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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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todd: and a two-year-old become s the latest victim of a deadly crash at the oklahoma state homecoming. what police have learned about the driver believed responsible. good evening. young fans lined up for hours, just for a chance to catch pop star katy perry's performance. laura: but she wound up being just the opener for another event downtown. the jefferson-jackson dinner, featuring democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley. but as rose heaphy shows us, the shows before the dinner drew thousands. rose: that is right. katy perry was quite the warm-up act. but her performance was just part of one of the pre-dinner rallies this evening. thousands of supporters came out to say "hill, yes" and to also "feel the bern." big names drawing out the big crowds with them. bridget: i think it's awesome. there should be this many people here. it's cool. rose: hillary clinton's rally drew the most star power, with
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perry and former president bill but even he knew who was the star that afternoon. bill clinton: i've never been the warm-up act for katy perry before, but i'm well aware i'm the warm-up act. rose: perry performed several songs wearing a star-spangled affair. she sang "god bless america" as well as hit "firework" to a hillary." and i like katy perry at the same time. rose: but others -- maya: i came for katy perry. [laughs] and i'm living the bern. i'm living the bern. oh yeah rose: across the river, what the bernie sanders rally lacked in superstar performers, it made up with planes and support. micah: i'm just excited to be a part of this. this is the first time i've really taken interest. rose: the rally culminated with hundreds of supporters marching behind sanders as he made his way to the jefferson-jackson dinner. making it quite the day to be in des moines. sarah: getting firsthand to see all these things is pretty cool. you know telling my friends, oh,
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that's pretty exciting. you're gonna hear me roar rose: definitely a day to remember for a lot of people downtown. as a part of the excitement of the day, katy perry also took over clinton's instagram account -- posting a selfie alongside the candidate. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: once the shows outside the iowa events center were over, the candidates and their supporters moved inside for the dinner itself. todd: giving each candidate a chance to make their case to the party faithful. kcci's chief political reporter cynthia fodor is at hyvee hall with that. cynthia: this event is all about each candidate showing off their organization and support. back here, you have the hillary clinton supporters right next to the bernie sanders supporters. each trying to outsell each other. before the candidates spoke, you could feel the energy in the room with 7000 people.
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it was like a college football game with cheerleaders leading on each team. bernie sanders: you are standing up and fighting back. and that is what this campaign is about. and it is what the political revolution is about. martin o'malley: we elected a president. we did not elect a magician. cynthia: ok, as you can see, former governor of maryland martin o'malley is still on the stage wrapping up his talk. we still have not heard from hillary clinton yet. this got started late here, about an hour late. which is why the candidates are taking the stage at this hour still.
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. have you heard anything like what we heard for bernie sanders? >> response to bernie sanders has been outstanding and remarkable. organization. and the sanders' org at the that up. cynthia: thank you very much, dennis. democrats say this is just the beginning of the final stretch now. as we move into the final lap, the last 100 days until the caucus. live in des moines, cynthia fodor, iowa's news leader. todd: thank you, cynthia.
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expect to hear from hillary clinton tomorrow on kcci. todd: on the other side of town, the new republican frontrunner held a much more low-key event. this week's "des moines register" poll has ben carson 9 points ahead of donald trump, the second poll this week with carson out on front. kcci's kim st. onge shows us how carson's soft sell is winning supporters in iowa. kim: while it seemed like a contest of who could be the loudest over on 5th avenue -- >> clinton, president! kim: across town -- ben carson supporters rallied on a level several decibels lower. >> 1, 2, 3. kim: some 600 people snaked through the aisles at barnes and noble in west des moines for a chance to meet the new republican frontrunner. jenna: he said, "hello, nice to meet you." kim: 10-year-old jenna howe walked away with a signed copy of carson's book. jeff: i asked her if she wanted to come. she was very excited to see him and meet him, so she was the actual driving factor for us to stop today. kim: carson says he isn't going to get overly excited about the latest polls showing he's leading the pack. dr. ben carson: i realize that
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13 months away. but i'd rather be on the top than at the bottom of the polls. bruce: he's a humble man that we'd like to see as president. kim: bruce roberts calls carson a man of the people. bruce: i think that's what the american people want right now. someone that, in the political realm, where they'll actually do something positive for our country and make some real changes. kim: his one-year-old grandson, josh, may have been wheeled away from the event with the most special momento. >> they're going to be pretty impressed at daycare. kim: the doctor's signature on his cast. lindsay: we'll definitely keep it, after we cut it off. kim: in west des moines, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: now dr. carson made it seem like it was more of a coincidence that he's here on the same day as the jefferson-jackson dinner. saying, quote, "my schedule fills up quickly, and we just have to work around that." laura: as you could see, pretty good weather to be outside. kcci meteorologist jason sydejko with a first look at your
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jason: nice to see that some shine for a good portion of the day. most of us in the upper 50's to mid 60's throughout the day. we are hanging up 49 degrees, that breez has diede down considerably. look around the state right now, and gets a little cool in spots. 41 in webster city and carol. again, a look at the sky today -- we had some clouds early on. these largely will be out of here as we head throughout the day tomorrow. so a pretty decent stretch, we put together a good one. as we head to the evening, back to 40 degrees by the morning hours. we are to 57 by noon. i will show you temperatures back to the mid-60's and when we could see rain, coming up here shortly. laura: a 13-year-old girl who was the subject of a statewide amber alert is now safe. the iowa department of
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johnstone in georgia. 19-year-old kevin ramirez is now charged with child stealing and enticing a minor. ottumwa police say he traveled from florida to iowa to meet with johnstone. and a two-year-old child is the latest victim in the oklahoma state homecoming accident. as brian webb shows us, four people died. and dozens of others were hurt when a car drove through a crowd watching a parade. brian: victims were treated in the middle of main street after a car plowed into a parked police motorcycle, then crashed into a crowd of spectators at a high rate of speed a few blocks from campus. thom: we can kind of hear a little screaming, sounded like a vehicle accelerating. and luckily, this car hit a big pole. i think it would've hurt a lot more people. brian: at least four people were killed, dozens more were injured. some victims were airlifted to hospitals in tulsa and oklahoma city. president hargis: the oklahoma state homecoming parade is
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wholesome and happy events in the county. ry. and to have it fouled like this -- these victims, this terrible tragedy. resident adacia chambers is in jail, charged with driving under the influence. authorities don't know if the incident was an accident or intentional. sheriff gibbs: we treat these like we would any homicide investigation, and it will take information. brian: the homecoming game was played as scheduled, just a few hours after the incident, with stadium flags flying at half-staff and a moment of silence in honor of the victims. brian webb for cbs news. todd: hollywood legend maureen o'hara has passed away. see what once drew her to central iowa. laura: lots of oscar buzz for the new film "bridge of spies." john pascuzzi tells us if he agrees. and could iowa state change quarterbacks after what happened today against baylor?
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ahead in sports. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: screen legend maureen o'hara has died at the age of 95 at her home in boise, idaho. o'hara was once known as the "queen of technicolor" because
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her vivid hair, bright green eyes, and pale complexion. staring in such films as "how green was my valley", "miracle on 34th street," and "the quiet man." and o'hara's co-star in "the quiet man" was winterset native john wayne. todd: in fact, she visited winterset in 2013 to help celebrate john wayne's 106th birthday. o'hara co-stared with the duke in "rio grande," "mcclintock," "wings of eagles," and "big jake," in addition to "the quiet man." she said, at the time, the two developed a friendship. maureen o'hara: to know and be friends with him, and to have him ordering you to do certain things and telling you how to do and what not to do, you used to think, what the hell is he busting me for like that?
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todd: o'hara's visit also a benefit dinner to raise money for the john wayne birthplace museum. laura: hurricane patricia is weakening. the once category 5 storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression. but patricia is still packing a punch when it comes to rain. much of texas is under a flash flood watch as patricia continues to drench the state. the national weather service says corsicana, texas received more than 18 inches of rain since friday morning. dry. we love it. out there. this shot sent in from dylan. take a look at the fall colors, the sun set for the trees there. chilling out. the winds have died down quite a bit, too. in the upper 30's to low 40's state. 49 degrees, hanging on to that
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the beautiful lights of the city, fairly comfortable out there at 49. the winds have tapered off some. we will keep it down and shipped to the south tomorrow, that will help us warm up a bit. 64 degrees by 4 p.m. the sunshine literally all day long. could see some clouds, but other than that a great day ahead of us. this area of high pressure is going to move eastward. what that means for us is sunshine for a while. you see some clouds worked their way in from the north, but by and large, sunshine for the whole rest of the weekend. and we put together a decent one. off to the south is our next rainmaker, the next remnants of patricia. it will push northeastward. depending on the track of it, it could potentially bring us a little rain. the best chances will be southeastern portions of the state. but we have a good pressure system off to the west that will shift our direction.
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how they play together will depend on who gets rain and how much. but for now, tons of rain falling down there -- some forecasts up to 20 inches or so. you see of bita bit of cloud cover, but tomorrow morning finds plenty of sunshine to be had. we could work in some cloud cover throughout the day, some of that more dense cloud cover sags around fort dodge or so. and that is going to mean more sunshine as we head into our monday. we're going to start next week out there in spots. 40 degrees, we see the wind stay fairly light out of the northwest at 5-8 miles per hour. throughout the day tomorrow. more sunshine out there, those off to the north there. otherwise, beautiful sunshine state southward.
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in the middle 60's, and we hang on to that warmth for a bit. 64 on monday, next shot for rate on tuesday into wednesday. you see we are riding the cold train into the end of next week. looking pretty good, there is a chance we could see light rain and it will be called out there. but very seasonable as the average sits around 59 for now. next weekend, more chances for rain with temperatures bounding
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laura: tom hanks is back in the new film "bridge of spies." todd: john pascuzzi says that's just one of many reason to see this fascinating drama. john: it's their fourth big screen collaboration. it's tom hanks and steven spielberg in "bridge of spiies." hanks stars as american attorney james donovan, who is recruited by the state department to represent russian spy rudolph abel. it's the late 1950's, at the height of the cold war between the u.s. and the soviet union. but what starts out as a straightforward defense turns cold war complicated when one of our pilots is shot down over russia and charged with spying on the soviets.
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>> but what you are saying, if he has given up everything he knows, moscow would trade? why wouldn't they? >> how can we know this? we are just little men. we just do our jobs. from 70,000 feet -- when he was shot from the sky. people in my country, they consider this an act of war. john: based on the true story of captured u.s. spy pilot francis gary powers, "bridge of spies" thriller. era and the historical tension of cold war paranoia. as for hanks, well, he once again proves why he's one of the best actors of our generation. "bridge of spies" -- look for oscar nominations for actor, director, and film come awards time next year. for kcci 8 news, this is john pascuzzi at the movies.
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i saw it last week. i think it will win a few oscars. next week, john reviews the new steve jobs movie starring michael fassbender as the iconic creator of apple. laura: coming up in sports,
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cyclones might have announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: the cyclones many have lost, but they return home from waco with confidence. and possibly a new starting quarterback. iowa state at number 2 baylor. the game started awful. shock linwood, 17 yard touchdown. made it 21-0. the cyclones were without stating safety kmaari cotton moya, with an undisclosed injury. also starting wide receiver , allen lazard missed the game with a shoulder injury. the rain didn't help either. 28-0 baylor sam richardson , misfires. he's picked off. sam was just 3-11 for 12 yards and 2 picks. it turned out to be joel lanning's day at qb. he led isu to a second quarter touchdown. finished off by freshman joshua thomas cut the baylor lead to 35-7 at the half. last time isu played at baylor, they lost 71-7.
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happen on saturday. they came back, found their groove with lannnig under center. third quarter, on 3rd and goal, he hits quenton bundrage. great catch makes it 35-14. ,the cyclone defense held baylor to, by far, its worst game of the season. baylor's offense came in averaging 64 points and over 700 yards per game. but i was statowa state held them to just 10 points in the second half. isu got the fumble right there. fourth quarter, lanning to jauan wesley. iowa state got it to within 2 touchdowns. lanning had 3 touchdown passes, went 12/17 for 144 yards. iowa state couldn't come all the way back and lost 45-27. lanning certainly made the case to become the starter. we'll see what rhoads does next week. bad news for baylor. after the game, star qb seth russell was diagnosed with a fractured bone in his neck. his timetable is unknown. the cyclones host texas next saturday at 6:00. and suddenly, the longhorns are no pushovers like they appeared to be earlier in the season.
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they took care of oklahoma their last time out. saturday, they breezed past kansas state. the horns bring in backup qb tyrone swoopes in short yardage situations. he had three touchdown runs. speaking of running, here comes jonathan gray right at you. please do not hurt me. gray had 103 yards. texas wins 23-9. after a 1-4 start, the horns take a two-game winning streak to ames next saturday. the 12th-ranked hawkeyes are sitting pretty at 7-0. iowa was off this week. and if they were scouting next saturday's opponent, they saw a pretty tough maryland team. the terrapins fired their coach midseason, but took penn state nittany lions to the wire. maryland down by 1 in the fourth. trying to come all the way back, picked off in the fourth. that finishes off maryland's come back. then state with the 31-30 win. the misery continues for huskers fans. it was another blown
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fourth-quarter lead. facing northwestern, nebraska found itself down 8 in the fourth. tommy armstrong finds the end zone, that cut the lead to 2 at 30-28. they need the 2-point conversion to tie it. armstrong dancing, firing, no good. nebraska has five losses by a combined 13 points. this 1, 30-28. the huskers are 3-5. scott: never too chilly for some grand view football in downtown des moines. the vikings are ranked 5th in the naia polls. and they had no trouble against a team called peru state. second quarter, derek fulton hits cory sirkovich for the 20 yard score. fulton, i'm going to guess, he is never going to brazil. o peru. it was 20-3 at break. the vikings win it 34-3. they were warriors, now they are dutch. the gray brothers from waukee both started for central
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riley gray the touchdown pass. ,it's his man. then his little brother, freshman running back pat gray, on the far side of the field. he rips off a career-long 61 yard touchdown run. patrick had 112 yards on 15 carries. central picks up a 27-13 win. speaking of winning, uni takes care of south dakota state on the road. and drake wins at home 28-24 , over jacksonville. the royals have been here before. but that does not make it any less fun. they were clearly as happy as ever after knocking off the blue jays late friday night. k.c. is back in the fall classic, where they will take on the new york mets. after losing a heartbreaker to the giants in last year's world series, k.c. has earned a shot at redemption. greg: you know, it is unbelievable. to get so close last year, to get back to the same spot with a chance to win four games for that ring, that world series ring means a lot.
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we went right back to work, ready to prove the naysayers wrong. and we're in a good spot right now. scott: looks like fun. game one of the world series begins tuesday at 7:00. the game is on fox. how about some iowa hockey? iowa goal by zach palmquist in lighting of the lamps. they come back to take the lead.
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announcer: here are tonight's winning powerball numbers. ahead.
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beautiful weather tomorrow, mid-60's across a good portion of the state. the next eight days are pretty nice. we do work in rain tuesday into wednesday, and there is a chance for a bit of rain later. aside from that, a beautiful week ahead. todd: thank you for staying up late with us tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:30 and 10:00. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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