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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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lawn. police say the driver, 22-year-old brandon st. peter and passenger, 36-year-old brian bishop, fled on foot, before getting caught by police. st. peter is facing theft, interference, and owi charges. >> he admitted to the officers during the owi part of the investigation that he had taken some drugs. jason r: bishop, facing harassment charges from an outstanding warrant. cleanup was well underway by mid-monday morning. as crews worked to restore lines on a brand new utility pole. neighbors are now left to clean up what once was a garage full of antiques and memorabilia. >> the victims in this have every right to expect that we're going to follow up on these investigations and get their property back. jason r: go -- the suspect actually admitted to police he had taken marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine one hour before the accident. there were four people total in that car. two were treated and released from the hospital. live in des moines, jason rantala, kcci 8 news, iowa's
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steve: in news from around iowa, a disturbing case of alleged sexual abuse today out of greene county. a scranton man has now been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse. greene county authorities say 22-year-old anthony grife is charged with 3 counts of 2nd-degree sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of a minor, lascivious acts with a child, and sexual exploitation of a minor to promote a film. police say they got an anonymous the investigation led authorities to a rental property seized. more charges are pending as the investigation continues and the iowa division of criminal investigation has also been called in to help. right now, grife is being held in the greene county jail, on $100,000 bond. kevin: it was 8 years ago almost to the day when a small fire turned into an explosive or no barton solvents plant. now we've learned that the des moines company has entered into a proposed settlement with the
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u.s. justice department. under terms released this afternoon, barton will pay a civil penalty of $1.1 million as well as undertake measures to ensure that it's blending and packaging processes meet safety and environmental requirements. in 2007 the justice department says widespread violations resulted in explosions and major fires at two barton facilities , des moines and kansas. steve: happening right now, an abrupt and unexpected announcement this morning by iowa state university head football coach paul rhoads. the man who was to be the cyclones offensive savior is now out of a job. sports director andy garman has more from jack trice stadium. andy: ahead of saturday's showdown with texas, coach paul rhoads made a coaching change. mark mangino is out as opposite corner.
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couldn't get on the same page. in the end, mark was not interested in that. i wish that wasn't the case. i respect him understand is that conviction. i just got here. it was kind of shocking but it is going to be the same plays anyways. andy: much more on the move coming up at 6:00 in sports. steve: iowa state's next game is saturday when they host the texas longhorns. kevin: we started the week with a picture-perfect autumn day but another dose of rain may be headed our way. kurtis: you can already see the clouds moving in.
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a fairly comfortable evening especially here in central iowa. 50's up to the north. there is your planner. most of the state should be rain free early tomorrow. 50's down into the 40's. highs tomorrow topping out at only 55 degrees. mid morning to late afternoon showers. some of this actually the remnants of hurricane patricia that move across mexico into the gulf. this will slowly moved north as the system moves out of the west. 8 day forecast takes you through halloween. steve: a des moines woman, who fought tirelessly to bring a medical cannabis program to the state of iowa, has died. lori tassin of des moines became well-known to many state legislators over the past 2 years. she spent many days at the state capitol with a core group of a half dozen or so women, who were constantly lobbying for an
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improved medical cannabis bill in the state. she had lived with stage 4 cancer for more than 5 years and is survived by her husband and 4 sons. lori tassin was 44. steve: in commitment 2016 news, just within the past few days polls of iowa republicans are , revealing a seismic shift at the top of the gop race for president. kevin? kevin: steve, we started to see this late last week. when a quinnipiac poll first showed ben carson's campaign surging ahead of donald trump by 8 points. a "des moines register" poll this weekend had carson ahead by the horse race seemed to pull up 9. when a cbs news bloomberg poll showed them both tied at 27%. but now, two more polls from loras college an monmouth univeristy appear to confirm the -- college and monmouth university appear to confirm the carson shift.
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here are the monmouth numbers for the top 6 candidates. carson has 32% of likely caucus goers. junkball to 18%. marco rubio is the only other -- trump falls to 18%. marco rubio is the only other candidate registering in the double digits. four of the last 5 polls of iowa show carson with an average lead of 8.6%. trump wasn't buying it today in new hampshire. mr. trump: there are other polls in iowa where we are leading, and bake but they keep hitting , me with the one poll, you're gonna find out about the media someday. every week i go up, up, up, up. and every week these idiots you see on television say well, i think he's peaked now. they've been saying it for months. kevin: on wednesday, trump and carson and the rest of the gop field will gather for a 2 hour debate focusing on economic issues. the top 10 gop candidates will participate in the main event at 7:00 iowa time on cnbc. the 4 lower tier candidates have their own debate earlier in the evening. steve: it's a scene that is
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in iowa. neighbor helping neighbor to ensure that a fellow farmer in need gets his crop to market. kcci's vanessa peng has the heartwarming story from harcourt. vanessa: guys, this is what iowa nice is all about. a group of farmers coming together, using their own time, their own equipment to help out one man fighting cancer. >> it's overwhelming, it's just unbelievable. vanessa: you don't usually see this much green, and a little bit of red, out on one iowa cornfield. >> 13 combines and all 8 row because chuck had a 16 row head. vanessa: about 80 guys, some 30 semi truck drivers hauling corn. other farmers in the combine or tractor, all spending hours out in the field to harvest another man's corn, chuck gustafson's. he's a dear friend of mine i >>he's a dear friend of mine i
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without being a part of it. vanessa: gustafson says he's fighting esophagus cancer. he's gone through radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, and now the cancer's come back. >> we knew he could use a little help getting the corn crop out so we just thought give a few people i call. i didn't have anybody tell me no. vanessa: everyone we spoke to say it's an iowa thing, you see somebody in need, you help. >> it's good to be from a state, in iowa, where farmer's will help each other out. >> i knew i had friends, but you never know how many you really have. i can't thank them enough. vanessa: it took these guys about 5 hours to complete 500 acres. near harcourt, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: it is an iowa thing. gustafsson's friends say he is usually a want to help a
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testing taking up too much of your child's time? president obama thinks so. his plan to reduce testing time . steve: plus, the woman accused in the death of 4 people, after her driving her car into spectators at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade, appears in court. and, the death toll is still climbing, following a massive earthquake in afghanistan.
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8 do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs
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where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: are grade-school students tested too much? the issue of staardized testing is back in the forefront as president obama calls for a change. kevin: the president wants students to spend no more than 2% of classroom time taking standardized tests. aixa diaz has more from our washington bureau. president obama: learning is about so much more than filling in the right bubble. aixa: in a white house facebook video, president obama says students should enjoy learning and not stress about too many tests. standardized testing is not the >> -- >> standardized testing is not the only way to evaluate student progress. aixa: the department of education is now pledging to work with states to reduce testing time. according to a two-year study done by the council of the great city schools, students take about 112 standardized tests from the time they're in pre-k until they graduate from 12th grade. >> there's a lot of tests, and more than enough room for us to
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start thinking about how to scale back and to make this whole system a lot smarter. aixa: the administration's proposal comes as congress looks at overhauling the no child left behind act. -- behind act which mandates , annual testing in reading and math for third through eighth graders and high school students. >> that was put into place to great fanfare, and now schools are starting to feel the pressure of that, parents have a sense their kids are over tested. aixa: lindsey burke of the heritage foundation says the obama administration should use no child left behind as a cautionary tale before putting forward other mandates. >> now what we're seeing are more federal regulations and more federal waivers to basically relieve states of the mess that the federal government has created in the first place. kevin: aixa diaz reporting from our washington bureau. the study says 8th and 10th graders are tested the most. the obama administration is expected to release more details about this new proposal in january. steve: also in news around the nation new information in , saturday's deadly crash during
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the homecoming parade at oklahoma state university. 4 people were killed and dozens others injured. today a judge ordered a , psychological evaluation for the woman accused of driving her car into the parade crowd. bond for adacia chambers was also set at $1 million. she is being held on 4 preliminary counts of second-degree murder as prosecutors considers formal charges. kevin: to the northwest now and , canadian authorities say the deadly sinking of a whale watching boat yesterday off vancouver island, in british columbia, remains a mystery. five british nationals died and one person is missing. the rest of the 27 people aboard were rescued. and made a call came in during other lives calm, clear, and sunny conditions. and the death toll from a massive earthquake that rattled south asia has climbed to at least 263, most of them in pakistan. the quake was centered in a remote area of eastern afghanistan. the u.s. geological survey said
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a depth of 130 miles. scientists say had it not been for the depth of the earthquake, the damage and loss of life would have been more catastrophic. steve: taking a sneak peek at your forecast. people might want to get out and enjoy this evening. kurtis: it is going to be a soggy tuesday. temperatures are not too bad. it is late october. southeast winds at eight. it is a dry one out there. cool evening, eventually upper 50's. cloudy skies at 10:00 p.m.. rain moving into southern iowa by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. rain chances tonight, even early tomorrow. showers becoming likely by mid to late morning, and especially in through the early afternoon. cloud cover increases after some
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nice sunshine early on. some of the moisture that will move into iowa are the remnants of hurricane patricia. you can see it is already spreading into cape girardeau missouri and there is an area of low pressure moving it off the rockies. if you are traveling tomorrow, pretty cool up there. 50's from bismarck to des moines. i think the heaviest rain in the better chances for thunderstorms will be east and southeast iowa. rain kicking in. in behind this, a frontal boundary will slide through and really bring some wind on wednesday. futurecast, clouds increase overnight. here's our rain at noon. notice the heaviest rain eased of i 35.
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they will see some flurries up in central minnesota from this system and we will just have some clouds. it really does look like a heaviest amounts will be to the southeast, maybe about 63 hundredths of a metro here -- of an inch here in the metro. we look for temperatures tonight to dipped down to 49. tomorrow, showers likely. maybe if you thunderstorms. east winds at 5-10 miles per hour. 8 day forecast, wednesday 54. if you're headed for the playoffs, hang onto your hat with temperatures in the 40's. thursday, dry. friday, dry.
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steve: time for kcci 8 news traffic. not a darn thing going on. things are absolutely beautiful and that will be reflected in your drive times to the mix master's. seven and seven to the west and to the east. kcci 8 news is live with new developments right now. here's what we're working on for 6:00. this morning, governor branstad announced the addition of a new division to the state public defender's office. kcci's marcus mcinotsh shows us why the office is now reviewing past cases on kcci 8 news at 6:00. also coming up at 6:00 -- emmy: there are new concerns at the food you're eating could possibly cause you cancer. mark: a well-known family business in osceola is just a few weeks away from being able
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>> plus, we will go back to ames
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>> today, we had 43 original effort. many of them worked right here at willow run. steve: even if you don't know the name rosie the riveter, you will probably recognize her iconic poster with the words, "we can do it." just this past weekend women dressed as the iconic world war 2 era home-front heroine, rosie the riveter, attempted to break a guinness world record in michigan. kevin: organizers of the event at the willow run bomber plant said this was the largest gathering of people dressed as rosie the riveter. they almost doubled a record set in august. many women worked at this plant. the same group set the record back in 2014 but a group from california later broke it. steve: let's go to new york city
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hundreds of costumed dogs and their decked out orders came out this weekend for the tompkins square park dog parade. as you can see, the dogs were dressed up in all kinds of costumes including new york's now famous pizza rat as well as a few popular political figures. kevin: you have heard of terrace hill, but what about scare us hill? the governor's mansion is becoming that this saturday night for the public and ball. for tickets, go to steve: taking a look from our downtown skycam.
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steve: a little rain must fall. kurtis: drive tonight for the early part of tuesday. rain moves in late right through the afternoon. it will be a showery one. we cool down to around 50 degrees by thursday that we ramp up late in the weekend. kevin: taken for being here. kcci 8 news at 6:00.
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national captioning instit >> pelley: a new warning from the world health organization about some of the most popular foods and their link to cancer. also tonight, the fbi director on the rise in violent crime since ferguson. >> what's going on? it's likely a chill wind that has blown through law enforcement over the last year. >> pelley: the story behind the vice president's big decision and absence of
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