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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm CDT

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todd: star power in des moines this weekend. the highlights from outside and in, the jefferson jackson dinner. laura: first at 10:00 one , teenager is in serious condition tonight after he and a friend were shot by a complete stranger. todd: it all started with a fight at an ankeny mcdonald's. laura: kcci's jason rantala joins us live there. jason, we're now learning what led up to this shooting. jason r: that's right. police it all happened at last 10:30 night just outside the mcdonald's here on southwest state street. 36-year-old gabriel coco is charged in the shooting. we've learned this all started over an argument about poor behavior inside the restaurant. lights, squad cars and police tape surrounded the mcdonald's on southwest state street saturday night. >> i was driving along magazine road over here and i saw 4 or five squad cars blow by me. jason r: residents say nothing they'd expect in ankeny. >> i had to go see what was going on. jason r: when they arrived,
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ankeny police say they encountered two men with gunshot wounds. justin phongsavanh and nickolas culver, both 18-years-old. one of the men was also pistol whipped. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument regarding poor behavior in the restaurant. after the shooting, 36-year-old gabriel coco fled the scene in a vehicle with a female passenger. 30 minutes later, coco turned himself in to the polk county sheriff's office. he's been charged with two counts of willful injury. >> i pulled up and i saw a kid getting bandaged, sitting on the curb over on the end of the parking lot. it didn't look very good, there were civilians still in the restaurant. jason r: for at least one ankeny resident, saturday's shooting just hits too close to home. >> it kind of makes me feel kind of unsafe that shootings happen right here in my neighborhood. jason r: we're now told one of the victims, 18-year-old nickolas culver, has been released from the hospital. the other victim, 18-year-old justin phongsavanh is in serious but stable condition. the investigation is still ongoing.
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kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: right now polk county , deputies are still looking for this vehicle. they say it was involved in a possible road-rage shooting. it happened thursday near 1050 northeast 50th street, north of des moines. they're looking for a silver 2015 toyota camry, iowa license plate dmk 905. investigators say 2 groups of people got into an argument at a motel 6 then drove off in separate cars. someone in the first car fired shots at the other car, sending it into a ditch. no one was hurt. todd: a big night for democrats in des moines last night. presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all took the stage at hy-vee hall at the jefferson-jackson dinner. but who were the real winners of the night? kcci's rose heaphy spoke to our political analyst for the answer. rose: glow sticks galore lit up hy-vee hall. but candidate hillary clinton first shined the spotlight on another democrat. ms. clinton: i don't think
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he deserves for rescuing our economy from falling into a great depression. rose: she explained she wants to build on obama's progress but made clear -- ms. clinton: i'm not running for my husband's third term or barack obama's third term, i'm running for my first term. rose: bernie sanders spoke about how he stepped out of the shadows of obscurity as an authentic candidate, now polling at 41% in the latest quinnipiac poll. sen. sanders: >> we were about 3% in the polls, we had no money, we had no political organization. well, in the last six months, things have changed. rose: martin o'malley, hoping for similar results. mr. o'malley: i've learned how to be an effective leader. i've learned how to get things done. i'm clear about my principles .
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i know where i stand. rose: in a key night for the candidates, kcci's political analyst dennis goldford says he saw positives from the two front-runners. >> the level of enthusiasm of the sanders supporters was certainly extremely memorable to me. but the fact that at least in my estimate hillary clinton seemed , more relaxed and settled into her role as a presidential candidate, that was a plus for her. >> i got the eye of the tiger you're gonna hear me roar. todd: thousands flocked to downtown des moines to hear her roar. that's pop star katy perry on stage at the hillary clinton rally. former president bill clinton was there too. mr. clinton: i've never been the warmup act for katy perry
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the warmup act. >> oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain . todd: perry was on stage for about 15 minutes. she sang 4 songs, including mega hits "roar" and "firework." >> >> we want bernie, clap clap -- we want bernie! todd: bernie sanders supporters getting pumped up too. sanders held his own rally downtown before the dinner. he walked across the woman of achievement bridge with hundreds of his supporters and spoke on stage for about 5 minutes. >> oh o'malley, oh oh o'malley. todd: a small but rowdy crowd rallied for martin o'malley. this at 5th and center. the former maryland governor showed off his own musical
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musicians before the dinner. oh malik, garnering about 4% of the poll. clinton now leads sanders 51% to 40%. laura: on the republican side, ben carson now ahead of donald trump in two iowa polls. "the des moines register" poll shows 28% support for the retired neurosurgeon. 19% back trump. trump is speaking out today about the shake-up in the polls. mr. trump: i was really surprised to see it because 3 nights ago we had a packed house. we had 4,000 people and it was a love fest. i've done really well with the evangelicals and the tea party and everything and i just don't understand the number but you know what, i accept the number. it means i have to work a little bit harder in iowa. laura: nationwide, a new associated press poll shows republican voters view donald trump as their strongest general election candidate. 7 in 10 voters say he could win the election if he is nominated.
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neurosurgeon ben carson. trump is speaking out against carson this weekend knocking him for his low energy -- little turkey. carson dismissed those attacks on the campaign trail promoting his book in west des moines saturday. dr. carson: no, my energy levels are perfectly fine. as i've said many times, there have been many times where i've operated for 12, 20 hours, and 15, 18, that requires a lot of energy. doesn't require a lot of jumping up and down and screaming, but it does require a lot of concentration. laura: about 600 people waited in line at the west des moines barnes and noble to meet carson and get a copy of his book "a more perfect union." trump returns to iowa tuesday. he has a rally at sioux city west high school at 6:00 p.m.. todd: texas is starting to dry out after days of record breaking rain. closed roads have reopened in austin and swollen bayous around
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houston have receded. remnants of hurricane patricia combined with a powerful storm system brought the rain. another system on the way. rainfall rates of more than an inch per hour are possible for the monday morning commute. timeout to get to jason sydejko. jason s: is looking drive for the most part. we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast. other than that, temperatures stay seasonal for a while here. a very light breeze. we see sunshine for a good portion of the day. off to the north, clout starting to sag and. eventually, those will move in. sunshine as we head throughout the day tomorrow. mid 40's to the north right now. 37 out there in audubon. a mix as far as temperatures go throughout the state.
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tomorrow, much cooler in spots. we begin to work in cloud cover. high temperatures climbing 257. abstract for mid-60's. -- on track for mid-60's. laura: new details in a parade crash that killed four people. the new charges the suspect is facing, and what her lawyer says happened while she was behind the wheel. todd: incredible video of a miraculous rescue. how fishermen managed to save 17 people including this toddler who nearly drowned. laura: and one royals fan can't , remember his trip of a lifetime. scott reister has the story, later in sunday sports extra. >> all about halloween on kcci 8 news this morning. three apps to help you keep
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: right now authorities , continue to search for a suspect in friday's deadly tennessee state university shooting. police say it happened after an apparent dispute over a dice game. one student was killed, two others injured. it happened at an outdoor courtyard at the campus in nashville. clean-up in massachusetts right now after a huge explosion and
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fire rocked a neighborhood. it happened in taunton, destroying one home and shaking up several others. remarkably, no was hurt. the woman inside the home at the time made it out safely. fire officials say they think it was a gas explosion but are still investigating. new details tonight about the victims and the suspect from saturday's tragedy at oklahoma state university. todd: a young woman is accused of driving through a crowd of spectators at the homecoming parade. brian webb with what her lawyer is saying tonight. ryan: -- brian: blurry footage shows the moment of impact. a hyundai elantra ran over a parked police motorcycle then plowed through a crowd of people watching the osu homecoming parade saturday morning in stillwater, oklahoma. witness anthony wyatt thinks the driver did it on purpose. >> she gone it -- she gunned it. brian: 25-year-old stillwater resident adacia chambers was immediately arrested.
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police say chambers is being held on four charges of second degree murder. chambers' lawyer thinks she is mentally ill. >> i was not satisfied at all that i was communicating with a competent individual. brian: graduate student nakita prabhaker, two-year-old nash lucas, and 65-year-old retired professor marvin stone and his wife bonnie, were killed. nearly 50 others were injured. chambers' father says he can't understand why it happened. >> she's a good person. a loving, caring person. this is a tragic thing that happened. i don't know why it happened. brian: chambers is expected to make her first court appearance on monday. brian webb for cbs news. todd: chambers' blood test results are expected in the next few days. caught on camera, a miraculous rescue in the aegean sea. a boat carrying 30 refugees on its way to greece capsizes. hours later, fishermen off turkey's coast spotted them
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you see them rush to pull the bodies from the cold water. 18-month-old mohammed was barely responsive. the fisherman quickly wrapped him in a warm blanket to keep him alive. they were able to save 15 refugees from the water , including baby mohammed and his mother. >> you both gave him a second life. we are grateful to you. may god bless you. todd: more than 500,000 people have arrived by sea in greece this year, mostly from syria, afghanistan, and iraq. laura: beautiful fall photos on our u-local page tonight, like this shot from joanna ball. and this, of the trees along mlk. animals loving fall, too. here's dozer the english mastiff sent to us by a viewer in west des moines. just a beautiful day. jason, anymore beautiful days ahead? jason s: a few more beautiful days ahead.
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some of us this morning woke up to a little bit of fog. i think it is fairly fitting that we are getting spookiest halloween. thanks for sending it in and keep doing that on our ulocal page. settling into cooler air. right now, audubon at 37. we will continue to chill out into the upper 30's to low 40's as we head for the rest of the evening into the morning. 53 in the tro. a very light breeze out of the southeast at seven miles per hour. average high is 59 degrees. 40 degrees for your morning hours. we hang onto the chili stuff only for the next few hours. after that, the temperature climbs back to a warm 63 degrees by 5:00 p.m..
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little bit of rain. a rainmaker off to the south. this is going to continue to peter its way to the east. right now, clear skies over most of iowa. an area of high pressure helping us with that. this continues to move eastward in that it does so, we see a couple of things happen. as open to shift the direction of a system well off to the south, the remnants of patricia. as this moves its way northward, little catch a little bit of rain from it which will hopefully help us to cool down. that is going 12 temperatures to drop into the low to mid 50's for the end of the week. right now, dealing with a few clouds to the north. futurecast continues to keep us clear through the morning and afternoon. a general increase in cloud
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cover the evening hours. by tuesday, we start to bring in chances for the rain. a decent chance for most of the day on tuesday and wednesday morning, it could linger. thursday night, nice except for the cool air. 65 degrees. reasonably war. that will put us six degrees above average. you can see everyone hanging onto a beautiful fall day. we generally see an increase as we head throughout the day in that cloud cover. mid-50's tuesday, mid-50's on wednesday as well. after that, 53 on thursday with sunshine. there is a light chance for a little bit of rain. back to 65 degrees by sunday. laura: scott reister joins us now to talk about the vikings
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: iowa has cracked the top
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well the hawkeyes had the week off, florida state and utah were both upset. so, the hawkeyes moved up two spots, from 12 to 10. it's iowa's first top 10 ranking since 2010, when they were ranked ninth. ohio state remains number one. so the hawkeyes are up to 10 with a very good chance to keep it going saturday, as they host 2-5 maryland. it's a 2:30 kick on abc. the cyclones are also home on saturday. texas comes to ames with a two-game winning streak. isu coach paul rhoads meets with the media on monday and we'll see if he announces his starting quarterback as cold landing. vikings running back adrian peterson was vomiting last night, putting his status for sunday in doubt. so how'd he get sick? on the broadcast, they said he accidentally swallowed his chewing tobacco but peterson , refuted that report, saying he ate shrimp and had an allergic reaction. either way, ap suited up and played. the vikings were good down 17-15
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bridgewater had a season high 316 passing yards and peterson look very good. he's no shrimp. he had 98 yards on the day. 28-19, vikings win. they are 4-2. the stars were sidelined in kc. pittsburgh without ben roethlisberger. landry jones kept it close. kc doesn't have star rb jamaal charles, out for the year with a knee injury. they have to win sunday go. kc snaps a five game losing streak and does win 23-13. ,more info coming up, plus the cyclones may be switching quarterbacks. we'll take another look at joel lanning. fred hoiberg lost a friend, and a former coach today when basketball legend flip saunders lost his battle with cancer. we'll hear from hoiberg. we are days away from the world series. we'll check in with the raucous royals that they get ready for the next. last year's world series gave
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this fan the memory of a lifetime. unfortunately, it was a memory he soon lost. we will hear how he lost that memory. laura: also ahead face paint , fears. the health alert you need to hear before halloween. todd: hope for the hairless.
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that doctors are studying righ announcer: the most-watched news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00. laura: dramatic new video tonight of a raid that killed a u.s. soldier in iraq. army master sergeant joshua wheeler was part of a team sent in to free dozens of prisoners held by isis. todd: elizabeth palmer reports from northern iraq tonight. elizabeth: in the video captured by a helmet camera, prisoners ripped from their jail performed dawn, helped along by kurdish special forces.
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in the background, you can hear constant gunfire as kurds and americans that'll isis fighters. there is a glimpse of a huge isis black and a jail cell moments of the house of a tribal leader. when the prisoners first came out, they were patted down by kurds. you can hear some americans. these are not the prisoners the raid was designed to rescue. the kurds had hoped to find 20 of their own fighters who were captured and paraded by isis back in february. >> along with the prisoners, the raid also captured six live isis fighters, who could be a valuable source of information for both the americans and the
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todd: breaking news out of canada tonight where authorities say a whale watching boat sank off vancouver island. authorities say 27 people were onboard. the british columbia cornorer's service says at least 3 people have died. crews are still investigating. laura: the nba community mourning the loss of longtime coach flip saunders tonight. the minnesota timberwolves team president, coach and part owner died of cancer today. he was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma in june. he won more than 650 games in nearly two decades. saunders was 60-years-old. fred hoiberg played for flip at minnesota toward the end of his career. scott reister is in with his reaction a little later in sports. good news at the gas pump. u.s. gasoline prices have dropped over the past two weeks. $.10the average cost now $2.24 a gallon.
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gasoline was two dollars $87 per gall in los angeles. the lowest, $1.85 in charleston, south carolina. here in des moines, we have about a $2.29 average. todd: a warning tonight for parents gearing up for halloween. the face paint to turn your kids into scary creatures or friend ghosts might be a health hazard. lawmakers are asking the fda to investigate after a report by the campaign for safe cosmetics tested 10 of the most popular facepaint brands. they found all 10 had levels of lead. six of them contained traces of other metals considered potentially toxic. so how can you protect your children? >> look for theater paint instead of cost you paint or halloween paint. theater paint is made of higher quality ingredients and are less likely to cause breakouts. todd: experts say many times companies don't fully disclose the ingredients in the face paints. laura: also on the health beat tonight encouraging findings , that could eventually lead to a new treatment for hair loss. kenneth craig explains how researchers were able to regrow
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drugs already fda-approved. kenneth for millions of : americans, hair loss is just something they learn to live with. >> i don't want to go bald, but if i go bald no big deal. kenneth now a new study is : offering hope of a possible cure for baldness one day. dr. angela christiano and researchers at columbia university medical center were able to rapidly regrow hair in mice using human hair follicles and a class of drugs called jak -- called jak inhibitors. >> jak inhibitors seem to be among the very few number of compounds that produce hair growth very soon after their application. kenneth jak inhibitors are : normally used to treat blood diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. researchers discovered the dramatic results when they applied a topical form directly to the skin rather than orally. the findings are encouraging to the estimated 50% of men over 50 who have some form of hair loss. it sounds pretty cool if it >>it sounds pretty cool if it works. i mean, i'd be willing to try something to grow back some hair. that'd be pretty nice. >> if it's safe.
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i'll go for it. yes, yes. kenneth but researchers caution : this is just a first step and a lot more work needs to be done to see if it works and is safe on people. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. laura: by the way, mice treated for 5 days with jak inhibitors sprouted hair within ten days. todd: time to take a live look at our downtown skycam. jason s: it is going to be cool out there for a bit. we are dropping temperatures the upper 30's to low 40's. this is not the beginning of a very cold stretch but it is definitely the beginning of a bit of a cool down. this white line is our forecast high temperature through next sunday. 57 degrees on tuesday, down to
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we have seen 17 above average this month so far. it has been a warm one. we do get some rain to go along with that, mainly on tuesday. 17 days with above average temperatures. reasonably warm out there. only a half an inch of rain for the whole month. still about three inches above average for the year. no rain in the forecast tonight or tomorrow. temperatures dropping 20 degrees. i will break down your rain chances that move back in on tuesday and what we will warm up ming up shortly. todd: he is battling for his life but this 7-year-old just
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how his hometown football team announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: holiday season is fast approaching, and so is holiday travel. laura: it can definitely be stressful, so check out what some airports are doing to try to calm nerves.
10:30 pm
comfort dogs. a program called pups, or pets unstressing passengers. it's designed to make the airport experience a little more pleasant and a little less taxing. >> i don't see anybody smiling. i don't see the passengers talking to each other or to the staff. and when you bring the dog into the room, you scan the room and it's just smiles frfr wall to wall. people get out of their seats. they come over to you. todd: the dogs that are put to work undergo a year of training to volunteer with their owners. they can be any breed as long as they can handle the crowds. laura: what a great idea. how would you like to drive to work but not have to worry about steering or braking, or even parking? todd: new technology is being developed right now that could do it all for you. laura: matt barcaro got to see an early version in action, he shows us from our sister station in pennsylvania. matt: with so many cars on the road, the chances for crashes and congestion have never been greater, but driving today may look nothing like driving in the
10:31 pm
future. >> yeah, so we're going to run through the same one. matt: we hopped on-board a test run of a new in-car system that can guide drivers. >> it seems like the technology knows what's going on outside the car. >> it does. matt: greg zink helped develop the technology. it can tell the driver when to slow down, when to switch lanes and how to avoid traffic. , the system is run off of a wifi-like network that can connect within 2 miliseconds. much faster than your connection at home. and that system is designed to make decisions for the driver. so this is one more step toward the driver not having to drive. >> this is one step toward fully economists vehicles. -- fully autonomous vehicles. matt: it is absolutely a game-changer. locally, engineers at gannett-fleming are getting ready for driver-less cars. a concept they believe will make for safer commutes and less congestion. >> we're out of options to build infrastructure out. there's just no space to do that.
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we need to use what we have more effectively. todd: that was matt barcaro reporting. developers say driverless cars are still years away from actually catching on. laura: i think you need one of those cars todd. todd: the amount of people you see on phones and cars, they don't want to drive, so why not? laura: a sweet celebration after a remarkable achievement. 7-year-old colten rowland is battling leukemia. he scored that touchdown friday night during a local oklahoma high school game. he arrived to the game by helicopter. colt's family say they've relied on their faith and their hometown to get them through the challenging time. >> i'm blessed and i'm humbled by what they do for us and the support that they've given. thank you. thank you for everything and keep praying. todd: the team also wore special jerseys that will be auctioned
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laura: time to check in with jason for a full look at your forecast. jason s: a couple spots for rain days. besides that, fairly seasonable conditions. picture after picture a beautiful sunset being sent in. you can see beautiful colors on the horizon. we will continue to see this weather. we'll see temperatures sitting in the mid 40's across portions of the state. hanging onto some cool air out there in audubon. it looks fairly comfortable. 53 in the metro, winds out of the southeast at seven miles per hour. temperatures hanging on to above average at this point.
10:34 pm
it is 10:45 and we are still sitting at 53, some not have bad . 64 degrees by 4:00 p.m. notice the increase in cloud cover. really a convergence of two systems. as it does so, that will be helping to bring in our rain chances. beautiful sunshine and we have had will be a thing of the past. we will bring in some cloud cover from the south and the west. two systems converging, one in the west. this will be taking a sharp dive to the north. it will be phasing into the system in the northwest. helping to change the movement to the south and bring those rain chances mainly to the eastern portion of the state. even in the metro westward,
10:35 pm
there is a slight chance will pick up a little bit of that. before that, beautiful fall conditions. we start of the morning with more sunshine. like cloud cover into the evening hours. tuesday, the bulk of that rain makes its way from the south into the east and that will mainly a company eastern portion of the state. tuesday, i would plan for a little bit of rain. definitely chances if you are hanging out in eastern portions of the state. if you would like to see that sunshine, low 60's to the north. mid-60's to central and southern portions of the state. 57 on tuesday. we bring that chance for rain. a chance for a little bit of
10:36 pm
temperatures at seasonable 56 degrees on friday. mid-60's by the end of your next weekend. todd: scott reister back on the sofa with us tonight. the hawkeyes do well even when they are doing anything
10:37 pm
scott: do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh! go amanda!
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: it's the hot topic, who will start at quarterback for iowa state saturday? we'll see what coach paul rhoads says during his monday press conference. ankeny grad joel lanning came off the bench saturday in the loss to baylor and rallied the cyclones. he wound up going 12-17 for 144 yards and three touchdowns. sam richardson was only 3-11 for 12 yards and 2 picks. texas comes to town with a 2-game winning streak. game kicks off at 6:00. we'll see if iowa state can get back on track. the hawkeyes have been perfect all year. not only are they 7-0, but they are officially a top-ten team. the hawkeyes moved up two spots, from 12 to 10. it's iowa's first top 10 ranking since 2010, when they were ranked ninth. ohio state remains number one. baylor remains number two after beating iowa state on saturday 45-27. so how did iowa jump from 12 to 10, without even playing? well, two teams ahead of them
10:40 pm
utah and florida state, each , loss. they way florida state lost is incredible. they were at georgia tech, with the game tied at the end, and lining up for a long game-winning field goal. grexit erased. georgia tech with an opportunity. scott: lance austin returned the ball 78 yards for the game winning touchdown. georgia tech breaks a 5 game losing streak to get the win . fsu fell from 9th in the ap to it helped moved the hawkyes to 17. 10th. with a very good chance to keep it going saturday, as they host
10:41 pm
it is a 2:30 kickoff on abc. we might be getting used to the idea that jamaal charles is gone for the year with a torn acl, but the chiefs sure aren't. he was the engine, and without him, kc has been stuck in the mud. a five game losing streak heading into but against sunday. pittsburgh, the chiefs finally put it all together. charcandrick west has the best game of his young career. 110 yards, and a touchdown. that put kc up 16-3. just a three-point lead late in the fourth when chris conley scores the touchdown. 23-13. adrian peterson was throwing up saturday night but suoted up -- but suited up on sunday against detroit. he said it wasn't dip he was chewing but some shrimp. teddy bridgewatrer to stefoon diggs, what a catch. here is peterson looking quite
10:42 pm
healthy. 98 yards on the day. vikings win they are 4-2. 28-19. todd gurley is manly. the rams are excited about their rookie running back. todd gurley broke out sunday against the browns. 128 yards and his first 2 tds of his career. st. louis won the game over cleveland 24-6. flip saunders, the minnesota timberwolves coach, president, and part owner, died sunday at the age of 60. the veteran coach was being treated for high skin lymphoma. saunders coached for 35 years, most notably with the pistons and timberwolves. he had over 1000 career victories. just a few months ago he said doctors considered it very treatable and curable. the news shocked many. former iowa state coach fred hoiberg played for saunders. >> flip pit -- flip played a huge part of my life, everything from bringing me in and giving
10:43 pm
a special, special person. win or lose, always upbeat, talking to you. sit down and see how you're feeling. scott: was this the weekend the iowa wild would step up? the team had lost 5 of 6 heading in. they did beat texas on saturday, and had a chance to beat them again on sunday. texas scores first. second period, iowa does tie it up. 4-1, texas takes it. the world series is coming up in the method already said they will pitch matt harvey in game one. royals skipper ned yost, said he's waiting until monday to announce his rotation.
10:44 pm
that that he was, "being a little bit of a punk." yost doesn't feel like tipping his hand earlier than he has to. yost and the royals have beein -- have been calling the right shots all season. fresh off their alcs win over toronto this weekemd, kc is riding high. back in the world series for the second straight year and not satisfied until they win 4 more ballgames. >> the ultimate goal is to win a world championship. obviously, we had to go through this first. we gave it our all as a team. we picked each other out, got timely hitting, timely pitching. >> a pretty special year. scott: game one on tuesday at 7:00 from kaufman. last season was kc's first trip to the series since 1985. for one royals fan, getting to go with his son was a dream come true.
10:45 pm
extra, we find out not all memories last. >> the experience here at kauffman stadium during last year's world series game two was undoubtedly unforgettable until something unexpected happened. let's i wish i remembered it. >> mike in his 50-year-old son thomas are all mike has to remember game two of the world series. >> it makes me a little emotional. >> i told him everything that happened in the game -- >> two weeks after that memorable time, the commercial pilot suffered a stroke in the memory part of his brain. >> the doctor was talking to my wife about the world series. i had no clue that we had been to the world series or anything that happened in that last month.
10:46 pm
since last year, most memories have slowly made their way back. >> they said that that probably will never come back. >> giving this postseason even more meeting for mike, the data desperately wants to re-create what they call a precious father-son bonding experience. >> this year i felt a lot more pressure because it is like, we have to get back there so i can go figure out this world series thing. make sure we can talk about this 20 years from now. scott: last year they lost but
10:47 pm
laura: that would be great. jason s: i love having good news and i have good news for a while. we get downright sunny at least for a little bit at the beginning portion of the day. after that, clouds roll in and we bring in a few rain chances tuesday evening into wednesday. we're back into the 60's as we head towards halloween. todd: we are teaching jason all
10:48 pm
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