements, and dimitri kesari is charged with five charges. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it is released. elizabeth: altoona elementary leaders are reminding students of strangers after does conan asked two boys -- two man asked two boys to get in their truck. the suspects drove off in a white, two door pickup. >> they recognized it was a
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dangerous situation and recognized the two males were strangers. they turned around and ran back to the school. elizabeth: police are increasing patrols at altoona elementary before and after school. the case is still under investigation. shaina: a confession for a man allegedly responsible for the death of this for europe girl -- four-year-old girl. lilly garcia was shot when her father got caught up in a confrontation with another driver, tony torrez. at some point he opened fire on the pickup the garcia family was riding in and lily was shot in the head. police say he later confessed to the crime and is now facing murder and battery charges. also in albuquerque, a police officer is in critical condition after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. not many details are being
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released by police are still actively searching for the suspect. the man accused of the shooting death of a new york city police officer was arraigned on wednesday. tyrone howard is charged with first-degree murder and robbery, and is being held without a. -- without they'll -- bail. elizabeth: joe biden decided he is not entering the 2016 residential race. >> i believe we are out of time, the amount of time necessary to mount a winning campaign. elizabeth: he said just because he is not a candidate does not mean he will be silent during the race. he made a plea for bipartisanship and revealed his campaign would have focused on inequality and the disappearing middle class. several presidential candidates have reacted, including donald trump. >> i think he did the smart thing because frankly i do not
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he wouldn't have gotten that nomination, i do not think he would have. frankly, i really want to run against hillary. elizabeth: democratic presidential candidates are also reacting. bernie sanders says, i think the vice president for a lifetime of service. hillary clinton says, joe biden is a good man and great vice president. i admire his devotion to his family. he will always be on the frontlines fighting for the american people. shaina: i hope you enjoyed those unseasonable 70's while they lasted because it looks like they might be a thing of the past. metinka: it is definitely feeling a lot more like fall this morning, 54 in des moines, 50 in ames. 37 degrees up to the north.
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in central iowa, we have had the clout -- clouds and a few sprinkles. headed for a cooler day, a high of 65. do not put away the umbrella, more rain in the forecast. elizabeth: yesterday was "back to the future" day. shaina: the cubs had their back against the wall and it was either win and force a game five or lose and go home. the new york mets were rolling once again. it was 6-0 after two innings and the cubs never had an answer. kris bryant hit a home run in the eighth inning but that was just not enough. manager joe maddon looking on the bright side, saying he is
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proud of the success young team had this year. >> to get within four games of the world series in your freshman year is not a bad thing so of course we wanted to go further, and of course it is highly disappointing. however, you have got to look at the positives that are involved and that is what i want them to focus on when they go home and they have a chance to reflect individually and as a group. shaina: it is the new york mets moving on to the world series. that starts next tuesday on fox. elizabeth: the mets will face the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays. tuesday, the royals won game four. a win wednesday would have sent them into the world series but they ran into some trouble. the blue jays ran up the score offensively.
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kansas city is ahead 3-2 in the series. they go to kansas city for game six tomorrow night. if the royals win tomorrow, they will face the nets in the world series. shaina: there may not be any baseball to watch tonight, but plenty of action to see. the seattle seahawks will take on the san francisco 49ers. pregame coverage starts at 6:30. our regular 10:00 p.m. newscast will be delayed, but you can switch over to meet tv -- metv channel 8.2 four coverage. elizabeth: she is off the campaign trail to testify, the tough questions awaiting hillary clinton on benghazi. shaina: there is supposed to be a safer way to pay, but the new chip credit cards are already
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elizabeth: even more emoji's, the new faces and other things you will see in your smart phone this morning. shaina: we do not have any accidents to report on the road. green all over our map and we can expect it to stay this way for another hour or two before we start seeing the backups. let's head outside and take a live look at the road.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back, everybody, 6:14. look at this time lapse at a billings, montana. this was wednesday morning, fog billeting the whole town. it is probably a great time of year there. some beautiful fall colors we get to enjoy because there is no fog for us.
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metinka: i'm glad that was fog and not snow. it is a beautiful fall morning in central iowa. temps are running cooler than i have the past several mornings. across northern iowa it is downright cold with highs on in the 30's. you might even catch a stray sprinkle on the way to work or school, but those will be moving out. a couple of peeks of sunshine otherwise clouds will rule the day and highs in the 60's. our cooling trend continues, and more unsettled rain -- whether in the forecast. shaina: it is a new credit card scam. emmy victor is live in studio, and this has to do with the more secure chip cards. emmy: the credit card industry is in the middle of a huge change.
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the new chip-enabled cards which are supposed to be more secure. industry experts say this which has been slow and is quite confusing for everybody involved. >> it is the biggest change in the way we have used credit cards in decades, and people are not ready yet. there is a lot of confusion. emmy: several banks have not upgraded their customers emmy: and the ftc is now warning that's gamers -- that scammers are capitalizing, sending fake e-mails that seem to be from a credit card issuer, asking for personal information in order to send a chip card. in other cases, they are asking users to click on a link that would install malware. you can call your credit card company to see if you have received an e-mail that is
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emmy victor, kcci news. shaina: mastercard is testing another new technology to cut down on scammers, and it is perfect if you like taking selfies. it lets shoppers pay using a picture of their face, call the master card identity check cap. -- app. it uses facial recognition software to compare that picture to that one you took when an rolling. officials say it is not a good option for security. >> if i am looking at the camera now, i can tell my chin up or tilt my chin down and i look like two completely different people. shaina: the app allows you to choose year face or fingertip to scam. about 200 people are testing it
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elizabeth: toyota recalling six and a half million cars, citing a problem with the power window switches short-circuiting and causing a fire. they malfunction if they did not receive enough grease during manufacturing. stocks were up and down throughout the day on wednesday that ended in negative territory. the dow was down 58, and the s&p 500 lost almost 12. you may notice something new at the subway counter lunch, a ruler. subway is requiring workers to measure that the foot-long sandwiches are actually 12 inches long. a class-action lawsuit was sent -- was brought after a photo that went viral showed a sub was
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you have new ways to express yourself this morning, with a whole new batch of emojis. happy middle finger emoji. apple is deliberating on which to add next year, and some early contenders are avocados and a shark. shaina: that will be interesting. elizabeth: you have your shark, your avocado, and your middle finger. shaina: we would certainly not include that if we were looking at the weather. maybe a happy face. metinka: two thumbs up. we have some beautiful photos in of u local of folks capturing all the beautiful fall colors. the weather has been so great to get out and sat photos.
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in central iowa, maybe showers down near the atlantic area, all lifting to the north. heavier showers continue across southeastern nebraska, with much of the rain across kansas and texas. the heaviest rain will stay just out of reach. we will pick up a couple of stray sprinkles. by tomorrow morning, we will be tracking rain showers across the western half of the state, even a few thundershowers are possible. by noontime, scattered showers and thundershowers across western iowa, and after 3:00 p.m. the rain starts to head east. by around 8:00 p.m., western iowa will start to dry things back out. the rain had out as we head toward the weekend. temperatures this morning significantly cooler than
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in central and southern iowa, readings are considerably milder with temperatures in the 50's. a light breeze coming in from the northeast at six, no fog to worry about. headed for 65 degrees. that is pretty close to where we should be. tomorrow, on and off showers and thundershowers, but then the rain moves out and a beautiful weekend. the next chance for rain tuesday into wednesday, temperatures cooling back down to cooler readings in the 50's for highs. shaina: it will be comfortable. everything looks just fine outside, no accidents to report. we still have an hour or an hour and a half before we start getting backed up on i-235 or 35/80.
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that's for the day, 2000 56th street, 1900 east 9th street, 500 northeast 70th avenue, and 11,000 northwest 44th street. elizabeth: hillary in the hot
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factored into joe shaina: we'll back to kcci at 6:25. today it is hillary to the hill. she will go before a congressional committee on benghazi. elizabeth: there could be lots of fireworks on what the -- many believe is a political probe into the 2012 attack. nikole: this they could be pretty high for hillary clinton and her campaign, which sees today's testimony as one of the final hurdles she has to clear before the race ramps up. this is her second time
6:23 am
testifying about the benghazi attack. she went before a senate panel in 2013 in what turned out to be a pretty explicit hearing. her campaign and supporters are blasting the republicans going after clinton. trey gowdy is pledging a fair hearing but topics could go beyond benghazi. shaina: we are learning about how vice president joe biden arrived at his big no. how did he come to that decision? nikole: he was looking at it from the outside and it appeared he was mowing over a run for the white house. he went into the oval office and informed president obama he was not running. the decision weighed 30 heavily
6:24 am
wade pretty heavily -- weighed pretty heavily on his mind following his son's death. they arrived at the decision there was just not enough time. biden is laying out the direction he thinks them across should go in, which is to run on president obama's record and show a willingness to work with republicans. shaina: nikole killion live in washington. elizabeth: we have your morning headlines, including this story. a woman stepped in when she sees a mother beating her son.
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." elizabeth: breaking news this morning, a surprising new poll in the past half-hour. is there a new leader in the republican race for president? shaina: families forced out, the
6:27 am
>> i was like, are you ok, why are you having your baby? elizabeth: a life-saving intervention. cutting the court, the new numbers about how you watch tv. a lot of switching happening out there from satellites to streaming. how it is forcing some companies to change the way they do business. i am elizabeth klinge. shaina: i am shaina humphries and metinka is here to. o. metinka: it is back to real fall like weather. it feels great out there this morning, 54 in des moines. there may be a stray sprinkle on your morning commute, but no heavy downpours. the high this afternoon, 65.
6:28 am
thundershowers in the forecast, followed by a dry, comfortable weekend with a bit of a cool down next week. shaina: ben carson now tops donald trump in the 2015 republican presidential race in iowa. a new poll released shows carson with 28% support and donald trump is down to 20%. marco rubio has 13% and ted cruz has 10%. the poll found carson got a big boost from women voters. elizabeth: two des moines families woke up to fire in their duplex. firefighters were called to 113 east mckinley. flames were coming out of a basement window and everyone made it out safely. firefighters are still on the scene, looking into the exact cause. a des moines mother in jail after allegedly eating her child
6:29 am
>> she was hitting her baby in the face and she literally threw her baby on the cement. elizabeth: 28-year-old shauna davis is charged with child endangerment. thomas told kcci she called 911 immediately. the toddler was taken to blank children's hospital in no word on the extent of his injuries. shaina: on monday, a poke county jury found pete polson guilty on all nine charges in a pleasant hill shooting spray. -- shooting spree. he is being held without bond until his sentencing on december 9. a federal jury will continue deliberations in the trial of two ron paul campaign aides. they are accused of making
6:30 am
secret payments to a lawmaker for an endorsement. the jury deliberated all day wednesday with no decision. elizabeth: increased police presence at altoona elementary school. two boys say two men offered them candy to get into their truck. the men drove off. shaina: a man in new mexico charged with killing a four-year-old girl in a road rage incident. tips led to police -- police to tony torrez. torres and lilly garcia's father exchanged words, when torres pulled out a gun and fired. lilly garcia was in the backseat and was hit in the head. police in albuquerque arrested a man after shooting an officer during a traffic stop. the officer was critically injured and police have not released many other details,
6:31 am
in ohio, a man accused of taking two firefighters hostage while responding to a fire. the homeowner took them hostage with a rifle. the situation was resolved peacefully within a few hours. new video coming in from lubbock, texas. flash flooding overnight, they have gotten more than four inches. parts of the area are under a tornado watch. elizabeth: what a nice thing to do, that has been our reaction. they are happy, cubs fans, not so much. eric is one of those bombed out fans. emmy: when you grab your remote in the morning, what are you pointing it out, your tv, cable box, streaming service? how americans watch tv, the
6:32 am
surprising results. metinka: waking up to a cooler fall morning. the chance of rain has moved out of the forecast this afternoon, but back in for your friday. shaina: let's take a look at the east mixmaster, traffic is certainly picking up but it is not backing up quite yet.
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metinka: good morning. we are waking up to a cooler fall morning than the past several. temperatures have fallen it into the 30's across northern iowa -- fallen into the 30's across northern iowa. there could be a few sprinkles on your morning commute, that we are not expecting any heavy downpours. a couple of peeks of sunshine are possible, otherwise, the clouds will hold tight. a high of 65. do not put away the umbrella, a better chance of more widespread rain arrives tomorrow. shaina: how are you watching us right now? elizabeth: a new report shows tv viewers are more likely than ever to cut the cable court. -- cord. emmy: they are straying away
6:35 am
a new report says 20% of people have never had a pay-tv service so how exactly are they tuning in? they are streaming them online from services like netflix. 3.7% of people plan to end their cable service, up from 1.9% in 2014. all the content continues to grow with more and more median -- companies supplying more media. >> i finally cut the cord, that rid of cable. i do not feel like i lost out on much. >> i did not even have a tv in college, i just use my computer. emmy: cable and satellite companies are cutting rates in an effort to keep customers. 61% of people with cable are
6:36 am
interested in getting a smaller number of channels for a smaller price. shaina: you have to change with the times. a lot of shows showing up on these online services. elizabeth: thank you so much. we have to start with a big bummer for cubs fans, no world series. shaina: the mets shut them out with a four-game sweep of the nlcs, taking game for last night within 8-3 victory. you probably saw fans were feeling pretty defeated as the game went on. a somber tone overtook the stadium. eric hanson was there and set
6:37 am
eric: it just did not happen for the cubs, a disappointing end for the season. if there is a bright spot, these cubs are really young and that is a good thing. it was not too many months ago they were in des moines coming up through the system. have a bright future for the chicago cubs and hopefully they will be playing very soon. those from the midwest, we have to cheer for the kansas city royals as they push their way to the world series. elizabeth: we will cheer for the royals, and there is always next year for the cubs. he posted a couple of pictures on facebook. he said this was a classy move. they allowed the mets to celebrate and then came out to think their fans.
6:38 am
keep their heads up. those fans are used to it. elizabeth: a huge story we want to talk about is one that we broke last night at 10:00. shaina: we talked about it just a few minutes ago, a mother stepped in when she saw a woman abusing a toddler in a hy-vee parking lot. shauna davis is charged, seen hitting and punching her young son, apparently upset because she lost her wallet. elizabeth: anne-marie writes, the person who intervened is an angel, god bless them. amy says, to the lady that helped, your mama raised you write. right. shaina: adidas says, recognize the need for funding at the state level.
6:39 am
we have to share this random act of kindness. shaina: a university of iowa student came out of class to find this note on her car. she left her window open and a storm was coming so a good samaritan put tags on her window so that rain would not -- bags on her window so that the rain would not get in. she is hoping to find out who did it so she can say thank you. elizabeth: send the kids in their jackets. for the first time this week, we will not get into the 70's, but metinka will tell us what the high will be as we leave you with this overnight look. >> fancy cordis is on capitol hill with what to expect from the clinton testimony, john and
6:40 am
tracy's >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this
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metinka: good morning, waking up to a beautiful and cool fall morning. temperatures are running about 10 degrees cooler than i have the past several mornings so you will probably need a jacket. a couple of sprinkles are possible, but those should be dissipating by midmorning. headed for highs near 65 degrees. clouds have been streaming in from the southwest overnight and with them, just a few spotty sprinkles. more rainfall of the study variety across southeast nebraska down through kansas and stretching into texas where they have seen flooding rain. we are expecting just a couple sprinkles earlier today. a few showers will brush far western iowa but for the most part, the day looks fine. tomorrow morning, trekking some showers and thunrshowers across the western half of the state, and this will be the
6:42 am
trend off and on throughout the day. no severe weather expected. by 3:00 p.m., the rain shifts east. eastern iowa, you may still be dealing with a couple of spotty showers into the evening. in central and the southern part of the state, temperatures are holding in the 50's. 54 in des moines, clouds and just a couple of sprinkles. the sprinkles will be dissipating by 9:00 or 10:00, headed for a high of 65 degrees. for the most part, the cloudiness is going to hold tight. friday, showers are in the forecast and the rain should come to an end around midnight, leading to a gorgeous weekend. next week, more rain in the
6:43 am
wednesday with highs cooling off even further in the 50's and lows in the 30's. shaina: they can wear any costume and will not have to do the bundling up. everything looks fine on the road, except this one little accident. it should not affect you too much but if you are on the east side, it is at east 15th and maple. keep in mind these locations, there are mobile speed units at 2000 56th street, 1900 east 9th street, 500 northeast 70th avenue, and 11,000 northwest 44th street.
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isrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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shaina: here is your news to go. a new leader in the republican race for president. a quinnipiac poll puts ben carson at the top of the pack at 28% and donald trump slips to 20%. marco rubio has 13 and ted cruz
6:46 am
the poll has another troubling sign for trump, 9030% of likely caucus-goers saying they would definitely not support trump. elizabeth: two families woke up to fire in their duplex at 113 east mckinley. most of the damage looked to be from the basement of one unit. everyone made it out safely and no one was hurt. shaina: 28-year-old shauna davis of des moines is charged with child endangerment after a woman called 911, saying she saw davis beating her daughter in a hy-vee parking lot. davis was apparently upset over losing a wallet. the toddler told police that mama hurt him. elizabeth: parents may notice more police at school when they drop their children off at altoona elementary. two boys were walking home
6:47 am
wednesday afternoon when two man in a white pickup offered them candy and asked them to get in the truck. the boys ran back to the school. shaina: jurors and the trial of two former ron paul staffers will continue deliberations today. they are accused of paying a state senator for his support. elizabeth: an albuquerque man has confessed to shooting and killing a four-year-old girl sitting in a pickup during a road rage incident. tony torrez admitted he exchanged words with her father and then shot at the vehicle. a bullet hit lilly garcia in the head and she was killed. torres is facing a murder charge. shaina: the 7th street louis church in two weeks was set --
6:48 am
hillary clinton will get grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill this morning. the focus will be the 2012 attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya, but the chairman is promising a fair heating -- hearing. fans of "sesame street" will notice a new kid on the block, julia, a girl with bright orange hair. julia has autism. elmo teaches abby that julia does things differently and then they get to be friends. elizabeth: we are returning to more normal fall weather. metinka: you probably need to grab a jacket as you are heading out the door. 53 degrees. we have a light northeast winds at six and you may have a stray sprinkle on your way to work or
6:49 am
school, but no heavy downpours expected, heading for a high as 65 degrees. friday, we are going to need the umbrella on and off throughout the weekend looks dry and comfortable, with a little more rain next week. shaina: on east 15th and maple there is an accident, but on the highways, everything looks good.
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