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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning Saturday  Me-TV  October 31, 2015 8:00am-9:00am CDT

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and, final farmers market. today's the last downtown des moines farmers market. we'll tell you how they're asking you to help celebrate halloween. everyone. ghostly greetings to you all. thanks so much for joining us on kcci 8 news this morning weekends. frank: i will tell you what, it is a great morning out there. minus a little bit of rain. good. rainfall normally -- mostly to the north and west of the metro. right now in des moines, mainly dry, just a little bit of mist in the air. temperatures still a pretty good for this time of year, 47 in des
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the misty air hanging around throughout the morning hours. partly cloudy and 58 by around 4:00. we will start to break up the clouds, and mainly clear skies at 7:00. i think you will really like the temperatures coming up. alyx: breaking news and 8:01, we have learned that a russian passenger airliner crashed early this morning in sinai, egypt. egyptian authorities say the wreckage has been found and they are working to recover bodies. air traffic control says the plane vanished from radars 23 minutes into the flight after the pilot had reported technical difficulties. it was en route from an egyptian resort to st. petersburg, russia. flight 9268, was carrying 224 passengers and crew members.
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official day of mourning tomorrow. you can count on kcci eight news to bring you the latest. back here at home, story county sheriff's office is investigating a deadly crash near gilbert last night. they say it happened at the intersection of 170th and george washington carver around 8:00 p.m. a vehicle went through a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. the four survivors were transported to mary greeley hospital. no names have been released. to a crash in ames, this one involving a school bus. was driving two friends on highway 30 when he says the school bus pulled out in front of him. the two vehicles collided. the car got pinned underneath the back end of the bus, breaking the car's windshield and caving in the roof. police told them they were inches from death, but all 3 walked away with just a few scratches. >> the top of the hood of the car was just a sardine can just peeled back.
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i'm just, i don't know. i'm just thankful i made it out. alyx: blackford says he's thankful they were all wearing seatbelts. the bus driver was cited for failure to yield. to an update in the disturbing johnston school bus case, 61-year-old robert scarbrough was arrested and made his initial court appearance on friday, facing assault and child endangerment charges. and more students are coming forward with new videos of the incident. one of the most vocal students shouting at the driver to stop shot this video following the violent outburst. his mother doesn't want her family identified but tells kcci she notified the school district almost two weeks ago about scarbrough's behavior. the warning came just days before the violent confrontation caught on camera. >> i was disappointed because i had a complaint last week about the bus driver. our son and other kids have been
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complaining for quite some time. alyx: scarbrough remains in the polk county jail on a $3,000 bond. he is also on administrative leave from his job with the school district. this incident had us wondering , what kind of training do school bus drivers go through to deal with student behavior? here is what we found out. the state of iowa has policies and procedures in place to make sure students are safe on a bus. aside from dot training to get a special license, drivers then go through scenarios on how to deal with unruly students. in most cases, they are told to pull over, secure the bus and radio for help. some districts like johnston have drivers work with a trainer. >> this trainer been with us since 2011. he is well versed on what happens on a bus in the different scenarios a driver can encounter on any given day. alyx: the state of iowa requires 17 hours of training for new year. a pleasant hill man shot twice
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during pete polson's 2014 shooting rampage is still looking for justice. zach whitehill says he hasn't forgiven polson for shooting him in the neck and back, and probably never will. polson told jurors he was too high on methamphetamine to form the intent to kill. he was charged with three counts of attempted murder in the shooting, but was convicted of a -- of lesser charges. >> i was wondering if they were falling for his defense of intoxication. so i guess i was happy that they did not fall for it, was my biggest thing. at least he got something. alyx: polson will be sentenced on december 8. he faces more than 100 years in prison. 8:05 on your site a morning, waking up to some wet roads. -- eight: 05 on your saturday morning -- 8:05 on your saturday
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frank: we are wrapping in some light shower activity just off to the northwest of the metro. that is slowly pulling out. look at this, clouds behind the system and some clearing happening. all of that will start to pull in as we head throughout the afternoon so if it is not raining where you are, chances are you are in the clear and will not see any more rain. we will start to break up the clouds this afternoon. we did pick up about 1/10 of an inch of rain in des moines. off to the east. time of year. starting to warm up to the west, and look at sunday. 73 degrees in the metro, mid-seventies out to the west. alyx: other than cool temperatures the end of october
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kcci's marcus mcintosh is live . is it getting busy out there yet? marcus: it is starting to get busy. i put my umbrella up. there was a little bit of light drizzle, but it seems like that has passed. we are here with kelly from community live will tell us all about the last day for the farmers market season. >> we are celebrating the entire season, going out with a bang. we have some trick-or-treaters, and vendors giving out treats. games and activities. other booths are doing some fun photos were you can dress up and friends. just having a great time today.
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marcus: a little drizzle, a little wet, but that should not stop you from coming down. >> the forecast was a lot worse so we are happy we do not have to wear our gloves and scarves. it is a mild morning. what a great time to come out. bring your kids in cost them or just, as is. marcus: how great a season has this year? >> it has been great. we support 300 farmers and entrepreneurs from around the state. it has been a fabulous farmers market season. much. you have until 12:00 noon to get farmers market. a little bit of drizzle but it will be a great time. if you want to wear your costume, go ahead. we are at third and court.
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marcus mcintosh, kcci eight news. alyx: we will check back in just a little bit. coming up in your commitment 2016 news, gop get together. which candidates will be in town this weekend and where you can see them. plus. republicans revo whatever life throws your way, you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: happy halloween, and welcome back. if you wanted me to disappear for halloween, no, i am not going to do that but i guarantee if you watch jason sydejko tonight he will probably have his green suit on. temperatures feeling pretty good. yesterday we were waking up in the 30's. most of us in the 40's across the state. we sit at 47 in the metro, about 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
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the hawkeyes will play today at 2:30, tailgate temperatures in the mid-40's. right around 50 by the end of the game. alyx: commitment 2016 news this morning. at least nine republican candidates will be in des moines today for the republican party of iowa's growth and opportunity party. that's at the varied industries building at the state fairgrounds. the event starts at 10:30 a.m. and runs until 4:00 p.m. front runners donald trump and ben carson will not be there. but you can trust kcci for complete coverage. chief political reporter cynthia fodor and kim st. onge will be there. follow them on twitter for updates. fallout from this week's republican presidential debate continues. gop candidates are so unhappy with how cnbc handled the event, they're meeting this weekend to discuss what they want from tv networks in the remaining debates. brian stelter reports. brian: the leading gop candidates. outraged over their treatment at wednesday's debate, meeting in washington sunday night to rewrite the ground rules for the next round.
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ben carson. dr. carson: debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates, and get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process is, what their philosophy is, and what it has turned into is gotcha. brian: sunday's meeting is an unheard of gathering of rivals, the candidates, united in their anger over what they called the hostile nature and tone of the questioning. >> your board fired you. i just wondered why you think we should hire you now? >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? brian: and rnc chief reince priebus agreed, complaining bitterly just moments after the debate ended. >> i think it was one gotcha question, one personal low blow after the other. brian: but the candidates also plan to take control of the debates from priebus and the rnc, charging that party bosses have failed to take their concerns to the networks. more evidence of the gop at a crossroads, as politicians, led
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control of the party. in an unprecedented move aimed at maintaining his control, priebus announced today friday that the rnc is cutting ties with nbc for a february debate, saying in part, "i expect the media to hold a substantive debate on consequential issues of concern to the american people. cnbc did not." that was first and foremost among the candidates' complaints. mr. rubio: i think the bigger frustration you saw is that all those candidates on the stage had prepared for a substantive debate. mr. christie: we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, we have isis and al-qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? brian: brian stelter, cnn, new york. alyx: fox business is giving republican presidential candidates more time to answer questions in their next debate. they will have 90 seconds to answer questions and 60 seconds to respond to other candidates
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the decision comes after several candidates and party officials complained about the tone and style of wednesday's cnbc debate. another key endorsement for hillary clinton. new york mayor bill de blasio announced he was backing her for the presidential bid. he says she is the best candidate to speak about income inequality. he received backlash for not immediately endorsing clinton. turning to frank on this halloween forecast, is it going to continue to be spooky and dark or are we going to clear up? frank: no. we do have some rain, you probably noticed it is a little wet for mason city to fort dodge. all of this moving to the north
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if we zoom in a little bit, activity. back toward ames you will get town. if you are not seeing rain, you might have some missed in the air. -- mist in the air. 46, waterloo and marshalltown, mid 40's in central iowa. we are pretty much saturated downtown. relative humidity at 93%. our dew point, 45, very close to our air temperature. as we head throughout the afternoon, we will start to clear the rainout and eventually even the clouds. degrees. notice a few peeks of sunshine by the end of the day, and mostly clear skies tonight. the area of low pressure down to the south will be taking the
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area of low pressure with it -- taking the moisture with it. you can see on futurecast, we will pull some rainout by later today. another system far out to the west and we will have to keep an eye on that. 9:00 a.m., bringing most of the rain to the east. 1:00 p.m., we start to bring out some sunshine but i think that will mostly be out to the west. tomorrow looks good, warmer than today, but temperatures will be feeling really nice. out of the west, southwest. sunday, 73 degrees. the next chance of rain thursday into friday. temperatures cool down a little bit too.
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royals and a look at one of andy: good morning, everybody. the world series first two games were really sweet for royals fans but last night as the series shifted to the east coast, the mets came to life. new york protects the home field and takes game three, 9-3 the final. royals still lead the series two games to one. the same two teams tonight in the big apple. there are some teams across the
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high school football and it seems as long as jerry staten has been at albia, the blue demons are one of those teams. they are a force, and tony seeman says they are continuing their tradition on the back of a big running back. tony: when carter suits up, look out. >> one coach said, let's try him at running back. >> he went through the line and a couple guys try to put him on the ground. i said, carter, just because they tackle you, it does not mean you have to go down. tony: he has been running the over since. >> at times there have been times when there have been 6, 7 guys having a hard time to get him down. tony: he is 6'2, 250 pounds of power. how much do you eat a day? >> quite a bit. tony he leads class 2a with 31
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>> we know we can rely on him to run the ball and when that happens. >> my lineman make some huge holes. tony: i asked a few players in albia how do you tackle carter? their answer, it can low, hold on, and hope for some help. >> it is hard to get him down. you definitely know you cannot arm tackle him. tony: he is a freight train that looks to put albia on the fast track to the unidome. in albia, tony seeman, kcci. andy: albia will be in action with the rest of the high school teams on monday. congratulations to des moines area lineman, urbandale area offensive lineman. nebraska valley lineman signs up for the u.s. army.
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break coming off their dismantling from northwestern. now curt faron says it is time to get back to wor -- kirk ferentz says it is time to get back to work. the hawkeyes have a tricky game a little later on today at kinnick stadium. they play a maryland team that has just been a mess this year but that is the exact situation where a great team can come in and stub it's tow. they have got to keep dialed in on every opponent if they want to make this season special. >> my message is none of this stuff really matters. all you are trying to do is advance, that is all it is. college football is a one-game playoff for everybody every week. whether it is a championship race or a bowl game, you only play 12 games so you better take advantage of each week because it's not like you get 162. andy: the game is live on abc. at 2:36.
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country but have not played to a sold-out kinnick stadium since the cyhawk's showdown last year. it is not going to be a sellout today either, but it will be a sellout two weeks later. officials announcing yesterday that iowa-minnesota is sold out, no doubt buoyed by increased interest in this team as well as tickets sold to the early game that day. the iowa wrestling meet outdoors against oklahoma state, they grapple on the gridiron also at kinnick stadium. it is joel lanning or bust as texas invades jack trice stadium. the former ankeny standout will get his first career start, and paul rhoads says it is important enough what he has done on the field. >> the biggest piece that came out of saturday's performance is the energy level of our football team, not just our offense, but our football team. andy: that game kicks off at
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fox sports one. a couple of other big games, grandview is at home against color stop them. -- color verse stockton. at 1:00, the central iowa rivals
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jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekend. breaking news, a russian egypt. the recovery efforts now underway. plus, texas disaster. the latest storms hammering the south and how the lone star state is doing this morning. marcus: it is time to say cheese, grilled cheese sandwich that is. the last day at the farmers market. alyx: good saturday morning, and happy halloween. frank scaglione is getting in on the halloween spirit. frank: i have the halloween
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alyx: we have to admit to our viewers, some spooky things happening around the station. frank: if you look at the weather ticker, apparently it is 120 in some parts of the state this morning. some stuff going on, but otherwise, the weather is not too bad. starting to clear the rain out this morning. it is a horror for this time of year with temperatures in the mid 40's -- a warm morning for this time of year with temperatures in the mid-40's. notice the rain moving out and as we head throughout the rest of the day, it will be turning pretty nice. 48 in des moines, 46 in ames. some misty air around this morning. our daytime high in the upper 50's. we are headed for the 70's. alyx: now for that breaking news, we have learned that a russian passenger airliner
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crashed early this morning in sinai, egypt. egyptian authorities say the wreckage has been found. there are no survivors and they are all russian citizens. plane vanished from radars 23 minutes into the flight. an aviation official says the pilot had reported technical difficulties before losing contact with air traffic controllers. it was en route from an egyptian resort to st. petersburg, russia. flight 9268, was carrying 224 passengers and crew members. vladimir putin has announced a day of mourning yesterday. -- tomorrow. you can count on kcci and to bring you the latest of this developing story. right now, authorities in central china say 17 workers were killed and 23 injured when a building collapsed. it happened while work was being done on its foundation. 40 people were pulled from the debris, nine in serious condition. the two-story house was built in 1990's. the cause of the collapse is now
8:27 am
under investigation. two romania, where a fire on a least 27 people. 400 people were at the club, with only one exit door. an explosion came after a spark on stage ignited some polystyrene decor. one witness says flames engulfed people, burning their skin and hair. nearly 200 people were hospitalized from the incident. this is thought to be the worst disaster in romania in decades. back here in the states, parts of central and south texas are under water again as drenching rains and dangerous storms plowed across the state. some areas got as much as 16 inches of rain. at least two possible tornadoes caused damage. omar villafranca reports from austin. omar: texans can't seem to catch a break from nasty weather. a possible tornado near san antonio damaged the local high school, and blew this rv onto the roof of the local holiday inn. phil krotzer lives in wimberley, an area devastated by flash floods memorial day weekend.
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>> we are getting too old to deal with this. it is very difficult. omar: he says friday sled is enough to make them think about evacuating for good. >> this is our fifth flood. omar: the same areas that got pummeled by the remnants of hurricane patricia last week got hit hard again, as a fast moving system brought more torrential downpours. rivers and creeks spilled over their banks from austin to san antonio. >> uh, so it's flooding here. omar: kerry packer shot this video while flood waters carried him away inside his car. >> as you can see, i'm floating omar: the man who shot that video from his car is ok. as for the residents in this austin neighborhood, many of them have evacuated because this area and much of south central texas, is still under a flash flood watch and more rain is on the way. emergency responders had to rescue dozens of people from swift moving water. they expect to stay busy through the weekend. omar villafranca, cbs news, austin, texas.
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alyx: so far two people have died from the storms. a man and a woman are still unaccounted for in separate incidents in the austin area. back here at home, story county sheriff's officials are investigating a deadly crash near gilbert. they say it happened at the intersection of 170th and george washington carver around 8:00 p.m. friday. a vehicle went through a stop sign and crashed into another car. one person pronounced dead at the scene. the four survivors were transported to mary greeley hospital. as of this time no names have , been released. more big stories, a crash between a car and school bus in ames turned into a close call . >> a vehicle in that condition is usually, is there's no good outcome. >> i started to slow down and i realized it wasn't stopping so i just slammed on my brakes as hard as i could. alyx: colton blackford of des moines was driving two friends on highway 30 when a school bus pulled out in front. the car got pinned underneath the back end of the bus, breaking the car's windshield and caving in the roof.
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blackford says he's thankful they were all wearing seatbelts. the bus driver in this case was cited for failure to yield. the johnston school bus driver arrested for assaulting a special needs student made his initial court appearance friday. 61-year-old robert scarbrough now faces assault and child endangerment charges. now more students are coming forward with new videos of the incident. in fact one mother said she , notified the school district last week about scarbrough's behavior. scarbrough remains in the polk county jail on a $3,000 bond. he is on administrative leave from his job with the school district. a pleasant hill man shot twice during pete polson's 2014 shooting rampage is still searching for justice nearly a year later. but zach whitehill is still wondering why polson received lesser charges. >> yeah, they didn't believe his defense but it still should have been, in my eyes attempted murder. alyx: zach whitehill says he hasn't forgiven polson for shooting him in the neck and
8:31 am
back, and probably never will. polson told jurors he was too high on methamphetamine to form the intent to kill. he was charged with three counts of attempted murder in the shooting, and polson will be sentenced on december 8. he faces more than 100 years in prison. let's take a look at that forecast. wet roads out there, but you are telling us it will clear up. frank: we will start to dry up a little bit. you can see on satellite radar, we had a lot of rain this morning but now most of that off to the north and east. west of interstate 35, you are in the clear. we will have some clouds around and eventually we will clear that out. you can see on satellite radar, starting to clear things out around north platte and carney, nebraska. we will see a few peeks of sunshine later on this day.
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down around lamoni, they pick up 4/10 of one inch. mid to upper 60's for north platte. here's your weekend planner, so nice. look at sunday, 73 degrees, nothing but sunshine. alyx: thank you, frank. time is running out if you want to go to one last downtown farmers market this season. it does shut down afternoon today, and that is where we find marcus. marcus: if i come to the farmers to find the food. sandwich earlier. it had a baking -- egg and bacon. i am with timely -- timeless prairie orchard. you are the scarecrow.
8:33 am
>> all the apples are picked and ready to go. we have kids sized apples that and selling to the public. we also have our asian p ear. marcus: you will also be available at the winter market. >> that will be friday and saturday in november and december. marcus: if people are going to the big city, tell us where it doesn't tell us about that effort. >> the waldorf-astoria in chicago uses our apples in their salad. marcus: what keeps you coming back to the downtown farmers market? >> i think it is the customers. each week they come in and we have a new variety of apples to try.
8:34 am
marcus: your apples are very popular. >> they are. we have a great following here. marcus: thank you very much. we will be here until noon today. you can also go to the saturday market coming up in november and december. we are live at third in court, marcus mcintosh, kcci eight news. alyx: make sure you do not take any apples from any evil queens. marcus: i will try not to, but at the farmers market, everybody is friendly and you take whatever they give you. alyx: i am not surprise you found food.
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get growing is next.if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line.
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and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions ofew jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? frank: good morning and welcome back. the time is now 8:42. we are starting to clear that rainout. you are seeing that on satellite radar. most of the heavier rain off to the north. ankeny, 46 degrees. iowa falls, 46 degrees. carroll, you do not have a temperature. we will say the weather is trying to spook us. it is halloween. here's recycling forecast. they kickoff -- here is your
8:37 am
low 50's. go cyclones. alyx: it is time to get growing with jerry kluver. he is joining us this morning with some quick hitters. jerry: good morning, everyone out there. this is not a morning to gather leaves with jerry's favorite rake. houseplants should be in by now. get the systemic insecticide in the ground. keep them treated this winter with your furnaces running now. alyx: let's get to our first question. it comes from jennifer in des moines, we are moving and i'd like to transplant my tulip bulbs at our new house. how can i give them the best chance to survive and thrive? jerry: jennifer, dig them up right now. it is also time to put in the new bulbs.
8:38 am
them six inches apart, seven inches deep. cover them with mulch and you will have beautiful fall-spring blooming bulbs. alyx: we have lori in urbandale with hers i can question. -- our second question. my dahlias are still blooming. when should i dig up the tubers? jerry: let them get a good hard frost and then go after the tubers. you will store in a box or something dry along with her light -- perlite. use a good bulb builder in the ground. alyx: our final question comes from amy in ankeny. how late in the fall can you plant trees? jerry: customers planted trees december 1 last year. make sure you wrap it from the deer and protect it.
8:39 am
plant right now, and there is some good bargains at the urbandale garden center. alyx: lucky for us, we have plenty of time left. another quick hitter. jerry: we are out of pumpkins but we had a nice nursery stock. come cs. -- come see us. we will be back january 1 and the garden will be back open march 1. alyx: that brings us to our surprise. this is going to be your last get growing segment for fall and winter. frank is going to join us, because we have such a great time with you, helping so many folks with their gardening and growing questions. we just want to thank you. do you fly south for the winter? jerry: you never know. i decided two weeks ago to go part-time.
8:40 am
i want to thank my family, all my customers, and especially hy-vee. they have been great. i will be around. keep submitting those e-mails. we are going to answer those questions, whether it be from a laptop computer or live here. i am not gone. this has been a wonderful experience, and i think my customers and i think hy-vee again, and my family. you guys have been wonderful. you guys are watching the greatest station, channel eight. alyx: that is so kind of you to say. jerry: these are good tears. i'm going to watch you every saturday morning. you have been great. the photographers, you do not understand what goes on.
8:41 am
channel eight, hy-vee has made what i am. alyx: you can always contact him. he is always happy to answer any of your gardening question. jerry: goto, click on "get growing," and you will see all the segments. we will see you.
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frank will be back with the >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." frank: happy halloween, frank scaglione here for metinka. if you look at super doppler hd, most of the rain is to the north of the metro. we are dry in des moines although you might still have some mist in the air. all of this moving off to the north and east. temperatures not feeling too bad, most of us in the mid to upper 40's. mid 40's for clarion and 46 in waterloo. if you look at our downtown skycam, we are almost completely
8:43 am
saturated so a lot of moisture in the air and very humid. temperatures at 48, but look at our dew point, 45. we are going to be moving the rainout so we will just be mainly cloudy for the rest of the morning. 58 degrees by 4:00. we will clear the clouds out after sunset tonight. st of the rain off to the north and east. pulling in some clouds behind the rain and eventually we will even see some sunshine filtering in my later today. notice the loan down to the south -- low down to the south, wrapping around the moisture. that will not be affecting us much. the clouds started to clear out by this afternoon. tonight, mainly clear skies. tomorrow, a nice day, back in
8:44 am
clouds break up this afternoon. tonight, 44 the low. we should be in the upper 30's for lows. look at sunday, 73. warmer on monday, 75. tuesday, 72 and that in the low 60's by thursday. alyx: happy birthday, frank. frank: it has been a great day. spending it with all my favorite people. alyx: we are going to check in with marcus one last time because it is the final day of october in the final day of the downtown farmers market for the season. that is where we find marcus this morning. marcus: you wanted costumes for halloween, we have got them. we have fruit dance in the background. cafe.
8:45 am
>> we have been at the market, this is our 10th year. we do fresh juices and smoothies. we grow our own wheatgrass. popular drinks? >> our most popular smoothies are probably balance or recover. balance has ko and spinach. berries. marcus: you are here until noon. if they cannot catch you today, you will be at the winter's farmers market. >> that is right. marcus: a lot of things you are offering, and it is healthy to. o. i appreciate all the fruit dancing. i do not know what they are doing but they are having fun. come on down.
8:46 am
all the festivities and fun at the last farmers market of the season. marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news. alyx: they are dropping a beet. get it? marcus: blue. -- boo.
8:47 am
about some alyx: welcome back, everyone. 'tis the season for highs, breads, all the delicious treats we love when the temperatures go down. we have sweet to eat with us. >> we brought some bread, a cinnamon swirl, a sourdough, and i multi grain. alyx: and you break them all at your location? >> all from scratch, by hand. alyx: p say these are the most popular but i guess you offer a lot of other types.
8:48 am
do challah, banana bread. marcus: -- alyx: the difference in this bread is noticeable in the first bite. >> that cinnamon swirl bread, you cut it up and you can use it as french toast. alyx: speaking of something sweeter, we want to make it to the pie. frank's birthday cake today was actually a birthday pie. >> today we brought salted caramel apple, which is really popular. and then your classic punk in and french silk -- pumpkin and french silk. alyx: which one will you sell out first? >> apple and french silk. alyx: what makes your pies different? >> made from scratch, using real ingredients.
8:49 am
alyx: do you guys by local? >> local stores. alyx: tell us more about sweet to eat. >> we are trying to be a full-service bakery, and we do cake decorating. we are located at 303 southeast polk street. we do want to take orders for pies. alyx: with the recommendation the earlier is better? >> yes. alyx: it is the last day of october. think. >> we are already taking orders. alyx: we appreciate you bringing
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