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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 28, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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what one iowa board of regent member says needs to be addressed. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: also this morning, royals fans might be waking up a little groggy this morning. they had a late night. game one of the world series lasted well past midnight last night. we'll tell you a record it tied and show you some of the highlights, coming up. quite again. i got an e-mail from a friend of mine saying he just got back into town. good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: it's 5:00 on wednesday, october 28. metinka slater, we are waking up to soggy conditions. metinka: it is on the website. 49 degrees in des moines and we are dealing with a brisk wind coming in from the west and northwest. that is going to become gusty this afternoon. like super doppler showing light precipitation across central iowa. it is down through new at monro and all tracking to the
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patchy drizzle will be with us on and on throughout the day today. the wind will be increasing between very gusty bernanke. grab a warmer jacket today. it is good to be a cool one, especially with the wind and the damp conditions. temperature starting in the upper 40's and highs only in the low 50's. overnight tonight, there's a possibility of a little snow to the north. eric: new information this morning for ames residents. the boil alert issued monday for some areas of the city was lifted last night around 7:30 p.m. city officials say a water main break monday afternoon caused the boil advisory, but all water is now safe to drink. more big stories now -- an iowa anti-bullying conference is under fire this morning after several complaints were made over the content of some presentations. state representative bobby kaufmann says more than two dozen people complained, saying the presentations at the april conference were sexually charged and inappropriate. iowa safe schools organizes the annual conference. its executive director calls
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youth. >> kids as young as 12 to 13 were encouraged to practice safe bondage. they were told about apps that could help them locate the nearest orgy. >> it's not true and frankly representative kaufmann talking about an app that students can find orgies is ridiculous. it is something that didn't happen at the conference. eric: a house panel is set to meet next month to investigate the accusations. elizabeth: parents in clarion are outraged this morning after alleged incidents of hazing at clarion-goldfield-dows high school. at least 6 victims have come forward at this point. the police chief there tells kcci a group of three older football players would grab a younger player after school before football practice, take the player into a room by the locker room, hold him down, and assault him. some parents say they want to pull their kids out of school. >> after every incident, they said it was initiation, your freshman initiation. >> it was like the most
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disgusting thing i've ever heard of. you know there's a lot of sick stuff, but come on, to do that to a kid? it's going to scar him for life. elizabeth: the suspects involved, one adult and two juveniles, will all face two charges each, simple assault and hazing. eric: a teen shot by a complete stranger in an ankeny mcdonald's parking lot is still recovering in the icu this morning. friends say justin phongsavanh has a bullet lodged in his spine and he might never walk again. so far, a gofund me page has raised more than $5,000 for his medical bills. police say 36-year-old gabriel coco shot phongsavanh and pistol whipped his friend, nickolas culver, after witnessing the teens' poor behavior inside the restaurant saturday night. craig ball, phongsavanh's boss and friend, says he doesn't understand why things had to turn violent. >> i don't know what happened there, but there is no reason to shoot somebody for whatever. somebody for something like
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that. eric: coco has bonded out of the polk county jail. kcci tried to talk with him tuesday, but he was not home. elizabeth: an osceola man says he's dropping a bad habit after his car was stolen twice within three days. gerald clark's chrysler convertible was stolen from his driveway after he left it unlocked with the key in the ignition. clark's car was quickly located, but the key was missing, so he sent a tow truck to retrieve it. but by the time the truck got there, the car was gone again. investigators say they now have a warrant out for the man they believe stole the car both times. clark says he will reconsider leaving his car unlocked in the future. eric: it was a late night for kansas city royals fans. game one against the new york mets went well into overtime. shaina humphries has the highlights, and the game didn't actually end until after midnight. shaina: the game lasted a full 14 innings, which actually ties a world series record. it finally ended when kansas
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sacrifice fly that drove in alcides escobar for a 5-4 win. escobar had a big night right from the start. he hit an inside-the-park homerun off the very first pitch from new york's matt harvey. in total, the game lasted 5 hours and 9 minutes, including a bizarre delay caused by a power failure, that knocked the game off the air for a little while, and kept officials from being able to use video replay. >> it was a great night. two things that you do not want and game one of the world series one is to go 14 innings , and the other is to lose. to grind through that game and win in the 14th inning is pretty good. shaina: the mets and royals face off again tonight for game 2 of the world series. that is at 7:07 p.m. on fox. also happening this morning, almost 6000 schoolchildren in illinois have had almost a month off from school now, due to a teacher's straight.
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-- teachers strike. the strike started october first one in east saint louis, illinois, when union members rejected a deal between their representatives and the school district. east saint louis's school district has been under state control since 2011 because of poor performance and has struggled financially. under the rejected deal, teachers would not be able to reach top salary scale until they had worked for 21 years. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news right now, republicans face off for the third time tonight, in the race for the white house. eric: nikole killion is in washington with more on what's different about the debate this time around. nikole: this is the first time the gop hopefuls are debating since wisconsin governor scott walker got out of the race and tonight could be make-or-break for the rest of the field. donald trump is seeking a comback after falling to ben carson in a few polls. others to watch -- jeb bush who's expected to come out swinging with his campaign reportedly on the ropes. just like the previous two matchups the top candidates will , be featured in primetime, preceded by an undercard debate with the second string. both highlighting money matters,
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>> this one is going to be focused on economy and how we can move this country forward how we can get back on the right financial track. i think it's going to be another interesting one where you see the candidates compare and contrast with each other and with the democrats. nikole: among the hot topics expected tonight taxes and job growth. in washington, i'm nikole killion. eric: the 3rd republican presidential debate will kick off tonight at 7:00 p.m. live from the university of colorado boulder. you can watch the two-hour long debate on cnbc. the top 10 polling candidates will participate. we'll bring you a wrap up of the highlights tonight on kcci 8 news at 10:00 and tomorrow on kcci 8 news this morning. a couple debate watch parties are happening in the metro. the make it work campaign supporters are holding an event at the saints pub and patio in the beaverdale neighborhood. that starts at 6:30 tonight. and the drake university democrats and republicans are holding a watch party event as well. that's at the courtside club of the shivers basketball practice facility. elizabeth: kind of hard to get out of bed. metinka: it would be a great day to sleep in. we are dealing with pockets of
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drizzle and patchy fog to the north. very light precipitation and the study rainfall has moved east of the state and moving away. the wind is building and could pretty strong winds gusting in the sioux city area. that will continue to sleep right through here the afternoon. it will be a cold wind, too. on and off drizzle throughout the day and blustery conditions and we will hit our high temperatures early around lunch or sooner than that. temperatures headed for 53 degrees. the high falling off this afternoon. it is went to be a cool stretch of weather. elizabeth: happening today, iowa colleges and universities are joining forces to host a campus safety and security summit. eric: iowa board of regents will be looking for ways to improve safety on campuses in iowa. alyx sacks met with them and has more this morning. what are they going to talk about, alyx? alyx: today, leaders will be covering three main topics -- prevention and training, response, and risk assessment and management. this is the first time all of these entities are coming together to talk about campus safety and security.
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the country. in 2015 alone, there have been about 10 shootings on college campuses in the u.s. board of regents chief academic officer diana gonzalez admits it's time to bring the conversation home. she says iowa colleges need to prepare for how to handle any type of violent situation. dr. gonzalez says campus security and safety is a top priority for the regents. >> why we are concerned about campus safety and security is because we want students to concentrate on the purpose of being on a college campus. alyx: shootings aren't the only form of violence on college campuses. gonzalez says they're going to be trying to prevent all types and discuss all forms. there are more common forms of violence that happen on nearly every college campus in this country. we will dive into what those are
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in the studio, alyx sacks, kcci 8 news iowa's news leader. , eric: more education news, the 2015 nation's report card was released overnight, and scores are not so good for u.s. schoolchildren. math scores slipped for 4th and 8h graders over the last two years, and reading grades weren't much better, flat for 4th graders and lower for 8h. eighth graders. only about a third of the nation's eighth graders were at proficient or above in math and reading. the report also found a growing achievement gap between white and black students. elizabeth: still ahead, more recalls. two automakers issued safety recalls for hundreds of thousands of cars. what you need to know to make sure your family is safe on the roads. eric: goodbye, chicago. hello, st. louis. the changes coming to the des moines airport this spring, and how it might affect your travel plans. elizabeth: and one u.s. university is trying to make it easier to graduate. how you can get an affordable degree without ever stepping inside a classroom. metinka: it's a little bit wet out there so keep that in mind
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i needed to go get my unbroken keep it easy on the road so you're not slipping around out there. we are totally green all of our traffic map. good news all around. we will head outside and take a live look at the roads now. you can see that slick shine on the roads at 235 and to polk boulevard. it does not seem like it is
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. the east coast saw a very high tide on tuesday. the water was so high in charleston, south carolina, it actually flooded several streets and backyards.
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it was the 4th highest tide of all time in south carolina, and another high tide is expected later this morning. we have a lot of whether issues to deal with, but high tide is not one of them. shaina: the roads are wet because we are dealing with drizzle across the area. metinka: the wind is went to be a major factor in your travel and outdoor plans. the gusty winds will build throughout the morning and binding. we will have gusts around 30 miles per hour or even stronger. temperatures remain on the cool side. we are starting a close to the highs for today and headed for 53 degrees with on and off drizzle throughout your wednesday. fiber showing very light precipitation in central and eastern iowa. we are headed for a cool stretch of weather for the rest of the week. if you can make it through saturday, temperatures jump back up above average and even getting close to 70 degrees as we kick off november. shaina: two car recalls
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first, general motors is recalling 1.4 million cars due to fears they might catch fire. most of these vehicles were also recalled back in 2007 and 2009, and include models produced almost two decades ago. gm says more than 1300 of those vehicles actually did catch fire after being fixed. the company says the fires are the result of oil leaking onto a hot manifold while the cars were turned off. and right now fiat chrysler is , looking for a new safety chief after former chief scott kunselman resigned from the company tuesday. earlier tuesday, fiat chrysler announced it is recalling nearly 100,000 jeeps because of a fire risk, and more than 86,000 ram 1500 pickups because the rear axle shafts could break. u.s. regulators say they've received two complaints about smoke in certain 2015 cherokees, but no injuries have been reported relating to either recall. elizabeth: big changes are coming for southwest airlines customers flying out of des moines. eric: say good bye to chicago, and hello to st. louis.
5:16 am
daily flights from chicago midway to the st. louis airport this coming april. des moines airport general manager kevin foley says southwest is not giving a specific reason for the change, but he says chicago midway tends to be jammed with traffic, and the des moines airport has asked southwest for more hubs to help passengers. >> certainly we demonstrated to southwest that st. louis would be a good route for us, but in so doing we didn't anticipate we , would lose both chicago flights. eric: so if you are considering a southwest airlines flight to chicago, you will no longer be able to book those direct flights after next april 11. the new flights to st. louis begin april 12. the new fresh market grocery store opens this morning in west des moines near the jordan creek town center. the grand opening is at 8:00 this morning, and the first 1000 customers who the doors -- through the doors will receive a free sample-sized bag of coffee and a free re-usable shopping bag.
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food sampling from 9:00-7:00 and chef demonstrations from 10:00 to 7:00. and just down the street from there, two new hotels are having their grand openings today too. the hampton inn and suites is opening a location right next to the jordan creek wal-mart. and the new homewood suites is right next door to that. each hotel will have tours, hors d'oeuvres, and a prize raffle this afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00. elizabeth: your economic headlines now, wall street ended the day in negative territory on tuesday. the dow dropped more than 41 points. the nasdaq was down more than 4. and the s&p 500 fell about five. a pharmacy mega-merger is in the works. walgreens is buying rite-aid for more than $17 billion. the merger would combine the nation's second and third largest pharmacies, and the new company would knock cvs out of the number one spot. the deal still needs to pass an anti-trust review. and getting around with your little one may be getting a lot easier. international baby brand g.b. says it's created the world's smallest stroller. it folds down to the size of a handbag, weighs just 9 pounds,
5:18 am
airplane seat. the stroller should be available next spring and will cost about $230. eric: that will get the attention from a lot of moments and that's. -- moms and dads. online education is growing across the u.s.. now a new app is offering the chance to earn a college degree from home, at a low cost. it's called the my path app, offered through brandman university. everything is done through the app on your ipad or tablet, including exams, which makes it ideal for non-traditional students with busy work schedules. brandman is hoping to set their program apart with its unique payment program. get this -- for $2700, students can earn all the credits they can handle within a six-month period. >> this provides an incentive for students to finish as quickly as possible. if they finish in two and a half years, a bachelors degree will cost $13,500. eric: brandman university is an accredited, non-profit college. about 100 students were part of
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the beta testing for the mypath app, and school officials say another 500 more students have signed up to start taking the online courses. and taco bell lovers, listen up. you can get a free am crunchwrap, all thanks to royals player lorenzo cain in last night's world series game. it's all part of taco bell's live mas campaign. lorenzo cain stole a base last night and that means you can get a free crunchwrap not today, but a week on thursday. that is november 5 between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. if another stolen base happens in games 3 through 7, you'll get another free crunchwrap on november 10. get out your calendar and mark november 5 and november 10. elizabeth: they'll recruit a lot of fans. time to take a look at the forecast and a little bit of drizzle to do with. metinka: a soggy morning and the roads are wet and you might need an umbrella if you are heading out the door.
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very light precipitation across central iowa. shower activity is moving all to the east and southeast. the study rainfall has moved east of the area. yesterday and last night, we picked up three quarters of an inch in central iowa and less than an half inch off to the west and over an inch across the eastern part of the state. we are to be adding on a little bit to that today. the wind is building from the northwest, already 15 to 20 miles per hour and expect higher gusts this afternoon. this whole system is trying to wind its way up to the north and dakotas. that will bring even more wind as we head toward the afternoon. the possibility of a couple is -- snowflakes by 9:00 or 10:00. northern iowa could see the first snowflakes of the season. we will not see accumulation of the ground is to one for that. high-pressure is controlling
5:21 am
friday evening, there is a chance for some rain shower activity lifting and across southwest iowa. some of the trick-or-treaters make it rain on friday night. in des moines, drizzle with 50 degrees and it brisk northwest winds at 15 miles per hour. highs today will be set early on with falling temperatures this afternoon. the high today is 53 degrees could keep the umbrellas handy and a thicker jacket as it will be cool out there. tomorrow will be a blustery empress day, too. saturday has a chance for a few showers lingering early in the day and then the rain moves out and gorgeous weather builds in here. remember to set your clocks back to standard time saturday night or early sunday morning. we will need that extra hour to george gorgeous 60's and even your 70 degree weather. eric: thank you. elizabeth: things are looking good on the roadways. shaina: they're looking just fine. the roads are going to be a little slippery, so you want to be extra careful out there. it is not creating any issue so far.
5:22 am
if you are getting ready to go somewhere, here at your mobile speed units. there's one outside of mckinney's today and we have one down in clinton hill on the 7100 block of southeast drive. eric: the fbi gets involved in an investigation into a south carolina school resource officer, and prince harry makes a trip to the united states.
5:23 am
washington, d.c. next. elizabeth: to the nation's capital now, nikole killion is live in washington with a look at what's making headlines. eric: nikole, the video of a student being flung from her desk by an officer in south carolina has gone viral over the last eight or so. -- the last day or so. now, the justice department says it's launching an investigation. and nikole, that officer could learn his fate pretty soon. nikole: the sheriff in the case says he could make a decision as early as today about whether the officer will be fired. it was the sheriff who called the fbi and justice department
5:24 am
to open a civil rights investigation after senior deputy ben fields was caught on tape pulling an african-american female student from her desk. she reportedly was asked to leave the class for being disruptive but refused. that's when fields flipped the teen's desk, dragging her across the floor before arresting her. elizabeth: nikole, moving to capitol hill where the house of representatives has a busy day. walk us through the key votes they face. nikole: from nominating a new leader to a major budget deal, there's a lot on lawmakers' plates this morning. the house is set to vote on an agreement that keeps the government open and holds off a debt crisis until after the 2016 elections. outgoing speaker john boehner negotiated that deal with the administration. meantime, house republicans will vote on his replacement today. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is the leading choice for speaker although he claims that budget deal stinks. eric: switching gears, there's a royal in your neck of the woods today.
5:25 am
is here. lots of excitetent around that because he is joining first lady michelle obama and jill biden at an army base this morning. the trio will meet with wounded service men and women at fort belvoir in virginia to celebrate the upcoming invictus games. it's a competition started by prince harry, who is only in the u.s. for the day. after viewing a sporting event, he'll make his way to the white house where he plans to meet with president obama in the oval office. eric: a pretty busy one-day trip to the united states. thanks, nikole killion, live in washington. more big stories ahead at 5:30, including the record world series game last night. elizabeth: plus, a conference now under fire. the accusations being made against a lgbtq group. and we'll rewind hillary
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: if you're just waking up this wednesday morning, royals win. the record fashion game 1 of the world series ended. how long the royals and mets played in kc. elizabeth: plus, inappropriate conference? the investigation into the governor's anti-bullying conference.
5:29 am
the alleged material now in question. alyx: eric: eric: eric: the iowa board of regents are making the safety a priority. elizabeth: good morning everyone. eric: yesterday i felt like going eh. how about today? metinka: another lazy day. drizzling, cool. the picture perfect fall day without the sunshine. temperatures are going nowhere fast. we are going for a high of 53 so you will need a thicker jacket today and maybe an umbrella. that wind coming from the northwest will be a big factor. we are going for a cool stretch of weather through friday with
5:30 am
friday evening showers moving out by saturday morning. get ready for a gorgeous stretch of weather toward november. temperatures back in the 60's to near 70. elizabeth: thanks metinka. first this morning, the boil advisory in ames has been lifted. we first told you about the water main break monday afternoon. a contractor hit a large water main, triggering the boil order. people in the affected areas of ames no longer have to boil their water and it is now safe to drink. more big stories. an anti-bullying conference is under fire after accusations of sexually-charged presentations. rep. bobby kaufmann: there were some presentations that were given to minors without parental consent that was so inappropriate that it wouldn't make the cut to be on a rated r movie. elizabeth: rep. bobby kaufmann says more than two dozen complaints were made after the 10th annual governor's conference on lgbtq youth in april. iowa safe schools who organized the conference calls this a
5:31 am
witch hunt against lgbtq youth. a house panel will meet next month to investigate. eric: some parents in clarion now say they want to pull their kids out of school after allegations of assault and hazing. julie samora: it's kind of surprising because the school didn't let none of the parents know, nothing like that, but it kind of makes me want to take my kids out of school here. eric: at least 6 victims from clarion-goldfield-dows high school district have come forward. the police chief tells kcci a group of three older football players would grab a younger player and take them into the locker room. during a special school board meeting, three students were expelled until the end of the school year. the suspects will all face two hazing. a teen shot over the weekend may never walk again. justin phongsavanh has a bullet logged in his spine after being shot in the parking lot of an ankeny mcdonalds. 36-year-old gabriel coco has bonded out of jail after shooting the teen. police say coco shot the teen and pistol whipped another after
5:32 am
witnessing their "poor behavior" inside the restaurant saturday night. a gofund me page has raised more than $5,000 for medical bills. elizabeth: the owner of red convertible with personalized military plates is the victim of car theft twice. two weekends ago gerald clarks' unlocked car was taken from his driveway with the keys in it, luckily it was found. two days later, they key was missing so clark sent a towing company to retrieve it. the next day the car was spotted in leon, 20 minutes away. the thief left his clothes and paperwork identifying him in the car. investigators have a warrant out for the man they think may have stolen the car both times. shaina: game 1 of the world series was played in record fashion tuesday night. the kansas city royals took on the new york mets. kc started off the game with a first pitch, inside-the-park homer. the mets took the lead from
5:33 am
with a 9th inning homer, sending the game into extra innings. after 14 innings, the royals ended the game with a walk-off run. game 2 is tonight in kansas city, game time 7:07 on fox. and students in east st. louis, illinois have been out of school for a month now. a teacher strike began back on the 1st of the month. this after union members rejected a tentative deal between their representatives and the school district. the district has been under state control since 2011 because of its poor performance. gop candidates will be back on the national stage today. the two hour debate is set for the coors event center at the university of colorado in boulder. the top 10 polling candidates will participate in the 3rd debate. the bottom 4 candidates will take part in an earlier debate. you can catch all the action on cnbc starting at 5:00. eric: kids will need their ponchos this morning. metinka: it is school, is he,
5:34 am
all caps on result -- all caps on drizzle we are near 50 degrees for a starting temperature. probably indoor recess for a lot of kids. wind will be a factor for plans. it is coming from the west of 15 to 20 miles per hour and increase to near 30 by noon. eric: today, the iowa board of regents will look to other higher education professionals for ways to improve campus safety and security. elizabeth: the summit begins this morning. kcci's alyx sacks is live in studio with more on this. alyx, have they ever had anything like this before? alyx: no. this is the first time they brought all these people to talk about campus safety and security. chief academic officer dr. diana gonzalez says it's time to bring
5:35 am
>> it affects all of us. a part of our responsibility is to create that campus environment that students can meet their objectives without the fear. higher education professionals a chance to share and learn the best ways to keep the campus safe and secure. sessions will be held throughout the day addressing emergency response calls, judicial process, victim service and support, and more. it brings in several topics, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is campus shooting but that is not everything. there is petty crime, stalking, violence against women. a report says one in five women are sexually assaulted on a campus. who dr. gonzales is looking
5:36 am
forward to hearing from the most coming up. elizabeth: important topics. coming up on kcci, portrait pumpkins. how one ohio woman brings out her creative side on the scary holiday. the creations she's made over the years. eric: plus, bulls win! the special guest in attendance for the mayor's first win as an nba coach. elizabeth: and the democratic front runner makes an appearance on late night television. what she had to say when she
5:37 am
stephen colbert. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. eric: welcome back to kcci. check out the lingering fog last night. this was taken from out downtown sky cam. if you were out and about last night, you probably noticed the fog following the rain showers. it hasn't moved out. metinka: pretty pictures, though. wind will be building and and it will be an interesting day. and temperatures are going nowhere fast, highs there 53. off and on drizzle through the day.
5:38 am
patchy areas of light rainfall knoxville. day goes along but light precipitation with a few hundredths. a cool stretch of weather for the rest of the week with highs 50's. next week more than makes up for the 60's to near 70. elizabeth: game 1 of the world series is in the record books this morning. eric: the kansas city royals took game 1 from the new york mets in a 14 inning game. the game started off with a home that run hasn't happened and like 100 years. the royals come from behind with another home run sending the game into extra innings. a sacrifice fly to right field, they score the ridding --
5:39 am
winning run. the record for number of innings played was set back in 1916. but last night's game last 5 hours and 9 minutes, the longest world series game 1 ever. it didn't and until about 12:30. there was another wrinkle to this game because the starting pitcher for the kansas city royals, his dad died earlier yesterday and his family said tell him before the game. he pitched six innings and the manager pulled him aside and informed him. they won the game that how emotional. elizabeth: the tip off for the nba season was last night. president obama took in some basketball in his hometown of chicago. it was the season opener for the chicago bulls taking on the cleveland cavaliers.
5:40 am
iowa favorite, former isu head coach and now bulls head coach fred hoiberg came away with his first win as an nba coach, beating the cav's 97-95. hoiberg takes his team and heads to new york tonight to take on the nets. eric: good to see them having success. shaina: well, halloween is quickly approaching and one ohio resident has created quite the pumpkin. she has dubbed her creation of gop candidate "trumpkin". the caricature is painted on a 374 pound pumpkin and took ten hours to create she has also . made previous pumpkin portraits of miley cyrus, phil robertson from duck dynasty and kim jong un, among others. shaina: that makes sense. eric: that is impressive. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton stopped by the late show with stephen colbert. clinton talked about her
5:41 am
campaign and why the country needs her. hillary clinton: my husband handed over 23 million new jobs, a balanced budget, and president obama got the worst economy where we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. we have to get back to making the middle class the center of our politics, raising income. and giving kids a better shot. >> the application of that is that we get the 90's back again. do i have to wear parachute pants and slap bracelets. are we going to have to get cheeky with it? i have the hips forward. it is not the clinton administration 2.0. >> i am not running for my prize -- my husband, or president obama. that we haven't understanding -- we have an understanding of what works.
5:42 am
few jabs at the gop candidates, plus colbert asked if she would rather run against ben carson or donald trump. looks like she shared a few classic photos. tonight colbert welcomes julianna margulies, jonathan franzen, and musical guest alabama shakes. don't miss all the action tonight on kcci at 10:35. eric: we finally getting more fall like temperatures. metinka tells us what we can
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, and this morning with drizzle. we have a thicker jacket and umbrella. breeze coming from the northwest at 10 to 13 master hour. they are just building into the sioux city area. overnight and yesterday we picked up a half inch to three quarters of an inch of welcome rainfall for central iowa less to the west and more to the east. the steady rain has moved t of the area lifting toward wisconsin and northern illinois. we have light precipitation expected with a few hundredths
5:46 am
of an inch, enough to keep the roads on the damp side. light snow activity across north dakota and a potential for secondary cold front through the state. a bit of light snow could wrap around for northern iowa. clear not expecting snow to accumulate but it is possible. late afternoon and evening, rain showers ferguson left in from the southwest continuing through the overnight by saturday morning. trick or treat plans by friday night -- saturday night could be soggy. patchy drizzle in des moines with far in a few locations, northwest wind is brisk. post 30 miles per hour by mid to late morning so keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. a cool day with a high only near 53 degrees. tomorrow, temperatures may not make it out of the 40's and the northern part of the state.
5:47 am
evening showers on friday into early saturday morning and as we fall back to standard time on sunday, temperatures get really nice. back into the 60's to near 70 degrees. we get a taste of mid-november weather today followed by more typical early october weather for next week. eric: any of that moisture impacting traffic? shaina: it will make roads slippery so keep that in mind. be careful so you don't end up in an accident. hopefully we won't see any this morning. here are those mobile speak in its, polk county sheriff skiescars. elizabeth: there's new hope for
5:48 am
eric: plus, a better way to eric: welcome back. on the health alert this morning, doctors are gaining ground against five of the leading causes of death in the u.s. the american cancer society analyzed mortality rates since 1969. researchers found a decline in the number of deaths from stroke, heart disease, injuries, cancer and diabetes. good news all the way around. and doctors have found a way to pinpoint a pregnant woman's due date. most expectant mothers are giving a window of about a month. but researchers say one routine ultrasound around 37-39 weeks can measure the woman's cervix and narrow the delivery date to about a week. elizabeth: and two treatments are bringing people relief from chronic fatigue syndrome. a study says patients have experienced long term benefits from cognitive behavioral therapy and from graded exercise therapy. that's a course of physical activity that increases gradually over time. eric: coming up today on "ellen", international
5:49 am
supermodel and host of project runway heidi klum stops by. elizabeth: heidi is really into halloween. she tells ellen it's going to take 11 hours to get into her costume this year. >> is this what you are doing now? >> because i wanted to change my body. >> the you know them? >> they do special effects and i love what they do. >> showcasing that, it's not a lot of fun being rubbed on. >> especially when your mouth is closed and you can only breathe from your nostril. elizabeth: plus, heidi and ellen play a game of "stuff your cups" to raise $10,000 for breast cancer awareness. and trevor noah makes his debut on the show. "ellen" is full of great people,
5:50 am
today right here on kcci at 4. eric: we've got more great tv tonight too. all new episodes of survivor, criminal minds and new drama code black. plus, stay tuned for kcci 8 news at 10:00. that's followed by new episodes of "the late show with stephen colbert" and "the late late show with james corden." elizabeth: kcci 8 news this morning is live with new overnight news. here's what we're working on for 6:00 a.m. alyx: the iowa board of regents are taking big steps to make campuses safer. we have a preview of the summit today. shaina: a record for the game one of the world series. metinka: more cold air and rain, how it could impact football playoffs and trick-or-treat plans. eric: it is a bit camp out there, is a look at on the i-35/80 d.o.t. camera at the northeast next master.
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