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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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emmy: the world health organization says that the cancer-causing chemicals are put in when the meat is processed or form when they are cooked. >> they can work to damage dna. and when people eat a lot of those meats and not a lot of those fibers, it allows it to sit in the colon. emmy: processed meats are apart of many iowan's daily routine. they are hard to avoid at the grocery store and easy to prepare in meals. one shopper we talked to says she will not change her eating habits because studies like this come out all the time. >> i've been eating this way for 80 years. so it doesn't seem like i am going to extend my life if if i quit right now. emmy: another admits that they are convenient but doesn't mean they are healthy. >> >> you are what you eat. and a lot of the things that are out there are carcinogens. emmy: but don't worry, doctor's aren't staying to stop eating these foods altogether. >> with that being said, it is
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not that we are looking to cut animal foods out of the diet. we are just looking at limiting. steve: doctor david agus, a leading cancer specialist at usc, says the lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is about 5%. if you eat a hot dog a day, that risk goes up to about 6%. the who study also looked at red meat. nutritionists we spoke with today say you can safely have about 18-ounces of red meat per week. that's about the size of 6 decks of cards. kevin: a stolen car crashes right through a garage. police say it happened before 10:00 last night near 2nd and ovid on the city's north side. the driver, 22-year-old brandon st. peter has been charged. kcci's jason rantala is live with how it all happened. jason r: the driver of the stolen car accelerated down the alley. even collided with this utility pole. event went straight into this
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garage, hitting a parked car. you can see it has been boarded up. the accident was not even 24 hours ago. the driver admitted to police to taking ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine an hour before the crash. police noticed the stolen vehicle and began pursuit near 6th and euclid before the accident. the crash pushed another vehicle parked inside the garage right through the wall and through a neighbor's fence. the driver, 22-year-old brandon st. peter, and passenger, 36-year-old brian bishop, fled on foot before getting caught by police. st. peter is facing theft, interference, and owi charges. bishop was wanted on a prior warrant. >> my neighbor's car that was parked in his garage had been pushed through my fence, my chain link fence, and a wooden fence into my yard and another one into his. it was just -- what is that all
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about? it wasn't a calamity. jason r: you can see just how much progress, all the trash that has been picked up. kind of the remnants of the trash. there were four people inside the vehicle. two of them were taken to the hospital and then later released. steve: a man accused of murdering his own mother in ohio yesterday, was captured this morning near dows, in north central iowa. iowa state troopers took 34-year-old burley blankenship into custody sunday morning, after he was caught going nearly 100-miles-per-hour on interstate 35. blankenship is wanted in cleveland, ohio for saturday's murder of his mother, 54-year-old chrissann blankenship. he's now being held in the
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hamilton county jail awaiting extradition. kevin: des moines police cited a guthrie county reserve deputy for trying to bring a handgun through des moines airport security. the incident happened saturday afternoon about 3:00. 35-year-old andrew carson was moving through security on his way to a las vegas flight. that is when tsa officials found a fully loaded glock handgun in his personal carry on bag. carson told investigators he keeps the gun in his bag for work and forgot to remove the gun before going to the airport. a follow up to that kum and go clerk fired from his job when he confronted a suspected gas thief last month with a hammer. 84-year-old glen zirbel was supposed to be in court today on charges of 4th degree criminal mischief. but, he has hired a lawyer now and will try to get the charges dropped or reduced. steve: mistakes made by the fbi over 20 years are forcing the state of iowa to review hundreds of criminal cases, to see if some prisoners were wrongly
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kcci's marcus mcintosh shows us what's now being done. marcus: the first step is creating the wrongful conviction division of the state attorney's office which will be focus on , cases where hair samples helped convict the defendant. the head of the public defenders newly created wrongful conviction division is already buried in case review. >> we are going to be looking at microscopic hair comparison analysis cases the fbi was training dci analysts in techniques that were proper when they were taught but are now shown to be incorrect and improper. marcus: this first stack of about a 100 cases from the years 1980-2000 was given to the office from the dci. along with theci help will come from both the iowa and midwest innocence projects. the state public defender says there have been no dna exonerations in the state of iowa to this point, but if even one person is wrongly jailed it is 1 too many. even if we get it right 99% of -- >> even if we get it right 99% of the time and wrong 1% of
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the time, that would mean there are over 80 innocent people incarcarated in iowa. marcus: this is not a case of undermining police or or prosecutors, just another set of checks and balances to make sure an innocent person was not sent to prison. >> in a system operated by humans, mistakes can be made including wrongful convictions. marcus: the wrongful conviction division is not an immediate get out of jail free card for anyone . it is a detailed process that could realistically take a few years to play out. >> we want to make sure we are getting incorrect that the , person is actually innocent. to do that, we have to do a very thorough review. marcus: we spoke with polk county john sarcone earlier today. he tells us no one wants to see someone behind bars who does not belong there. sarcone also says says he doesn't know of any polk county cases that relied solely on hair comparison analysis. marcus mcinotsh, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: we started off this day a little nice.
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is it going to continue? kurtis: clouds are rolling in and these clouds are associated with a couple of systems that will eventually squeeze some rain. these are the leftover remnants of hurricane patricia. this will interact with a system out to the west that is going to bring is a good chance of rain on tuesday. temperatures cooling down to 49 degrees. , 52. 4:00 p.m., 55. we are going to cool on down. average high this year around 59 degrees. saturday, warming up in the 60's. the latest rainfall totals expected in a bit. steve: an update now on the widespread illness. that forced des moines roosevelt high school to cancel classes last thursday.
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the polk county health department says test results are expected by the middle of the week. on thursday, 58 teachers fell ill. no students were effected. tainted food in a catered meal for the teachers and staff is being looked at as the possible cause. the des moines chemical company that was the scene of a massive explosion and fire back in 2007 today agreed to pay more than , $1 million in fines. explosions rocked barton solvents des moines plant 8 years ago, and its plant in kansas the same year, damaging nearby businesses. the epa says it found widespread safety violations at the chemical plants. kevin: a happy follow-up to a story we brought you in july. janelle williams turned to her car into an advertisement to help her 9-year-old son, izaiah, find a kidney. it was a desperate plea, that -- but it appears to have worked. due to privacy at this point, williams doesn't know who the donor is.
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if some final blood tests go successfully they are looking at , november 19 or december 3 for the surgery. steve: central iowa businesses, former pro-athletes, and parents, are all banding together to ask the presidential candidates what they will do to promote green energy. calling themselves climate parents, the group says it came together to promote renewable energy because clean energy is better in the long-run for their children. former iowa hawkeye and nfl star tim dwight, now the head of the iowa solar energy trade association, says they have plenty of work ahead of them. >> we gotta have policy, we gotta have the clean power plant. because these monopolies have been set in place over 100 years. and they've always had their markets, so we have to have plans. we have to have regulations to show that clean power is the way to go. steve: climate parents is part of a much larger national organization.
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isu's -- isu's office of coordinator.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. >> cashing a check and walking away just wasn't an option for us. steve: a well-known family business in southern iowa is set to reopen following a devastating fire. it was one year ago today that the farm and home store in osceola burned to the ground. kevin: kcci's mark tauscheck traveled to clarke county and explains how this store and its employees are about to make a big comeback. mark: the owners of the osceola farm and home hope to open in 3 weeks, leaving them in the unusual position of setting up a store while they're still building it. >> pretty much right by second gondola. mark: brothers jeff and patrick edwards are on the verge of re-opening.
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their new store will be roughly twice the size of the old farm and home. >> the building is about 36,000 square feet. >> it was like an animal that crawled through the place over the course of 8 hours and just ate everything in its path. there wasn't a paper clip left inside the building. mark: no trace of the original store that sold a little of everything remains. but jeff edwards says he and his brother decided to rebuild almost immediately. >> our father spent years building up the business and we just didn't feel like we could walk away from this market, cashing a check and walking away just wasn't an option for us. >> a store like farm and home is very important to those people on a day in day out basis when it comes to all the things they need out there on the farm. but the rest of us go there too. mark: dennis mcmurry spoke for many of his fellow employees as they watched their jobs go up in smoke.
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mark: mcmurry is one of 14 employees returning for opening day. >> i believe it now, it's reality, i'm ready to open this store up. mark: the store will open the week of november 16. steve: a little change in the weather and is going to involve us getting wet. incredibly dry october overall. the clowns already -- the clouds already rolling in. winds out of the east at seven. humidity at 41%. cloudy skies at 10:00 p.m.. 54 degrees by 7:00 p.m.. on your tuesday, it looks like rain will be pushing in. not a great chance early tomorrow but as the morning turns to the afternoon, it looks like showers likely.
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clouds rolling in, basically statewide. a lot of moisture streaming in from the south combining with a system out to the west. the system sitting over wyoming. that means some wet weather on the way. it is going to be soggy from the dakotas right into chicago and illinois. seeing those cool fall temperatures. again, moisture moves north, the system interacts. east of i-35 looks to be the heaviest rain. that will knock temperatures down even farther and probably push up a whole lot of wind on wednesday. noon hour, eastern half of the state.
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wednesday morning, rain along the mississippi. i think minnesota could see some flurries with this system. wednesday evening, just going to be a windy one. rainfall amounts, notice western iowa missing out on much of this. around 63 hundredths of an inch here in the metro. temperatures tonight dipping down to 49 degrees. tomorrow, the rain starts in southern iowa and then moved to the north. showers likely. not a good chance for thunderstorms. probably a little bit of a rumble of thunder now and again. a lot of folks have teams in the playoffs. playoff forecast looks to be quite windy, especially early part of the game. temperatures in the 40's. by the time the game comes to an
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end, low 40's with wind chills in the 30's. thursday, sunshine 50. rain chance on saturday. sunday, back into the 60's. general trend for a warm up next week. steve: 2-5 cyclones go to a new
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i'm hillary clinton
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: this weekend against the longhorns the cyclones will have , a new look in more ways than one. andy garman was in ames, where change is in the air. andy: iowa looked better, but still not good enough against baylor, and many in many expected paul rhoads to announce a quarterback change. >> i had to make a change in offense of coordinator this morning. andy: less than two years after being hired with much fanfare, mark mangino was shown the door this morning. >> i thought it was the right hire at the time.
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andy: mangino was in his second season calling plays for the cyclones. >> mark and i couldn't get on the same page on a few important items. in the end, mark was not interested in that. i wish that wasn't the case. andy: the cyclones did make a change at quarterback. ankeny's joel lanning will be the first one to take the snap on saturday as texas comes to town. scott: todd sturdy will replace mangino. kamari cotton-moya is likely
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coalle netten is now the backup kicker. it is a 6:00 kick on fox sports one. hawkeyes our home as well, a 2:30 kickoff against maryland on abc. speaking of the hawkeyes desmond , king is one of the may reasons the hawkeyes are ranked tenth, the intercpetion machine is getting noticed. king is one of 16 semifinalists for the jim thorpe award, given to the nation's top defensive back. he has six picks in seven games this season. that leads the big ten and is second national -- second nationally. he is also iowa's kick and punt returner. the royals get to play games one and two at home, and this is their second straight world series. the mets are in town for two games. starting tomorrow, they seek to avenge last year's world series loss.
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advantage, they did that. they wants to get back to the world series, they have done that. of course we had large contingents of royals in the all-star game. they have accomplished everything they have set their minds to up to this point and we
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kevin: take an umbrella tomorrow. kurtis: especially through the late morning and the afternoon. chance for heavier rain the farther east. steve: edited for us at 6:00.
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national captioning in f0 [ music ] whale watching disaster. they were out for the experience of a lifetime. what we've learned about the doomed ship. then, the real anderson cooper vs. his double. >> this first question is for everyone. >> why he's so upset. >> it's like the only thing he knew about me is that i'm gay. >> and the presidential candidate who got kicked off the quiet car. >> there's absolutely no
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