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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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well. for des moines water works , -- des moines water works customers this is going to cost , you more. >> drinking water is an incredibly scarce commodity. marcus: stowe, general manager of des moines water works says the rate increase is not about the lawsuit water works filed earlier this year against drainage districts in 3 north west iowa counties. he says it is about the increasing cost to make sure the water coming out of your tap is safe. >> our infrastructure is 50 years old. we have to replace it and we are facing more polluted water in the raccoon and des monies than we have faced in the past and all that means higher costs for all of us who use drinking water. marcus: he commends those who are conserving water by using more efficient appliances but that means lower revenue at the same time the cost of treating water is on the rise. and it is not just des moines getting higher water bills. suburbs like west des moines, ankeny and urbandale buy water from des moines and will also be paying 10% more. >> it is going to eventually trickle down to them because our cost is going to go up and we are concerened about the impace
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marcus: urbandale values its relationship with des moines water works but admits it will look at its options. >> it is only prudent and we have done that in the past. we have done a study to determine if there is source water available to us. marcus: urbandale has purchased source water in some quarries that could ease its dependence on des moines water. but accessing that source water at this point is not doable. kevin: also a boil advisory for , part of ames has been lifted. but that doesn't mean the problems are over after a water main break. customers of the city's east side who live in the area highlighted on this map, were put under the boil advisory monday after a crew broke a water main. tests show the water is now safe to drink. but ames city officials says , rust may be present in that water. they say free rust remover for laundry is available at ames city hall, the ames water plant
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,stacey: new details on disturbing school hazing allegations out of clarion. kcci's vanessa peng has learned more about the suspects and found residents are divided over what's happened. vanessa: a day after kcci first broke a distributing story of hazing allegations at clarion goldfield dows high school, residents are divided. clarion police tell us the incidents involved older football players grabbing younger players and assaulting them with their fingers. police say the names of the students involved are 18-year-old seth pille, 17-year-old michael schaffer, and 16-year-old tristan mewes. police say it happened after school and before football practice in a room near the locker room. the 3 students, one senior and two juniors, face hazing and simple assault charges. some residents tell us they want it to all go away, others want justice. >> i have no comment on that, i don't want to get involved in it. >> one of my girlfriend's kids was actually going to go out for football. some things happened where he
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i'm kind of glad he didn't. vanessa: clarion police says charges have been filed, but the students involved haven't had their fingerprints or mugshots taken yet. in clarion, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: just minutes ago, kcci obtained a letter sent out to parents by superintendent bob olsen. the letter says, in part, he confirms three students were expelled for the remainer of the academic year. but he added that he can't share any more information because of state and federal law concerning student privacy. a pleasant hill man is in the polk county jail, charged with two counts of lascivious acts with a child. court documents show 18-year-old kyle calvert used a social media app to communicate with someone he knew was a minor. calvert asked the victim to perform sex acts with other young children and record it. his bond is set at $40,000. kevin: we are still waiting to hear about the future of a para-educator in grinnell accused of making racist comments in front of two students.
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grinnell-newburg school district is telling kcci news he met twice this morning with the parents making the accusations. he says the investigation is not concluded, but he hopes to have a decision on the employee's status in the next few days. the para-educator, who works at the grade school level, is still on paid administrative leave. here in the metro shots fired , near east high school today triggered a brief lockdown. des moines police say a fight broke out near the high school around 1:00 this afternoon and someone fired shots into the air. no one was hurt. police are interviewing possible suspects. right now no charges have been , filed. stacey: south carolina sheriff leon lott says he's fired a school officer after this video surfaced showing the officer throwing a student onto the classroom floor during an arrest. the sheriff says the officer's actions are not based on training or acceptable procedure. the video is raising questions about the role school resources officers should play. the sro at roosevelt high school in des moines says he's not there to handle behavioral issues in the classroom. instead, officer mike moody is
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in charge of handling situations that involve illegal activity, like students bringing weapons to school or breaking up fights. he says he's never had to physically remove a student from a classroom and uses as little force necessary to end conflicts. >> being a child does not dictate how much force i use. it's the problem that is presented to me and how much force i need to use to end that problem. stacey: moody says the only time he would get involved with issues in the classroom is if a situation got violent or posed a threat to students. kevin: urbandale police are asking for the public's help to track down two suspected toilet paper bandits, as they are being called. urbandale police say this man and another suspect walked out of an urbandale hy-vee with more than of stolen merchandise. $1200 with rolls of toilet paper obscuring the expensive merchandise. the pair left in this suv. anyone who can identify them
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stoppers at 223-1400. webster county fired its county assessor. the webster county conference board voted last night to fire jeanette thanupakorn. she was fired after the state ordered a 36% increase in commercial property valuations. but thanupakorn didn't appeal the amount. webster county supervisors did appeal and the state cut the increase to 16%. an update on a pair of fort accused of trying to bring 33 colorado to fort dodge to sell. fort dodge police say they're -- say they have now executed search warrants at the homes of both men, tyler cervene and bryce loftus. and say officers found what they call narcotic related items at one of the homes. both men are currently being held in a nebraska jail. stacey: waukee police say their on-duty officers are now equipped with body cameras. the department bought 18 of the cap -- of the cameras and officers went through camera training this month.
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the cameras will be activated when officers have contact with the public. that video can be used as court evidence, or when an officer's conduct is questioned. other police departments, like des moines, are looking to equip officers with body cameras. steve: to chilly night tonight. kurtis: you can see the cold air moving in. a few flurries as you head north of highway 20. not expecting any accumulation but it is a brisk night. cold. your feels like temperature at 33. by the time the game comes to a close, wind chills in the upper 20's. gusts around 28 miles per hour. better days ahead. we do have a couple of cold days into the early part of the
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they asked tuesday in the 70's. latest futurecast coming up. stacey: two people who want to start a hair braiding business in des moines are suing the iowa board of cosmetology over a state requirement they have a license. state law requires that a person complete 2100 hours at a cosmetology school before getting a license. the lawsuit claims that much schooling could cost as much as $22,000. kevin: the u.s. agriculture department is giving iowa $5 million to install 187 additional ethanol gas pumps. the pumps will distribute ethanol blends higher than the typical 10%. this is part of a $100 million project to bring 5000 new ethanol pumps nationwide. it's football wednesday night. because playoff time it here. we're live in ankeny where ankeny is already playing indianola in round one. stacey: and the life-changing effects this brief encounter
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having on an ankeny girl. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst,
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mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year, andy garman. >> i feel famous. stacey: she feels famous. the ankeny girl in this image that went viral may be reuniting with the famous quarterback in the picture. abby faber was the honorary kid captain for iowa state for the game against tcu. kevin: that is how the seven-year-old got to meet the tcu quarterback and heisman candidate trevone boykin and that picture of them caught the attention of fans antimedia run the country. now comes word they may meet again. mark: we all found out about this thanks to a passing comment made by tcu's coach at his weekly press conference. the picture captured a moment from a very brief conversation. the video shows how fast it was . not really a time or place to have an in-depth chat. and to be fair several iowa , state players also took a
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>> it maked me feel surprised. mark: abby has been special since day one, weighing less than 2 pounds when she arrived 10 weeks early. her parents were thrilled to see their daughter, who lives with cerebral palsy, have a chance to experience game day and that unexpected hello. trevone boykin is the best player on one of the best teams in the country. he's considered a front runner for the heisman trophy. >> he's got a lot of pressure on him. i assume because of who he is , and where his team is, to take that brief second and kneel down get off that game face and say hey, what's your name? i thought that was pretty cool. >> i'll be honest with you, she got out a lot of it but i promise you trayvone probably got more out of it than she did. mark: at his weekly press conference, tcu coach gary patterson spoke about how he wants his players to give back and then dropped this tidbit of information. >> i haven't met her so, i hear rumor she might be coming in for this ballgame. so if she does hopefully i'll get opportunity to meet her and
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mark: abby's mother tells kcci she can't comment yet on if they are really going to the tcu football game tomorrow night. regardless of whether they meet again, this has turned into a lucrative relationship. an online funding page set up last weekend by a tcu fan has collected over $31,000 for abby's future health care, the majority of that coming from tcu fans. live in the studio, mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: about 400 central iowa elementary students got a little extra help with their reading this morning. volunteers from john deere financial helped out at findley elementary school in des moines as part of the everybody wins. a program where students read one on one with reading mentors. >> we find between 85% and 90% of our students are increasing their literacy skills and their attendance in school. they are definitely excited about the program. we also provide -- today is a special event so the children will receive their first book to take home and share with their families.
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kevin: 20 schools participate in everybody wins. their goal is to help 600 students this year. stacey: another grade, and in some parts of central iowa, wet day, but a warm-up is insight. kurtis: you will need binoculars to see that warm-up. 43 degrees in west des moines. west winds at 23. the winston gusts today. here in the metro, gusts in the mid 30's. it was a windy day across the state. still gusting to 28 at 7:00 p.m.. flurries are already flying in northern iowa. 35 at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. from the 40's down to the 30's, we will only had a high of about 51 degrees.
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mason city, feels like 32. ames, your current wind chill at 31. we are getting some polls thing that there are some flurries flying. especially north of highway 20, a flurry not have the question. a little bit of light snow north of the city. some snow showers over in south dakota. the wind is going to stay in behind. still breezy tomorrow. settles down as a range of high pressure builds in. by 11:00 tonight, clouds starting to clear. tomorrow, more cloud cover. the farther northeast you are, the more sunshine. friday starts out with sunshine. i think we will see a chance for
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this will slide through early saturday morning event clouds slowly decrease as we head into saturday afternoon. temperatures tonight down to 35 degrees. but the law, those wind chills down the upper 20's to win -- to mid 20's by tomorrow morning. wind will settle down. the farther west you are, it will settle down. friday, 57. we do have a chance of some showers. it will be awful close. beggars night forecast, mostly cloudy. i think around 8:00 is when the rain will move on in. saturday, 58. the chance of morning showers. sunday, 67. monday and tuesday, sunshine and
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the 70's. stacey: you know what those colder temperatures mean.
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>> announcer, from iowa's
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leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: your the phrase, blink and you might miss it? that is how i feel about the high school football season. late october and it is time for the playoffs. scott reister his live in ankeny where there will be double the pigskin party tonight. scott: it is freezing. what are you doing? he's wearing shorts! we are freezing, but ankeny is red-hot. the ankeny hawks are taking on indianola. indianola without -- ankeny without their starting quarterback. chris mcleod over at quarterback. first quarter, he was off to the races.
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moments later, he punches in. he would that had another touchdown run and a touchdown pass. 21-0, ankeny has the lead over indianola. looks like this one is going the way of the hawks. around 8:00, they will kickoff the second of the two games here. ankeny centennial. it will be a long, chilly night a football. andy: we have a dozen games to get to tonight on football friday night on wednesday. plus, lincoln at dowling at williams stadium on the side. valley hosting ames. whom are visiting johnston. southeast polk playing host to fort dodge. urbandale host lewis central. algona visiting ballard.
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northwest webster at van meter. belmond-klemme at pleasantville. keep us updated on the game with #kcciscores. college football has lost one of it's good guys. minnesota head coach jerry kill announced his retirement today. forced to the sidelines following a return of epileptic seizures. the golden gophers leader was in his fifth season at minnesota with a 29-29 record in the twin cities after successful stints at northern and southern illinois. he had battled cancer and had to miss several games in 2013 because of seizures. but medication had helped him to be seizure free last year and this until a pair of incidents , yesterday.
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probably the mostly by of gotten of the past three weeks is three hours or less. she stays there and since in a chair and watches me. that ain't no way to live. andy: we wish them the best. baseball fans had to be patient last night. game one of the world series didn't wrap up until well after midnight. >> into right, granderson back. the royals win game one. andy: eric hosmer with the game winning sac fly. kc takes a 1-0 lead after 5-plus hours and 14 innings. game 2, right around the corner. first they just 7:07 on fox. they were celebrating last season's championship out west
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last night. steph curry, steve kerr, and company celebrated the unveiling of the nba championship banner for the golden state warriors by the bay last night. that also meant they got a
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kurtis: cold night out there, eventually lows in the 30's. chance of rain late friday into saturday. 1-iron next week. they for joining us. -- thanks for joining us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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