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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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mark: there are still a lot of people who leave their keys in the ignition even these days but , this gentleman who lives just outside osceola didn't think his red convertible with personalized plates would ever be a target, let alone twice. the personalized military plates with a navy emblem next to seal 2 indicates the owner of this red chrysler convertible is probably not someone you should be messing with. what do you think of thieves? >> i hate em. mark: someone messed with gerald clark when they stole his unlocked car from his driveway two weekends ago. the key was in the ignition . luckily, it was found two days later on adams street in osceola. the key was missing so gerald sent a towing company to retrieve it. >> by the time they got there it was gone. mark: the next day the car was , spotted in leon, 20 minutes south in decatur county. and this time when the car was found there was a clue inside, a very obvious clue.
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the thief left his clothes and paperwork identifying him in the car. well we know how you think about thieves, what do you think about don't thieves? -- about dumb thieves? >> even worse, gerald served his -- >> even worse. mark: gerald served his country for 23 years a navy seal during the korean and vietnam wars specializing in underwater demolition and reconnassaince. is guard cats may have let him down the first time his car was stolen. but he can lower the risk of losing his car a third time by losing one simple, bad habit. he will be locking that door from now on. gerald says investigators told him they have a warrant out for the man they think may have stolen the car both times. the clarke county sheriff's department did not return any of our calls today so we were not able to verify if they do have a
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live in the studio, mark tauscheck kcci 8 news, iowa's stacey: one man is charged with stealing a truck in jefferson then leading police on a high speed chase near perry. andrew jensen faces a long list of charges, from operating a vehicle with the owner's -- a vehicle without the owner's permission, to felon in possession of a firearm. the dallas county sheriff says after spotting the stolen truck last night in perry, jensen led officers on a chase that ended when deputies deployed stop sticks in highway 169. kevin: two fort dodge men in a nebraska jail charged with trying to drive home with 33 pounds of marijuana in their car. officers pulled over tyler cervene and bryce loftus sunday near omaha on interstate 80. a deputy says he smelled a strong odor of marijuana and found 41 bags of the drug. investigators say the pair admitted buying $50,000 worth of pot in colorado and planned to resell it in fort dodge.
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a disturbing hazing incident at clarion goldfield dows high school. vanessa peng is live to show how this is part of a disturbing national trend. vanessa: kevin, that's right, it's happening in high schools all across the nation, and now it's come here to clarion goldfield dows high school. the students involved are being charged with hazing and assault. an alleged hazing incident here at clarion-goldfield-dows high school has exposed a rash of alleged incidents. police chief steve terhark tells us a group of three older football players would grab a younger player, take the player into a room at the school, hold him down, and use their fingers to assault him. terhark says the alleged hazing incidents would happen in between classes. football players, two seniors and one junior, would randomly pull freshman into rooms and assault them. terhark says the victims weren't specifically targeted. if the suspects saw a freshman player without any witnesses around, they would assault him. terhark says two weeks ago an incident was reported, and now a total of at least 6 victims have come forward.
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pull their kids out of school. >> the students as well as the teachers need to let everyone know what's going on so they can put a stop to this. and yes, it is still scary . anything about that, just it freaks me out, it freaks me out . vanessa: superintendent robert olson declined to go on camera, citing student privacy issues. he did say on the phone the school board voted to expel three students until the end of the school year after a closed session during a special meeting. live in clarion, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: new information about a school board member charged with child endangerment and animal neglect. he has entered a not guilty plea to those charges. kcci told you last month marshalltown police said charged 50-year-old kendall derby because of the conditions officers found in the home she -- the home that he shared with a 13-year-old child. derby has been on the marshalltown school board since 2013. stacey: a central iowa cancer patient returned home after treatment out-of-state to find she was the victim of burglars.
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kcci's marcus mcintosh just back from colfax with her story new at 6:00. marcus: sandra hendrix-kennedy has lived in her colfax home for 30 years. she says the burglary made what she is going through even worse. treatment for ovarian cancer has made even routine activities like walking painful for 58-year-old sandra hendrix-kennedy. the pain intensified monday night when she came home to this. >> is devastating. it makes you sick or that the nausea and the side effect. it tears you down more. marcus: before stepping inside her home, she knew something was wrong. >> i couldn't get in the front door. trying to get in the front door , it was piled high. we had to find another way in . marcus: that way was through the back, the same way her son in law thinks whoever stole from and trashed the home got inside. >> this door hadn't had anything in the way of it on the outside
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. and bashed the glass in with a hammer. it seemed like they did it fast and were looking for items of value. marcus: items of value that include woodworking and automotive tools and jewelry to dollars. hendrix-kennedy admits the its treatment makes it difficult for her to keep up with her home. when she thinks about who could adds insult to injury. probably somebody i know. marcus: hendrix-kennedy has reported what happened to colfax police who are investigating. marcus mcintosh kcci 8 news, , iowa's news leader. stacey: two women are charged with trying to hold-up a des moines convenience store. des moines police say angela jefferson tried to rob the git n go on east euclid saturday, but got away with nothing. officers arrested the two women a short time later in a vehicle described by a witness. police say both tried using someone else's identity when questioned. kevin: fire investigators say they're still trying to pinpoint the cause of an fire at the coffee cup cafe.
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it started about 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. most of the damage occurred in the dining area, leading investigators to think the fire may have started there. the kitchen section of the cafe remains largely intact. stacey: the iowa house oversight committee says it is holding hearings next month on claims some of the material presented at the governor's conference on lgbt youth was inappropriate for some children at the conference. the conference was held at prairie meadows events center back in april. representative bobby kaufmann, chairman of the committee, says some parents have come forward saying some of the material presented was too explicit. that hearing will take place november 18 at the statehouse. a russell man was given four years probation for holding illegal deer hunts on his lucas the iowa dnr says 63-year-old steven miller had been leasing his land for the illegal hunts from 2009 to 2014. the hunters from alabama did not possess an iowa hunting licenses or tags. two other men connected to the
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connection to the crime. in ames tonight, a portion of east ames under a boil advisory. yesterday, water plant workers hit an 18 inch line, creating a potential contamination. about 157 homes and 100 businesses in the highlighted area are being asked to boil their water until tests show it is safe to drink. about a different sort of water. rainy weather for much of the day today as predicted by kurtis gertz. regards rain will pick up -- kurtis: is already a little heavy on the south side. the heavier rain in these areas in yellow. picking up again in newton, marshalltown. additional rainfall looks run anywhere from 2/10 to about a half an inch. lighter amounts west and northwest.
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over an inch of rain in grinnell. about a half inch in ottumwa. rain tonight. we start up the day in the 40's. all those forecasts in just a few minutes. kevin: southwest airlines says starting april of next year it will stop offering flights from des moines to chicago's midway airport. and instead, begin offering direct flights from des moines to st. louis. the des moines airport says southwest goes to 21 other destinations from st. louis and that several local businesses have strong business connections in st. louis. looking at the southwest airlines online route map currently, des moines passengers , who fly southwest to chicago find southwest with direct connections to over 60 other
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cities from midway airport. the st. louis hub currently has over 30 different direct connections. stacey: the hawkeye football team is doing something it hasn't done all season prepare , for a game as a top 10 team. sports director andy garman shows us how they're getting ready for maryland. kevin: and a cat once owned by a child reappears, a decade and a half later.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. >> he's our cat and should be with us and he is. after all these years. it's just crazy. kevin: a pleasant surprise for a des moines family. it would be for any family as they see their cat for the first time since he disappeared. but ralph the cat went missing , from their home 14 years ago. stacey: a polk county animal control officer found ralph and turned him into the arl. kcci's emmy victor shows us how
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the owner and that were reunited after so long. emmy: fourteen years later, an unexpected reunion. >> it was not even a possibility that i was ever going to see my cat again. emmy: jill received ralph as a christmas present from the arl in 1998. >> she carried him around, she did everything with ralph. emmy: ralph disappeared in 2001 and it was difficult to replace him. >> i had a german shepard, and a cat, but none of them were ralph. emmy: fast forward to 2015. jill now has a son and ralph was a distant memory. until the arl notified rita of their findings last week. she showed up as the owner through a microchip ralph received when he was adopted. >> ongoing, i don't have a cat, and they said, yeah, you do. emmy: so she sent her daughter to the compound in disbelief. >> he looked at me. and kind of turned his head sideways. and his eyes perked up.
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emmy: ralph is now home and jill is working to get him healthy again. he has lost weight and fur because he was stray for so many years. >> i am just glad that he gets to fnish out his life with me and not somewhere out on the streets. and i can make sure that he has a good ending to his life. emmy: emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: by the way, the animal rescue league microchips all cats before they are adopted for nearly twenty years. the arl was one of the first places in iowa to do so. stacey: let's check back in with kurtis. kurtis: downtown right now, 45 degrees. we are just about saturated. schoolnet rainfall today, 80 400s in sheraton. jefferson, 52 hundredths. on average so far in the metro,
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rain will be picking up here. 10:00 p.m., still upper 40's. gusty winds by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. most of the range of ball tonight. once those winds pick up, the rain should come to an end. widespread right now for webster city, fort dodge. another area of heavier rain from jasper, poweshiek county up towards the waterloo area. rain moving almost due north. picking up downtown to the south side, and then rain from altoona over to mitchellville. this is leftover moisture, some of it, from that hurricane patricia that is being pulled from the golf as the system slides to the west.
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some light snow in wyoming and colorado. this area of low pressure will move northeast. this front drive through. winds get strong later tonight. gusts over 30 miles an hour as we head into wednesday. rain heading out by the morning our. watch what happens here. light snow possible in extreme northern iowa. could mix in with some rain. tonight, that low down to 48. strong winds tomorrow, just 53 degrees. those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. if you're headed to your local playoff game, blustery with wind chills in the 30's.
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games should -- 42 degrees. 8 day forecast, thursday 51. friday, 56 degrees. it will be fairly pleasant compared to wednesday. 6 p.m., 54. last year we were in the 50's. as we head to saturday, most will be 58.
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tt0w!tx#(g!!%4@-[$@ tt0w!tx#(g!!el@-q#, tt0w!tx#(g!!ed@-w!h tt0w!tx#(g%!)8h-7_4 tt0w!tx#(g%!kzh-*0h tt0w!tx#(g%!n-h-_yd tt0w!tx#(g%!0ph-a>\ tt0w!tx#(g%!s"h-ql< tt0w!tx#(g%!ueh-r.l announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: it is kind of hard not to hear the national buzz growing about the 10th ranked hawkeye football team. as scott reister reports, facing maryland this week offers a different kind of challenge. sct: all hail the hawkeyes. the experts predict a relatively easy path to the big ten title game, and then who knows? everybody seems to be getting caught up in the hype.
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>> we try to block it out. >> it is really kind of silly. >> now all of a sudden they are expecting us to do all this other stuff. >> we are focused on maryland. >> we have 62.5% of our big ten schedule to play. scott got iowa's five -- scott: iowa's five main opponent have a combined record of 2-15. can take lightly. when you start doing that starts going downhill fast. picture stuff. players thinking about the task at hand, kirk ferentz has gathered of one around and read
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-- of upsets happening around college football lately. scott reister, kcci. andy: the hawks and the terps saturday at 2:30 on abc. hawkeye wrestling fans are snapping up the tickets for the outdoor show known as the grapple on the gridiron. iowa announcing today that more than 30,000 tickets have been sold for the season-opening outdoor wrestling dual meet with oklahoma state at kinnick stadium. iowa state's new feature running back is racking up yards and gaining some attention. redshirt freshman mike warren was added to the watch list for the doak walker award today. the award given out to the nation's best running back. he's the only freshman on the list right now. warren is the nation's freshman leader in rushing with 797 yards on the season and ranks in , the top 20 nationally in yards per game and yards per carry. paul rhoads says that has a lot to do with the o-line up front blocking better and warren's improving vision. >> you could see him approaching
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and you can see where his eyes were in an effort to make that next cut. he made a great one and then went back inside and made a five yard gain out of what was maybe a one yard run. scott: warning and the cyclones host texas saturday night. college basketball, wichita state a unanimous number one pick in the valley. uni picked 2nd, drake 7th in the men's side. drake picked 2nd, uni 3rd in the valley women's race. drake's lizzy wendell is named preseason player of the year. we are supposedly just a few minutes away from first pitch of the mets-royals world series game one. the rain is kind of cleared out
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they are still hoping for do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples
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i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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kurtis: rain picking up out there especially on the south side of town. driving up around the missouri river valley. heavier rain down towards the airport, all moving north. kevin: if you are into politics and a little fun, late night with stephen colbert continues his interviews with presidential candidate spiller -- candidates.
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stacey:if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs.
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