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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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is now in police custody. one teenager is in serious condition after he and a friend were shot by a complete stranger. it all started with a fight at an ankeny mcdonald's. police say 36-year-old gabriel coco is charged in saturday night's shooting. elizabeth: we've learned it all started over an argument about poor behavior inside the restaurant. kcci's jason rantala reports. jason r.: lights, squad cars and police tape surrounded the mcdonald's on southwest state street saturday night. >> i was driving along magazine road over here and i saw 4 or five scott -- four of five squad cars blow by me. jason r.: residents say nothing they'd expect in ankeny. >> i had to go see what was going on. jason r.: when they arrived ankeny police say they encountered two men with gunshot wounds. justin phongsavanh and nickolas culver both 18-years-old. one of the men was also pistol whipped. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument regarding 'poor behavior' in the restaurant. after the shooting 36-year-old , gabriel coco fled the scene in a vehicle with a female passenger.
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, himself in to the polk county sheriff's office. he's been charged with two counts of willful injury. >> i pulled up and i saw a kid getting bandaged sitting on the curb over on the end of the parking lot, -- parking lot. it did not look very good. there were civilians still in the restaurant. jason r.: for at least one ankeny resident saturday's shooting just hits too close to home. >> it kind of makes me feel kind of unsafe that shootings happen right here in my neighborhood. elizabeth: we're now told one of the victims 18-year-old nickolas culver has been released from the hospital. the other victim 18-year-old justin phongsavanh is in serious but stable condition. the investigation is still ongoing. eric: polk county deputies are still looking for this vehicle. they say it was involved in a possible road-rage shooting. it happened thursday near 1050 northeast 50th street north of des moines. they're looking for a silver 2015 toyota camry iowa license plate dmk-905.
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investigators say to groups -- two groups got into an argument at a motel 6 then drove off in separate cars. someone in the first car fired shots at the other car sending it into a ditch. no one was hurt. elizabeth: good news at the gas pump. u.s. gasoline prices have dropped 10 cents over the past two weeks. the average cost now $2.24 a gallon. the highest price or regular gasoline was $2.87 per gallon in los angeles. the lowest? $1.85 in charleston, south carolina. here in des moines we have about a $2.29 average. your weather is never more than five minutes away. metinka, not a bad morning. metinka: temperatures are doing great. you might need a light jacket. it is a little cool. down in ames, about 34. you will need to dress in layers. it is going to be great, much like it was yesterday. temperatures in the mid cities. those clouds will move in in the afternoon.
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highs about to -- about 10 degrees colder. elizabeth: thanks metinka. in commitment 2016 news presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley all took the stage at hyvee hall at the jefferson-jackson dinner. eric: kcci's rose heaphy has a breakdown of saturday's big event. rose: glow sticks galore lit up hy-vee hall. but ndidate hillary clinton first shined the spotlight on another democrat. >> i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for rescuing our economy from falling into a great depression. rose: she explained she wants to build on obama's progress but made clear. >> i'm not running for my husband's third term or obama's third term, i'm running for my first term. [applause] bernie sanders spoke about how he stepped out of the shadows of obscurity as an authentic candidate now polling at 41% in the latest quinnipiac poll. >> we were about 3% in the
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polls. we had no money. we had no political organization. well, in the last six months things have changed. [applause] rose: martin o'malley hoping for similar results. >> i've learned how to be an effective leader. i've learned how to get things done. i'm clear about my principles . i know where i stand. rose: in a key night for the candidates kcci's political analyst dennis goldford says he saw positives from the two front-runners. >> the level of enthusiasm of the sanders supporters was certainly extremely memorable to me. the fact that in my assessment hillary clinton seemed more , relaxed and settled into her role as a presidential candidate . that was a plus for her. eric: the democratic candidates will get to face each other in the next debate at drake university on november 14.
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us at kcci. i got the eye of the tiger. stepping through the fire you're going to hear me roar. elizabeth: thousands flocked to roar. that's pop star katy perry on rally. was in there. >> i've never been the warm-up act for katy perry before but i'm well aware i'm the warm-up act. oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain elizabeth: perry was on stage for about 15 minutes. she sang 4 songs including mega
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we want bernie. we want bernie. eric: bernie sanders supporters getting pumped up too. sanders held his own rally downtown before the dinner. he walked across the woman of achievement bridge with hundreds of supporters. and spoke on stage for about 5 minutes. >> oh o'malley. oh oh o'malley. eric: a small but rowdy crowd rallied for martin o'malley. this at 5th and center. the former maryland governor showed off his own musical talents performing with local musicians before the dinner. eric: next on kcci murder charges in a deadly homecoming parade crash. how the suspect's father is defending his daughter. elizabeth: plus incredible video of a miraculous rescue.
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people including this todd >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. where waking up to a chilly monday morning -- we are waking
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we have clear skies and a chilly 34 in ames. grab a jacket but dress in layers. it will be very comfortable. by noontime, a great day to head outside for lunch. clouds will be on the increase. headed for highs, 65. it is going to be a beautiful day. our temperature is trending downward. falling back into the 50's and staying there for the rest of the week. plus, we are going to have off and on rain chances. elizabeth: thanks metinka. more than foot of rain in several places in houston, texas. kenneth craig reports from the area where floodwaters are beginning to recede but residents are being urged to use caution. kenneth: a brick facade and the roof of a home was no match for a storm that tore through texas saturday. more than a foot of rain came down.
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streets were submerged, leaving many drivers stood stranded. >> i do not think i can make it. i stopped and called 911. they were like stay there. kenneth: the rain washed away tracks causing a train to derail. flash floods shut down a major highway between dallas and houston. traffic was act up. -- was backed up. central texas was preparing for another round of misery. category -- hurricane patricia is expected to dump more rain on saturday night. in seabrook, the storm surge already pounding the gulf coast with strong rains. >> because the ties are several feet above normal, officials are worried about the flooding, especially on streets like this one. >> we will take it one hour at a time and see how it goes. we will make a decision on
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whether we need to get out of the. kenneth: forecast addict a foot of rain. -- forecasts predict a foot of rain could hit the area. eric: new details about the victims and the suspect from saturday's tragedy at oklahoma state university. a young woman is accused of driving through a crowd of spectators at the homecoming parade. brian webb reports. brian: blurry footage shows the moment of impact. a hyundai elantra ran over a parked police motorcycle then plowed through a crowd of people watching the osu homecoming parade saturday morning in stillwater, oklahoma. witness anthony wyatt thinks the driver did it on purpose. >> she gunned it. en she hit that motorcycle, people went everywhere. brian: 25-year-old stillwater resident adacia chambers was immediately arrested. police say chambers is being held on four charges of second degree murder. chambers' lawyer thinks she is mentally ill. >> i was not satisfied at all that i was communicating with a
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competent individual. brian: graduate student nakita prabhaker, two-year-old nash lucas and 65-year-old retired professor marvin stone and his wife bonnie were killed. nearly 50 others were injured. chambers' father says he can't understand why it happened. >> she is a good person. a loving person. this is just a tragic thing that happened. i don't know why it happened. brian chambers is expected to : make her first court appearance on monday. brian webb, for cbs news. eric: chambers' blood test results are expected in the next few days. elizabeth: caught on camera a miraculous rescue in the aegean sea. a boat carrying 30 refugees on its way to greece, cap sizes. hours later fisherman off turkey's coast spotted them floating in lifejackets. you see them rush to pull the bodies from the cold water. 18 month old mohammed was barely responsive. the fisherman quickly wrapped him in a warm blanket to keep
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they were able to save 15 refugees from the water including baby mohammed and his mother. >> you both gave him a second life. we are grateful to you. may god bless you. elizabeth: more than 500,000 people have arrived by sea in greece this year mostly from syria, afghanistan and a rock -- and iraq. eric: we are going to get into
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. i hope your monday is starting off good. 47. it is a little bit chilly so grab a jacket. it is going to be a beautiful day. clouds will be on the increase today, but temperatures will be similar to sunday. a little bit above average, heading into the mid-60's. we have clear skies across the state. there are a few more showers off to the west. the cloud cover already spreading to nebraska. off to the south, this is the remnants of hurricane patricia. that could get drawn into iowa as soon as tomorrow.
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today is going to be a quiet day. no rain is expected. tomorrow, a little bit of tropical moisture against to move in toward iowa. a system will push it to the east by wednesday. some cooler and drier weather by the end of the week. futurecast showing today is going to be a dry day as we head toward tuesday morning. around 9:00 a.m., a few showers spreading across the south western part of the state. the best chances of rain will be east of i-235. maybe a few thundershowers in the forecast. maybe a half inch or less of rain. those showers work out of here as early as wednesday morning. no rain but we do have chilly temperatures. some locations are in the mid-30's. 34 in ames. 46 in lamoni. the morning, we are on the
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warmer side at 47. not much wind. it is going to be a great day. you may be raking leaves. the clouds will be on the increase. the winds are not a factor. overnight lows will stay where they are. what he seven, the overnight low here in des moines. then for tomorrow, temperatures do not get a chance to warm up because of the rain. 55 your high for tuesday. that system moves out. a lot of wind bills and for tuesday -- wind bills in for tuesday. highs will be in the low to mid 50's. the weekend, highs fall back into the low to mid 50's. elizabeth: dramatic new video of a raid that killed a u.s. soldier in iraq. army master sergeant joshua wheeler was part of a team sent in to free dozens of prisoners held by isis.
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from northern iraq. elizabeth p.": in the background you can hear gunfire as kurds and americans battle isis fighters whose resistance killed matthew wheeler. there is a glimpse of a huge isis flag and jail cells built inside. when the prisoners first came out, 69 of them, they were patted down by kurds. you can hear there is an american backup. these are not the prisoners the raid was designed to rescue. decode -- the kurds hoped to find their own fighters who were captured back in february.
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raid captured six isis fighters who will be a viable source for -- source of information. they try to build a picture of how the group is structured. elizabeth palmer, cbs news. elizabeth: the world series starts tomorrow night. we will check in with the kansas
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metinka: good morning. it is a chilly start. we do not have much wind coming in from the south east. we are starting out with clear skies and end up with cloud cover this afternoon. no rain in store for your monday. highs near 65 degrees. it is going to be a beautiful day to spend time outdoors. tomorrow, we've got rain in the forecast, especially in the eastern half of the state. temperatures turn cooler with highs turning back into the low to mid 50's. wednesday, we will be battling with the wind. a slight warming trend by the weekend. eric: iowa has cracked the top ten and didn't even have to play a snap this weekend. while iowa had the week off florida state and utah were both , upset. so the hawkeyes moved up two spots from 12 to 10.
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since 2010, when they were ranked ninth. ohio state remains number one -- number one. the hawkeyes have a good chance to keep going on saturday. there are going to host saturday maryland. it's a 2:30 kick on abc. the cyclones are also home saturday. texas comes to ames with a 2-game winning streak. isu coach paul rhoads meets with the media today we'll see if he announces his starting quarterback. the last season was kansas city's first trip to the world series since 1985. for one royals fan getting to go with his son was a dream come true. elizabeth: but not all memories last. bonyen lee from our sister station in kansas city has the story. bonyen: mike philpot's experience here at kauffman stadium during last year's world series game 2 was undoubtedly unforgettable until something , unexpected happened to him. son, i wish i remembered it.
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bonyen: pictures of mike philpot and his 15-year-old son thomas philpot are all mike has to remember game two of the world series last year. >> it makes me a little emotional. it makes me a little sad that i kind of forgot those things. >> i told him everything that had happened in the game. nothing. he didn't remember any of it. bonyen: two weeks after that memorable time philpot a commercial pilot by trade suffered a stroke in the memory part of his brain. >> in the hospital when the doctor was talking to my wife about the world series i had no clue we had been to the world series. or anything had happened in that last month. bonyen: since last year most memories slowly made their way back. >> besides that little time frame around when it happened to him, they said that will never come back. that's kind of sad. bonyen: giving this post season even more meaning for mike a dad who desperately wants to recreate what they call a precious father-son bonding experience.
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more pressure, because it is like, we've got to get back there so i can go figure out this world series thing. with my sons. i want to make sure we can talk about this twenty years from now about what a good time we had. elizabeth: thing goodness that the team made it back again. -- thank goodness thathe team made it back again. we've got more stories ahead in our next half hour. breaking overnight a chase ends with a car crashing into garage. plus the latest on a weekend shooting in ankeny.
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eric: breaking overnight a chase ends with a car crashing through garage. how it all happened and the number of people injured. elizabeth: suspect in custody. the weekend shooting that injured two people. hear how the victims are doing and how st the suspect turned himself in. eric: and political round up. the busy weekend of politics that unfolded here in iowa. how the democratic candidates for president are hoping to stand out. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: los angeles is known for its police chases. new video this morning of a california chase that lasted two hours. l a area police pursued the car through several local freeways. authorities finally had to call off the chase, and it sounds like the suspect got away. eric: we had our own short chase overnight and it ended with a car crashing into a garage. the incredible images coming into our newsroom.
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