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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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kossuth county and we could see some isolated development of thunderstorms as we head throughout the day, so plan on a bit of a rainy one although i think there is a reasonable shot through afternoon hours, there will be a gap in the rainfall. 59 in des moines. we are on track for temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 60's. eric: first this morning, polk county officials investigate a possible road rage shooting near north east 50th. the shooting happened around 4:00 thursday afternoon. deputies say it started near a motel 6. two groups of people got in an argument and drove off in separate cars. the lead car fired shots at the trailing car, sending the trailing car into a ditch. no reports of any injuries. >> it's very dangerous, especially during the rush hour traffic when people are just getting off work. they're upset.
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for a 2015 silver toyota camry. the ice and split -- the license plate is an iowa one, dmk 905. they say the suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. parents of children who go to des moines roosevelt high school received this phone message thursday afternoon from the school's principal. >> good afternoon, roosevelt families, this is mister biggs calling. as mant of you may have already learned a large number of our staff who attended a catered luncheon yesterday have become ill with that the polk county health department believes to be food poisoning. eric: in all 58 staff members became ill, forcing the school to send students home. elizabeth: so what caused the illness, and why was just the staff affected? kcci's jason rantala has more. dozens of students, waiting outside roosevelt high school thursday afternoon. as rumors swirled.
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>> apparently the walking taco meat was poisoned or something like that. >> students say they received the announcement after noon. >> they put in on the announcements and the second they heard school is cancelled . everyone like cheering. >> screaming, cheering, it was crazy. it means classes and school activities got cancelled because half the staff. >> some of my teachers just looked like they wanted to cry though. jason: phil roeder with des moines public schools says while this is unprecedented he says they may have narrowed down the culprit. >> it was a potluck, the food was brought from outside the district so it wasn't the school district's food and nutrition department that prepared it. he says when you have nearly 60 sick teachers. >> you just can't provide enough substitutes. so with classes cancelled. >> waiting for my dad to pick me up.
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new had to make an early pick . elizabeth: the district is now telling us this was food brought in from outside businesses. as for today, students were not going to be in the building anyway so the school wont have to worry about finding substitutes. the health dept says this investigation should take a couple of days. a verdict thursday in the trial of 2 former 2012 ron paul for president campaign aides accused of making secret payments to a state lawmaker for his endorsement. eric: after two days of deliberations, the jury reached a verdict on only 3 of the six charges against jesse benton and dimitri kesari. cameras are not allowed in federal court, but kcci's kim st. onge was there. kim: eric: ron paul's former campaign chair jesse benton walked out of the federal courthouse thursday afternoon looking relieved after jurors acquitted him of making false statements to law enforcement. >> god is great. it feels good. kim: benton's attorney, roscoe howard, says he knows benton could face additional charges in the future. for now he's pleased with the verdict.
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>> we think it was a just verdict and the jury did a great job listening and following along and obviously we think they got it. kim: jurors found dimitri kesari, who served as ron paul's former deputy campaign manager, guilty of falsifying records but not guilty of obstruction of justice. they could not reach a verdict on his charges of conspiracy and falsely reporting campaign expenditures. i asked kcci political analyst dennis goldford whether this trial involving secret payments to former state senator kent sorenson in exchange for an endorsement calls into question the legitimacy of the iowa caucuses. >> it's another feather on the scale for people who don't like the caucuses but there are lots of people from outside of iowa who don't like the caucuses for also of bigger reasons. kim: when it comes to saying anything about the way campaigns operate? howard says don't read too much into it. >> the system is the system. i don't think this is gonna change it. it's st a matter of the department of justice taking a
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for what it is. eric: no word yet on whether kasari will be retried on the charges the jury could not agree on. jason: we have not seen the bulk of it move in yet but we have a lot of rain in the western portions of the state, and a thunderstorm in central kossuth county. bring your umbrella with you. if you have a poncho, it might be a good idea. pretty expensive low pressure system helping to drive that rain in. we are likely seeing that as we head throughout most of the day today. there will be gaps through afternoon hours, but aside from not, i would plan on that rainfall and we climb on way to 67. eric: there is a lot of anticipation for a new
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interstate 80 interchange in waukee. and it won't just be a new roadway. elizabeth: it will also be a new experience for iowa drivers. kcci's mark tauscheck at the new grand prairie parkway interchange along i-80 tonight. mark: well we've gotten used to , driving on roundabouts so we should be able to adapt to this new kind of intersection called a diverging diamond. first appearing in 2010 there are now 57 in the united states including 3 in kansas city where , the dot is so pleased with them. >> the normal congestion that we used to experience there, has virtually disappeared. they are -- mark: they are building three more. the simplest explanation get used to driving briefly on what will feel like the wrong side of the road. watch the traffic on the lower right side of your screen when the light changes the traffic crosses into what would traditionally be considered oncoming lanes. if they continue straight ahead they are diverted back to their original southbound side of the road but if they turn onto the
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in fact there are only two places where traffic crosses at the entire intersection, a normal intersection like this would have 4 to 6. >> i think they're really getting popular now. mark the director of waukee : public works says the biggest change when the new grand prairie parkway interchange opens will actually be relief for heavy traffic that funnels into the overburdened jordan creek parkway corridor that can be a mess at rush hour the new interchange will eventually see an expected 45,000 cars a day and it could change traffic patterns around the entire western metro region. >> we think there will be a lot of people coming down 141 come down alices road to get onto interstate rather than go down 141 to rider corner. mark: a spokesman for the iowa dot told me we will see more divergent diamonds in the future. as for this one in waukee, it is scheduled to open in late november. elizabeth: there has been a
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townhouse boom in des moines. kcci's vanessa peng shows us why they're selling so fast. vanessa: nine years ago it took hubbell realty five years to sell a complete group of townhomes here in downtown des moines, but now the market's made a complete flip and they've been selling townhomes even before they've poured the crews are working hard to build townhouses that have already been spoken for. >> it's a great problem to have. vanessa: hubbell realty has sold all 27 of its high end townhomes at the artisan row development at 16th and grand. >> what we hear is as soon as you see something you better be putting down an offer. it's just a really tight market right now. vanessa darcy lane was one of : the first people to stake her claim.
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>> i just wanted to live right in the middle of it. vanessa: lane tells us she works downtown and she can't wait to live near entertainment and restaurants, she tells us there aren't a lot of options downtown for a homebuyer. >> i think there are a lot of rentals available but i wasn't finding so much in terms of something to buy. vanessa the units sold from 3 : hundred to three hundred fifty thousand dollars. vanessa tina hadden with hubbell : says the buyers are a mix of empty nesters and young professionals drawn to owning a place of their own without the headaches that come with a single family home. hadden says the plan to keep on building and in the near future you'll see even more townhomes here in downtown des moines. vanessa peng kcci 8 news iowa's news leader. elizabeth: coming up on kcci, 11 hour hearing. hillary clinton grilled about her actions before the benghazi attack.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: welcome back. your time is now 4:42. we have a little bit of rain to make it through today, and it is
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58 degrees is what we are sitting at in the metro. clouds overtook us early on, and a line of moisture pushing its way east or dust eastward. -- eastward. we could see some rainfall stack up to around half inch in spot. a rainfall trend as you head throughout the day looking like the bulk of that will be falling early on. i think there a good chance for a gap in the afternoon hours before we see slight tech -- uptick around 7:00 p.m. temperatures climbing to 62 by noon, on track for highs in the upper 60's. i will let you know how warm your weekend is looking and if we have any rain. elizabeth: an 11 hour hearing is over on capitol hill this morning. eric: hillary clinton once again testified under oath before a house select committee investigating the 2012 attack of americans in libya. craig boswell in washington with
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how she kept her cool. craig: hillary clinton's day on capitol hill turned into a test of endurance and patience. she answered questions for more than 10 hours thursday about the terror attacks on the us diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. ms. clinton: i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done. craig: terrorists killed four americans, including us ambassador christopher stevens on september 11, 2012. republicans accused clinton of ignoring stevens' requests for more security before the attacks. >> did you ever personally speak to him after you swore him in in may? yes or no, please. >> you know congresswoman, i appreciate it. i really do. the passion and intensity of your feelings. we have diplomatic facilities in warzones.
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>> and you're their boss. >> you're right. i am. craig republicans on the : committee are searching for mistakes on clinton's watch that led to the attacks, while democrats say the hearing was only conducted to damage clinton's presidential bid. >> we are better than using taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. that's not what america is all about. craig this was clinton's third : time testifying in the eight investigation into the benghazi attacks. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. eric this morning, paul ryan is : in. the wisconsin congressman officially declares his candidacy for speaker of the house thursday. ryan has unified support from across the republican conference. elections are next week. elizabeth: there is some rain moving and so grab the umbrella. this is a live look at 3580 one
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jason has >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." jason: 4:49, and for most of us this morning, at least the western half of the state it is a pretty soggy start.
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carroll spencer -- carroll to spencer, seeing that rain check on through and this will continue to overtake the state as they head into the afternoon hours. settle in for a pretty saturated day. 59 degrees, a pretty comfortable start. the low is usually down into the 40's for this time of year. as we hang onto that mild air, all the way to 67 by 4:00 p.m. cloud will stick around all day long with chances for showers and thundershowers all afternoon . i think there will be a bit of a gap in this afternoon hours so if you are looking to get out for perhaps an afternoon run, that will be the time. moisture will continue to stream in from the south as the low pressure center continues to swirl its way north to the dakotas. not going to be that long. we have one day of rain before this pushes out.
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you can see the low pressure tracks up into the great lakes. we have a secondary line of showers that could develop around 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening, but high-pressure works its way in from the west. saturday looks to be a lot sunnier than we have got out there today. futurecast continues to drive in the showers throughout the afternoon hours. there will be a brief gap before more showers make their way into the evening but after that, clouds continue to stream in and break apart as we head into saturday morning. fairly short lived, thankfully not going to be an all weekend thing for us. mid-60's and a stiff southeast breeze. a bit uncomfortable at times with the rain and wind, but the temperature very comfortable. 51 is what we will be dropping to tonight as we start to see some of the rain clear out.
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64 on saturday, 65 on sunday. we get sunshine all weekend long and we are going to carry that into the start of the work week. 65 on monday with your next shot at rain rolling in late on tuesday. elizabeth: going to feel pretty good this weekend. eric: could donald trump be losing some appeal and iowa? elizabeth: for the first time ben carson tops trump in a new republican presidential poll. kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor has more. cynthia it's ben carson's turn : in the spotlight. the quinnipiac university poll shows carson with 28% support. donald trump 20%. marco rubio 13. ted cruz 10. all other candidates in single digits. >> well, you know, its one poll. so, when we've had several of them then i might get a little more excited. it is nice to know that people are actually listening to what i'm saying as opposed to how
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cynthia: women are especially listening, giving the doctor a lead of 33.13% for trump. men are divided as 25% back carson and 24% go with trump. >> at this point we don't know if it's meaningful, or flavor of the month series. the question now is he emerging as a clear leader or is he a flash in the pan? cynthia carson seems to be a : clear leader with evangelical christians, with 36% support to trump's 17%. and carson tops the charts when it comes to favorability with 84%. rubio and cruz also trump trump. >> to know him is to like him. that is why our biggest job is to get him in front of iowans. cynthia: but trump gets the highest mark for leadership. he also tops the no way list as 30% say they would definitely not vote for him next to jeb bush. looking at which candidate can best handle the economy, taxes, immigration and foreign policy,
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trump tops carson on every issue. elizabeth trump's spokesperson : says there's no need to comment on this poll but donald sent out a tweet that caused a stir. he retweeted this, 'ben carson is now leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?' the campaign later said, 'this was mistakenly tweeted from mr. trump's account by an intern. mr. trump loves the people of iowa and looks forward to being back in sioux city on tuesday.' bush's campaign director then tweeted, 'nice try, donald, but weak. apology not accepted by iowans.' >> it was the only name that me and my fiance could agree on.
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jason: happy friday morning, 4:56. the rain starts early for us, temperature starting off in the mid-50's with that rain moving in. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, we start to warm up a couple degrees but the rain will linger. largely continuing to see the rainfall across the area, temperatures only topping out in the upper 50's to the north. as we head through the next few
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days, not looking too bad. even as we start off the work week, 65 with sunshine. the next chance for rain after today will be tuesday into wednesday. eric: get ready for more for all in london. the nfl extends its agreement to play regular season games at wembley stadium for an extra five years. at least two games per year will be played there through 2020. the jacksonville jaguars will play annually at wembley throughout the agreement. the nfl started playing games in london in 2007. elizabeth: world series news. ticket prices are soaring for the new york mets home games. the average asking price is almost the most expensive in $1700, world series history. the mets beat the cubs in the nlcs to make the series. they will play the winner of the alcs, either the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays. speaking of the royals. one kansas city mom will have a
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every time she looks at her son. eric this is 11-day-old royal : scott titus overmyer. his mom audra is such a big fan of the kansas city royals she , says it's the only name she and her fiance could agree on. audra hopes royal can bring joy to others like her favorite player salvador perez does. >> i love perez. i love his attitude, just for the game, he's always happy and hes always the one dumping ice on people. eric: the royals will advance to the world series if they win tonight's game 6 of the alcs. exit 7:00 tonight on fox sports one. coming up, treatment tool, a new tool that targets radiation for breast cancer. did you keep your teeth after
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