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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. >> this is completely a political witch hunt against lgbtq youth. stacey: next at 10:00 explicit , content? a house committee investigates the governor's anti-bullying conference. the alleged inappropriate material in question. kevin: critical condition. >> he's got a bullet in his spotting, so not sure if he can -- spine, so not sure if he can walk ever again. kevin: what we're learning about an ankeny teen shot by a perfect stranger. steve: knocked from the top. the donald's plea to iowans tonight. stacey: for that 10:00 an , anti-bullying conference under fire. accusations of sexually-oriented presentations. kevin: as kcci's ryan smith reports lawmakers will soon meet
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ryan: a group of house lawmakers now focusing their attention on the governor's conference on lgbtq youth. new charges of sexually-explicit material presented to students. the organizer tells me this is a -- this is nothing more than a political stunt. in april, hundreds of students, teachers, and parents gathered for a day of learning about bullying prevention and lgbtq issues. >> to know, they're not alone, they're ok and give them some inspiration to go home with. ryan: but some topics, allegedly discussed at the 10th annual conference, now at the center of a state investigation. >> there were some presentations that were given to minors without parental consent that was so inappropriate that it wouldn't make the cut to be on a rated r movie. ryan: state representative bobby kaufmann says more than two dozen complaints were made. the republican lawmaker supports the conference's mission but says some discussions went too far.
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were encouraged to practice safe bondage. they were told about apps that could help them locate the nearest orgy. ryan: iowa safe schools organizes the annual conference. >> these fantasies of his is just outrageous and ridiculous. ryan: its executive director calls this a witch hunt against lgbtq youth. >> it's not true and frankly, representative kaufmann talking about an app that students can find orgies is ridiculous it is -- is ridiculous. will meet next month to find out if there is any truth behind the accusations. necessary in defense of the conference. by the way the date for next year's governor's conference on lgbtq youth will be announced november 18, the day of the house committee hearing. latin studio, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: new details coming out about the mcdonald's shooting that left one teen in the icu. kcci's laura terrell is at mercy
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hospital to explain how the victim is doing and what we now know about his injuries. laura: three days after the shooting justin phongsavanh is , still recovering here in the hospital surrounded by family and friends. and those friends tell us, he might never walk again. this is what justin phongsavanh looks like in the hospital just days after being shot in this ankeny mcdonald's parking lot. a very different picture from the strong football player seen here in his ankeny centennial high school photo. >> we are hoping for the best. is a strong kid he is young. , he's got a lot of will in him. laura: craig ball is justin's boss, but he says he thinks of him more like a son. >> just a real pleasure to be around. what are those people that, when he walks in the room you're just , like, yeah. laura: police say 36-year-old gabriel coco, a complete , friend nickolas culver after witnessing their poor behavior in the restaurant saturday night.
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now learned coco followed the the teens outside of mcdonald's unprovoked and use a 40 caliber pistol to pistol whip culver and shoot justin in the upper right arm, leaving a bullet fragment. >> the bullet won't come out. if they take the bullet out it's , more damage. laura: ball says the bullet is lodged in justin's spine and doctors are fearful he'll be paralyzed from the waist down. raised more than $5,000 for medical bills. ball hopes it lightens the load for justin and his family after this random act of violence. >> i don't know what happened there, but there is no reason to shoot somebody for whatever. you shouldn't to pull your gun on somebody for something like that. laura: gabiel coco has bonded out of the polk county jail. we tried to talk with him at his home tonight but no one was home. reporting in des moines, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: parents are outraged after alleged incidents of hazing in clarion. a total of at least 6 victims
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school have come forward. police chief steve terhark tells kcci a group of three older football players would grab a younger player after school before football practice, take the player into a room by the locker-room, hold him down, and use their fingers to assault him. terhark says the victims weren't specifically targeted. some parents say they want to pull their kids out of school. >> after every incident, they said that it was intiation, your freshman initiation. >> it was like the most disgusting thing i've ever heard of. you know, there's a lot of sick stuff, but come on to do that to a kid? it's going to scar him for life. stacey: the suspects, one adult and two juveniles, will all face two charges each, simple assault and hazing. superintendent robert olson declined to go on camera, citing student privacy issues. he did say over the phone the school board expelled three students until the end of the
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meeting. right now two fort dodge men are , in a nebraska jail charged with trying to drive home with 33 pounds of marijuana in their car. officers arrested tyler cervene and bryce loftus sunday near omaha on interstate 80. investigators say the pair admitted to buying $50,000 worth of pot in colorado, and planned to re-sell it in fort dodge. kevin: new numbers today show donald trump not leading the republican presidential race nationally. the cbs news poll says 26% of gop primary voters surveyed, are backing ben carson for the nomination. that compares to 22% for trump. three other polls show carson leading trump here in iowa. trump refusing to believe the poll numbers. he reacted to his drop from the top while in iowa today. with more from the donald. steve: donald trump spoke
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in a rambling, kind of stream of consciousness speech, he touched on familiar themes, like what a great negotiator he is, what a great christian he is, how weak his competition is, what a train-wreck he feels obamacare is, and how great he will be for the military. trump says everything with his campaign was clicking right along until the most recent poll numbers started rolling in from our state, and he began responding to questions from reporters. mr. trump: when i heard the poll today they said, what are you , going to do? i said, work harder in iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. now if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. that i can promise. steve: trump will be back on the national stage tomorrow at the 3rd republican presidential debate. it's set for the coors events center at the university of colorado in boulder at 7:00 p.m.. you can watch the 2-hour contest on cnbc. the top 10 polling candidates will participate.
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debate. as for the democrats, new numbers show that hillary clinton has developed a commanding lead in iowa. the monmouth university poll shows 65% of likely democratic caucus-goers are backing clinton while senator bernie sanders is now a distant second at 24%. you can catch clinton tonight in her "late show with stephen colbert" debut. that's coming up right after this newscast right here on , kcci. stacey? stacey: big changes for southwest airlines customers flying out of des moines. todd magel is live at the des moines airport with more on a new flight schedule just announced. todd: say goodbye to chicago and hello to st. louis. southwest is moving its twice daily flights from here at the des moines airport this spring. when southwest airlines started flying out of des moines three years ago, it offered two flights a day to chicago. today southwest announced it's
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it is switching to st. louis. >> they must feel that the market is better served through st. louis then it is through chicago. todd: des moines airport general manager kevin foley says southwest is not giving a specific reason for the change, but he says chicago midway tends to be jammed with traffic. foley says the airport has asked southwest for more hubs to help passengers. but today's announcement was a surprise. >> we demonstrated to southwest that st. louis would be a good route for us but in so doing we didn't anticipate we would lose both chicago flights. todd: when southwest airlines first started flying to chicago, prices went down. now the fear is prices to chicago could go back up. >> united and american still serve chicago so there is some competition there. it's hard to tell what fares will do. todd: flying southwest airlines to chicago, you will be able to do that after april 11, 2016.
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live at the airport, todd magel, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: take a look from our downtown skycam are up. starting to set in. kurtis: the rain is using up for the metro. just east of i-35, still some good rain in knoxville and sheridan. this rain east of i-35 moving north. this is just kind of pulling to the east is the area of low pressure is moving over the top of us. 80 600s of an inch in marshalltown, 6/10 in ames. metro, 40 600s. 48 hundredths in ottumwa. creston, 3/10 of an inch. no more rain on the labor
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the big difference, it will be colder, windy. we start out of the 40's. 53 at 3:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. temperature down to 46 degrees. we slowly crews up to the 60's by late in the weekend. kevin: access 10:00, -- next at 10:00 trapped in a palm tree. , the amazing rescue caught on camera. stacey: shamefully shocking. that's how officials describe the viral video of a classroom arrest. how the fbi is getting involved tonight. kevin: remarkable reunion.
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stacey: terrifying moments for a california tree trimmer today. he was trapped in a palm tree 25-feet above ground. happened in pasadena. it took firefighters nearly an hour to reach an. -- to reach him. he was dangling from his harness. he was eventually lowered to the ground and taken to the hospital where he is in fair condition. charges tonight in a fire that killed two kansas city firefighters. 43-year-old thu hong nguyen is charged with first-degree arson and two counts of murder in the deaths of larry leggio and john
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they died when a burning mixed-use building collapse investigators say nguyen bought october 12. four bottles of acetone and 4 bottles of isopropyl the day of the fire. her bail has been set at 2 -- set at $2 million. right now, the justice department investigating the viral video of a student being tossed around by a school resource officer. kevin: as marlie hall reports, the school and the sheriff's office sharing in the public's outrage tonight. marlie: the federal justice department is now investigating incidents caught on video in a south carolina school. richland county deputy ben fields is seen wrapping his arm around a female students that flipping her and her desk over, , and dragging her across the floor. other students were horrified. >> it seemed really violent and it was really, really, hard to watch. marlie: deputy fields was called in and instructed to remove the student after she repeatedly refused to put away her cell phone. sheriff leon lott says the girl was wrong for disrupting the
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class but he is only concerned , with fields. >> it started with her, and it ended with my officer. and what i'm going to deal with is what my deputy did. marlie: school officials called the incident outrageous, and said the safety of all students is their primary concern. >> we, as a board, will work with the sheriff department to look at the screening process and which officers are in our schools. marlie: fields is suspended. complete his investigation in 24 the federal probe could take several weeks. marlie hall, cbs news. kevin: the girl and a second student were charged with disturbing a school and released to their parents. new at 10:00 and back here in central iowa pulitzer prize , winning author jane smiley at the iowa author awards dinner presented by the des moines public library foundation. the annual fundraiser for the foundation honored iowa authors tim johnston, dr. william friedricks, claudia mcgehee, and
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the third entry in smiley's trilogy examining a century of an iowa farm family has just been released. smiley taught english at iowa state where she also authored the novel "moo." stacey: good news for a des moines family tonight. the arl connected them with their long lost cat this week. they family adopted the cat in 1998 from the shelter. ralph went missing fourteen years ago. the family thought that they would never see him again. >> >> he's our cat and should be with us and he is. after all these years. it's just crazy. stacey: a polk county animal control officer found ralph and turned him into the arl. the family showed up as the owners through a micro chip ralph received when he was adopted. kevin: still there 14 years later kurtis: a little moisture to recharge the moisture levels of the soil. kurtis: we will have that cool
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down. we are at 50 degrees. look at some of these rainfall totals. , over an inch. here at the kcci studios, 47 hundredths of an inch. mostly cloudy at 10:00 a.m. winds are going to pick up tomorrow. west-northwest winds at 21. it is definitely not a heatwave tomorrow. rain across the states heaviest east of i-35. mason city, waterloo coming down into ottumwa.
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notice this rain moving out of bondurant. another band in grimes, clive. here is the activity. you can see this rain in northern iowa. slowly moving on out. vail pass was close for a big today would snow there. that will really not the temperature down the next few days. clouds hang around early in the day, especially eastern half the state. extreme northern iowa could get
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maybe mason city over towards dorchester. 48, rain slowly ending. northwest winds at 10-15. tomorrow, strong north -- strong north-northwest winds. football playoffs, bundle up. 42 degrees. thursday morning in the 30's, friday morning in the 30's. friday's high at 56. tonight, temperatures look to be in the 50's with mostly cloudy skies. it comes the warm up. after some morning rain on saturday, sunday 65. how about tuesday and wednesday? -the upper 60's.
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>> i can lift a bus, i can fly at least i think i can.
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debut for the new cbs drama "supergirl." kevin: the hour-long premiere aired last night. nielsen ratings show it was the fall season's most-watched new series debut. stacey: it tells the story of dc comics character kara zorel, superman's cousin. after 12 years of hiding her true identity, she decides to embrace her superhuman powers and be the hero she was always meant to be. kevin: tro -- the show is also trending because of the atntion the actors is getting from a presidential candidate. westjet -- mr. bush: "supergirl" is on tv. she looked pretty hot. stacey: melissa benoist is the actress bush is talking about. the 27-year-old from littleton, colorado reacted to the comment
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>> i heard about it, but i don't know what to think. i'm glad he's excited to watch
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kevin: you can catch "supergirl" andy: there are many reasons why this world series feels fresh. this is just the third time since 1997 that the fall classic doesn't feature the giants, cardinals, red sox, or yankees. the royal with their last year, but before that it wasn't since 1985. game one in kansas city, and right now the home team needs a rally. that's up 4-3 -- mets up 4-3. saturday at kinnick stadium the , undefeated hawkeyes play a two-win maryland team that recently fired its coach. you have to wonder if focus will be a problem. it shouldn't be.
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scott reister says the energy level shouldn't be a problem either. scott: something that can help them stay focused against maryland is that they can walk around the campus here i what without feeling like they are 100-years-old. >> is a rough game. to have a bye week is helpful. scott: cj beathard's upper leg injury has had time to heal. jordan canzeri will miss another me with an ankle injury, but fellow back leshaun daniels is getting closer to full speed. wideout tevaun smith is back to -- smith says he is fully healed. let's be honest, sometimes you just need a break. what was it like to just to sit on a couch? >> i was loving it. >> started for the first time, i never really understood how much of a totally season can take on you.
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>> a lot of guys are feeling a lot better. >> relax a little bit and get ready to go for the next 5 games scott: rested and ready here , come the hawkeyes. andy: hawkeyes are looking forward to the game against the terms saturday afternoon at 2:30 live on abc. hawkeye wrestling fans are watching their team russell outdoors. more than 30,000 tickets have have been -- tickets have been sold for the gravel on the gridiron. i hosts texas on saturday. college basketball, wichita state a unanimous number one selection in the valley conference preseason poll. uni picked 2nd, drake 7th in the poll. of the women's side, drake
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uni right third. there was a famous face on the sidelines and a new coach. barack obama flying in just to see fred hoiberg's debut. jimmy butler plastic to the cavaliers defense for the two-handed dunk. paul gasol with the game-tying shot.
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alex gordon, solo shot, tiestacey: another all-new episode of "the late show with stephen colbert" coming up next. tonight, hillary clinton, and the board day, and actress -- anthony lord bourdain. andy: we go to extra innings. kurtis: some showers out there right now. wendy tomorrow. warmer days ahead, probably warming up by late in the weekend.
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