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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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>> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. >> i never thought i would be speaker. mollie: the house of representatives has elected wisconsin congressman paul ryan to be its next leader. good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us today. the position is third in the line of succession to the president. and no piece of legislation can reach the house floor without his say-so. in his first speech as speaker ryan urged all of his colleagues to work together as
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representatives of the american people, not as partisans. weijia jiang has more from capitol hill. >> the house will be in order. reporter: john boehner called a house in order for the last time and any call for a vote to replace him is the house. >> paul ryan. >> ryan. reporter: the results did not come as a surprise. >> paul ryan of the state of wisconsin after receiving a majority of the votes cast is duly elected as speaker of the house. reporter: he is now second in line to vice president joe biden to become president. >> i never thought i would be speaker. but early in my life i wanted to serve this house. i thought this place was exhilarating because here you can make a difference. reporter: this marks the end of boehner's 25 years in congress. the last five of which he served as speaker of the house.
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if anything i lead the way i started. a regular guy humbled by the chance to do a big job. reporter: boehner who is known for getting emotional came prepared. the only time he came close to tears was when he talked about his successor. >> paul was being called and i know he will serve the grace and energy. i want tuition and his family all the best. reporter: he officially meets his congressional seat on saturday. mollie: later in the newscast we will be talking with the iowa republican party about the speaker. also, last night's gop debate in colorado given water rates are on the rise in des moines starting in april given water works customers will see a 10% increase in their water rates. ceo bill stowe says between decreasing water use and an
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no choice but to raise rates. suburbs like west des moines, ankeny, and urbandale all buy water from des moines and will also see a 10% increase. midamerican energy is rolling out a new service vehicle that will cut down on emissions. residents will also notice a difference in the amount of noise the trucks make compared to the older service vehicles. turning to news from around the state. voters in carlisle will soon take up a proposal to renovate the fire station. city officials say the building needs to expand. they say the biggest problem is fitting newer fire trucks into the bays. the current station opened up more than 30 years ago and fire trucks have since gotten bigger. if approved, the renovation would also include a new second floor with a locker room, showers, offices, and kitchen. >> increasing the service and keeping it at a level of the residents expect. they expect us to have a short response time, to adequately respond to an emergency to my come up in the city. mollie: the renovations would
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total about $600,000. voters head to the polls next tuesday. policing council bluffs have made an arrest in connection with a string of arson fires. 25-year-old rebecca myers is accused of setting six fires since october 4. police say in addition to six counts of arson myers is charged with two counts of child endangerment because her children were nearby when one of the fires started. police gave no motive as to why she may have started the fires. an update now on a story we first brought you earlier this week. the death of a shellsburg woman whose body was found near a stolen truck in has been ruled a homicide. the iowa dci says an autopsy on sabrina hustad shows her death was caused by multiple stab wounds and strangulation. hustad was found sunday near a stolen truck in benton county. sioux city officials and law enforcement are considering banning the sale of certain single-serve beer for off-site consumption in an effort to curb public intoxication. the ban would prohibit the sale
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sioux city police chief doug young says controlling the sale of single cans of alcoholic beverages might help lessen the amount of homeless intoxicated individuals in the area but says the ban could be difficult to implement. take a look at this. the snow is not in iowa but it is not too far away either. snow fell in minnesota overnight and wausau, wisconsin residents awoke to snow this morning. it wasn't a lot but enough to stick in some places. still not cold enough for snow here but we're close. let's check in now with jason because we have a big weekend coming up. jason: we do and it's nice to say all the moisture and snow has pushed off. it's a little jarring to see the first snowfall and it makes you realize that winter is not that far away. we have cold air in the mix. 46 degrees today. combine that with the wind out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour and that spells chilly conditions.
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our windshield -- wind chill is sitting in the 30's, 38 fort des moines. most of us were sitting in the upper 20's this morning. we were latching onto the breeze. very stiff. this will be dying down as we head throughout the rest of the day. thankfully there is a positive light albeit a chilly one. clouds began to break as we head into the afternoon. 8 degrees up the average high 58 but i have your bigger say forecast, halloween forecast, and a warm-up that will send us back into the 70's and a little bit. mollie: for more than three decades many of china's urban families had been limited to just one child. but now the country's ruling communist party says china will start allowing all married couples to have two children. cbs' barry petersen has the details. new at noon. reporter: what china has done officially today's approve a policy that is been sort of allowed for quite some time. the one child policy was supplemented in 1980 to slow
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china's population growth. 906 9 million that year and now more than 1.3 billion today. they were always exceptions. families in rural areas get out more children because they needed children as workers on their farms. in 1980 for the chinese made a quiet change, saying if a husband and wife are from a one child family they could have two children because that just replaces not increases the population. today's movement that stance official. it's not been a popular policy in china where untold millions of forced abortions for getting pregnant with a second child. the decision today means this controversial policy is officially -- because it is done the job. their long-term population growth has been stand. -- stemmed. mollie: thousands of people from the middle east and africa packed onto frail boats from turkey continue to brave
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reach the greek islands. yesterday, at least 11 migrants died in the eastern aegean sea in five separate incidents and 38 people are believed still missing after a wooden boat carrying migrants sank. secretary of state john kerry is in vienna today for talks on ending the syrian war. and, for the first time, iran is taking part in the discussions as a crucial backer of syrian president bashar assad. nearly 20 nations will be attending in an effort to end the 4-year-old civil war. a new red flag about seniors and flu vaccines. doctors recommend flu vaccines for adults over 65. but researchers in cincinnati say they found that senior citizens who take drugs to reduce cholesterol have a reduced immune response to vaccinations. studies suggest that could make the vaccine less effective, leaving patients vulnerable to respiratory illness. and controversy is growing over new guidelines from the american cancer society.
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it now is recommended most women start mammograms at an older age. in a "new york times" op-ed today three leading doctors are pushing back, saying they profoundly disagree with these changes. as top specialists in the battle against breast cancer they say they simply can't back the cancer society's latest screening guidelines. >> if your number one goal is reducing the deaths related to breast cancer, then starting at 40 makes sense. mollie: good suggest the average risk start giving mammograms at age 45 instead of 40 and at 855 they can switch to every two years. coming up at noon, the latest on what caused $2.7 billion of taxapayer money too float aimlessly across the pennsylvania sky yesterday. we will have the details.
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here in the u.s. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko.
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tether is so small it could be sliced by drones, or birds or something like that. >> no, no. there is absolutely no concern. we really do not worry about the tether. there's a one in a million chance of that tether breaking. mollie: if that's the case, the u.s. army may want to start playing the lottery. power is being restored to thousands of pennsylvania residents after they were left in the dark wednesday. the problem wasn't a storm but a runaway military blimp dragging a tether that knocked out power lines. hena daniels has more from muncy, pennsylvania where the unmanned blimp came down. reporter: the high-tech blimp remained scattered into pieces in rural pennsylvania of u.s. military tries to figure out how it got loose. they know it broke free from its anchor in aberdeen, maryland and it drifted about one to 50 miles before coming down. >> my understanding it into intact pieces -- two intact
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reporter: the military is working on a plan to save the remove the blimp. a spokesperson says it will take a few days. in the meantime state police along with u.s. army and national guard personnel are guarding the site because the blood carries sophisticated radar equipment. >> we have security on site so that we know we have a counter for everything. i know they have secured the radar. reporter: it was still being tested and anchored by a one inch thick tether design to withstand hurricane-force lines that wins. -- winds. wednesday was just an average windy, rainy day. hannah daniels, cbs news, pennsylvania. mollie: armed fighter jets trailed the blimp of the military says there was never any intention to shoot it down. ford has issued three recalls affecting thousands of vehicles. the largest involves potential fuel tank issues on 2009-2010
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models of the ford edge and lincoln mkx. in places where salt is used to clear snow off roads, fuel tanks can rust, leading to a fuel leak and possible fire. other recalls involve trailer brake issues and restraint parts in other ford vehicles. company officials say no injuries have been reported. ok, the kansas city royals own a 2-0 lead in the world series after johnny cueto fired a two-hitter in a 7-1 rout of the new york mets last night. the series now moves to new york for game 3 friday night. let's check back in with jason because it is been a nasty taste of winter. we were hoping for a warm-up given jason: it could have been a lot worse. we do not see a lot of snow here thankfully. we will be hanging onto the cold for a bit. a look at the beggars night.
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noisy eating that evening. temperatures tapering back. not too bad. i think we sit right run average for this time of year. if you're heading out, bundle up a bit. it will not be as chilly yesterday. the wind chill still in the low 30's up to the north and mid-to-upper 30's around the rest of the state. hanging onto a little bit of cold air. you look outside and it is absolutely beautiful. they shot taken a couple of days ago at the pine lake area. i thought of fall colors to be had out there. thank you to andy for sending that shot. if you have not forgotten, daylight savings time and on sunday. we get an extra hour of sleep. enjoy your evening because we have a great weekend ahead for us. 46 is what we are sitting at right now. making it feel a little bit cooler up there. northwest winds at 20 must for our in those will eventually
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taper back into the overnight tonight. topping out at 50. breaking up the clouds and ending the wind a little bit. we had about 34 again though. lightly back in the -- likely back in the upper 20's category. continuing to shift eastward. we will have a reasonable a lot of cloud cover because of it. this whole mass eventually will be shifting to the east. for now, settle in for clouds and clouds cold is the name of the game for a little bit longer. high pressure continues to push out. that makes way for the next system to begin to push and for us. that will be bringing the bulk of the state rain as we head throughout the evening hours tomorrow and early morning hours on saturday. today we're back up to 50 degrees. very mild for us today. 51 in lamoni. cloud cover through a big portion of the state. 34 degrees tonight.
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another cool night. thankfully we are not seen the wind we've been seeing all day long. that will be tapering back. 59 for halloween. we do bring in the rain early on so if you're heading out for beggars night, i think the rain will be later on in the evening. we should be ok. a few sprinkles, especially for those in the south. past that we have beautiful 70's and sunshine. mollie: you said cool tonight. no, it is cold. jason: fair enough. mollie: this time of year, you bet. the iowa gop reacts to the presidential debate. we'll have that, plus details of a big presidential fall festival
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mollie: welcome back. it's not everyday you can go trick-or-treating and running to at least 10 presidential candidate, but that is what will happen this saturday at the iowa state fairgrounds. the republican party's of i was party until -- from 10:00 until 4:00. thank you so much for coming in. we will talk about the event and a minute. last night's debate, your reaction? linsdey: it's always hard to say. i would say that marco rubio had
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just going down the line and i think a lot of candidates home in their vision for what they need to be president. if there is one clear loser, it's the moderators who had a tough night. pretty widespread agreement from the press and republicans that the moderators needed to be a lot of more focused on debate. mollie: fantasy football. jeb bush? any movement here in iowa over what happened last night? guest: tough to say. you never know people will react. they know the bush campaign is working hard and i went to ensure that every single person that wants to vote for jeb bush makes it to the caucus. it's one of those things that will have to be a tape measure on february 1. mollie: we heard paul ryan speaker of the house. what's is feature look like -- future look like? difficult? guest: what a huge victory for the republican party. he is one of the most respected men across the country.
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known for being a -- someone who can get in and cut budgets and is smart and careful ways to keep programs stronger need to get strong. having paul ryan is the speaker the house is really tremendously good news for the republican party. mollie: we will see what happens. the big event coming up saturday, tell us all about it. guest: is called the growth and opportunity party. we will have 10 candidates there. get a good trigger treating. we will have -- get can go trick-or-treating. we want people to come and listen to the speeches but also get up in the around and go to the boots. -- booths. not to sit there for six hours getting cold. we want them to move around and meet people. mollie: we'll each candidate have a chance to talk? guest: each candidate will get 15 minutes to talk. if you have ever been to the state fair, it's sort of like the soapbox situation. they can take questions, they
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we want to be free, open discussion for candidates to meet the caucus-goers and have a chance to impress them mollie:. and you are serious about the trick-or-treating. what are the booths? guest: all candidates will have booths. the main street alliance will be there. a lot of different vendors will be there talking about what they think is important and candy for kids. mollie: lunch and a gun giveaway? guest: the nra will be raffling off a gun. smokies barbecue -- smokey d's barbecue. bring the wife and kids. it will be a great time. mollie: who won't be there as far as we know? trump? carson? guest: doesn't look like truck or carson will be there. i don't leave the tacky or casing will be there -- pataki or kasic will be there. $15 is general admission plus
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lunch. if you just want to come and watch is only $10. if you want to bring your kids, kids under 12 get it for free but you will need a five dollars ticket for their lunch. mollie: a lot going on. a busy time billy thank you. we will be covering that as well. our chief political reporter
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] mollie: have you seen this? a minnesota couple's wiley wiener dog photobombed their engagement shoot. that is the louis blocking the lovely couple, megan and chris. apparently he enjoys the fall leaves a lot. megan had louis the four she met chris and says she is starting to think the pup is maybe a little bit jealous. look at those ears. jason: got more leaves to get through. we are heading towards fall here.
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