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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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eric: breaking news overnight three people shot on a college , campus in nashville. why this latest incident has sparked more fear at a college already on edge. elizabeth plus, shots fired in a : road rage incident. where it started, where it ended, and the car police are looking for this morning. eric: and diverging diamond, ever heard of it? do you know how to drive on it? we'll show you the new interchange coming to central iowa and why it could get you to work faster. >> double wide's floating. double wide's gone. elizabeth yep, there she goes. : flash flooding is already happening in texas bad news as a category 5 hurricane approaches mexico and threatens to bring even more rain to the state. we'll show you patricia's path ahead. good morning, everyone, and welcome back. it's friday, october 23. i'm elizabeth klinge.
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air i'm eric hanson. :jason: as you head out and about for your drive, your wipers will be on overdrive. 55, a relatively mild start along with the rain and gusty wind. you can see most of the rain off to the western portions of the state. here in the metro, not as much. a few light showers and that is about it. just south of ottumwa all the way through carroll and spencer. plan on showers and even the potential for a couple thunderstorms out there today. they will stick with us for a good portion of the day and during the afternoon hours, we could see a bit of a break and a resurgence of rain. your high, 67 degrees. elizabeth: breaking overnight, police in nashville are
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investigating a fatal shooting on a college campus. shaina humphries is following this, so shaina what do we know about the shooting so far? shaina: elizabeth, police believe the shooting was actually triggered by an argument over a dice game on the tennessee state university campus. three people were shot, one of those people is dead, the other two are being treated in a local hospital. the man who died was not a student, but a university spokeperson says the two injured victims are students, and their injuries are not life-threatening. no word yet if the suspect in this shooting is in custody. also developing overnight, hurricane patricia strengthened to a category five storm as it heads toward mexico's pacific coast. the storm is supposed to make landfall in the mexican state of jalisco sometime friday afternoon. heavy rain is already pounding some areas. officials have declared a state of emergency in three mexican states, and classes at all education levels are cancelled for the day. officials warn the storm's effects could be catastrophic. flooding is already affecting parts of texas. cars in abilene drove through several inches of water during rush hour thursday, as rain fell
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across the state for most of the day. officials say dozens of people had to be rescued from their vehicles. and as hurricane patricia moves north, flooding there in texas is expected to get worse. eric big stories in central iowa : now, polk county sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting in connection with a road rage incident in des moines. it happened thursday afternoon at northeast 50th street. officials say two groups of people got into an argument, and drove off in separate cars. the lead car fired shots at the trailing car, sending the trailing car into a ditch. luckily no one was hurt. deputies are now looking for suspects. keep your eyes open for a 2015 silver toyota camry with iowa license dmk 905. they say the suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. elizabeth dozens of roosevelt : high school teachers are still recovering from food poisoning this morning. des moines public schools says a catered lunch on wednesday, made 58 teachers too sick to work on
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thursday, and students and staff were sent home that afternoon. the polk county health department is now looking for the exact cause. cracks something obvious triggered this and hopefully it's something that will be sorted out and addressed one way or another. elizabeth: the health department says this investigation could take a couple of days to find the cause of the food poisoning. today was already a scheduled out day for roosevelt, so no classes today either. and a verdict has been reached in the trial of two former ron paul 2012 presidential campaign aides, accused of making secret payments for an endorsement. the jury acquitted jesse benton of making false statements to law enforcement. they found dimitri kesari guilty of causing false records, not guilty of obstruction of justice and could not agree on his charges of conspiracy and causing false campaign expenditure reports. eric a new interchange at grand : prairie parkway and i-80 in waukee, won't just be a new roadway.
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for iowa drivers. the interchange will be called a diverging diamond, there are 3 in kansas city but this will be the first one in iowa. the simplest explanation, get used to driving on what will feel like the wrong side of the road when you pass over i-80. it's a design that limits the places where traffic crosses paths, and allows more cars to flow through and a faster rate. >> we think there will be a lot of people coming down 141 come down alices road to get onto interstate rather than go down 141 to rider corner. air the director of waukee : public works says the new grand prairie parkway interchange is expected to see up to 45,000 vehicles a day. it's scheduled to open in late november. elizabeth: this morning, there's a townhouse boom in downtown des moines. hubbell realty says they've sold all 27 of their townhomes at their artisan row development, before they've even poured any concrete. the development is at 16th and grand.
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hubbell says buyers are a mix of empty nesters and young professionals looking to have a place without the headaches of mowing the lawn and snow removal. >> what we hear is as soon as you see something you better be putting down an offer it's just a really tight market right now. elizabeth: the units sold from $300,000 to $350,000. eric: it sounds like we will need the relevant for most of the afternoon. jason: this will not be the only batch of rain we see out there today but it is going to be our first watch. we are seeing that move its way in and it will be the most rain we see in about a month. there is that gap i was talking about three afternoon hours. through the morning, the percentages go up to 60% or 70%. plan on rain pretty much all day
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temperatures back in the mid to upper 60's as we head throughout the afternoon hours. chances of a few isolated thunderstorms. looking at the weekend, it looks a lot more beautiful. mid-60's saturday and sunday with 20 of sunshine. eric commitment 2016 news now, a : big weekend in des moines for presidential candidates. right now all 4 democratic candidates are scheduled to be in town saturday. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, and lincoln chafee will attend the iowa democratic party's jefferson-jackson dinner at 7:00 at hy-vee hall. before the dinner, clinton will hold a rally in downtown des moines, at 611 5th street. her husband, former president bill clinton will be there. and so will pop star katy perry. the event is set for 3:00 and is free and open to the public. also at 3:00, bernie sanders will hold a rally and march downtown. this event will be held in the
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lot, near the women of achievement bridge. this is also free and open to the public. sanders is also in the hawkeye state today, making a campaign stop in davenport. republican candidates ted cruz and bobby jindal are also making several stops around the state. elizabeth: and on capitol hill right now, wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he is ready to run for speaker of the house. ryan formally declared his candidacy thursday, after securing the support of three key house republican groups. he will face an election next week. eric: sports news now, it's a big night for the kansas city royals. kc has a chance to clinch the alcs tonight in game 6, and not have to worry about a game 7. on wednesday, the toronto blue jays won 7 to 1 to cut the royals lead down to 3 games to 2. toronto is a dangerous team offensively. this year, they've scored more runs than any other mlb team, plus had the highest team batting average, and most home runs. royals manager ned yost doesn't
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decent to hit tonight. >> because they do hit it a long way. you have to have that mindset that, i am not giving in. if i do not make my pitch, i am going to try to eliminate as much damage as i can. eric: tonight's game starts at 7:00 on fox sports one. that'll be in front of the royals home crowd in kansas city. elizabeth: switching to football, the iowa state cyclones face some tough competition tomorrow. last time they played at baylor, it was the worst loss in school history, 71 to 7. and this year's baylor team could be even better than that. the second-ranked bears average 63 points per game right now the best in college football. still, coach paul rhoads and his team say they're ready to fight for a win. the kick-off at baylor is at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can watch it on espn. meanwhile iowa is off this week.
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face maryland at home next saturday, october 31 at 2:30. tickets are still available for that game, and it will be broadcast on abc. eric: and tonight, football friday night is back for the final week of regular season play. our game of the week this week, southeast polk hosts ankeny, the winner becomes the class 4a district 1 champion. tony seeman will be there, and bring you live reports from southeast polk on kcci at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. several playoff spots across the state are also on the line, look for highlights and scores from those games tonight at 10. >> no one ever came to me and said we should shut down our compound in benghazi. elizabeth: eleven hours in the hotseat. what hillary clinton said about the attack in benghazi and where the investigation goes from here. eric: plus new treatment tool. how a simple board is helping breast cancer patients in central iowa. elizabeth: and hands-free does not mean risk-free.
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that shows you may not be safer with that hands-free technology. shaina: if you are leaving super early this morning, one thing in your favor is you will not be dealing with the rain white yet. -- quite yet. everything looks just fine on the road, have not seen any problems. we will head outside for our first live look at the road. this is west des moines, i-35 at
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy friday morning. your time is now 5:14, and a gorgeous day to get through if you happen to like rain. it definitely helps us to moderate those temperatures. we are at 58 degrees in des moines, 55 in marshalltown. you can see the clouds that overtook us early on. we are going to continue to see the reign as we head through the afternoon hours. the area of low pressure is helping to drive that in, so
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in missouri, they are in the mid-70's. upper 50's to low 60's in areas to the north. chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout a good portion of the day. i will time out those storms coming up. elizabeth: october is national breast cancer awareness month. right now, nearly 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. eric: emmy victor joins us with a new method one hospital is using to make radiation treatments safer. what's different, emmy? emmy: elizabeth and eric, most hospitals treat breast cancer patients with them laying on their back. but this can cause radiation to reach the heart, lungs, and even the skin. so the boy's cancer center, a part of marry greeley medical center in ames adapted what's called prone radiation treatment to decrease the chance of defects. instead of her back, a woman lays on her belly onto this pink board with cut out holes. you can see the breasts fall
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into the holes to be treated apart from other healthy tissues. >> no one is excited to have radiation, no one is excited to have cancer. but they are very excited about the opportunity to have radiation that is going to spare their heart and lungs. emmy: this treatment can also decrease skin reactions and a second cancer from forming. the bliss cancer center is the first place in central iowa that offers this. more than 25% of patients at bliss are diagnosed with breast cancer. live in studio, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: thanks emmy, shaina is back with another health story developing this morning, shaina? shaina: eric, you may remember pharmaceutical company turing from a story last month, it made headlines when it hiked up the price of a drug used to treat a life-threatening infection from $13 repel to $750 per pill. overnight we learned a competition drug company, imprimis, will supply that same drug, for just one-dollar per pill to make the pills more widely available. turing ceo martin shkreli recently promised to lower the
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price, but that has not happened yet. and right now federal regulators , are urging drivers to get your cars fixed immediately if it's part of the recent takata airbag recall. the faulty airbags are responsible for 8 deaths and nearly 100 injuries so far. 19.2 million vehicles from 12 manufacturers are affected and the officials say less than a quarter of those recalled have been fixed nationwide. drivers are encouraged to go to to see if their vehicle is listed, and make an immediate appointment for a free repair. elizabeth: more economic headlines now, mazda is recalling almost a million and a half vehicles in the u.s. this morning, because ignition switches can overheat and catch fire. the recall impacts these seven models. so far, no injuries or accidents have been reported, dealers will replace the ignition switches starting in december. many cars these days are equipped with hands-free technology, designed to keep your attention on the road. but a new aaa study shows hands-free can actually be more
5:17 am
dangerous than previously thought. distracted driving killed more than 3100 people and injured about 424,000 in the year 2013 alone. the triple-a study finds even the hands-free systems that work with voice commands leave drivers with something called lingering distraction. >> you have to kind of get out of that distracted zone and to much more of an alert driver, but that takes time, it takes up to 27 seconds. if you are now all of a sudden talking to your phone, you are now focusing on one task, to the exclusion of tending to the elizabeth: researchers say the bottom line is, just because there is hands-free technology mean it's safe to use while driving. eric: stocks surged on wall street thursday. the dow was up more than 320 points. the nasdaq added almost 80. and the s and p 500 jumped more than 33. a note for holiday shoppers. starting this sunday, best buy
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will offer free shipping on all purchases through january 2. trying to compete with companies like amazon, walmart, and target. your pizza deliveries are about to get a sweet new ride. domino's announced this week it's launching 100 custom pizza delivery vehicles across the u.s. outfitted with a warming oven, extra storage areas, and only one seat for the driver. domino's says these new cars will allow drivers to carry up to 80 pizzas at a time. that is a lot of pizza. and this morning, kellogg's is coming out with new pop-tart flavors for this winter, including one iowans might get excited about, the maple bacon pop-tart. kellogg's says it's a maple bacon filling, with white frosting and bacon crumbles on top. anything is better with bacon. the other flavors coming out are pink lemonade, watermelon, and chocolatey caramel.
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i think the chocolatey caramel has my vote. jason: i like anything bacon. you can put bacon on bacon and i would probably eat it. today is going to be a pretty tasty day, no bacon falling from the sky that we do have rain. 58 is what we are sitting at right now. rain throughout the morning hours as well as a few scattered showers and thundershowers, warming all the way to 67. we are still looking at a pretty decent day temperature wise. the stream of moisture is being pulled by the system into southern south dakota and that will be shifting off to the northeast. as it does so, it takes a good batch of rain with it. eventually clouds will be clearing. we have to wait until saturday for that to happen, so plan on rain throughout your morning and then as you head into the afternoon. we catch a little bit of a
5:20 am
break. that main batch of rain shifts eastward so around 2:00 we have a bit of a break in the rain before another resurgence makes its way in. if you are headed to a football game, i would still pack that umbrella. you are likely to still see a few showers lingering. overnight, mainly just clouds and those begin to clear on saturday morning. temperatures topping out in the mid-60's. after we get rid of the rain, a beautiful one ahead of us. 67 today along with a gusty southwest wind. 70 from council bluffs to lamoni. 51 will be the low tonight. a beautiful weekend, mid-60's saturday and sunday along with the sunshine. we kickoff the work with -- the
5:21 am
rain rolls through late in the day on tuesday, but we have more sunshine than rain. elizabeth: let's check in with shaina to see what is going on out on the road. jason: not much -- shaina: not much. do not forget the umbrella. no problems reported on the road right now. we have a few mobile speed units around des moines, 2500 south union street, 4500 beaver avenue , 4400 northeast 23rd avenue, and 800 northeast 50th avenue. nikole: i'm nikole killion in washington where hillary clinton is back on the stump after an
5:22 am
highlights from the marathon eric: hillary clinton is back to her day job on the campaign trail. she's joining several of the other democratic candidates for a women's forum in the nation's capital. elizabeth: but it's that marathon benghazi hearing on capitol hill that has everyone talking. nikole killion is live . and nikole, this went on for hours. and the benghazi investigation may not be over yet with chair trey gowdy saying at the end of the hearing that he would keep going. nikole: after 11 long, grueling hours, it was over. lawmakers and star witness hillary clinton finally emerged, battle weary after going multiple rounds over the 2012 attacks in benghazi. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put together.
5:23 am
i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done. nikole: the epic session ranged from questions about diplomatic security to clinton e-mails. >> you need to make sure the entire record is correct. nikole: clinton been used with a front row seat as democrats accused republicans of a witchhunt. >> i do not know what we want from you, if we want to badger you over and over again until you get tired. we are better than that. madam secretary. nikole: the benghazi investigation may not be over yet with chair trey gowdy saying at the end of the hearing that it could keep going. eric: we know this is getting a lot of reaction from her potential rivals.
5:24 am
nikole: many of them took to twitter. jeb bush sent out a tweet saying her role as secretery of state 'deserves scrutiny' carly fiorina weighed in as well saying 'she cannot be president' and gop front runner donald trump simply retweeted a tweet saying clinton is not a leader . while democrat martin o'malley , who is also a candidate in the race said there are lessons to , be learned from the benghazi tragedy. elizabeth: nikole killion, live in washington for us. eric: more stories ahead in our next half hour including two stories developing overnight, a college campus shooting in tennessee and a category five hurricane approaching mexico and texas. plus the latest on that road rage shooting here in the metro and the search for a suspect. eric:elizabeth: plus a reminder let us know when news happens in your area. we got this picture from viewer diane england a house fire near lorimor last night. union county officials told us it was unoccupied but we did hear that it rekindled overnight.
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night at news at if you see news happen. also upload your pictures to
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elizabeth: right now, you are waking up to news of another campus shooting, this one in nashville. what started it and why the campus is still on alert this morning. plus, road rage suspect search. how a disagreement led to shots
5:27 am
fired in des moines this morning. a closer look at the car police are searching for. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." eric: not just for christmas anymore. that is pretty cool. a home in virginia is once again wowing the internet with its light show timed to music this time. it's macklemore's latest hit song downtown. we'll show you more later this half hour and how many lights it took to pull this off. welcome back on this friday morning, october 23. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge
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,outside is starting to feel a little more like fall this week. jason: no snow, but we have rain out there at the moment. not even close to being a possibility. the rain will continue. we have seen it make its way in from the west to major it and perry. -- madrid and perry. most of the stuff trekking from the south, southeast to the north. plan on rain as we head throughout the morning hours and a brief break in the afternoon. i think we will see that research into the evening tonight and temperatures pretty mild, only topping out in the mid to upper 60's. shaina: we start off in nashville now, where one person is dead and two others are wounded after a shooting at tennessee state university. officials have confirmed that the person killed was not a student at the school, but the others were. it's believed the shooting happened at a gathering where two men may have been gambling. the shooting was prompted by a
5:29 am
dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. the incident comes just over a week, after three people were wounded by gunfire at an off-campus party across the street from the college. hurricane patricia has been upgraded to a category 5 storm. in just the past five minutes, they said it is the strongest hurricane ever read ordered in the western hemisphere. it is headed toward mexico right now and they are already getting a whole lot of rain. patricia is expected to move towards south texas after making landfall in mexico. several inches of heavy rain have already fallen and will intensify into the weekend. thursday's flooding floated several travel trailers and a double-wide mobile home away from an rv park. crews also conducted nearly 30 swift-water rescues of people stranded in vehicles. elizabeth: more big stories this morning, polk county officials are still looking for a suspect vehicle in a possible road rage shooting. it happened thursday afternoon
5:30 am
around 4:00 near 1050 northeast 50th. deputies say two groups of people got into an argument at the motel 6, then drove off in separate cars. the first car fired shots at the other, sending it into the ditch. no one was injured. deputies are now looking for a 2015 silver toyota camry like the one you see here. it is license plate dmk-905. eric: dozens of teachers at roosevelt high school are trying to feel better this morning after they got sick at a catered lunch. >> there's a lot of sick teachers today. >> you just can't provide enough substitutes. eric: the district says it's likely food poisoning. 58 staff members all went home thursday afternoon causing the , school to cancel classes and activities. the food was brought in from an outside business. the polk county health department is now investigating. there are no classes at roosevelt today but that was an originally scheduled out day. elizabeth: boone county supervisors are officially
5:31 am
pipeline. they passed a resolution stating their opposition to the plan, as a statement to the iowa utilities board. the pipeline would cut through boone and several other iowa counties. a public comment hearing will begin in boone on november 12. a verdict has been reached in the trial of two former ron paul 2012 presidential campaign aides. the jury acquitted jesse benton of making false statements to law enforcement. but jurors found dimitri kesari guilty of causing false records. and not guilty of obstruction of justice. they couldn't agree on his charges of conspiracy and causing false campaign expenditure reports. eric: it is going to be a new experience for iowa drivers when it opens next month. >> the normal congestion that we used to experience there, has virtually disappeared. eric: the new interchange at grand prairie parkway and i -80 in waukee will be called a diverging diamond and the first in the state. the design limits the places
5:32 am
allows more cars through at a faster rate, and will feel like you're driving on the wrong side of the road. the new interchange is expected to serve up to 45,000 vehicles a day. hubbell realty says they've sold all of their new townhomes downtown. the artisan row development hasn't even started pouring concrete yet at 16th and grand and they're already sold. , the buyers are a mix of empty nesters and young professionals. the units sold from $300,000 to $350,000. elizabeth: lots of people looking forward to football games tonight. will the weather cooperate? jason: i would bring your rain breaker jacket and an umbrella as temperatures dropping into the mid-60's. a pretty reasonable evening temperature. you can see the stream of that off to the south.
5:33 am
that is where we are pulling that moisture from so we will continue to see this chances. already stretching from spencer to the metro. south of ottumwa is where the heaviest is falling for the moment. there is a reasonable shot see a bit of a break around 1:00 before we see that second line make its way in from the west. we talk about in the mid to upper 60's. eric: thank you, jason. it's a big night for royals fans. elizabeth: kc has a chance to end things in game 6 and not have to worry about a 7th. wednesday they could have finished the series, but toronto topped the royals 7 to 1. bringing the series to 3 games to 2. the blue jays have a dangerous offensive team. this year, they have scored more runs than any other team. they also have the highest team batting average and home runs. game six starts tonight at 7:00 on fox sports one. eric: also tonight, football friday night. the southeast polk rams host the
5:34 am
championship. one of these teams will head to the playoffs with the one seed and a ton of momentum. don't miss coverage of our game of the week tonight at 5, 6 and 10 live from southeast polk. elizabeth: better breast cancer treatment. eric: how the results are more long-lasting. elizabeth: keeping wisdom teeth after they are pulled, how it could be the cure to diseases you get nears for now. eric: didn't collapse, --
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people make mistakes. like paying too much for wireless. so switch to u.s. cellular and we guarantee we'll beat the price on your current verizon or at&t plan. that's right, guaranteed to beat. plus, right now we'll give you a $150 promo card when you switch. don't let your next mistake be missing out.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy friday morning to you, 5:41. as we inch along through the morning hours, not moving a lot by way of the temperature. we are working in a little bit of rain. most of that right now through western portions of the state. you see that line from the extreme northwest portion, nearly cutting the state in half from southwest to northeast. we will continue to see the rain surge in from the south as we continue through the morning. there is a reasonable chance this afternoon we catch a brief
5:38 am
break. more chances into the evening tonight. thankfully, fairly comfortable, topping out at xe seven. -- 67. besides the rain, i will have more on your 8 day forecast plus your weekend forecast. eric: this is national breast cancer awareness month, so this morning we're showing you another tool helping breast cancer patients here in central iowa. elizabeth: a new, innovative treatment can get you through radiation with fewer side effects. shaina: emmy victor is here now, so emmy, where is this treatment happening? emmy: all at the bliss cancer center, inside the mary greeley medical center in ames. doctors there want to better protect radiation from damaging the heart and lungs. we have this video from our trip to the cancer center yesterday. looks like an ordinary treatment room until you find this pink board. patients are to lay flat on the board and let your breast fall into the cut out. that board blocks all other skin other than the breast when the
5:39 am
you can see that the machine rotates around with fewer chances to damage other skin tissues. >> it's an extra barrier to protect you from future cancers. we are hoping no future cancers. emmy: now, this is different because the traditional method is to have patients lie on their back. some risks in that are short term but in other cases, have turned into a second cancer. each individual case is different so consult your doctor on what is the best method for bliss is the first place in central iowa to provide this form of radiation. live in the studio, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. shaina: incredible to see the strides being made for breast cancer patients. we also have another disease-fighting tool to show you this morning, wisdom teeth. some people are keeping their wisdom teeth after they're extracted.
5:40 am
where they're frozen and kept for decades. the reason, they contain stem cells that could one day help cure a number of diseases that the patient might face things like stroke, brain injury, or heart attacks. the company is called vault and so far, the interest has been high. elizabeth: wisdom teeth are sort of. eric: it is a horrible memory for some people, taking out their wisdom teeth. elizabeth: well a truly , remarkable story now from utah . a vice principal's quick thinking saves the life of a middle school student and it's caught on video. surveillance cameras were rolling during a 9th grade gym class. skyler nelson was running with his classmates when he suddenly falls to the ground the lower right corner.
5:41 am
he's barely breathing and his heart stops. they call 911 and the vice principal starts doing cpr something he had just been trained in 10 days before. >> at the time the adrenaline kicks in and you just do what your trained to do. >> i feel fortunate and i feel like i get a second chance. elizabeth: so it turns out skyler was born with a genetic heart defect so he had surgery to have a defibrillator implanted to prevent any future problems. eric: well we know many of you , have been wondering about chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. he is continuing to recover from a serious illness. you won't see him on the air for awhile because he is on a medical leave of absence through the end of the year. he is keeping up with many of you on his facebook page he says he's breathing deeply and he made friends with a neighborhood chipmunk. pretty overwhelming to see all the kind messages and prayers you've been writing to him. don't worry, kurtis, metinka, jason and frank will be holding the fort down here while john
5:42 am
better. it is like dr. doolittle in his neighborhood. shaina: what is next, maybe a rabbit. and finally this morning, we want to show you a halloween light show in virginia. this guy has been wowing people with his displays for the last two years. and this time around he has timed 8500 lights to the song downtown by macklemore & ryan lewis. enjoy it. take a look at this house.
5:43 am
forecast. >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." jason: 5:49 on this friday, some of us waking up to a little bit of rain. a soggy start to the day, and we have a chance of little bit more as we go throughout the day. if you take a look at the day planner, the best chances of showers and thunderstorms will be early on in the day. there is a break in the rain this afternoon, as we warm to 67 degrees, but a resurgence of that will come back into the
5:44 am
6:00 or 7:00 timeframe. you can see the moisture in this area of low pressure, continuing to drive up from the south. we are seeing warmer conditions, some spots in the mid-70's for highs. this continues to push eastward and some of those clouds begin to break up as high pressure slides into the nebraska area. it is going to mean a much sunnier weekend for us. one rainy day will make way for beautiful conditions this weekend. futurecast drives most of that rain through as we head through the 1:00 or 2:00 timeframe, and then that gap. a scatter line as we head into the evening hours. we are not seeing a lot of sites cloud the backside of this low pressure. if you are looking for a gorgeous weekend, we have another great fall weekend lined up for us with plenty of sunshine.
5:45 am
the bulk of the rain will fall to the west. a quarter inch to half inch possible, fairly widespread throughout the state. just enough to wet the appetite of the rain levers, mid-60's. upper 50's to the north. we break up that cloud cover and that will help us drop a little bit further tonight, 51 degrees. a beautiful weekend, mid-60's saturday and sunday. chances for rain return tuesday evening into wednesday, and that is followed by a cool down with temperatures backing down into the mid-50's, but we get even more sunshine on the backside of that. elizabeth: looks pretty nice. eric: it is 5:51, let's see what is going out -- going on out on the road. shaina: we have a few mobile
5:46 am
the first is just north of i-35, 800 northeast 50th avenue, 4400 northeast 20 3rd avenue, 4500
5:47 am
elizabeth: a highly anticipatedng. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. eric: welcome back on this friday morning. a big weekend ahead at the movies.
5:48 am
comedy, playing a rock manager in "rock the kasbah." murray gets sanded in afghanistan, where he finds a singer that could be his greatest discovery. also this weekend, "steve jobs." the film recreates the launch of three iconic apple products to tell the story of the company's complicated but brilliant co-founder. and vin diesel plays "the last witch hunter." in the movie, he faces the combined forces of the most powerful witches in history. two other films opening this weekend, "paranormal activity: the ghost dimension" and "jem and the holograms." elizabeth: adele announces her long-awaited comeback. the soulful singer is dropping the first single off her new album today. sounds good. adele teased the song in a commercial for the x-factor u.k. while her 2011 smash hit album
5:49 am
says the new album called "25" is about making-up. the full album goes on sale november 20. the queen of all media stops by ellen today. oprah winfrey talks about her master class series featuring ellen. eric: ellen also asks oprah about a big move she's making. >> you're moving to colorado? >> because they have more trees. also there's seasons there. i love california, but ya know we're in a drought, and i didn't know what the governor meant when he said only flush when needed. so i'm thinking, ya know there's water in colorado, and there's more trees in colordo, and also i like having seasons. eric: oprah also discusses her recent partnership with weight watchers and her 10% investment in the company. plus, ellen and oprah play a hilarious game called oprah or no-prah. there's almost nothing that oprah can't do. don't miss all the greatness, today on ellen right here at 4. elizabeth: more great tv tonight too. you can catch all new episodes
5:50 am
starting at 7:00. then stay tuned for kcci 8 news at 10:00. all that followed by the late show with stephen colbert and the late late show with james corden. the time is now 5:57. shaina: i am keeping a close eye on hurricane patricia as it strengthens. forecasters are calling it the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. emmy: october is national breast cancer awareness month and we are going to tell you out a new tool helping breast-cancer patients in iowa. how that is happening, and helping patients prevent other health issues. jason: rain has moved into iowa, along with a few thunderstorms. how that plays out for our forecast, and how much sunshine we can look forward to this weekend. eric: this is i-35/80 at highway 141.
5:51 am
people going right where they need to go, even though there
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