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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. kevin: next at 10:00 soliciting , sex acts. >> the click of a mouse and your child has access literally to the entire world. kevin: the app a pleasant hill man used to prey on children online. plus the warning experts say all , parents need to hear. stacey: alleged assault at a des moines middle school. how the district is responding tonight. steve: floridians fight in the 3rd gop debate. who came out on top. kevin: first at 10:00 tonight a , pleasant hill man is in jail tonight after he allegedly tried to solicit sex acts from children online. stacey: kcci's laura terrell joins us live from the ankeny police department to explain. laura: the victims are from ankeny. ankeny police say they started investigating after one victim's parents found out and called police. 18-year-old kyle calvert is charged with two counts of lascivious acts with a child.
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court documents show calvert who -- documents show calvert, who was 17 at the time, was on an online social media site called oovoo when he allegedly asked minors to engage in sex acts so he could watch it on camera. the victims are listed as young as 6 and 8-years-old. >> i know my son did wrong and he needs to get punished for it, you know? laura: calvert's mother, who did not want to show her face on camera, defends her son, saying he thought the victims were older. >> he said that the room is dark and he could not see these girls, you know, how old they look, and he just went by what they told him. >> what did they tell him? >> that they were 17. the same age as him. laura: but police say calvert knew the victims were minors. >> it's scary and as parent myself it is very scary. laura: mitch mortvedt with the iowa division of criminal investigation says more apps and social media sites means internet crimes against children in iowa are up 400% in the last 7 years. but he adds there are things parents can do to protect their
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kids online. >> know your children's passwords. know who their contacts are. know who their friends are online. know the applications or apps that they are using. laura: children really should not have their own tablet or computer in the room as well. as for calvert, he is still in the polk county jail with a $40,000 cash only bond. live in ankeny, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: also 10:00, -- also new at 10:00 a , local mother says her disabled son was assaulted at school by another student. the charges stem from an incident that happened monday at jesse franklin taylor education center. kcci's ryan smith is live tonight. ryan, you found out the school district is now investigating. ryan: a district spokesperson tells me this is in fact an active investigation. the alleged victim, a 14-year-old student who wound up -- was mother tells me her son
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is the target of daily bullying at the school behind me because of his disability. >> when you let your kids go to school in the morning, you're assuming that they're safe. ryan: but now leesa castillo has doubts. her 14-year-old son steven suffers from a learning disability and when asked to , describe what life is like at school. >> everything is pretty much torture. ryan: according to steven, daily name-calling and pushing escalated monday. >> another boy walked up behind steven and pulled his pants clear down to his ankles. ryan: the school district is actively investigating that incident. later, inside a classroom, castillo claims another student slammed a table onto steven's foot sending him to the er. it crushed his big toe, causing an open fracture and may require surgery. >> this isn't just pushing and name calling, now you're actually physically assaulting my child. ryan: a district spokesperson says that resulted from an accident in which the student
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that had fallen over. the table slipped, injuring the student. >> that's absolutely not true. ryan: but castillo says a school social worker identified it as an intentional attack. >> he yelled at him and he took the desk and he flipped it over intentionally. ryan: the family, i'm told plans , to meet with the school principal later this week. we're told the principal reached out to the family not long after we requested information from the district on these incidents. live in des moines, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: the top 10 republican presidential hopefuls gathered again for their third debate tonight. steve karlin has the latest on the battle in boulder colorado. steve: this time, billionaire real estate mogul, donald trump, had to share center-stage with the new front-runner, ben carson.
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boulder fanned out to the sides. the two top: candidates, washington outsiders ben carson and donald trump, left much of the early contingent debating to the eight candidates on the stage. gov. kasich: we have to wake up, we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. steve: jeb bush, who has cut spending and reorganized his campaign structure, went after fellow floridian marco rubio for missing votes in the senate. mr. bush: you should be showing up to the senate. what is it, like a french work week? steve: senator ted cruz criticized the moderators. sen. cruz: the questions should be trying to get people to tear into each other, it should be the substance. >> i asked you about the debt limit and got no answer. steve: front-runner carson maintained his signature low
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dr. carson: 50%. -- 15%. steve: the future of social security prompted agreement from candidates on the opposite ends of the stage. gov. christie: tell people the truth. but once, let's do that. steve: voters can start weighing in on what they heard in less than00 days. cnbc hosted the debate, and agreed to limit it to 2 hours after both carson and trump insisted they wouldn't participate if it was any longer. the republican candidates square-off again on tuesday november 10. , that debate will be held in milwaukee, hosted by fox business and "the wall street journal." the democrats are holding their 2nd debate right here in des moines. kcci is a co-sponsor of the event. it's planned for saturday,
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>> i don't know how it happened we took the floor and , she said. stacey: straight no chaser. , the urbandale man taking center stage for the acapella sensation. kurtis: wind chill dipping down tonight. is this the trend? kevin: football friday night, wednesday playoff edition. andy garman and the sports team
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stacey: these guys are good. they got their big break after a video of their performance went viral in 2006. men's acapella group straight no chaser is in des moines tonight. kevin: kcci's steffani nolte shows you a bit of their performance and the local man taking center stage. steffani: it's a sound like none other. using only their voices, straight no chaser covers
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radio's most popular hits. >> i just love the sound of not having to use instruments and is with their voices. that everything is with their voices. steffani: no drums, no background track. >> it's just ten guys, ten microphones. steffani: tonight's show at the des moines civic center is tenor tyler trepp's favorite stop. >> my family is coming to the show, obviously and they're , really excited about it. i don't get to see them as often as i used to. steffani: there he is center stage. this urbandale native knows his biggest fans are out there somewhere in the crowd. >> this is my third time seeing straight no chaser in des moines and every time it just gets better. steffani: trepp loves performing even when stops on his 70 show tour aren't quite so close to home. >> it is a little tiring toward the end but still it's what we , love to do. steffani: steffani nolte, kcci 8
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news, iowa's news leader. kevin: harmony is the best thing they do. straight no chaser's new album called "the new old fashioned" is coming out this friday. stacey: they are fantastic. kurtis: what a cold night out there. i was out in waukee for the football game. it was a chilly one. 40 degrees but it doesn't feel like it. still breezy, west-northwest winds at 17. creston, your wind chill at 27 degrees. tomorrow morning, 35 degrees. 10:00 a.m., gusting to 20. specially west and southwest of
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we will only get around 51 degrees. 7:00 a.m., 46. we got the winds out there. west-northwest, blowing in the cold air. as you head to the north, some strong winds. numerous reports of flurries out there. now, most of this up in northeastern iowa. light snow up towards the twin cities. the system is going to pull on out. it is going to be chilly across the northwest. st. louis, 58. minneapolis, 47. this system is going to move out slowly. still going to have some of that
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late in the day, high pressure builds in and sets us up for a little bit of an improvement as relate -- as removed into late thursday and friday. tomorrow, i think we will have some morning clouds. more sunshine further southwest. friday starts with sunshine. this rain should move through and be out of here by about sunrise on saturday. the clouds will thin. all the way down to 35 degrees with west-northwest winds. tomorrow, 51 and partly sunny. gusts around 29 miles an hour. temperatures on friday starting out at 34. there is a chance for some
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beggars night looks dry but it is going to be awfully close. temperature at 50 with south winds. sunday, 67. monday, tuesday, temperatures in the 70's. if your football team moves on, you're going to like monday a whole lot better. stacey: next at 10:00, playoff football. 12 high school games across the
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andy garman and the sports team andy: away we go. welcome to the playoff edition of football wednesday night.
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the first round of the playoffs is in the books. the postseason field has already been cut in half and we are one step closer to the unido -- to the unidome. dowling taking on lincoln. lincoln was one of three des moines metro teams to make the playoffs. a short stay, though. first game from sprint -- first game from scrimmage. cole deskin takes a handoff it goes right up the got. maroons role, 634-0. another veteran team, des moines mover, have a fantastic year -- another des moines metro team,
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the dragons' d making life miserable for uber and their -- four hoover and their qb the third of metro team. , -- the third metro team, des moines east. brandon trotter, big gainer. they are stuffed by the centennial d. guys coming to their senses as hypothermia sets in. jaguars go up 7-0 and they will pull away to win 49-7. before that game, the first game of the night at ankeny. the hawks taking on indianola. chris macleod moves over from wide receiver.
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all the way down at the six yard line. a couple plays later, he would punch it in and make it 7-0, hawks with the lead. ankeny went on to win 49-7. one of the great stories to start the year was the four dodge dodgers. riding the hot start for star tailback sam cooke the dodgers , started the year 7-0. their reward was a road game at southeast polk. thomas mclaughlin. southeast polk up 28-0. wide receiver screen to jackson cold is good for 30 yards. mclaughlin finds cole again. southeast polk up 35-0.
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the valley tigers quietly dominating. javon mason takes the handoff, sets up his blockers. he is gone for the score. valley up already and they would continue to pour it on. a little screen pass on the wide receiver bubble screen. jukes that offender. that would set up another mason touchdown. 50-7. our final 4a stop, urbandale playing host to lewis central. second half, great run up the middle, just shedding tacklers.
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the titans come into frerich's field and send the home team packing. lewis central wins 21-10. plenty more playoff acti dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place.
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i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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andy: welcome back to the playoff edition of football friday night. plenty more football to get to, beginning with my favorite segment, you make the call. a 3a battle with algona visiting ballard. >> it may be@ cold, let's go! >> al qaeda up at 21. players swarm for a sack. late third-quarter, he takes to the house. bombers go on to win.
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andy: thank you much. 2a football, north pole taking on hampton dumont. they are playing great defense until, what do you know? second quarter, different story. back and forth, this game went. just before halftime, it was a tight one. we don't have the scoreboard will get to you before the show is over. des moines christian visiting the jungle. up there in madrid. class a football action and this is 14-7. madrid coming right back.
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58-6, your final score from the jungle. van meter playing host to northwest webster. back to pass, chucking it deep. what concentration. anthony law man halted in. -- anthony lawman halls it in. pick up a block, all the way down inside the 10. van meter wins, 48-13. pleasantville, what a year for the trojans. tonight, their playoff fortunes have in the balance. adrian, back to pass. nice grab. 20 yard catch down to the 10. trojans up 6-0, looking for their first ever postseason win.
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next play, he would pitch it right. attached 30 yards for the score, game tied at 6. from there, it was all home team. pleasant hill winners of their first home game -- first postseason game. our final stop, when you north to algona. golden bears taking on agwser. it was a fun one if you are a golden bear fan. fumble recovery touchdown. it was all bishop garrick and -- bishop garrigan. 36-7 is the final. we can show you highlights because of the telecast, but game two of the world series didn't take nearly as long. the result was the same, a
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the royals backed -- the royals bats came to life, putting 7 on the board. casey wins -- kc wins.
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kurtis: plenty cold early tomorrow, wind chills in the 20's. high tomorrow, 51. still going to be a breezy one, keep that in mind.
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friday, looks like sunshine and early 50's. warmer air on the way sunday, 67. if you 70's next week. stacey: coming up next, another all-new episode of "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight's guests, jonathan franzen and musical guest alabama shakes. andy: north pole's season comes to an end. kevin: thank you for being here. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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