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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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>> how much was actually prepared outside the school and how much might have been prepared by people on site as a part of the potluck is one of those things that the health department's going down the list and checking off to see just where did everything come from, how was it prepared. but also was there somebody that , was sick that was involved, too? jason r: the health department hopes to know in a couple days the cause of the illnesses. all indoor school activities are canceled but outdoor activities are going on as planned. and no class tomorrow anyway, because of a teacher prep day. live outside roosevelt jason , rantala, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: could donald trump be losing his appeal here in iowa? for the first time, ben carson tops trump in a new republican presidential poll. kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor is live in studio with the story. cynthia: steve, no other poll has had trump down by 8 points since the real estate
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iowa this summer. it's ben carson's turn in the spotlight. the quinnipiac university poll shows carson with 28% support. donald trump, 20%. marco rubio, 13%. ted cruz, 10%. all other candidates in single digits. dr. carson: well, you know, it's one poll. so, when we've had several of them then i might get a little more excited. it is nice to know that people are actually listening to what i'm saying as opposed to how it's being reinterpreted. cynthia: women are especially listening, giving the doctor a lead of 33-13% for trump. men are divided as 25% back carson and 24% go with trump. >> at this point we don't know if this is a meaningful development or the next chapter in our flavor of the month series. the question now, is he emerging as a clear leader or is he a
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cynthia: carson seems to be a clear leader with evangelical christians, with 36% support to trump's 17%. and carson tops the charts when it comes to favorability with 84%. rubio and cruz also trump trump. >> to know him is to like him. that is why our biggest job is to get him in front of iowans, because the more iowans that get to meet him and get to see his heart. cynthia: but trump gets the highest mark for leadership. he also tops the no way list as 30% say they would definitely not vote for him, next to jeb bush. looking at which candidate can best handle the economy, taxes, immigration, and foreign policy, trump tops carson on every issue. trump's spokesperson told me there's no need to comment on this poll but donald sent out a tweet earlier that caused a stir. he retweeted this -- "ben carson is now leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsanto in the corn
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creates issues in the brain?" the campaign later said, "this was mistakenly tweeted from mr. trump's account by an intern. mr. trump loves the people of iowa and looks forward to being back in sioux city on tuesday." bush's campaign director then tweeted, "nice try, donald, but weak. apology not accepted by iowans.' -- apology not accepted by iowans." live in studiocynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: as for the democrats, a new des moines register poll shows the gap between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is narrowing, to 7%. 48% to 41% among likely iowa caucus goers. clinton now has a favorability rating of 85%, while sanders comes in at 82%. the other 2 democratic candidates, martin o'malley and lincoln chafee, barely register support in iowa. jim webb pulled out of the race this week. stacey: one candidate yet to gain any traction here in iowa is new jersey governor chris christie. earlier today, he sat down with with steve karlin and the
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asked him if he's worried. gov. christie: you know you have 100 days or so until the iowa caucuses. what we know from 4 years ago is that iowa caucus goers don't decide until very late. this is a very unsettled race, you've seen that poll change a lot just in the past month. so you get out here and you work. stacey: you can catch the entire interview sunday morning at 10:30, right here on kcci. only one candidate campaigning in iowa today. louisiana governor bobby jindal stopped in ottumwa this morning. -- this afternoon. he holds a town hall meeting tonight at 6:00 at simpson college in indianola. steve: a verdict today in the trial of 2 former 2012 ron paul for president campaign aides accused of making secret payments to a state lawmaker for his endorsement. cameras are not allowed in federal court but kcci's kim st. onge was there. she's live in studio with the latest. kim: after two days of deliberations, the jury announced it reached a verdict on only three of the six charges against jesse benton and dimitri kesari. officials say the men paid kent sorenson $73,000 to switch his support from michelle bachmann
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to the ron paul campaign, leading up to the 2012 caucuses. ron paul's former campaign chair jesse benton walked out of the federal courthouse thursday afternoon looking relieved after jurors acquitted him of making false statements to law enforcement. >> god is great. it feels good. kim: benton's attorney, roscoe howard, says he knows benton could face additional charges in the future. for now he's pleased with the , verdict. >> we think it was a just verdict and the jury did a great job listening and following along and obviously we think they got it. kim: jurors found dimitri kesari, who served as ron paul's former deputy campaign manager, guilty of falsifying records but not guilty of obstruction of justice. they could not reach a verdict on his charges of conspiracy and falsely reporting campaign expenditures. i asked kcci political analyst dennis goldford whether this trial involving secret payments to former state senator kent sorenson in exchange for an
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endorsement calls into question , the legitimacy of the iowa caucuses. >> it's another feather on the scale for people who don't like the caucuses but there are lots of people from outside of iowa who don't like the caucuses for all sorts of bigger reasons. kim: when it comes to saying anything about the way campaigns operate howard says don't read , too much into it. >> the system is the system. i don't think this is gonna change it. it's just a matter of the department of justice taking a look at what's going on and treat it for what it is. kim: no word yet on whether kasari will be retried on the charges the jury could not agree on. steve? steve: an iowa judge dismisses a lawsuit, challenging the authority of state utility regulators to give a pipeline developer eminent domain power. but the ruling does not say whether dakota access is eligible for eminent domain. the company wants to build an -- build a highly controversial oil pipeline across iowa. stacey: pleasant hill police need your help identifying
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suspects in a rash of burglaries. police say they caught a male suspect on camera driving through a car wash at east 38th and hubbell early tuesday morning. he was in a stolen pickup truck. the same suspect was also spotted using stolen credit cards at casey's and kum and go in pleasant hill. later that morning, two other suspects were caught on camera at walmart on southeast 14th street in des moines. one tried using a stolen credit card. both were seen walking out of the store with stolen items. police are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. if you know the suspects are, call the number on your screen. 515-265-1444. steve: new information in a morning fire on east mckinley in des moines. investigators believe a candle is to blame. the person living inside the home was using candles for light. investigators believe the candle burned all the way dow and -- all the way down and that is what sparked the fire.
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kurtis, that sweet weather keeps rolling on. kurtis: it has been a great month of october. even the days that weren't so great, a little bit of cloud cover. temperatures in the 60's now. rain is on the way. that is the moisture streaming north. then rain across nebraska wrapping around into wyoming. only have for now is to few sprinkles up toward the minnesota border. rain is on the way. tonight looks generally dry. 10:00 p.m., 57. overnight, into friday, 60 degrees. still six degrees above normal. it is already thursday. saturday at 63. it is going to be a bit breezy. mostly sunny on sunday comment will start out around 40 buddy hield 65 degrees. the latest futurecast, we will
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have that rainfall hour-by-hour. stacey: it is always good --steve: it is always good to have our buddy kurtis on the evening newscast, but we want to let you know that blockly john -- that chief meteorologist john mclaughlin is now on a medical leave of absence through the end of the year. john is continuing to recover from a very serious illness. stacey: in the meantime, kurtis, metinka, jason and frank will keep you updated on iowa's weather. our best wishes go out to john. ms. clinton: i take responsibility for what happened in benghazi. steve: next at 5:00, hillary in the hot seat. the former secretary of state has been testifying all day on the 2012 attack in benghazi. what this could mean for the now presidential candidate. stacey: plus, rescue mission casualty. an american service member is killed rescuing hostages in iraq. why this casualty marks a first. steve: later babies for bernie.
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winning the o feel connected, informed, included, on every screen in your life. we are broadcasters; always here for you, wherever here may be. text washington. tell them local stations matter. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: a controversial congressional panel investigating the 2012 attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi, libya grilled former secretary of state hillary clinton today, for hours.
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stacey: the attack killed ambassador chris stevens and 3 others. kcci's sally kidd is live on capitol hill with the latest. sally: the hearing is being viewed as a critical, high stakes moment for hillary clinton as she seeks the democratic nomination, but also for republicans that they try to restore the committee's credibility. ms. clinton: most of my work was not done on emails. sally: hillary clinton on the offensive, with republicans forced to defend claims that this is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt. >> not a single member of this committee signed up to investigate you or your email. sally: instead, republicans say, the probe is about uncovering the truth >> you knew the truth but that's not what the american people got. ms. clinton: i think the insinuation that you are making do a great disservice. sally: among the accusations, that the former secretary of state was not fully engaged as the situation in libya
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ms. clinton: i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. sally: another question, why pleas for more security from ambassador stevens were not addressed. >> it looked like certain things got straight to your inbox, and the request for more security did not. ms. clinton: he raised it where he knew it would be properly addressed. if he had raised it with me, i would be here telling you he had. he did not. >> it is the obsession with the emails that takes us off what should've been the task of this committee. sally: democrats accused republicans of carrying out a taxpayer-funded fishing expedition. >> they set them loose, that of secretary, -- madam secretary because you're running for , president. sally: the committee chairman says this investigation did not
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he said he wants to call about 20 more witnesses. why don't capitol hill, -- live on capitol hill sally kidd, kcci , 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: iowa republicans today say hillary clinton has refused to be straight forward with american's even after the fbi and obama administration opened an investigation into her use of a private email server. >> whether it was the handling of the terrorist attacks in bengazi, the current chaos in the middle east, or the ill conceived russian reset, hillary clinton has been front and center for president obama's destructive foreign policy. stacey: the party spoke today ahead of the democratic jefferson-jackson dinner which will be held this week. steve: u.s. service member killed and i rock -- killed in iraq during a hostage rescue situation.
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where isis was threatening hostages. this is believed to be the first u.s. casualty in the fight against isis. stacey: hands-free voice command systems in your car are designed to keep you focused on the road. but a new triple-a study out today finds using the technology to make a call or change the music is still distracting. the study says it takes nearly 30 seconds to return to full attention, even while hands remain on the steering wheel. steve: kurtis once again in for john. looks like our chances for rain have gotten a little bit real. kurtis: right now it will stay dry for the evening activities. it may not be the case as we head into friday. 66 degrees, well above normal. humidity at 45%. mild readings at 7:00 p.m..
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looks like showers will start to move in tomorrow morning. i will break down the rain trend as we slide through tonight and friday. you can see those chances at 3:00 p.m., lessons a little bit. high temperatures today normally should be around 61. it was a little cooler along highway 20. ottumwa, 68. if you have down to lamoni, a great late october day. a few sprinkles moving up into northern minnesota. rain wrapping around the low through oklahoma and some cold air breathing snow over the san juan mountains. this system slides our way. breezy tomorrow.
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we will probably fire a few thunderstorms. high pressure will build it from the northwest which will set us up for a dry weekend. rain moving around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. another round at noon. hanging around at 7:00 p.m. and then this system slowly pulling out although there could be lingering showers overnight. then the clouds move out and saturday afternoon looks to be breezy but filled with sunshine. rainfall amounts anywhere from around 2/10 to around 7/10 of an inch. tonight, that low down to 55. here in the metro, more towards sunrise, east winds at 10-15.
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as we head towards the weekend, morning clouds. saturday, 63. sunday, 65. more quiet weather early next week and another rain chance as we head into tuesday and wednesday. lows in the 30's, highs in the 50's late next week. steve: crews on the scene right now. we have a vehicle fire. it has been put out of the left lane is blocked at i-235 eastbound and 31st street. a little bit of a situation up on westbound at ankeny boulevard. we had a wreck and the center lane is blocked. take a look at the rest of the metro, you can see the red on i-235 just west of downtown. we will see if that impacts our drive times. to the west mixmaster, nine
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minutes, and to the east we have six. stacey: now a look ahead to the kcci 8 news at 6:00. classes that roosevelt high teachers went home sick. rose: the boone county board of opposing the proposed bakken pipeline. i'm rose heaphy, coming up i'll explain what this means and why some labor groups are still in support of the plan.
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are suddenly in demand. >> i'm hungry, but i'm good. steve: remember this? larry david's impersonation of bernie sanders on last weekend's "saturday night live pick up it gave a lot of us a good laugh. stacey: but today in the buzz larry david's got nothing on , these pint-sized bernie sanders supporters. meet the babies for bernie. steve: the instagram account is lighting up the social media universe with pictures of little tykes doing their best bernie in support of the democratic presidential candidate. some are in costumes, some are photo-shopped, but all are
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totally adorable. it's a call one indiana deputy thought was a joke. stacey: a mom from minnesota needed help to track down her sons lost teddy bear. 5-year-old freddy lost his bear somewhere along interstate 65 in indiana. his family had stopped along the side of the road and they were pretty sure the bear fell out of the car. because of traffic and wind, deputy matthew white thought finding the bear would be a long shot, but it turned out to be a lot easier than expected. >> put the car in park, probably took one or two steps out of the vehicle and i saw the bear just lying on the side of the road. stacey: way to go. freddy and his family were very thankful for the extra help. now everybody can sleep in the house again. the teddy bear is a family heirloom. steve: teddy bears are a great big deal to little kids. the san francisco 49ers take on the seattle seahawks tonight in an nfl west battle on thursday night football.
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that means our regular 10:00 newscast will be delayed. p.m. you can switch over to metv des moines, channel 8.2, to see the news right at 10:00. we'll also have late news following the game right here on
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stacey: the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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kurtis: 60 dunaway for friday. does look like showers are likely. 60's and drive for the weekend. steve: we're up next at 6:00. right now, it is "the cbs
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