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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  October 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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we have windchills in the 20's, dress for 27 degrees in des moines. feels like 24 in carroll. maybe wear a hat, temperatures in the 30's for highs around 50 to 51 degrees. elizabeth: a pleasant hill managed in jail after he allegedly tried to solicit actual acts from children online. eric: police started investigating after one victim's parents found out and called police. laura: 18-year-old kyle calvert is charged with two chance of lascivious acts of the child. court documents show calvert was 17 at the time was on an online social media site called oovoo when he allegedly asked miners to engage in sexual acts so he could watch on camera. the victims were listed as young as six and eight years old.
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laura: his mother who did not want to show her face on camera defends her son, saying he got the victims were older. >> he said the room was dark and he can't see the girls. how old they looked. he went by what they told him and they said they were 17. laura: police say calvert new the victims were minors. >> as a parent myself it is scary. laura: mitch mortvedt with the iowa department of criminal investigation says more social media sites means internet crimes against children in iowa are up 400% in the last seven years. he adds there are things parents can do to protect their kids online. >> know your children's passwords, nvidia contacts are, know who their friends are. know the applications and apps they are using. eric: he also recommended not allowing them to have a computer or tablet in their bedroom.
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with $40,000 cash bond. elizabeth:elizabeth: a local mother says her disabled son was assaulted at school. the charges stem from an incident at jesse franklin taylor education center. ryan smith has more. >> when you let your kids go to school in the morning, it means they are safe. ryan: but now she has doubts, her 14-year-old son, stephen, suffers from a learning disability and when asked to describe life is i get school. >> every day is pretty much torture. ryan: daily name-calling and torture escalated everyday. >> another boy walked up behind him and pull his pants to his ankles. ryan: the district is investigating that incident. in a classroom, castillo claims another student slammed a table onto his foot sending him to the er. it crushed his big toe, causing an open fracture and may require
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>> this isn't just pushing and name-calling. now you are physically assaultingr my child. ryan: a district spokesperson says that resulted from an accident in which the student was asking -- helping a student write the table that had fallen over. >> that is absolutely not sure. ryan: a school worker identified it as an intentional attack. >> he yelled at him and shook the desk and flipped it over intentionally. elizabeth: lisa plans to meet with the school principal friday and he called her personally not long after kcci met with the district dummies incidents. eric: firing a school officer after this video surfaced showing the officer throwing a student onto the floor during an arrest. they say the officer's actions are not based on training or
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the video is raising questions about the role school resource officers should play. the officer at roosevelt high school in des moines says he's not there to handle havioral issues. mike moody is in charge of handling situations that involve illegal activity. like breaking up fights. he says he's never had to physically remove a student from a classroom and uses as little force is necessary to end conflicts. >> being a child doesn't dictate how much force i use, it is a problem that is presented and how much force i need to use. eric: moody says the only time he would get involved with issues in the classroom is if a student cap pilot or pose a threat to students. elizabeth: the top 10 republican presidential hopefuls gathered again for their third debate wednesday night. steve karlin has more on the battle in boulder, colorado.
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much of the early attention to the other candidates on stage. john kasich questioned their ability. >> we have to wake up, we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> jeb bush you had to cut spending and reorganize his campaign structure went after fellow floridian marco rubio for missing votes in the senate. >> this was a six year and you should be showing up to work. the senate, what is it, a french work we? >> senator ted cruz criticized the debate moderators. >> the questions being asked shouldn't be trying to get people to tear into each other and should be what are your solutions? >> i asked you about the debt limit and got no answer. >> carson maintained his signature low-profile but was asked to clarify his big tax policy. >> 15%?
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>> the future of social security prompted agreement from candidates on the opposite ends of the stage. >> yes we have lied to the american people about social security. tell people to truth for once. stop trying to give them a fantasy. >> and voters can vote on what they learn in less than 100 days. elizabeth: cnbc hosted and agreed to limit it to two hours after carson and tromp insisted they wouldn't participate if it lasted any longer. eric: republican candidates square off on november 10 in milwaukee. the democrats are holding their second debate right here in des moines. kcci is cosponsoring that on saturday, november 14. at drake university. elizabeth: paul ryan says it is a new day in the house of representatives. he spoke after his colleagues nominated him to become the
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chambers next speaker in the hopes that he can guide the highly fragmented party out of years of internal feuding. >> tomorrow, we are turning the page. we will not have a house that looked like it looks the last two years. we will have to move forward and unify. our party has lost its vision and we will replace it with a vision. elizabeth: ryan will succeed john boehner who announced his resignation last month. eric: metinka, we are waking up chilly. metinka: the furnace is probably kicking on and you need a warm coat. 37 now in des moines and 36 in ames. we have wind chills this morning in the 20's, not dangerously cold enough to remind you we are getting to the middle part of fall. bundle up. stay cool all day long with highs only in the 40's in the north.
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des moines will be a cool 51 degrees. elizabeth: customers of de moines water works will see their bills rise. jumping 10% in april. marcus mcintosh has more on the rate hike and its ripple effect. marcus: for waterworks customers, this will cost you more. >> it is an increasingly scarce commodity. marcus: he says the rate increase is not about the loss of waterworks growth against drainage districts in three northwestern iowa counties. he says it about the increasing cost to ensure that the water coming out of your cap is safe. >> we are having to replace this and we are facing more polluted water in the raccoon and des moines river's. it means higher costs for those of us who want drinking water. marcus: he commenced people using more efficient appliances but he says the cost of treating water is on the rise. it is not just des moines,
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suburbs like west des moines, ankeny, and urbandale can also be paying 10% more. >> it will trickle down to them because our costs will go up and we are concerned about the impact it will have for customers. marcus: riverdale values its relationship with customers but admits it will look at options. >> it is only prudent that we do that. we have done that in the past. we have studied to determine if the source water will be available to us. elizabeth: urbandale has purchased source water in some quarters that could ease dependence on des moines water but accessing the water in the quarries is not yet doable. >> no i'm not cool with that at all. eric: the story kcci broke, the details out of clarion about disturbing hazing allegations. elizabeth: the life-changing
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, a cold morning outside as the wind takes your breath away. wind chills in the 20's.
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paulette warm coats and click hats. brisk windchills through the morning with temperatures in the mid-30's. temperatures in the mid-40's and highs cooler than they should be today around 51 degrees. late this afternoon toward the evening wind will settle down. tomorrow night is beggars night. we had to put rain back in the forecast, a chance for sprinkles but temperatures will be milder tomorrow night with readings mainly in the 50's. elizabeth: new details and a shocking story we first brought you tuesday night. eric: allegations out of -- vanessa peng explains. finesse are: a day after we broke out a hazing incident at clarion goldfield dows high school, residents are divided. >> i don't understand why people would do that.
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vanessa: it involved older football players grabbing your players and assaulting them. police say it happened after school and before football practice in a review the locker room. the students, one senior and two juniors face hazing and assault charges. the students involved are 18-year-old seth pille, 17-year-old michael shaver, and 16-year-old tristan muse. according to a complaint, pille did intentionally engaged in an act force activity which endanger the physical health or safety of the student. we went to town to hear from residents and some didn't want to talk. >> i have no comment. i don't want to get involved. >> others are calling for justice. >> i disagree with hazing entirely. i think that maybe something for college but not high school.
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-- under 18, but it was a coach, what would they really do about it. don't make a big scene. -- they would make a big scene. eric: they have not had your prince or much else taken yet. elizabeth: he will take i-235, a brisk morning out there. you will what a coat or hat.
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metinka is >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: you're waking up to probably the furnace kicking on. temperatures in the 30's and they stay cool all day with highs cooler than they should be near 51 degrees. we see increasing sunshine and wind will let up by mid to late afternoon. we have a brisk west and northwest wind at 15 to 25 miles per hour. higher gusts across the northern part of the state but it's enough wind to drive windchills to the chilly zone. readings in the mid-20's. if i-26 in ames. make sure kids have hats and gloves. snow showers trying to move in from more minnesota, but they are tracking to the southeast
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and probably won't reach the metro area. light precipitation will stay to the north and not accumulate. high pressure builds in helping clear skies, tomorrow they will be replaced by another chance for rain. jumping ahead in time to friday, showers will creep and across southwest iowa lifting to the northeast. that means a chance for sprinkles or maybe drizzle. rain quickly moves out by saturday morning, 6:00 a.m. leaving behind a half-inch of rain fall so light precipitation totals. highs mainly in the 40's to near 50 degrees across the area. tomorrow is former with a southerly wind so highs in the mid to upper 50's where they should be and over the weekend, they will be moving in here and next week we could hit 70 degrees. 37 in des moines and we could use a warm up with a brisk
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westwind making it feel like only 20 with a warm jacket. wind will, down this afternoon and we have sunshine later on with a high of 51 degrees. here's your forecast for the chance for rain late friday afternoon toward the evening. not much of saturday -- much of saturday is looking fine. highs get back in the 60's to near 70 degrees and they stay there. what a great stretch of weather, you need warm coats and winter gear and next week shorts for school. eric: thank you. the ankeny girl in this image that went viral may be reuniting with a famous quarterback. abby faber was the honorary captain in the game against kc you. elizabeth: that is how she got to be the quarterback and the heisman trophy candidate and that picture caught the attention of fans and media around the country and they come
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mark: the fisher captured a moment from a brief conversation. the video shows how fast it was, not a time or place to have a chat. several iowa state players also took a moment to say hi to abby faber. >> it made me feel surprised. mark: abby has been special since day one, weighing less than two pounds when she arrived 10 weeks early. her parents were thrilled to see her have a chance to experience game day and that unexpected hello. >> boykin on the kerry into the end zone touchdown. mark: he is considered a front-runner for the heisman trophy. >> i assume because of who he is or who is team is to take that brief second and kneel down and get out that game face and say what's your name, that was pretty cool. >> she got a lot of it but i promise you trayvon got more than she did.
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mark:. patterson spoke about how he wants his players to get back to the community and then dropped this tidbit of information. >> i haven't met her so i hear rumors she might be coming in so if she does hopefully i'll get an opportunity to meet her and her parents. elizabeth: abby's mother tells kcci she cannot comment on if they are really going to the football game, regardless of whether they meet again this has turned into a lucrative relationship. an online funding page setup by a tcu fan has collected over $31,000 for abby's future health care. the majority has come from tcu fans. eric: straight no chaser and in
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stag metinka: we are waking up to chilly conditions. grab a warm jacket and a second cup of coffee. 27 in des moines. wind chill in ames only at 26. actual temperatures are in the 30's and there could be a flurry their mason city. a brisk wind today will be settling down, going for a high of 51 degrees.
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you need to stay warm this morning but this afternoon looks ok. today will be the coolest day of the next eight. friday's high back in the upper 60's. beggars night activity possible rain, but it will be out of here. looks like a great weekend and next weekend looks great with highs to 70. elizabeth: they got their big break after a video of their performance went viral in 2006. eric: steffani nolte shows you a bit of their performance and the man taking center stage. steffani: it is a sound like none other. using only their voices, straight no chaser covers
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>> i just love the sound of not having to use instruments and everything is with their voices. steffani: no drums, no background check. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. >> just 10 guys, 10 microphones. >> the des moines civic center is 10 or tyler trepp's favorite stop. >> we do 70 shows on to our and it's great, i don't get to see them as often as i used to. >> there he is center stage, this urbandale native knows his biggest fans are out there somewhere in the crowd. >> this is my third time seeing it in des moines and it keeps getting better. steffani: tyler likes performing even when his stops are not close to home. >> we have been operate couple two and a half months but it's what we love to do.
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eric: straight no chaser's new album is called the new old fashion it is out this friday. superheroes took over a wing of blake children's hospital wednesday morning. this is leviathan all dressed up kate and all as batman. apparently 50 costumes were handmade for the babies in the and i see you and families got to choose the one they like. leviathan's mom says the superhero theme certainly fits his son's personality. >> it is bringing normalcy back into his childhood. it has been hard having him being here and not bringing him home. it is something that we would have missed out on without the costume. elizabeth: two nurses made all of the costumes. eric: cool to bring halloween to kids that can't celebrate much. coming up, a gop showdown.
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republican debate and what political analysts are saying about performances. plus, the royals went again. kc is only two wins away from the championship. and your best self, tips on how to improve your health, your home, and your life there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist.
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