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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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ryan: scarbrough was denied an application to a court-appointed attorney. the judge declared that, as a johnston district employee, he makes too much money. after thursday's recorded assault on a student with special needs, district officials tell kcci he's now on administrative leave. the judge did require scarbrough to sign a no-contact order for the 15-year-old victim. judge: you can not call them, write them, email, or text. you cannot drive neither house. no third-party communication. do you understand that, sir? robert: yes, ma'am. good for you. ryan: as video of the violent outburst makes the rounds on social media, new videos are surfacing from that intense confrontation. >> he glared at him and said, "don't you say one word or you're next." ryan: this johnston middle school mother requested we conceal her identity. she contacted school officials
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scarbrough's on-the-job behavior. >> i was disappointed because i had a complaint last week about the bus driver. our son and other kids have been complaining for quite some time. ryan: it stemmed from a seating issue on the bus. i am told by a johnston school district spokesperson that the transportation director responded to her concern via e-mail and a personal phone call to help resolve that issue. live in johnston, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: this incident had us wondering, what kind of training do school bus drivers go through to deal with student behavior? the state of iowa has policies and procedures in place to make sure students are safe on a bus. aside from dot training to get a special license, drivers then go through scenarios on how to deal with unruly students. in most cases, they are told to pull over, secure the bus, and
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some districts like johnston have drivers work with a trainer. laura: this trainer has been with us since 2011. he is well-versed on what happens on a bus and what drivers can encounter on any given day. stacey: tonight at 6:00, cynthia fodor explains the specific steps school bus drivers go through to ensure student safety. steve: urbandale police need your help identifying two men spotted on hyvee store surveillance video stealing toilet paper and other things. police say the thefts involves more than $1200 in merchandise stolen from the store at 8701 douglas. these surveillance photos show two men pushing carts out of the store. now both of those carts appear to contain boxes of appliances, topped with packages of toilet paper. police say they have received lots of tips about this case. if you have any information, contact polk county crimestoppers at 515-223-1400. stacey: the gop suspends its partnership with nbc news for its february debate.
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kevin cooney here now with details. kevin: stacey, the republican national committee says it's suspending its partnership with nbc news and its properties. and it won't allow the network to co-host a presidential primary debate scheduled for february. the letter from rnc chair reince priebus to nbc comes after this week's heavily criticized debate on cnbc. priebus says the cnbc debate did not focus on economic issues, as promised. and that the candidates were asked questions that "were inaccurate or downright offensive." now the rnc tells nbc it will still hold a debate as scheduled on february 26 with its other planned media partner, "national review." stacey? stacey: more commitment 2016 news, at least nine republican candidates will be in des moines this weekend for the republican party of iowa's growth and opportunity party. that's at the varied industries building at the state fairgrounds saturday.
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and runs until 4:00 that afternoon. tickets are available online for $10 each. another key endorsement for hillary clinton. new york city mayor bill de blasio announced today he is backing her democratic presidential bid. de blasio says clinton is the best candidate to address income inequality. the mayor drew criticism from some democrats for not immediately endorsing clinton when she announced her they do have a history. senate campaign. steve: dupont is announcing the opening of its $225 million cellulosic ethanol plant here in iowa. it will produce the fuel additive from corn stalks, leaves, and corn cobs -- instead of the grain, itself. the nevada refinery is touted as the world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant. it's designed to make 30 million gallons annually, once it's in full production next year. stacey: a nurse saves a lot of lives of a family by going the
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our vanessa peng is live. vanessa: stacey, tammie zieser says she was just doing her job. but what she ended up doing was save four lives. zieser is a maxwell nurse with mary greeley medical center 's first nurse call center. it's a free health care advice telephone service. thursday morning, jennifer smith had called into the call center, saying her entire family was sick. during the call, zieser told smith to call 911. but when zieser called her back and no one answered, she called police dispatch. smith and her three young kids were unconscious by the time paramedics arrived, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. they were taken to the hospital, thanks to zieser's call. tammie: if you are going to call somebody back, you give them 10 minutes for anything to go on. and i thought i had waited 10 minutes, but i only waited 6. and when i called back, it went to her voicemail immediately.
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she did not pick up, and there's no busy signal. that's when i got really worried. vanessa: as you can see, the family as well. they are very happy to f fally meet zieser. coming up tonight at 6:00, hear from the family and the recordings from the call center. peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news stacey: flu season is starting early in iowa this year. the state's department of public health says testing confirms cases of the flu are already circulating. while flu activity is low right now, we know it won't stay that way. the department's medical director says the most effective way to prevent the flu is to get a yearly vaccine. steve: making news right now, the des moines water works says effect until at least sunday for hundreds of residents on the city's eastside. hubbell has now been fixed. water samples will be taken again this weekend.
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come back on sunday. and it is dry out now, but we have a little rain knocking on the doorstep. kurtis: about 90 miles away from metro right now, widespread in kansas, missouri, and nebraska. light showers moving into red oak and the south side of lamoni. the earlier, the better out there. 51 degrees at 6 p.m. rain chances not great then. we start to see a bit of an increase in rain at 7 p.m. a much better chance on the way to 8:00, by then, showers should be likely with the rain moving in. south winds at 5-10. ranger b over by 10 a.m. tomorrow. topping out at 57, partly sunny. sunday is near-perfect. a little breezy, but a lot of sunshine and a high near 70 degrees. in the 70's stick around -- can
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i have the answer coming up. stacey: all across central iowa, ghosts and goblins will go door to door tonight for beggars' night. children will be trick-or-treating in altoona, ames, ankeny, clive, des moines, johnston, norwalk, urbandale, waukee, west des moines, and windsor heights, among others. we have a complete list of beggars' night and halloween activities on our kcci app and on those halloween parties can run a little later than usual tomorrow night. in most of the country, it's the night people set clocks back an hour at 2 a.m., meaning an extra hour of sleep. daylight saving time returns march 13. steve: the downtown des moines farmers' market ends for the season this weekend. folks, saturday is the last chance to shop for your favorite fall produce and products. children will be able to trick-or-treat at participating vendors. the market is open from 8 a.m. to noon. the winter market will be held november 20-21 and december 18-19 inside at capital square. next at 5:00, boots on the ground in syria.
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the announcement today that u.s. special operations forces will be deployed to that war-torn country. how the white house is describing the mission. stacey: plus, prisoner release. why 6000 federal prisoners are now out on the streets. and how many more could soon join them. steve: and a little later on inclusive gym class.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: escalating the fight against isis, the u.s. will soon have troops on the ground in syria. stacey: kcci's aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau. aixa, what is the white house saying about this mission? aixa: the white house says fewer than 50 special operations forces will be deployed to northern syria. those troops will be training, advising, and assisting moderate opposition forces in their fight against isis. the u.s. says its strategy in syria remains the same. and while troops will be in harm's way and ready to protect themselves, they will not be serving in a combat role. josh: the core of our military strategy inside of syria is to build up the capacity of local
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country. aixa: american troops are already on the ground in iraq in a similar advisory role. stacey: aixa, the white house says president obama spoke with iraq's prime minister today. what do they talk about? aixa: the white house says they talked about intensifying u.s. support in iraq when it comes to fighting isis. the president also commended iraqi forces for their progress and pledged more support. stacey: thanks, aixa. the u.s. began air strikes against isis in syria last year. reported today. one in jerusalem and another in the west bank. israeli police say a palestinian stabbed a man at a jerusalem light rail station, before security shot and killed him. in the west bank, two palestinians carrying knives ran toward an israeli checkpoint. troops shot and killed one and wounded the other. steve: more than 6000 federal
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prisoners detained on drug charges will get out of jail, starting now. the mass release comes after the u.s. sentencing commission decided last year to reduce the sentences of non-violent drug offenders by an average of 2 years. under the new rules, drug offenders can apply to have their sentences reduced, as part of an effort to relieve overcrowded prisons and make up for overly harsh sentencing laws. 1/3 of the people being released are not u.s. citizens. the department of justice says they will face deportation after their release. an additional 40,000 prisoners are eligible for early release in the coming months. stacey: honda is recalling more than 300,000 accords from 2008-2009 because of an air bag issue. honda says the side airbags can inflate if a door is slammed too hard. 19 people have complained of injures because of the issue. steve: game 3 of the world series tonight has the scrappy kansas city royals taking on the new york mets.
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series 2-0. game 3 in new york city starts at 7:07 on fox. stacey: scary weather hitting parts of south central texas today. severe storms bringing heavy rain and damaging winds to areas near austin and san antonio. flash flooding took some drivers by surprise, forcing them to push their cars out of waist-deep water. the heavy rains also forced austin's airport to close temporarily. steve: it is beggars' night. not the best weather. kurtis: it has been worse. in the 50's now, watching the rain closely in southwestern iowa. 85 miles away as it moves northeast, light showers already in red oak and clarinda. 53 degrees now, south winds at 13. humidity is 59%. the rain will start to move in,
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51 degrees later, 49 at 10:00. 46 degrees tomorrow morning, so your rain trend really ramps up tomorrow night. into the early morning hour tomorrow, the rain moves out as we slide into the late morning and early afternoon. right now, the clouds moving on in, that beautiful start of the day. sunshine as expected, you can see the rain down in southwestern iowa. it is more extensive and parts of nebraska, heavier rain in kansas city and off to the west. this is was going to slide by to the south of us with a shield of rain, slowly pulling through wider weather in the day on saturday. sunday looks absolutely gorgeous across most the midwest. here is futurecast. dragging that rain in, more widespread by 10:00.
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the rain hangs tomorrow morning, still a bit of activity east of the metro at 11 a.m. it all pulls out and skies slowly clear as we head into saturday afternoon. right now, sunday sunshine across the state -- just a few morning clouds up in northern iowa. rainfall amounts with this look to be light, anywhere from 3/10 of an inch. more as you head north of highway 20. probably down to 46, more than last night when we hit 34. rain slowly moving on in, rain at 10:00. tomorrow, the forecasted high is 58. mid to late afternoon, southwest winds at 5-10. we have a couple big games. hawkeye forecast at kinnick stadium -- i want to point out for tailgating, especially if you started early, it will be raining. kickoff should be dry.
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up in ames, it will be drive. mostly clear by kickoff, tailgate temperatures are 53. fourth quarter is 49 with southwest winds and 5-10. here is the better stretch of weather, 70's on sunday and monday as sunshine. tuesday and wednesday, a system moves in late thursday with increasing chances for rain next friday. steve: thank you, krurtis. on the east, we have an accident at garfield and 30th. on the southeast side, we have an accident at 14th. a collision there, watch out for that there. like i said, the rest looking pretty good. let's take a look at the travel
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downtown is slow along i-235 -- six minutes to the east. stacey: more fallout from yesterday's incident on a school bus in johnston. kevin cooney has more on that and other stories, coming up at 6:00. kevin: stacey, new video sent to kcci shows the school bus confrontation moments after the driver allegedly assaults one of the students. coming up tonight, what a johnston mom is telling us about her son's experiences with robert scarbrough before yesterday's incident. mark: a campaign to promote metro businesses doing business in the metro. coming up tonight, we will tell you how a small shift in habit could move at million dollar difference here in the economy. andy: the cyclones had the key to the offense. back home at kinnick stadium, they're looking for a big
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america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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steve: a new kind of high school p.e. class is combining gen-ed and special needs students to build friendships at school. stacey: kcci's emmy victor visits urbandale high school's inclusive gym class to see the students in action. >> when they come in and they are smiling. you know that it is a real smile. emmy: special needs students can often feel isolated from general education students. the class sizes are smaller, and it can be harder to meet other people. but this inclusive gym class brings two levels of education together. >> we have a group of students that really want to be here and want to work with this population of kids. emmy: people p.e. pairs a special needs student with a general education student mentor. challenging them to recreational activities and helping them do it at their own pace. >> our kids are so different in their abilities. so it allows our kids, each one of our kids, to break it down so they can do it. emmy: the general ed students have an entire semester to build
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a friendship with their partner. >> through this, i have learned about myself, a lot about lucy, and people with disabilities. it's really just truly rewarding. >> my favorite part about p.e. emmy: while the course can be challenging, the goal is to keep it modified and fun. the student mentors say they always join in and lead by example. the best part about this class? they end with dancing. emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: that sounds like fun. the gen-ed students can use this class for gym credits. there were 15 chosen this year and about 10 special needs students. steve: a great program. you are taking a live look at downtown kansas city. a big night, royals playing in game 3 against the new york mets in the big apple.
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watch the game inkurtis: showers in southwestern iowa moving slowly northeast, temperatures in the 50's. during out early would be the better choice.
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>> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria.
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