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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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we will to you how it works and what students think about it so far. thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: chilly start. metinka: you might have a little bit of frost this morning. 34 degrees in des moines. the breeze has settled down. now it is coming in from the south and that is a good direction that brings in warmer air. a beautiful fall day. dress in layers because this morning is on the chilly side. by noon, readings in the low 50's. heading for 56 degrees today. the cloud will be thickening as the afternoon goes along and we will have a chance for rain showers or sprinkles as we head toward the evening. eric: in des moines, it boil order is in effect this morning after a water main broke late last night. the break is actually east 46th and hubble. you will notice low water pressure from your fossett this morning.
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waterworks says if you live in that area you should boil your tap water for at least three minutes before you drink it this morning to ensure the water is safe. they say bathing and showering is ok as long as you don't swallow a lot of the water. water works will let you know when the advisory is lifted. you can get that information on elizabeth: a special needs of student is allegedly assaulted by a johnston bus driver, caught on camera. the video you are about to see is explicit. >> you don't say that to me. >> hey. elizabeth: the outburst began after a 15-year-old student through an object at 61-year-old bus driver robert scarborough. scarborough walked to the back of the bus and according to police grabbed the student and struck him in the face. students can be heard screaming commanding the driver to stop. at the next stop, students fled the bus in fear and found a
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nearby sheriff's deputy. >> some people saw the officer. i think everyone was a little scared, even if they did want -- did not want to admit it. elizabeth: this was scarborough's first year as a johnston bus driver. the district reports there were no former complaint against him. he is now on administrative leave and faces assault and child endangerment charges. eric: three teenagers for new charges in a clarion hazing case. the former football players face three counts of third-degree sexual abuse in addition to one count of hazing and one count of assault. police say seth pelley, michael schaefer and tristan muse assaulted younger football players and practice -- assaulted younger football players in the locker room
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a city council candidate is stirring up controversy in guthrie center. was charged with indecent contact with minors. those charges were later lowered to misdemeanors. mayor dennis kunkle has wagner's past. the city council election is next week on november 3. elizabeth: the des moines area religious council operates 12 food pantries in the metro and last month, d marc serve more people than any month in its history. this year in september they broke an all-time record for any month, over 15,000 people. the executive director says one reason for this bike is the new river place pantry on euclid, serving a lot of immigrants who live in the area as well as older adults who use the federal supplemental food program
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>> we hit a sweet spot. people who had need but no access all of a sudden have access and that site has skyrocketed. elizabeth: a $10 million fundraising campaign kicked off this month and it will include a pantry on wheels, a truck taking food into underserved parts of polk county. eric: kentucky manhunt has come to an end. shaina humphries has been following the latest. folks have been looking for these guys for several days. reporter: six days actually. floyd ray cook has been on the run since saturday when he allegedly shot and injured a tennessee police officer. kentucky police say they caught up with cook knew the kentucky tennessee border when they responded to a call of shots fired. the officers and cook exchanged fire and cook was fatally shot. schools in the area had been closed while the manhunt was underway.
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two police officers were shot in a desk and a robbery suspect was killed in a shootout in tennessee. officers were responding to a home robbery call where the homeowner had been stabbed when they found the suspect and gunfire broke out. one officer was treated at the scene, another was flown to the hospital. the extent of the injuries has not been released. this morning, federal investigators will try to figure out what caused the plane to catch fire before takeoff at a florida airport on thursday. more than 100 passengers were forced to evacuate the plane using inflatable slides. almost two dozen people were treated for injuries but everyone is expected to be ok. the hazmat team found a fuel leak. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a late night on capitol hill. congress was voting on a budget and that deal. after some opposition, lawmakers passed the legislation to
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the deal raises the borrowing limit through early 2017. eric: gearing up to be another busy weekend on the campaign trail. several republican candidates are taking the stage in iowa but it is reports of a meeting in washington that is getting a lot of attention. politico is reporting that representatives from republican campaigns were coming together in d.c. to discuss the debate process. they say they are not happy with the way the national committee has organized debates. this comes after wednesday night's debate where several candidates expressed disappointment. several gop contenders will be right here in iowa for the republican party of iowa's opportunity party. that event starts at 10:30 in the morning and runs until 4:00 p.m. tickets are available for $10 online. even go to iowa gop. board for details. elizabeth: give yourself a few extra minutes.
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you might be dealing with frost. metinka: it is chilly out this morning. frosty conditions across central iowa. 35 in des moines right now. it should not be this cold this time of year so these temperatures are cooler than they should be. it will end up to be a beautiful day. warming temperatures back up to seasonable levels into the 50's this afternoon. you might need an umbrella if you will be trick-or-treating. we have a chance for a few few sprinkles or light rain showers moving through. you don't have to worry about billing up too much. temperature stay mild with readings holding in the low 50's. elizabeth: students at urbandale high school are getting a lesson in inclusion. eric: emmy victor is live to tell us about a pe program building new friendships. what has been happening?
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emmy: this high school has started the second year of the new program called people for pe . in this program they are pairing up general education students and special needs students together for lots of activities and fun. as is happening on the second thursday of every month. we know that the students are paired up together and have multiple stations to choose from , whether that is baseball, scooter, hula hoop as well. general education students serve as peers and help special education students with the activities, helping them go at their own pace and modifying those activities, that way special needs students have someone to coach them along in between exercises. we spoke to the physical education teacher of the program. he says the general education students benefit by making a difference in someone else's life of the special needs kids benefit by making more friends in the building at their high school. >> we are lucky that we get this year.
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i have learned a lot about myself and a lot about lucy and people with disabilities. >> my favorite part is seeing my friends olivia and spence. emmy: students are picked because they are paired together based on similar hobbies or characteristics they find students to have. this is something they do every year. we know that they are training well. eric: so cool. that student said through her interpreter, my favorite part is seeing my friend olivia. friendships in pe. college basketball season is underway. a first look at this year's iowa hawkeye team. elizabeth: the trip of a lifetime.
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texas. why her mother says the support means so much. eric: dress your pets. more americans are picking up costumes for pets this halloween. this year's most popular choices. a boil advisory is in effect for parts of des moines. des moines waterworks says it is due to a water main break over east 46th and hubble. as you get out, you're urged to drink bottled water and boil water for at least three minutes before you drag it. -- before you drink it. elizabeth: we have two hours or so before we see backups and slowdowns around town but we will keep an eye on everything. let's head outside and take a live look at the roads. 3580 at sigman. a few people out there making their way out this early.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. something to get excited about this morning. thursday marked the first day of
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the area saw 21 inches of snow in the last week. eric: it means there is snow on the way. that's no is getting closer to iowa. looking at video from minnesota on the left and wisconsin on the right. colder temperatures are moving in and snow will eventually get here. over the next couple of days we are headed in the opposite direction. metinka: we have 70's in the forecast. we can push that worry off for another day. this morning it is frosty. 10 cap fallen back into the low to mid 30's across the area. give your car a little bit of time to frost off the windshield. a great fall day. comfortable readings at noon. a nice day to head out for a walk. seasonable highs today into the mid-50's. a little bit on the cool side. a few showers rolling in during the overnight tonight as that warmer push of air arrives. temperatures are going to jump up about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than today with highs by the
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middle part of the week. elizabeth: the mets and the royals are in new york, ready for game three of the world series. kansas city leads the series two games to none and a win would put them in a good position to win the whole series. yordano ventura says he is ready to go but knows it will be tougher in new york in front of a crowd of mets fans. game three starts tonight at 7:07 on fox. eric: basketball is coming back. the first night of college hoops in iowa last night. a first look at this year plus team for the hawkeye fans. the hawkeyes took on the university of sioux falls last night. mike gesell looked really good. the hawks got an easy win 99-73. a big honor for an iowa state basketball player.
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-- george niang is one of the best best of all players in the country. marcus paige is also on the first team. cycyone fans will get their first look at niang and the rest of the squad in their first exhibition game, november 6 at 7:00 p.m. elizabeth: the hawkeyes take om maryland. thousands of chickens left -- thousands of tickets left for tomorrow night's game at kinnick. iowa state will take on the texas longhorns on fox sports 1. a story we brought you on wednesday. a young girl from ankeny that to go on the trip of a lifetime thursday thanks to the tcu football program. eric: she is decked out in tcu
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abby faber got to take in the sights and sounds of tcu's game against west virginia last night. elizabeth: you might remember the photo that went viral of tcu's quarterback trevone boykin with favor during the coin toss two weeks ago. >> it speaks volumes about tcu. it is just awesome. it helps fill your heart backup. eric: abby and her family flew down to texas on a private jet. abby has a form of cerebral palsy and fans have set up a crowdfunding account to help her with costs of her medical bills. so far that account has raised more than $34,000 just last week. we have a link to our website -- we have a link to it on our website elizabeth: when she gets older,
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shaina humphries has stories you need to know to keep yourself and your bank account safe. shaina: another vehicle recall to tell you about for a problem that could hurt you are your family members. honda is recalling older model accords to fix airbag inflation problems. the automaker says the side airbags can inflate if a door is slammed to hard. this affects 2008 in 2009 accords. 19 people have filed injury claims. customers will get recall notices it mid-december. honda says he should take your car to a dealer for a software fix. mid-american energy is warning customers of a phone scam. the polk county sheriff's office says someone calls a business saying that the business owners past due on their utility bill and they must pay through credit card or prepaid debit card.
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eric: wall street ended in negative territory following news that the federal reserve will leave interest rates at record low levels. the dow fell about 24 points. the s&p 500 dropped just about point. pottery barn kids is recalling its avengers and darth vader water bottles this morning because they say the paint on the outside could violate the lead paint standard. customers should bring those bottles back into the store for a refund and they will get a $20 gift card. no injuries have been reported so far. if you have ever drop your smart phone on the floor you know it does not take much to crack the screen. motorola says it has a solution. the company is coming out with a shatterproof droid phone. it uses several layers to absorb shock and keep that glass intact. the new droid came out on thursday and is exclusive to verizon.
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is not just for humans. tet's are taken part in festivities and numbers show their owners are spending more money to get them dressed up. the national retail federation predicts 20 million americans will spend about $350 million on costumes for their pets this year. the most popular costumes this year are a pumpkin and a hot dog. star wars characters, also very popular. eric: i love the donald trump comb-over one. how is beggars night going to look? metinka: it looks pretty good other than dodging a couple sprinkles. warmer than what we're starting at now. right now it is frosty. 28 degrees in auto and -- in auto than. we will end up with a beautiful day. clears got from central into southwest iowa and clouds during to the northeast. we are watching the system
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bringing a few showers. that light rain will be spreading it to our direction as we head toward the evening. this morning we get the all clear. a pitiful start to friday. -- a beautiful start to friday. most of the moisture will be staying across missouri. showers move into western iowa tech or 6:00 p.m. skies begin to clear by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon so we have great news if you have outdoor plans. 35 degrees. a light south and clear skies. 56 this afternoon. we'll have a light breeze coming in from the south so the wind will not be a problem. sprinkle's are possible before your trick-or-treat plans. temps holding into the 40's through 8:00 p.m. tailgate temperatures tomorrow in the mid-40's. a couple of showers are possible early on.
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it will end up to be a nice day with the low 50's. for the cyclone game in ames him a perfect weather for football. temps cooling slowly back to the 50's and the wind should not factor into the game either. we fall back to standard time on sunday. get ready to enjoy a gorgeous stretch of weather. 70's back in the forecast. low to mid 70's possible for tuesday into wednesday. a great week to put up holiday lights. eric: before it's too crazy to be outside. good idea. elizabeth: let's see what is happening on the roads. shaina: everything is looking really good. a good time to go somewhere if you need to be anywhere early today. traffic will not start picking up for a while. wrote will be open for you. here are your mobile speed units. anywhere near the north side, you will see a des moines police
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seven miles northeast 56 treat. elizabeth: we are continuing our month-long series aimed at a better you. ways to improve your health, home, and life. eric: three healthy foods you should be eating but probably aren't. you would never guess, sardines are it of the best sources of mood boosting omega-3 fats packed with vitamin d. elizabeth: kefir is packed with calcium and probiotics. eric: lentils are packed with ro team, iron and fiber -- protein, iron and fiber. elizabeth: still ahead, pumpkin
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we will tell elizabeth: welcome back. the great pumpkin shortage right now across the country. eric: comebacks thanks giving it could be another story. nikole killion is live. we understand this could impact everything from punk and pie to punk and spice latte. -- pumpkin spiced lattes. nikole: these pumpkins, many folks are being told to stock up now because as the supply goes down the craze for pumpkin items is only going up. at this maryland orchard plenty of pumpkin pickings but elsewhere, it has not been a good year for gourds. >> it was challenging growing year for most growers. nikole: tyler butler says the yield is lower than years past caused in part by wet weather.
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>> we had a really dry middle growing season so it was challenging. nikole: heavy rain destroyed this year passed crop in illinois. >> with the shortage it is not affecting jack-o'-lantern pumpkins. for the most part you might see that price issue in the supermarket when you buy canned pumpkin. nikole: the harvest was cut in half warning once it ships the rest "we will have no more libby's pumpkin to sell until the harvest of 2016." the supply spooking some as demand increases for all things pumpkin. generating more than 360 million in sales last year according to nielsen. elizabeth: even though some of those products are not necessarily made with real pumpkin, many of them are coming cooling starbucks which is known
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it has added real pumped into that recipe so the coffeemaker tells us at this point it is not concerned about the impact from the shortage. elizabeth: nikole killion, live in washington. we have more news ahead in our next half hour. surveillance video of a shootout and a student assaulted. we will look at beggars night locations. eric: emmy victor is live at
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eric: new video this morning of the moment before a deadly gang shootout. elizabeth: a plane burst into flames before taking off. how another pilot's good eyes stopped things from getting worse. eric: students capture a bus driver throwing a student to the ground in central iowa. reaction from the girl who took the video and the school district's response. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa posner news leader. -- iowa posner news leader -- iowa's news leader.
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do you guys have that experience where the weather was bad and you have this great costume? shaina: in the midwest, you're used to it. you bundle up and put the costume over it. you look ridiculous but it is worth it. metinka: no worries tonight. maybe a warmer shirt underneath it tonight and temperatures will be mild. no headaches for anybody. 35, little frosty to start with. kids have their parties today. a beautiful day headed for 56 degrees. the rain holds off until after 5:00 p.m. for western iowa and even then a few sprinkles. this morning if you are getting an early start near tunnel, we are dealing with fog in that area. visibility is: to half a mile. -- has fallen to half a mile. get ready for a gorgeous stretch of weather.
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shaina: authorities say a wanted suspect in kentucky has been shot and killed after a weeklong manhunt. killing a tennessee police officer in firing at a kentucky trooper. police say they found cook this morning in kentucky and exchanged gunfire. no officers were injured. congress has approved a budget in debt deal to avoid what could default. this raises the debt ceiling for the federal government for the next two years until march 2017. it passed in the senate with a 64-35 vote. police are trying to figure out who released video from inside the texas restaurant that was the scene of a biker gang shootout in may. this is footage from a twin peaks restaurant in waco. several bikers armed, other scrambling for cover. nine of those bikers were killed.
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this incident is one of the most violent among motorcycle clubs. 177 bikers have been charged in connection with the shootout. scary moments for passengers on a runway in florida as the plane erupts into flames. the small airline dynamic is under a microscope right now is the fah rise to figure out why fuel was pouring from the engine. emergency chute inflate and passengers begin sliding to safety through thick clouds of smoke. the fire was knocked down in a couple of minutes. injured. 26-year-old mystery. a person of interest in the disappearance of jake up wetterling -- jacob wetterling. the 11-year-old vanished october 22, 1989 while riding his bike
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investigators say daniel heinrich is a person of interest. eric: a special needs student allegedly assaulted by a johnston school bus driver caught on camera by other students on the bus. >> stop. >> hit me again. eric: police arrested robert scarborough. he faces assault and child endangerment charges. the outburst began after a 15-year-old student through an object at the bus driver, scarborough. according to police, he grabbed the special needs student and hit him in the face. >> christian was repeatedly saying, i'm sorry. everyone else was telling the bus driver to stop. eric: this was scarborough's first year as a johnston bus driver. the district says he is on administrative leave.
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facing additional charges in a hazing investigation at clarion high school. three counts of third-degree sexual abuse in addition to hazing and assault charges. all three students are accused of assaulting younger players before practice. several des moines residents are under a boil advisory due to a water main break last night. waterworks says the break is at east 46th and hubbell avenue. when the water comes back on residents are advised use bottled water or boil water for at least three minutes until they are notified the water is safe. eric: the polk city police department is investigating a burglary at a city maintenance facility. it happened overnight wednesday at the facility on northside drive. officials say two ford f3 50 super duty utility trucks were taken. estimated value, between $100,000 and $150,000. another chilly morning.
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metinka: a little frosty out this morning. 35 degrees in des moines. south wind at 5 miles per hour. the wind has settled down. it will draw in warmer conditions as well. headed for 56 degrees. we will see a few showers and sprinkles moved through overnight tonight and out early tomorrow. check out this nice temperature trend. 60's for the weekend with 70's on the way for the first few days of november. it is the grand opening of a new ethanol plant. dupont is opening its new plant in nevada. the ribbon-cutting is at 4:00 followed by carnival games and truck and treating. elizabeth: you can get in on the halloween spirit at the zombie
5:33 am
the isu dance club is hosting the event starting at 7:00 from the jacks outdoor gear location. tonight, martin o'malley is at the iowa safe schools spirits award at 7:00 at the state historical building. an adventure. and iowa girl flown to texas to attend a football game. hear how tcu made abby faber feel special. eric: an arizona man heads to facebook after an interaction
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emmy: how urbandale high school if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. two events coming up this weekend show us winter is on the way. the final downtown saturday farmer's market of the season is tomorrow on court avenue. it is open from 8:00 until noon. daylight savings time is coming to an end early sunday morning at 2:00. you get to set your clock back in our. it also means it is going to be getting dark early but we have
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to focus on the extra hour of sleep. metinka: a sign of the times. we are heading toward november and temperatures are not feeling very much like the end of october or november. it looks wonderful. a little frosty out early today but don't let that worry you. a beautiful friday. temps starting out in the low to mid 30's. patchy fog in low-lying areas. with those clouds, slight chance for rain drops. no know in this forecast. rain showers are possible into early on saturday. 60's on the way for the weekend and for the first few days of november we have 70's in the forecast. eric: a high school pe class is combining general education and special education students to build friendships at school. elizabeth: emmy victor got the chance to visit urbandale high school. she is live there this morning
5:37 am
emmy: not every day to uc students this enthusiastic about going to gym class. the program is called people for pe and this year they picked 15 students to serve as her leaders to special needs students for the program. >> they move around and get some exercise and work some skills while they're at it. emmy: people for pe is a great way to have fun and break a sweat at the same time. the students start off by breaking into stations where the. leaders can help them modify gym activities. purely leaders are welcome to jump in and shoot hoops or play scooters with them to show them how it is done and cheer them on. the special education students can go at their own pace and sometimes they break out into dance. we did speak to the coach racette the general at students learn a lot more about
5:38 am
general ed students learn a lot more about themselves. we know that the class meets about twice a month, every other thursday. we are told each semester the peers will change so they get a chance to interact with a lot more students. this is the second year of the program and they are hoping to expand this at the high school and set an example for other schools in the metro. elizabeth: it sounds at such a great program. a story we first told you about on wednesday. and ankeny gerled's life forever changed -- girl's life forever changed. abby faber was flown to fort worth, texas to attend the tcu horned frog's game. >> i feel famous. because they keep sending the picture back and back to us. elizabeth: a special moment between quarterback trevone boykin and abby.
5:39 am
abby and her family got a standing ovation at tcu stadium. mom tells kcci they had a fabulous time. they met coach gary patterson and were out on the field after the first quarter. they fly back to iowa today. eric: such a learning lesson for the football players. the mets and royals are already in new york city getting ready for game three of the world series tonight. kansas city leads to games to none and game three starts tonight at 7:07 on fox. the mets will be at citi field trying to dig out of the whole. elizabeth: a great night for the u.s. in scotland at the gymnastic world championships. simone biles is the first woman to win three straight. gabby douglas took silver after taking two years off following her olympic all-around title. douglas used to train a child's
5:40 am
moines and she is the first olympic women's all-around champion to come back and earned a world all-around medal since 1981. shaina: another photo going viral on facebook. an arizona man posted about being pulled over by a tucson police in the middle of the night for missing headlight. he was carrying a gun and said officers had to disarm him. they complemented the way he handled it and let him off with a warning. he says he wanted to share his interaction and posted a message on facebook that gained national attention. the police department thing to for the post and they shared it too. eric: this engagement photo shoot unlike any other in minneapolis. the couple was photo bombed by their own dog. this guy is not camera shy. meghan and chris never expected louis to steal the show but that is what happened.
5:41 am
photo, like everybody does, but they say it is imperfections that make memories. elizabeth: kind of a goofy looking dog in general. i love that. across central iowa tonight, costumed children will be going door-to-door for beggars night. the local tradition is to tell a joke to get a treat. shaina: this will be my first time with trick-or-treaters. eric: you ask them, they say it and you give them the candy. my son and daughter have been going over several jokes. one of their favorites is, what instrument does a skeleton play? a trombone. mostly groaners. one of many in their arsenal. kiddos will be trick-or-treating
5:42 am
clive, des moines, johnston, norwalk, among others tonight. there is a complete list of beggars night activities and times online and on the kcci app. elizabeth: happy halloween. shaina: let's take a live look outside. make sure you bundle up today. metinka will let you know when the sun is going to set to help
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metinka: good morning. bundle up if you are getting an early start. temps are starting out in the 30's that it is going to be a gorgeous afternoon with highs where they should be. clouds will be on the increase. a few rain showers across the area. across southeast iowa we are dealing with locally dense fog. visibility hovering at half a mile visibility. it is quiet across iowa. a few clouds across the northeastern part of the state but our attention is across the southwestern part of the midwest. nebraska, kansas, down near oklahoma. showers will be spreading here
5:46 am
by 5:00 p.m., showers will reach an across the far western iowa counties and those will continue into early on saturday. saturday, six clock a.m., still dealing with showers and sprinkles. skies begin to clear by the afternoon. we are not expecting anything heavy. right now, we have clear skies. south breeze on the light side at 5. 56 degrees, the high temp today. a few showers or sprinkles. temps will be mild. 50's. warmer coat this evening. after a few early morning showers on saturday the weather takes a turn for the better with highs saturday near 60. near 70 on sunday. the first few days of november look fabulous with highs either side of 70 degrees, possibly
5:47 am
into the mid-70's as we head toward tuesday and wednesday. by the end of the week, unsettled weather moves in and we will have showers in the forecast. until then, things are looking great. although this evening for trick-or-treat plans there may be a couple of rain drops. elizabeth: let's see what is happening in traffic. shaina: things are looking fine. fridays tend to be good days traffic wise. no accidents or slowdowns to report right now. mobile speed units are deployed. near the north side of look on the club of -- golf course. there is one of 1900 sw 9th street. a polk county car in des moines at 1000 north east 50 4th avenue and another in bondurant, north east 56th street. elizabeth: the latest research mimic you think twice before choosing a low-fat diet.
5:48 am
findings in the fight eric: a new study finds a specialized form of immunotherapy can boost the survival rate of pancreatic cancer by more than 75% in mice. pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease. the therapy involves t cells. human trials are planned for the next year.
5:49 am
the most effective for long-term weight loss according to a study from bring him and women's hospital in boston. researchers found low-fat diets were no more successful than diets with higher fat content when it comes to keeping weight off for more than a year. ellen unveils her hilarious costume of the lesser-known kardashian sister, karla. [applause] eric: kind of creepy. elizabeth: you don't want to miss this episode right here on kcci at 4:00.
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here is what we are working on for six clock a.m. emmy: i am light outside urbandale high school to to you about a program being launched at the school, one that is combining general ed and special needs students. shaina: a manhunt ends. metinka: everybody's spirits get a lift with 70's back in the forecast. eric: we are waking up to barely above freezing them at 35 degrees in the metro. colder in some spots of the state. people getting going on the day before halloween.
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