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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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told him, as a district employee, he makes too much money. robert: you don't say that to me! ryan just moments after we see : robert scarbrough grab a 15-year-old by his jacket and shove him down, those teenage passengers, some of them terrified and in tears -- >> everyone that is recording this is going to the office and get your ass arrested. robert good for you. : ryan: can be heard standing up to the 6'3", 230-pound school bus driver. one of the most vocal students, shouting at the driver to stop, shot this video following the violent outburst. >> he glared at him and he said, "don't you say one word or you're next." ryan: his mother doesn't want her family identified, but tells kcci she notified the school district 10 days ago about scarbrough's behavior. in an email to the johnston transportation director, she states "the bus driver screamed
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sit up front behind him." she wasn't surprised this now viral video showing scarbrough in an angry confrontation. >> i was disappointed because i had a complaint last week about the bus driver. our son and other kids have been complaining for quite some time that the bus driver is mean and he has an attitude. ryan: in the past few days, we the bus driver. he remains in custody at the polk county sheriff. i tried to contact him to get a comment through the sheriff, but i have yet to hear back. stacey: so how are school bus drivers trained to handle unruly student behavior? kevin: kcci's cynthia fodor was investigating that question today. cynthia: students can't miss the rules on this bus, including use appropriate language and keep hands and feet to yourself.
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didn't heed the rules. trained school bus driver joe mahaffey of oskaloosa said he was sick watching this. joe: one thing we're taught, you do not lay a hand on students. cynthia: the state requires 17 hours of training for new drivers, with 4 hours in a class each year after. drivers are given this transportation handbook, with a whole section on how to deal with students. >> drivers go through training with scenarios. they may be watching bullying, talk about bus behaviors, what to do when situations are not as expected. cynthia the course is called : stop, and those in anger management say it's always best to stop and calm down. cynthia: peter cade counseled a parent who had a child on the bus. peter: parents tell their kids, this is an incident, not the norm.
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cynthia: the department of education website says a school bus driver should be extremely stable, have patience, even temperament, and calmness under stress. schools do background checks, but say they cannot always judge how someone can lose their temper. >> we do not know when someone has had a bad day. we do not know what that trigger point may be. >> if you are going to lose your temper, you really have no business driving a school bus. cynthia: cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: the district says it is looking at all of the options for transportation the special needs students, including having an aide ride with them. stacey: a federal jury convicted a west des moines man of here in des moines and other cities.
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prosecutors say 49-year-old muhammad anwar sold k2 and psychoactive bath salts to des moines stores. the jury also found anwar guilty of money laundering. the justice department says unity point has paid more than $3 million to resolve a false claims act allegation. the justice department says 500 hospitals nationwide paid to also settle similar allegations. agents looked at when hospitals inserted a cardiac implant, called an implantable cardio-verter defibrillator, then charged medicare. kevin: the often troubled iowa state student health center now has a new boss. iowa state named erin baldwin as the center's new director. she is currently the chief operating officer of the mahaska health partnership in oskaloosa. it was in july that kcci told you about a university report that showed students who used the clinic were sometimes misdiagnosed. even missing a potentially life-threatening case of appendicitis in one student. tonight a kcci exclusive. , a family is saved in the nick of time, by a woman miles away on the phone. kcci's vanessa peng is just back from iowa falls with a story you'll only see on kcci.
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vanessa: kevin, if tammie zeiser hadn't gone the extra mile, an iowa falls family might not be alive today. tammie: hi, it is so good to see you. jennifer: it's so good to see you. vanessa: just hours ago, tammie zeiser didn't know if jennifer smith and her three young kids were alive or not. zeiser and smith first met a day ago -- on the phone. tammie: thank you for calling first nurse. this is tammie. vanessa: zeiser is a maxwell registered nurse. she works for the mary greeley medical center first nurse call center, a free health care help line. it was just before 3:00 early thursday morning when smith called. smith's husband lucas was working overnight and wouldn't be home until 7:00. smith called to say everyone was sick. tammie: do you have a gas furnance? jennifer: yeah. tammie: ok, you may have some poisining going on if everybody is sick all of a sudden. jennifer: ok. tammie: so you need to call 911.
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can you do that? vanessa: at the same time, lucas smith was texting his wife, checking to make sure everything was ok. he didn't hear back. he was debating whether he should call jennifer or not. lucas: i don't know if i would have called, continued to call, called 911? or would i have been, yup, they went to sleep. vanessa: she didn't fall asleep. smith and all the kids passed out. tammie: if you are going to call somebody back, you give them 10 minutes for anything to go on. and i thought i had waited 10 minutes, but i only waited 6. vanessa: it went to voicemail immediately. worried, zeiser called police dispatch and told them to send paramedics. they got there just in time. the smith family is here today, thanks to a free phone call and the woman on the other end that wanted nothing more than to make sure they were ok. jennifer: if she wouldn't have followed up, we would have all be dead in the morning. so we're really thankful she did follow up. just really, we want to thank her for saving our lives. vanessa: both the smiths and zeiser say this is a good reminder about the importance of having co2 detectors in your home. live in the ames bureau, vanessa
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leader. stacey: if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, here's another reason to get one. the iowa department of health says the first cases of influenza in the state this season have been reported. health official say 300,000 iowans get the flu each year. an average of 1000 of those folks die from the disease or its complications. a flu shot is recommended for everyone 6 months old and older. at lake red rock, the new dam under construction is alive with the sounds of explosions. crews are using explosives now to help with the excavation of the new hydro-electric dam. for safety reasons, highway t-15 is forced to close for short periods of time. the explosives will help clear more than 3200 cubic feet of rock. that is enough, by the way to , cover a football field 15 feet deep in rock. kevin: well, the doorbells may be ringing already. expect lots of little
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trick-or-treaters on the streets over the next two hours. most cities in the metro -- including des moines, west des moines, ankeny -- holding beggars' night tonight. des moines and ames police say they're going to have extra officers out during trick-or-treating. we have a complete list of where and when it is going on at our website. but the weather for those little ghouls, goblins, superheroes, and princesses is a little frightful. kcci meteorologist kurtis gertz with the first look at your forecast. kurtis: get out early, more likely to be drive. it will stay that way for a little bit. we arty have rain in harlan, to the west side on creston. you can see how extensive it is to nebraska and kansas, moving off to the northeast. your forecast is initially dry, should be dry through 7:00. after 7:00, rain chances increase -- around 8:00 to become more likely. looks like the rain will slowly
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50 out there. my house. you those at 10:00. morning rain becoming partly sunny, southwest winds 5-10. sunny skies, near-perfect on sunday. a high all the way all the up to 70. stacey: new information in the theft of two polk city trucks. polk city police say the trucks have been recovered. the trucks, with polk city logos, were taken early yesterday morning. the trucks and their contents are worth $150,000. kevin: nevada now home to a cellulosic ethanol plant that uses what used to get thrown away down on the farm to make fuel. it's the largest plant of its kind in the world. the dupont cellulosic ethanol plant uses corn stalks, leaves, and cobs leftover from the harvest to make ethanol. it's designed to make 30 million gallons every year. stacey: an update now on the
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back at home after a whirlwind trip to tcu. faber and her family were flown to fort worth, texas yesterday to watch tcu take on west virginia. how cute is she? family in a ceremony at the end of the first quarter. and it was projected on a giant video screen. there she is. for abby, one of the best things about the entire experience was the trip down. abby: we got to fly on an airplane. kevin: yeah! stacey: she got to fly on an airplane. look at the family there. abby's connection with tcu started october 10, when she was the isu kid captain at iowa state's game with tcu. quarterback trevone boykin knelt down to talk with abby. a photo of the encounter went viral. iowa state plays texas on halloween night. what the cyclones' new starting quarterback has to say about his game with the longhorns. kevin: also ahead bundle up and
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tomorrow. it's the last downtown farmers' market of the year. what they're doing to attract families one more time. and how a new push to get des moines businesses to shop
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year, andy garman. stacey: a big push is about to get underway to remind metro businesses to do their business in the metro. kevin: a study by the greater des moines partnership shows local companies spend $51 million on goods and services outside the metro each day. mark tauscheck here to explain the effort to keep that money closer to home. mark: guys, it happens all the time i am told. a local business will contract outside central iowa, for anything from accounting to engineering to banking to data processing. bypassing local companies that offer the same products and services. j. sayles design is responsible for some very recognizable logos and brands throughout iowa.
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but the head of sales and marketing for this small beaverdale graphic design business says they lose clients to competition in bigger midwest cities like chicago. >> it can be an issue. sometimes, people think if it's from outside des moines it's better. mark: so why would a local company bypass a business a few miles away to do work with another business in the next state? >> i think there was the assumption that there was expertise that might not be available here, and i think sometimes it's just an assumption. mark: the greater des moines partnership teamed up with the economics department at iowa state to determine how much local money leaves each year. they figured out that businesses and local governments in greater des moines spend over $13 billion annually with businesses and suppliers out of the region. they determined that shifting 5% of that money to local vendors could add $672 million a year to the local economy.
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mark the effort to get the word : out will be hitting the airwaves next week. >> i hope it makes people think twice. it's win-win if they do. mark: the study also determined if the central iowa region did replace just 5% of all imported commodities and services with local business-to-business purchases, it would add an estimated 4000 jobs. live in the studio, mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: the downtown farmers' market opens for the last time this year tomorrow, on halloween. organizers are asking patrons to dress up in costume to celebrate. some vendors will be doing that. and many of those vendors will be handing out candy to children who attend. the downtown farmers' market runs from 8 a.m. until noon tomorrow. the question is, what kind of forecast? kurtis: get out early tonight, go out late tomorrow.
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harlan, a bit of a shower in creston, and over in lamoni. all of this sweeping to the northeast, temperatures around where you expect -- 52 degrees with southeast winds, dew point is 39. 7:00 p.m. the rain will move in the southeastern suburbs, 51 degrees. rain likely by 10 p.m. 46 and more rain at 7 p.m. this will help you plan for the farmers'market tomorrow. especially 10 p.m. through 7 p.m.,a.m., later in the morning is a better plan. by 4 p.m., number to a chance of rain at all. here is what we are seeing. the clouds rolled in, we have nice sunshine early on. but now the rain moving into
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rain in nebraska, kansas, and missouri -- a bit more extensive there. this shield of rain is heading our way, the area of low pressure will move by quickly. an affront upstream will try to drop our way. we never really make much progress, better weather ahead to finish the week in. here is the futurecast. it is behind on the precipitation, but slowly moves our way -- arriving nine :00 or 10:00 as you head into the northeastern suburbs. rain hanging around and i think we will have rain in the metro by 11:00. and we drive on through and see clearing late in the day with some sunshine statewide. most of the midwest on sunday, after few morning clouds move on through. about 2/10s of and it, same down in southeastern iowa. temperatures cruising down, rain slowly creeping in.
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south winds at 5-10. with morning showers. southwest winds at 5-10, and as we head over to gimmick cloudy. 52 for the fourth quarter, what ames. for the time you get tailgating sunshine, mostly clear for kickoff -- temperatures in the 50's and pulling off to the sunday, look at this. 70 degrees. if you cannot enjoy that day, you got something going on. how about tuesday or wednesday? four days a row in the 70's and early november, better chance for rain next week. steve: thank you very much, kurtis. new at 10:00, a very close call. how an ames teen was able to walk away from this wreck with minor injuries. it is a real survivor story
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game tomorrow as a top 10 announcer: from iowa's sports
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leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: paul rhoads showed this week that he's not afraid to throw caution to the wind. he's rolling the dice this weekend, hoping a couple of big changes on offense will help the cyclones get on track. mark mangino is out as offensive coordinator. and former ankeny standout joel lanning will get a chance to run the offense. lanning was impressive in spot duty a couple of times this week, including last weekend in the monsoon at baylor. now he'll get to make his first career start. paul: we believe that as a staff, coming out of that game in the performance that he yielded, that he does give us the best opportunity to win this week against texas. joel: this is what i wanted, to get a chance. now i can go out there and prove i can play to do it again and be successful. andy kickoff for homecoming : tomorrow night is 6:00 on fox sports 1. the hawkeyes are ranked 10th in the country. but they haven't played in front of a sold-out kinnick stadium all season long. that streak likely won't end tomorrow, when maryland comes to town. but it will two weeks later,
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iowa's rivalry with minnesota is officially a sell-out. buoyed no doubt by increased interest, as well as tickets sold for the day's early action -- iowa's outdoor wrestling meet with oklahoma state. as for tomorrow's game, when we last saw the hawks at home, they were beating illinois. they followed that with a drubbing at northwestern. iowa has to avoid slipping up against maryland. kirk ferentz'a team is 7-0. maryland is a mess. a team that fired head coach randy edsall a couple of weeks ago. ferentz has been stressing that the records and rankings aren't what his guys should be paying attention to. kirk: my message, none of this stuff really matters. it is october, we have not hit november. all you are trying to do is advance. in college football, it is a long gameplay offer everybody every week. whether it is a championship race or a better bowl, you only play 12 games. you better take advantage every week.
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it is not let you get 162 of them. andy: iowa and marilyland at 2:36. not a second earlier. this night always feels a little strange. a friday night without high school football. the last time it happened was the last week of the state fair. the next time it happens, it will be the day after thanksgiving. but even though there are no games, there's still plenty to talk about. and congratulations to a couple of metro big men. urbandale offensive lineman caleb bright named to the
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an earlier >> residence rose family drama. exclusive. she gave birth to rosy's adopted daughter. the inside story of how her
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daughter ended up with rosy.
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