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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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kurtis: we have another round of rain on the way, starting across the missouri river. this will slowly marched to the east, even some thunderstorm activity as it kicks off to the east. another quarter of an inch of rain or so on thew way. some visibility problems with drizzle on the roadways/ . about two-mile visibility in the metro, low clouds out there. football friday night is going to be mild. into the 60's, south winds at 5-15. it looks like rain chances will pick up as the game goes along, chances for more as late as 10:00. later in the game in central iowa, earlier out to the west. your weekend has early clouds, afternoon sunshine. it will be a blustery day with gusts out of the west.
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stacey: a man is arrested after west des moines police say he intentionally set a woman on fire. kcci's mark tauscheck just back from west des moines. mark: true, this is hard to believe. 58-year-old john moore, jr. is charged with willful injury causing bodily injury. officers say they were called to 127 8th street around 6:20 this morning in west des moines on a report of a person who had been burned. they say they found 54-year-old jackie gilbert with burns on her upper body. she apparently waited almost 24 hours to report this. gilbert told police she had been arguing with moore thursday morning, when he threw an unknown flammable substance on her and then set her on fire. sgt. kock: this is a first for me. but i don't know i have ever heard of that before, someone intentionally lighting someone else on fire. mark: gilbert was taken to a hospital.
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polk county jail. look for much more on this breaking story tonight on air and online at steve: thank you, mark. the school bus sign says stop, but many drivers are still choosing to ignore it. stacey: polk county officers say bus drivers regularly report other cars passing by the signs . kcci's rose heaphy spoke with officials and joins us to explain this safety concern. rose: in 2012, kadyn's law went into effect for drivers. it's named for a seven-year-old who died when a truck hit her at her bus stop. despite this law, law enforcement and school leaders say it's a rule drivers continue to break. warning lights flashing, the stop arm folds out. drivers are supposed to stop, but school leaders say it doesn't always happen. rich: i think we've had several concerns this year. some were students. some were parents. rose: for bondurant-farrar community school district, there are four stop arm violations on the books so far this school year. that means when the stop sign was out for students, drivers chose to pass through. >> it is a matter of life and
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death. they can't see those cars coming if you are out on a country road. the visibility can be compromised. rose: kadyn's law created stricter penalties for law breakers. now many school buses are equipped with cameras that can catch drivers in the act. when bus drivers see a car go by ignoring the stop arm when it's out, they can push this button right here that will mark the video. that way, it's easier to mark the violation. >> i think it's like any other traffic violation. it is present anywhere you go. but the more we can get the word out, the more we can educate people on when exactly to stop. rose: and to keep the students out of harm's way. rich our main priority is our : student safety. and when the arm comes out, they need to stop and make sure that student safety is a priority. rose police are encouraging : drivers to stay aware on the roads for buses, especially now that the harsher weather months are on their way. live in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: new poll numbers show hillary clinton is back in the
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fodor is live in studio with the breakdown. cynthia: steve, the new quinnipiac university poll shows clinton with the momentum after the first democratic debate. she now leads bernie sanders here in iowa, 51% to 40%. last month, another poll showed sanders with a 1% edge over clinton. and meantime, quinnipiac officials were in des moines today talking about that poll. assistant director peter brown says clinton is gaining momentum among female voters, helping to push her to the front of the pack. peter: it is extraordinary how large the gender gap is. senator sanders has advantage 12 points among male caucus goers. and normally, you would think that is pretty good. but secretary clinton dwarfs his showing among women, 26 point edge among female caucus goers. and that's a huge number. cynthia: the field of democratic
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presidential candidates has been cut in half in the past four days. jim webb quit the race tuesday. joe biden decided not to run wednesday, and now today a third candidate drops out. kevin cooney is following those developments now. kevin? kevin: cynthia, one name that rarely registered at all in the polls -- lincoln chafee. he is no longer in the race. the former rhode island governor had hardly raised any money. and certainly had not created much interest since saying he would run earlier this year. now today, he said he's dropping out. chafee's campaign never caught on with voters. his appearance at the first democratic debate earlier this month was universally panned. in remarks this morning, he continued to hammer home his campaign philosophy of prosperity through peace. but he also admitted it was time to call an end to his campaign. so that leaves three -- clinton, sanders, and o'malley. they will face off here in des moines november 14 in a debate from drake university, co-hosted by cbs news and kcci. steve: thank you, kevin.
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clinton, sanders, and o'malley will all be in des moines this weekend. they will attend the iowa democratic party's annual jefferson-jackson dinner saturday night at 7:00 at hyvee hall. that is in downtown des moines. former president bill clinton and pop star katy perry will rally for clinton tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 in downtown des moines. stacey: on the republican side, ben carson now ahead of donald trump in a second poll of iowans. the "des moines register" poll shows 28% of those surveyed back carson. 19% back trump. carson is the only gop candidate to consistently poll in the top tier near trump. and several candidates in iowa today. bobby jindal made stops in ankeny this morning, and waukee tonight for the dallas county fall speaker series. he speaks at 6:00. ted cruz also in the state today. he visited the communities of glenwood, sidney, clarinda, and atlantic. he's in council bluffs tonight for the pottawattamie county republican party town hall. for the democrats, bernie
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rockin' the bern concert. steve: making news right now, polk county deputies are still looking for this vehicle. they say it was involved in a possible road rage shooting. it happened thursday afternoon near 1050 northeast 50th street, north of des moines. they're looking for a silver 2015 toyota camry. iowa license plate dmk 905. investigators say two groups of people got into an argument at a motel 6, then drove off in separate cars. someone in the first car fired shots at the other car, sending that car into a ditch. nobody was hurt. stacey: new information in a serious crash between a car and semi truck. it happened at the intersection of merle hay road and aurora avenue around 10:30 this morning. police say an 18-year-old was driving the car. they say the teenager may have hydroplaned into the median before colliding with the semi. the teenager was taken to a metro hospital with serious injuries. that crash is still under investigation. steve: football friday night, week 9.
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playoff spots across the state will be decided tonight. kcci's tony seeman is live at southeast polk, where the winner of tonight's game of the week will be the class 4a district 1 champion. tony: that is right, guys. it should be a fun one live here. when you talk about district 1 4a. you talk about these teams. both of these teams playing great football. ankeny is 7-1 on the year and they have really been looking impressive. southeast polk is 5-3, but they've won their last 5 games. should be two evenly matched teams. >> trying to break things down a week at a time. we have been pretty focused all week, we had a decent week of preparation. we are excited for the opportunity to play tonight. they are really sound in what they do.
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they have a lot of experience in the secondary, a lot of athletes to go around making plays. our kids know that. and we are just excited to go play. tony: should be a fun one. kickoff is scheduled at 7:30. we will have more in sports. live at southeast polk, tony seeman, kcci 8 sports, iowa's sports leader. stacey: next at 5:00, category 5 patricia is barreling towards mexico. how people are preparing. testimony on capitol hill help or hurt her presidential chances? i'm aixa diaz in washington with reaction to the 11-hour hearing.
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the new announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. [sirens] stacey: right now, sirens going off in puerto vallarta, mexico, warning people about a category 5 hurricane headed their way. authorities are out advising people to evacuate. most airports and businesses are closing. tourists are checking out of hotels. patricia is expected to make landfall later today with winds near 200 miles per hour. and remnants of hurricane patricia could hit parts of
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texas still trying to recover from heavy rain that caused flooding and knocked out power to thousands of people. through sunday. costal flood warnings have also been issued. steve: hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail today after marathon testimony yesterday on capitol hill. stacey: the former secretary of state testified about the 2012 benghazi attacks that killed four americans. kcci's aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau. aixa, what's been the reaction to the hearing? aixa: stacey and steve, hillary clinton says she tried putting "statesmanship" over "partisanship." republicans say they're not done looking for answers. hillary clinton: as some of you may know, i had a pretty long day yesterday. aixa: an upbeat hillary clinton addressed the democratic women's leadership forum the morning after an all-day hearing on the hill. rep. peter roskam: what's your responsibility to benghazi? that's my question. aixa: the republican-led house committee investigating benghazi
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grilled clinton for 11 hours about the events leading up to the 2012 attacks. rep. trey gowdy: the people we work for deserve the truth. the friends and family of the four who lost their lives deserve the truth. hillary clinton: i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. aixa: the testimony revealed little new information, but the committee says its investigation continues. rep. gowdy: she's one important witness out of more than 50 important witnesses, and there are a couple dozen left to go. john: without clinton appearing again, which she almost certainly will not, no one is going to pay attention. aixa: john hudak of the brookings institution says the hearing did more to help than hurt clinton's chances at the white house. john: people are not going to all of sudden get re-interested in the benghazi committee. yesterday was the last day republicans had a chance to make hay of this, and they failed completely. aixa: democrats on the benghazi committee say they're staying on
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considered yesterday quitting after the hearing. live in washington, aixa diaz, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: new information, the department of defense is identifying the soldier killed in a raid against the islamic state yesterday in iraq. 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler of oklahoma was shot yesterday as u.s. and iraqi forces raided a compound to free hostages. he is the first american to die in combat in iraq in nearly four years. steve: in france, 43 people are dead after a truck collided with a bus carrying retirees. eight people escaped after the driver quickly opened the bus door. but others were trapped as flames engulfed the two vehicles. french authorities say it is the deadliest traffic accident in that country in more than 30 years. stacey: a rainy morning in central iowa. kurtis, are we done with the
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kurtis: you can see the rain intensifying along the missouri river valley. even if you thunder showers marching off to the east. clouds and drizzle at 7:00. looks like we will see more thundershowers just before 10:00. 64 degrees, sun comes up at 7:37. temperatures then in thehe '30s. rainfall today, 29/100s in audubon. 23/100s in barnum. and there is more on the way. there is the morning rain moving out, maybe another quarter of an inch or more for a few locations out there. the big picture of this area -- dragging this system through. we talk about hurricane patricia.
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it will make landfall as a category 5 dorm and move across the mountains of mexico. we could see the tropical moisture of mexico move into a rain-soaked texas. they could have problems with flooding, maximum sustained winds for patricia at 115. high pressure builds in as the that looks to bring us the afternoon sunshine. the future cast a good job of those storms out west only moving our way around 10:00 in the metro. another round of moving through and then moving east overthrew northeastern iowa. morning clouds and a gradual clearing as afternoon sunshine looks to be clear. sunday looks filled with sunshine out there. sunny skies across the state for your sunday. temperatures tonight get down into the 50's with those low
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tomorrow is 62 degrees, morning clouds. afternoon sunshine, the winds will be gusty. could be around 28 or 29 miles per hour. a beautiful afternoon, mid-60's with sunshine. monday is 63, partly cloudy. we do have another system that will move in late tuesday, a good chance for rain. colder air filters in behind it, and we try out next week. typical of all weather returning, with lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's. steve: thank you, kurtis. let us check in on traffic. pretty busy at the top of the show. we did have that roll over accident. looks like they have cleared that up. looking good across the metro, no new accidents being reported. take a look at the mix master drive times. we do not have those.
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let us see what is coming up tonight at 6:00. stacey: tonight at 6:00, we get some answers to the way the new university of iowa president was selected. here's kevin. kevin: stacey, an iowa regent is speaking out about the unanimous decision to appoint bruce harreld as university of iowa's next president. coming up at 6:00, we'll show you why he is calling for changes. and what he thinks of the appointment. cynthia: see how democrats are getting ready for the main event tomorrow night in des moines. which could make or break a presidential candidate. kevin: scott reister will be here with a story of a cross-country athlete who qualified for the state tournament, but then disqualified for helping a fellow athlete crossed the finish line.
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steve: a new breast cancer treatment is helping patients reduce the chances of serious side effects down the road. stacey: kcci's emmy victor reports from bliss cancer center in ames, where they're already using this new method to keep patients safe during radiation. karen: and they were like, we cannot give you the results over the phone. and i was like, that's not good. cancer. emmy: karen is one of nearly 12% of women that are diagnosed with breast cancer. she got her tumor removed last christmas and was apprehensive about radiation therapy. karen: the angle and the that way that the radiation works could get more of your ribs. emmy: until doctors brought out a new, innovative tool, one that she considers life saving equipment. karen: it's an extra barrier to protect you from future cancers. which you know, we're hoping no future cancers. emmy: prone radiation treatment can prevent heart and lung disease.
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down on this pink board. karen: there's a cutout in it, where your breasts can hang down. so the machine comes over and comes down like this. emmy: instead of the traditional way of laying on the back. focusing the radiation on the breast and blocking it from damaging healthy tissues. >> the radiation itself is not different. the radiation is the same as it has always been. we are just using the body geometry and gravity to make it more safer. emmy: the bliss cancer center is the first place to offer this in central iowa. the staff says they are always looking for better, safer ways to treat women. karen no one is excited to have : radiation. no one is excited to have cancer. but they are very excited to have radiation that is going to spare their heart and lungs. emmy: reporting in ames, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
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the board with mostkurtis: clouds and missed for the early part of -- and mist
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st >> pelley: there it is, the
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strongest hurricane this
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