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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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rolling. several videos from students on the johnston school bus have been showing up on social media. >> everyone was screaming at the bus driver telling him to stop. ,kim: savannah shelley and madison cherry say some students were in tears as they watched what happened after 61-year-old robert scarbrough walked to the back of the bus. >> a couple of kids, didn't want to look, and a couple of them stood up and were like hey that's child abuse, you can't like physically touch him. kim: johnston police say the student yelled profanity at scarbrough, who then picked up the student by his hood and struck him in the face. he then allegedly pushed him on the ground. >> i am very shocked, but more than shocked i am livid because like he's an adult and he shouldn't really be doing that anyways. >> i just hate bullying in general and just seeing an adult throw a kid on the ground was like terrible.
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flagged down an officer. the student involved complained of head pain, and was treated in an ambulance. johnston schools say scarbrough was out of line. >> i was very disappointed in the way that this driver handled himself in this incident. i can certainly understand why students may be unsettled by what they saw. kim: scarbrough was just hired this school year. johnston schools say they've never had a prior problem with scarbrough. he is now facing assault and child endangerment charges. live in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: new developments this afternoon in one of the most notorious missing children cases in u.s. history. the abduction and disappearance of jacob wetterling back in 1989. kevin cooney has the new details right now. kevin: steve, jacob was 11 years old when he was abducted in saint joseph, minnesota near st. cloud while
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of him in the 26 years since. today, authorities identified a person in interest in the case. he has been identified as heinrich. he was arrested last night on suspicious of receiving and authorities searched his home last summer with a warrant specifically mentioning jacob's clothing, but that was not found. while investigators say heinrich has not been charged in wetterling's case, his dna has been linked to a case of sexual assault of another boy in cold springs, minnesota shortly before wetterling disappeared. cold springs is also just 18 miles away from where wetterling vanished. >> as a result of the development of forensic technology that did not exist at the time of the induction danny , heinrich was determined to the contributor of the dna found on the clothing of the victim in coldspring sexual assault -- he was wearing at the time of the assault. kevin: heinrich lives in the area where several boys have been assaulted. he has been interviewed twice in connection with the wetterling
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case. this is the first time anyone has been linked by name to the disappearance. jacob's family issued a statement today, saying in part, they "would like to thank all involved in the investigation of danny heinrich and his crimes against children. the search for jacob is an ongoing investigation, and we will watch and learn with everyone else." stacey: new at 5:00 two former , tower guards at prison in anamosa have pleaded guilty to state drug charges. the men were charged as part of an investigation into misconduct by correctional officers. guilty to federal charges. at least nine employees have resigned or been fired. steve: with presidential candidates parading through our state all the time, you might have forgotten that the city elections are coming up. here in des moines, mayor frank cownie sat down with kcci's shaina humphries to talk about his biggest concern on election day. but it's not his challenger. shaina: first elected 12 years ago, mayor frank cownie has seen bounds.
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been ranked nationally, as a top city for business, college grads, new careers, retirement and even community pride. ,so does the mayor feel his job , is done? mayor county: -- >> yeah, i'm proud of what we've done in the past, but now that we're no. -- now that we're number in so one many categories, we have to try harder to make sure we stay there. shaina: one of his priorities, if reelected, is to continue the growth of the city's outdoor recreation spaces. >> how do we connect neighborhoods and people to that, trails, parks, to our whole metro area and make it available to all of our citizens. shaina: one concerned the mayor has is a lack of voter participation. in des moines's two hundred thousand person population, only a few thousand showed up for the last election. small turnout could be an issue on election day, -- could be a big concern for cownie on election day, because this time around there is another candidate's name next to his on
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the ballot. 27-year-old anthony taylor did not return our calls and very little information can be found about him or his campaign. but in september, taylor told "the des moines register" that he hopes to inspire more people like him to engage with their community. he says he's passionate about the environment, horticulture, and green infrastructure. mayor cownie hopes this election day, citizens of des moinenewill be more passionate about who's running their city. mayor cownie: c ctainly, people get all charged up about national elections. but the stuff that really they connect with its touches them every day is local government. shaina: in des moines, shaina humphries. steve: city council seats in des moines' 2nd and 4th wards are also up for election on tuesday. stacey: voters in carlisle are deciding on a proposal to renovate the town's fire station. city officials say the building needs to be expanded. they say the biggest problem is fitting newer fire trucks into the bays. the current station opened more than 30-years-ago, and the trucks are much bigger now. if approved, the renovation
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floor with a locker room, showers, office space, and a kitchen. >> keeping the service up that the residents expect. they expect us to have a short response time to adequately , respond to any emergencies that may come up in the city. stacey: the renovations would cost about $600,000. voters head to the polls tuesday, november 3. steve: kurtis, i hate to complain, but it is a little chilly. kurtis: it really never warmed up today. temperatures in the 40's out there across a good portion of the state including des moines. fort dodge currently at 45. a nicer one out to the west and southwest. temperatures in the 50's and a little bit of sunshine out that way. for tonight, expect cold air to be out and about. we slowly dipped down into the mid-30's.
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noon, 50 degrees. 4:00 p.m. temperature, 56. we get ahead, i just wanted to show you this because it really will cheer you up. temperatures in the upper 60's on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday all in the 70's. beggars night forecast and the weekend coming up. steve: a day of stumping after a night of debating. gop presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail today hoping last night's performance gives them a boost. stacey: kcci's aixa diaz is in our washington bureau this afternoon. aixa, republicans didn't just go after each other. aixa: candidates had plenty of disagreements last night but they found common ground when it came to the moderators and the media. moments of contention between
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the moderators and the presidential candidates. sen. cruz: the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. aixa: the republican national committee says it's disappointed in the tone of last night's debate. >> instead of trying to see what vision the candidates have for the future of the country, they were more focused on trying to pit candidates against each other and get gotcha moments. aixa: ten candidates took the stage in prime-time, with ben carson as the new front runner. >> he spoke more than he ever had before, so he's stepping up his game. aixa: today, carson campaigned at colorado christian university while jeb bush courted voters in new hampshire, after what some are calling a lackluster debate performance. >> people looked at jeb bush as a natural leader and he's been anything but in these debates. sen. rubio: the more exposure we have to voters, the better we feel about our chances. but i felt good about it. aixa: marco rubio, currently in third place, could find himself moving up in the polls. analysts say the florida senator had memorable moments during the debate. >> he's a guy who presents himself as a young, articulate
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aixa: a spokesman for cnbc responded to the criticism, saying people who want to be president should be able to answer tough questions. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. stacey: republicans debate again on november 10. the iowa gop says it was also disappointed in the moderators of last night's debate. they hope next time the candidates will get to focus on more of the issues. >> there's nothing wrong with tough questioning. we're not saying you can't have tough questions and hold people to account for what they've said before. but it's the way you phrase it, the way you talk about it and how you frame up the whole debate. stacey: meantime, the chair of the republican national committee says cnbc "should be ashamed" of how its moderators handled the debate. reince priebus says the moderators did a disservice to their network, the candidates, and the viewers. steve: new charges in a north-central iowa hazing case.
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three football players each face counts of sexu abuse, including one count of hazing, and one count of simple assault. 17-year-old michael schaefer, 16-year-old tristan mewes assaulted the freshman football player in the locker room. stacey: next at five, passenger nightmare. a plane full of people catches fire on a florida runway. where the aircraft was headed. steve: plus, passing the gavel. paul ryan is now in charge. why he wants the house to concentrate on the people's business. stacey: and later, uber cute. why today only the popular ride
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adorable to your doorstep. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: right now, after a scary day the fort lauderdale airport , is now back open. stacey: it was shut down this afternoon after a plane's engine caught fire while preparing for takeoff on flight to venezuela. 15 people were taken to a hospital after the fire on a dynamic airways boeing 767. one person suffered non life-threatening burns. the rest had bumps, bruises, or sprains.
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process of removing roughly 6000 feet of tether from a runaway blimp. the blimp broke loose from a military facility in maryland yesterday and came down in 2 pieces in pennsylvania. police had to use shotguns to deflate it. stacey: passing the gavel. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is the new house speaker. in his first remarks to the chamber the new speaker urged , his colleagues to work together as representatives of the american people, not as partisans. rep. ryan: the house is broken. we're adding to them. and, i'm not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. stacey: ryan was first elected to the house in 1998 when he was just 28 years old. he was also mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential election. steve: outgoing house speaker john boehner says he is leaving
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with no regrets and no burden. but before his farewell speech there was a lighter moment. , take a look. that's boehner jokingly grabbing a box of tissues. he is well-known for being emotional. after turning over control of the house to ryan, boehner walked up the aisle to the rear of the house chamber, and accepted hugs from both republicans and democrats. stacey: ski season kicked off today at some resorts in colorado. the lifts at loveland and arapahoe basin ski areas started rolling at 9:00 this morning. some happy folks there. it out to see which can open first. october 15, 2008. steve: mountains are the best place for snow. kurtis: i hear the mounted over
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you saw those skiers were bundled up. it is chilly out in colorado. humidity at 63%. winds have settled down a wee bit. 40's is what it feels like in marshall city -- in webster city and marshalltown. clouds on the decrease tonight. less wind overnight. it is going to be a frosty start tomorrow morning. temperature dipping down to 35 degrees. slightly warmer as the day goes along. near 50 by the noon hour and your 4:00 p.m. temperature, 56. northwest winds, not like yesterday evening when they were really howling out of the west-northwest at about 5-15 miles an hour. clouds to the west and this will continue to move east as the
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that is why we will start out tomorrow frosty. an area of low pressure spinning to the northeast, that is tracking off. high pressure is going to bring us generally dry weather for friday. a few showers from kansas city down into dodge city and north platte. 55 in chicago, 63 in st. louis. it comes this low, spinning out of the southwest. moisture out in front of it with chances of rain increasing as we get into friday night and saturday morning. such a early friday. clouds increase by the afternoon our. rain moving in around 8:00. we will see more rain early saturday morning. the back end pulls through eastern iowa midmorning. rainfall amounts -- the system looks to be around a quarter to
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a half of an inch. a quarter to about 3/10 of an inch north of i-80. tonight, down to 45 degrees. tomorrow, sunshine early. clouds late. south winds, 5-10. a bit milder at 56. beggars night, the showers will be moving in. probably better to get an early start. i think around 8:00 or sooner it could be raining even here in des moines. we were in the 50's last year for beggars night. 8 day forecast. saturday, 58. sunday, 58. late saturday night, early saturday morning. saturday at bedtime, an extra hour of sleep.
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70's, 70's, 70's, and that is 60's and 50's later in the week. steve: a clean slate in traffic. things are a little slow along writer corner where the traffic is heavy but your trips to the pretty good. nine to the west and six to the east. stacey: tonight at 6:00 candidates in a local city , council race are raising some week's elections. kevin cooney back with more on that. kevin: stacey, a guthrie center man once charged with indecent contact with children is running for city council coming up at 6:00, he is talking to kcci news about how he's moving on from his past. but the mayor is also talking to kcci's rose heaphy and explains why he has concerns about this candidate. jason r: seven casey's general stores in iowa and nebraska have fallen victim to a skimming scam.
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so hard to spot, and how toi don't know how you did it? what? riding our bikes across the state?
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stacey: for $30, you could have a kitten delivered for 15-minutes of cuddle time. kevin: this one is overstating. the kittens came from the animal rescue league of iowa stephanie filer is here now. stephanie, you traveled around today with these little guys? >> 15 kittens throughout the metro from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and it was nonstop. steve: how many people were there? >> we had 36 and many that weren't able to get in. it is definitely a popular thing that we will be bringing back. stacey: i sure hope so. these guys are all up for adoption? >> the 15 are now available for adoption. we also are running a promotion for pets six months or older,
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stacey: a snuggle the -- a snuggle fee? >> yes, we ended up raising over $1000. steve: did this with puppies? >> we could arrange a puppy visit for a small fee. kevin: thank you very much and thank you for bringing in little -- >> am not even sure which when i grabbed. stacey: she is precious, that's what we will call her. dog lovers, we haven't forgotten about you. yorkie puppies, pancho and lefty play and chase, chew and bark as much as their little bodies allow. they wouldn't be here today if it weren't for a small, special needs, no kill animal shelter on des moines' south side.
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little cuties tonight at 10:00 and get to know their story. you may be shocked to learn what their fate held until the animal lifeline of iowa stepped in. watch my report tonight, only on kcci 8 news at 10:00.
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kurtis: cold one out there, going to be a frosty one eventually. temperatures down to the mid-30's. ray chance friday night to saturday morning. sunday, 68. 70's to start in november.
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