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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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"kcci 8 news alyx: right now at 5:00 a.m., royals win. kc is headed to their second straight world series. how long it's been since their only title. plus, democratic dinner. we'll give you a preview of what you can expect at tonight's jefferson jackson dinner, and the big events ahead of time. she is coming to des moines. and runner disqualified. why the athlete association since they had no choice, the student and competitor that were disqualified. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us on kcci 8 news this morning weekends. it is 5:00 a.m. on the dot on saturday, october 24. frank's standing by with what we can expect weatherwise this weekend. good morning, frank. frank: 54, the current temperature in des moines.
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really not that cool. keeping some of the heating from the day yesterday towards the ground but the wind is a little stiff from the northwest, currently at 15 miles per hour. 8:00 a.m. temperature holding in the mid-50's. it will be a slow warm up and we will not warm up much. low 60's by 4:00 with mostly sunny skies. it will be a great day to be outside as long as you can stand that wind. alyx: thanks, frank. getting right to commitment 2016, the democratic party may be down to only 3 candidates, but as many as 7000 democrats are expected to gather in des moines tonight for political rallies and the jefferson jackson dinner. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor has a preview from hy-vee hall. cynthia: here at hy-vee hall, the candidates will each have 15
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they will be in the center of the audience. the tables are set for 2000 chicken dinners, the teleprompters tested, the ballroom lit with stars and stripes but the fun will start hours before the main event. hillary clinton will hold a 3:00 rally with husband bill but katie perry may steal the show. it's not unusual to bring in star power to fire up supporters. in 2007 pop star john legend came to support barack obama. the jefferson jackson dinner can make a candidate and kicked off obama's surge to victory. in and give a speech that connected. his fans were wildly excited. campaign over the top. cynthia: bernie sanders will also hold a rally with musical guests, river. and it's a chance for longshot martin o'malley who's
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bringing his own guitar to make his case. >> you have thousands of energetic volunteers who are the base of our party. when you get them fired up for you, huge boost for your campaign. cynthia: undecided democrats may finally make up their minds by getting a good look at all the candidates for the first time. with an iowa wild game just across the street at wells fargo arena, democrats are advised to arrive early to beat the traffic. the doors will open here at hy-vee hall at 4:30. cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. frank: and switching gears. -- alyx: and switching gears. a man is arrested after police say he intentionally set a woman on fire. 58-year-old john moore junior is charged with willful injury causing bodily injury. west des moines police were called to the 120th block of 8th street around 6:20 friday morning on a report of a person who had been burned. they found 54-year-old jackie gilbert with burns on her upper body and she apparently waited almost 24 hours to report it. gilbert told police she had been arguing with moore thursday morning when he threw a flammable liquid on
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her and set her on fire. >> this is a first for me but i don't know, have never heard of that before happening around here, someone intentionally lighting someone else on fire. alyx: gilbert was transferred to the burn unit in iowa city. moore is being held in the polk county jail. a member of the iowa board of regents is calling for changes after the hiring of university of iowa's new president. webster city doctor subhash sahai says he is upset and angry over how the search for bruce harreld was conducted. sahai says the next time he wants more information about the candidates. he says his biggest gripe is with some controversial private meetings held between harreld and 5 board members. >> i was unhappy that there were meetings held and that we were not apprised of that. right, the four members were left out of it. alyx: sahai says he sticks by
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his yes vote as a board member and he hopes that harreld will do his job well and takes what he calls, a black cloud off of the board. a marshalltown man is behind sexual assault of a juvenile female. police arrested and charged 25-year-old victor kidnapping, 2nd degree sexual abuse and 1st degree harassment. the assault happened back on august 16 at the impala ballroom. police say the victim was with her family attending a reception there. he's currently being held in the marshall county jail on a $100,000 cash bond. polk county deputies say they are still searching for a car involved in a road rage shooting north of des moines thursday afternoon. deputies say someone in the 2015 toyota camry seen here in this picture, is suspected of firing shots at another vehicle. that vehicle then went off the road and crashed into a fence. no one was seriously hurt.
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iowa licence plane dmk-905. time now, 5:06 on your saturday morning. hey, frank, how are you feeling over there? frank: it had been a long time in des moines. we did not get a whole lot, but around here lately we will take anything because it had been over 20 days since we had seen measurable rainfall in des moines. we picked up 4/10 of an inch in des moines. as a matter fact, yesterday was the first measurable rainfall since september 29. picked up around three quarters of an inch that day. the average for october is just rain. so far we only have half an inch and it does not look like we will come anywhere close to that with just a few days left and not much rain chances.
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you will notice this area of low pressure is pulling out. the clouds are still around. clear. that is already happening in sections of nebraska so we will pull in some sunshine for the afternoon, a high of 62 degrees. mid-60's out to the west, where they will see more sunshine. 8 day forecast is coming up. alyx: thanks, frank. we have a world series matchup. it will be the kansas city royals and the new york mets. the royals wrapped up their second straight american league pennant by outlasting toronto 4 to 3 after a rain delay in game 6. kc never trailed in clinching their 4th a.l. pennant. the fall classic will begin tuesday in kansas city as the two teams try to avoid lengthy championship droughts. the mets won their last world series crown in 1986, one year after the royals claimed their lone title. that game is at 7:07 on fox. an amazing act of
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disqualification. kcci's scott reister traveled to bloomfield, where the controversy isn't over for one local team. >> to tell you the truth, i had tears of joy when i finished. scott: it's a moment that didn't last long. while zach hoglund was hanging out near the finish line, he spotted a rival runner, garrett hinson of mediapolis going down. cracks he looked very dehydrated, he was holding his chest. i yelled, is anyone going to help him, so i just jumped in and started walking besides him, so i gave him my hand and walked and gave him push to finish line and he finished on his own. scott: he never imagined what would come next -- a disquaification. the rule states no runner can help or receve aid from another runner.
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coaches, the official held firm. scott: the iowa high school athletic association uses its rules from a national federation. bid legg of the isaa says he can't change saturday's ruling, it was the proper call, and his hands are tied. >> no wiggle room. the officials or the association is not bigger than the wording of the role. scott: that is a better pill to swallow for a kid trying to do the right thing. >> a true example of sportsmanship and character. he will always remember winning that race and doing the right thing. scott: zach will get another chance. zach's team still qualified for state, barely, and he'll get his chance at a medal saturday in fort dodge. his cheering section just got that much bigger. >> the entire team and family
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guys race run. he risked his chances at state for helping me. scott: scott reister, kcci, iowa's sports leader. alyx: coming up, hillary is back on top in iowa. how much the numbers have changed in the last month.
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the cand >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: good saturday morning. hopefully you are having a great start to the day. it is 5:13. you have probably noticed it is not all that cool but that will be changing. look at these temperatures all across the board, low 50's. kossuth county, good morning, you are at 50 degrees. knoxville, 54 degrees. we had the rain late last night that is starting to pull out in
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sections of wisconsin, but you will notice the clouds are sticking around. if you look out to the west, we are starting to see some clearing happen in nebraska and that will pull into central iowa by this afternoon so it will not be completely a cloudy day. we will break out to some sunshine. these temperatures will not go up and down the roller coaster much this coming week. we will stay right around average, 60 degrees. the end of the week we job into the mid to upper 50's. alyx: new poll numbers show hillary clinton is back in the lead in iowa. the new quinnipiac university poll shows clinton with the momentum after the first democratic debate. she now leads bernie sanders here in iowa, 51% to 40%. last month, another poll showed sanders with a one percent edge over clinton. meanwhile, quinnipiac officials were in des moines friday, talking about that poll. assistant director peter brown says clinton is gaining momentum among female voters, helping push her to the front
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cracks it is extraordinary how -- >> it is extraordinary how large the gender gap is. sanders has advantage 12 points among male caucus goers, normally that's good but, clinton dwarfs his showing among women. she has a 26 point edge among female caucus goers, that's a huge number. alyx: the field of democratic presidential candidates has been cut in half in the past four days with lincoln chafee dropping out friday morning. mr. chafee: after much thought, i have decided to end my campaign for the president today. alyx: the latest poll numbers may partially explain why chafee announced friday morning that he was dropping out of the race. chafee made the announcement at a women's forum held by the democratic national committee. chafee's decision comes days after jim webb's decision to drop out.
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and vice president joe biden's decision to not run for president. big events happening today before the jefferson jackson dinner. former president bill clinton and pop-star katy perry will rally for hillary clinton this afternoon at 3:00 . it's planned for the east parking lot in the 600 block of 5th avenue in downtown des moines. it's free and open to the public. also happening at 3:00, a rally and march for bernie sanders. that event happening just east of the women of achievement bridge in the armory parking lot, also in downtown des moines. and it is also free and open to the public. over to the republican side, ben carson is now ahead of donald trump in a second poll of iowans. the des moines register poll shows 28% of those surveyed support carson. 19% back trump. carson is the only gop candidate to consistently poll in the top tier near trump. republican presidential candidate jeb bush says he's cutting the pay of his staff, and slashing travel spending to help his campaign cut costs.
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he says he's also moving staff from his campaign at his miami headquarters to early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. aside from the democratic candidates, some republicans will also be visiting iowa today. ben carson will be making stops around iowa, including ames and west des moines. mike huckabee, ted cruz, and bobby jindal will all be appearing in waterloo among other stops. time now, 5:17 on your saturday morning. time to check in with frank. frank: we are waking up to a mild start for this time of year. our average high temperature is around 62 degrees. 53 in des moines, 53 for ames. clarion checks in at 50 degrees. there is your downtown skycam, 801 grand looking so nice.
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notice the wind out of the west and northwest, 13 miles per hour. those of be a little gusty as you head throughout the day today. here's your saturday planner, 54 degrees by 8:00 and noticed that is our temperature now. we will not be climbing much this morning. 55 by 11:00 a.m., and we will start to break out to some sunshine this afternoon, 58 degrees by 4:00 -- 1:00, 62 by 4:00. we do have the area of low pressure starting to move out to the north and east. high pressure starting to work in out to the west, but it is in between these two systems. we are cranking up the wind. eventually the wind will start to dial back little bit as we head route the overnight hours. an area of low pressure heads out.
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isobar's packed together, and notice how they widen. i pressure starting to move in by tomorrow. we will keep the clouds around but by this afternoon, we will clear them out and see a lot of sunshine into the day on sunday. it should be a great weekend to be outside. high temperatures a little bit cool, right around 60 degrees in des moines. a stiff breeze out of the north and west. overnight lows, 40 degrees. tomorrow, 64 degrees. right around average every day, a slight chance of rain tuesday into wednesday, otherwise a pretty dry forecast.
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sports, we will put a big >> good morning, everybody. we have reached the end of the road for some high school football team in the state. last night was the end of the regular season. after 94 weeks of action, onto the postseason -- after nine four weeks of action, on to the postseason. our game of the week was at southeast polk. brad solano that's is the head
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tony seeman was there. tony: there was certainly a lot on the line on a very rainy night at how these polk. southeast polk and ankeny both fighting for a title. ice cream cones and frog hats. southeast polk trails by a touchdown at the second quarter, but ankeny freshman max griffin swoops in for the interception. ankeny would make them pay. chris mccullough out, the senior, great catch. he takes it deep into ankeny territory. southeast polk trying to score late in the first half. coal house there, a great run. the rams would trail by 10 at halftime. in the second half, southeast polk and ankeny traded a few
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field goals, and the ankeny hawks go on to win it 30-10. their thing. it was just a great feeling. >> i like it, i love it. cynthia: ankeny -- tony: ankeny moves to three and one for the season. >> also in that district, the east highs car let's wrapping up their season at home, taking on sioux city north. the quarterback is in all kinds of trouble. a great play. hall's him down for the sack and a celebration. that is -- at the 1-yard line they would punch it in. sioux city north had some good fight. ayers it to williams, a
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scarlett's win, 48-21. the top drank boy team, dowling catholic -- the top ranked boys team, dowling catholic. the hawkeyes are off this weekend. that is jacob zachary with the easy touchdown run. it was already 20-0 in the second quarter. right up the middle totally untouched, another touchdown. dowling roles 63-7 over the polar bears. johnston on the road at sioux city east. it was scoreless. picked off, a great grab by drew. holing it in and getting the dragons to fall. they would trade punts.
5:22 am
rails last night. rocky lombardi showing off. middle. the quarterback calling his own number, tigers up big. austin hinkle uses his blocker to his full advantage. all the way down inside the 20 yard line. that led to a mason touchdown. 76-6, valley roles all over lincoln. waukee on the road at mason city. in the fog. that is daniel ray. waukee was leading, and then it was the warriors defense getting dialed in. mason city a quick slam for 10 yards. that was about as good as it got. the warriors swarming making it miserable for the mohawks, winning 40-16.
5:23 am
marshalltown and indianola in marshalltown on a pink out night with the bobcats. peyton williams, an interception. reese rumbles to the end zone. right up the middle, a great run, good for a first down. indianola wins, 41-13 over marshalltown. time for my favorite segment. each and every week it is you make the call. let's take it to the band in oskaloosa. >> this is nathan at oskaloosa. this is you make the call. oskaloosa is going to make it to the playoffs by beating carlisle. check out this play, ethan
5:24 am
fourth. that looked real painful. at fourth and short on midfield, and carlisle gets the first. a minute later he got the first and a whole lot more. that is one backbreaking touchdown. it puts carlisle up by 20. carlisle goes on to break oskaloosa's part. >> feel the love. our final stop last night, huxley powered -- huxley ballard playing host to grinnell. a great play by the ballard d. grinnell having to punt it away. caleb ends -- it ends up being
5:25 am
the tigers feeling good, ballard would take over to their -- from there. that is it for the regular season. now the focus turns to the playoffs, and they are right around the corner. wednesday, the first round of playoff action all around the state of iowa. the second round the following monday. this is the final year of three rounds of playoffs in the first
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after that, we will head please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music. i can't wait to meet you.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekend. alyx: right now at six -- 5:32, kc is back. the big win last night that's sending them to another world series. plus, patricia downgraded. but the storm continues to push its way inland. what we can expect from the hurricane before it moves on. good saturday morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm alyx sacks. frank scaglione in as well.
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frank, roads are drying up after all that rain we got yesterday and now some wind to deal with out there. frank: we will kind of get rid of the wind by tonight. a nice weekend setting up. current temperature waking up, pretty mild, 53 in des moines. temperatures across the state everywhere in the low to mid 50's. brisk wind out of the west and northwest. we will have clouds around to start the day, but the rain is over. the sun starts to peek out around noon but we will see more of it as we head through the afternoon. mostly sunny and 62 by 4:00. i will let you know if the temperatures will be like a roller coaster like they have been. alyx: breaking news at 5:33, fire crews are on the scene of a
5:30 am
several cars were affected by the fire, and crews are still on scene. the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. a big win last night sends the kansas city royals to another world series. it was a big night of celebrating as the royals took down the toronto blue jays in game six of the alcs. after a 45 minute rain delay in the top of the 8th inning, kc won 4 to 3. the royals will now face the new york mets for the 2015 world series. kansas city's only world series championship came back in 1985. and the mets haven't won one since 1986. game 1 is set for tuesday in kansas city. that game time 7:07 on fox. also right now, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere has made landfall along mexico's southwestern pacific coast. but the hurricane center says patricia has weakened to
5:31 am
mexico's transportation secretary says officials are bracing for the worst. christ martinez reports from los angeles. chris: hurricane patricia roared ashore at 6:15pm local time about 55 miles west- northwest of manzanillo, mexico as a rare and dangerous category 5 storm. it packed 165 mile an hour winds as it made landfall. cbs reporter adrienne bard is in mexico city. adrienne: mexican officials are calling hurricane patricia a perfect storm, forecasters expect 15 inches of rain in the next 24 hours, and waves towering up to 30 feet. chris: forecasters say patricia's heavy winds and rains are expected to trigger flash floods and mudslides before the storm dissipates over the mountains. earlier, police warned people to find shelter while they still had time.
5:32 am
tourists evacuated resort hotels as they scrambled to escape patricia's path. >> we came to the convention center. they said it was in a safe place so were going to the technical center. chris so far there are no : reports of fatalities or major damage. the mexican government says patricia came ashore in a relatively unpopulated area. the u.s. state department says tens of thousands of american citizens were believed to be vacationing or living in areas likely to be affected by the storm. alyx: so far there have been no reports of fatalities or major damage. patricia came on shore in a rather unpopulated area. back here at home, the field of democratic presidential candidates has been cut in half in just the last week. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee called it quits
5:33 am
friday. jim webb dropped out tuesday , and wednesday vice president joe biden ended speculation. that leaves 3 candidates to attend the jefferson jackson dinner in des moines today. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will all be at hy-vee hall. our crews got an inside look at the set up from this afternoon's big event. on twist to the set up candidates will deliver speeches from the middle of the audience. side by side, and can make up their mind. this will help solidify their decision or make their decision all together. alyx: 7000 people are expected to attend. attendees are advised to arrive early to beat the traffic, since an iowa wild game is being held at wells fargo arena. doors open at 4:30. more big stories this morning. a man is arrested after he intentionally set a woman on fire. police say the woman waited 24
5:34 am
hours before calling 9-1-1. >> we don't know what led to the delay, of the victim calling and reporting it. we're trying to actually find out what took place during that time. alyx: 58-year-old john moore junior is charged with willful injury causing bodily injury after throwing flammable liquid on 54-year-old jackie gilbert and then setting her on fire. west des moines police were called to 120th block of 8th street around 6:20 friday morning. gilbert was transferred to the burn unit in iowa city. a marshalltown man is behind bars this morning after being charged with the sexual assault of a juvenile female. police arrested this man, 25-year-old victor angel-garcia with first degree kidnapping, 2nd degree sexual abuse and 1st degree harassment. the assault happened august 16 at the impala ballroom. police say the victim was with her family attending a reception there. he's currently being held in the marshall county jail on a $100,000 cash bond. polk county deputies are still
5:35 am
searching for a car involved in a road rage shooting earlier this week. police say someone in a 2013 toyota camry is suspected of firing shots at another vehicle. that vehicle then went off the road and crashed into a fence. no one was seriously hurt. the suspect vehicle has an iowa licence plane dmk-9- 0-5. a member of the iowa board of regents is calling for changes, this after the hiring of university of iowa's new president. >> we may have dropped the ball. i was angry and i was sad. alyx: webster city doctor subhash sahai says the next time he wants more information about the candidates. his biggest gripe is with some controversial private meetings held between bruce harreld and 5 board members. sahai sticks by his yes vote as a board member and he hopes that harreld will do his job well and takes what he calls, a black cloud off of the board.
5:36 am
no rain, but some wind moved in. frank: it has been gusty, and the rain yesterday was the most measurable rainfall we had seen here in quite a while. just about a quarter of an inch around fort dodge. this activity kind of pushed up from the south and eventually moved off to the east as we progressed throughout the night. by the way, yesterday was the first measurable rainfall since september 29. ago. we picked up three quarters an inch that day. inches. we picked up all the month's and we are well below average. the clouds sticking behind this frontal system that passed through and eventually high pressure will start to work its
5:37 am
you can see that happening at the iowa-nebraska border. we will see the sunshine by this afternoon, but temperatures will not warm up much. i will let you know in the 8 day forecast is those temperatures continue to climb or steady. alyx: thanks, frank. drivers are supposed to stop when a school bus is stopped puts out its stop sign. but that doesn't always happen. many school buses in iowa now have cameras outside the bus so they have video proof of cars that break the law. kadyn's law was passed in 2012 , named for an iowa girl who was hit and killed by a truck at a bus stop. the law brought stricter penalties, making a first violation a $250 fine. the bondurant-farrar community school district there have this year alone. about handing out tickets it's about keeping students
5:38 am
>> they can't see those cars coming out on a country road. the visibility can be compromised when they see the lights and the stop arm come out, it's important that they slow down and prepare to stop. alyx: it's tough to know if stop-arm violations have increased or decreased since kayden's law. specific crash data before 2012. are you making any big money moves? the tips you need to know when picking a financial advisor. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing
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for 72 months on these remaining
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frank: good saturday morning, and welcome back. it is a quarter to 6:00. yesterday, we had the rain out. temperatures were not so bad. 65 yesterday in des moines, 63 for fort dodge. the average this time of year is in the 60's so kind of a warm day seasonally. low to mid 50's across most of the state. 50 in fort dodge. we will keep the clouds around this morning, but the rain is over. we will start to break out into sunshine this afternoon.
5:41 am
it will be breezy with winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles are our. alyx: -- elizabeth: michelle is here to explain the process of working with a financial advisor. many people turn to financial advisors as a last resort or maybe a time of crisis. michelle: that is true, and i feel like they should be interviewing financial advisors. ask friends, family for names of with. do not google "financial advisor." elizabeth: it is betty to start early then get into some trouble. michelle: get some referrals. ask them about their education and experience. are they even taking on new
5:42 am
clients? what is their education? it means there is commitment in continued education to the industry itself, so ask about their education. ask about their business model. are they truly a financial planner? elizabeth: because some are not necessarily. michelle: some are a necessity because they are licensed to products that fit into that financial plan, but may call themselves financial planners. make sure they are truly a holistic sense. ask if they are independent, kind of a big deal. independence is, i can shop the entire universe to see what is best for clients rather than being a captive agent or selling proprietary products. versus being able to shop the
5:43 am
entire world. elizabeth: if people would ask you this upfront, are you offended by these questions? michelle: it is a great question. people are afraid to ask financial advisors, how are you compensated? we all have to get paid but ask your financial advisor. you will hear fee-only, commission advisory fees. ask them how they get paid. elizabeth: it is important to ask these questions, and you guys are ok answering them. if you have questions that you would like michelle to answer, you can contact her any time at compass financial services
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515-307-1020 or online people make mistakes.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away only on kcci 8 news this morning. back. just about nine minutes until 6:00, and we are waking up for a this time of year. low 50's, carroll and ottoman. nice. lights, and some clouds out
5:47 am
as sunrise happens just about 7:30 this morning, you will notice the clouds in the sky. the wind a little pesky out of the west, northwest at 15 miles per hour. throughout the afternoon. i am keeping the planet -- the clouds around this morning, with in the mid-50's. we will start to clear the clouds out this afternoon, 62 degrees by 4:00. the high pressure to the north and east, keeping the clouds around. it is that northwesterly flow that is going to be around today , but these two systems are little close together. as this low pressure system starts to move out, high pressure will move in, and that means wind out of the backside from the southeast for sunday so temperatures just a little warmer than today.
5:48 am
we are back in the mid-60's for sunday, but the wind will start to dial back. as we head out the morning, the clouds sticking around, but by 1:00, futurecast pretty much kicks them all out to the east. the sunshine around for sunday, so it looks like a pretty nice weekend, just a little windy. highs in the low to mid 60's, right around 62 in des moines. the stiff breeze out of the northwest is kind of the big story. 40 degrees tonight. we really do not go anywhere with the temperatures, staying right around 60-65 degrees. a slight chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. we will cool down by the end of the week. alyx: take a look at this picture. does it make your mouth water? and now some experts say you could even become addicted.
5:49 am
we're talking about cheese. a new study says it has the same effect on your brain as heroin. kcci's steffani nolte explains why. >> asiago sprebechio, secoria del piavia, gruyere 200 varieties of cheese for sale at gateway market. all different kinds to please any appetite that comes for it, foyer gouda, spring gouda, kaskada kada boucoula steffani: huh? >> kaskada kada boucoula . parmesan everyone is familiar with, of course. but ours is aged two years. steffani: a new university of michigan study says they're all addicting because of the way they are processed. >> that's our typical friday night snack is cheese and fruit. >> and we really
5:50 am
like wine and cheese steffani: cheese is addicting because of a protein called casein. >> the reason that is so great in cheese, so effective in cheese, it takes so much milk to get just a little bit of cheese so it concentrated most of the water comes out and you're left with a lot of that protein. not convinced yet? >> i don't find it addicting at all, i mean i enjoy it but i could go two or three weeks without eating it i don't think i'd have withdrawal symptoms. perhaps it's because cheese is so versatile. >> any other food that you enjoy eating, cheese is going to go well with that too. steffani: whether its fresh pulled mozzarella, or the classic cheddar that tickles your
5:51 am
alyx: time for news to go. fire crews on the scene of an early morning fire. they were called to copart salvage auto auctions for a structure fire. several cars were also effected by the fire. the cause is unknown at thth time. hillary clinton, bernie
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will all be at hy-vee hall. for the check first and jackson dinner. 7000 people are expected to attend. attendees are advised to arrive early to beat the traffic. doors open at 4:30. time to check in with frank. frank: it is going to be pretty nice. this morning, a lile windy. long and 64. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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