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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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kcci 8 news at noon is next. >> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, patchy areas of fog blanketed iowa dot has since burned off. they're looking at more days of nice temperatures. it is november in the metro, he hit a record high yesterday.
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really do it again today? let's check in with frank. frank: yesterday was nice, 70's the past few days, it has taken us time to warm up because we had fog. that has burned off but clouds mixed in with sunshine. heading for 70's again. wind is breezy out of the south at 20. it is helping temperatures to make it near record readings once again. out of the south at 20 and southeast at fort dodge at eight miles per hour. we will make it into the low 70's today, the record is at 70's so we will be close. i don't think we will break it today. we are talking about more days including today in the 70's so big changes coming in the forecast. mollie: new at noon, des moines police say charges are not
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motorcycle and van collided this morning at 34th & university. the crash happened around 7:30 this morning. police say the motorcycle was traveling westbound on university when a van pulled into it's path. police tell us it appears the driver's vision was blocked by a city bus that had stopped at the intersection. they say the motorcycle driver lost control in an effort to avoid the van. police say the driver was sent to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries. a grinnell para-educator is back at work. grinnell-newburg school administrators tell kcci they looked into allegations that an employee made racist comments in front of students. after a thorough investigation they say they found no violations of any kind. the para-educator, who has been with the district for 15 years, had been on paid administrative leave during the investigation. and in knoxville last night, the city council approved relocating a controversial veterans memorial, a silhouette of a soldier kneeling in front of a cross. it will be moved from the freedom rock to a private property across the street.
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a battlefield memorial statue will be put in its place, as originally planned for the site. we've learned that windsor heights and clive will not merge their fire departments. last night, the windsor heights city council voted to keep operating the department as is. they do plan to add one additional firefighter in the next fiscal year. the legislation session may be over what there is still work being done at the statehouse. today the health policy oversight committee is meeting. the department of human services addressed the committee on medicaid managed care. officials went over a number of points including the status of implementation, restructuring of iowa medicaid and proposed changes to statutes and rules. the deputy director of the department of human services admits privatizing iowa medicaid still is very much a work in progress. >> the networks will be as fully
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developed as they will be a week from now or two weeks from now. -- will not be as fully developed as they will be a week from now or two weeks from now. mollie: the meeting will last most of the day with public comment sent for 230 this afternoon. today is election day in polk county, the polls will be open until 8:00 tonight. in des moines, mayor frank cownie is being challenged by anthony taylor. for council at large, incumbent chris coleman is running against loren esse. in ward 2, marty mauk and linda westergaard are running for bob mahaffey's seat. he is stepping down in january. and in ward 4, incumbent joe gatto is running unopposed. donald trump and ben carson are going toe-to-toe for the lead in the gop race for the presidential nomination. meanwhile, as craig boswell reports, everyone else is struggling to figure out how to move forward with future debates. craig: donald trump released his new book tuesday morning, and if you ask him, it's great. donald trump: my book is very hard hitting. it says it like it is, and based
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on what simon and schuster is telling me, it's selling like hotcakes. craig: the book may end up being a best seller, but some voters are having buyer's remorse. trump now trails dr. ben carson in the latest national poll. dr. ben carson: i think people are looking for some truth, some honesty, some integrity, and i believe that's something that hopefully i offer to them. craig: unity in the republican ranks may be at a low as the 15 different campaigns struggle with how to set up debate formats they can all agree on. gov. john kasich: i had two questions in three hours in the last debate. craig: aides from nearly every campaign met at a suburban d.c. hotel sunday and what emerged was a letter of questions and demands for tv networks airing future debates. but donald trump was the first to pull out, saying he'll negotiate his own deal. he was soon followed by john kasich, carly fiorina and chris christie. their disagreements became comedic fuel for the democrats. president obama: if you can't
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then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. the next gop debate is one week from tonight. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. mollie: there are still three more republican debates before the february 1st iowa caucus. and a reminder that the next democratic debate to be held right here in des moines is fast approaching. kcci is co-sponsoring the event, scheduled for saturday, november 14th at drake university. in consumer news, shoplifting is a common crime in the united states, but the new number one stolen item in the country may surprise you. believe it or not, it's meat. experts say meat thefts are reaching an all-time high because beef prices have soared in recent years while the income of many americans has remained flat and unchanged in the past 8 years. some stores are even considering putting anti-theft packaging on their meat products, devices similar to sensors put on clothing.
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people for e. coli in washington state as health officials work to track down the source of an outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants. there are 22 confirmed cases, and about a dozen more people are being tested. 43 chipotle restaurants in washington and oregon are closed. a new report released by the government accountability office suggests there's no solid proof that tsa screening methods are effective. the report says the agency lacks consistent performance measures to know if it's achieving its goals. a house committee is holding a hearing on tsa's alleged shortcomings today. the investigation into what brought down a russian airliner saturday in egypt focuses today on the plane's so called "black" boxes. as tina kraus reports, experts will also consider new information that a u.s. intelligence satellite picked up. tina: cbs news has learned that an american infrared satellite detected a flash of heat at the
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time the russian airliner broke apart over the sinai peninsula. if the flash was from the plane, investigators will need to determine if was an explosion in a fuel tank or engine triggered by a mechanical failure, or whether it was severe weather or terrorism. isis militants claim they brought down the plane after it left the resort town of sharm el-sheikh saturday, killing all 224 people on board. but in an exclusive interview with the bbc, egypt's president called that propaganda. investigators hope they can figure out the cause of the crash once they analyze the jet's voice and data recorders. they will be listening for sounds of an explosion or evidence that any of the plane's critical systems malfunctioned. in st. petersburg, where the plane was headed, relatives have started identifying the remains of their loved ones. the process could take weeks. most of the passengers were russians flying home from
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vacation. tina kraus, cbs news. mollie: straight ahead, how the vatican is firing back after newly-released claims of financial mismanagement, as well as internal resistance to pope francis' reform efforts. and disturbing results from a new survey detailing just how much time teens are spending on so-called entertainment media. those stories and more when the news at noon continues. self. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. with mollie cooney. mollie: there are new developments today in the scandal dubbed "vati-leaks", with the holy see criticizing newly-released claims of financial mismanagement, and internal resistance to reform efforts by the pope. two people are under arrest, accused of leaking the evidence. cbs news has obtained a copy of one of the two controversial books due out later this week. barry peterson has the details and reaction. barry: the book is titled "merchants in the temple," where nuzzi says the pope's men are lined up on one side, while on the other are his enemies, the
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defenders of the status quo, adverse to any and all change. that change was started shortly after pope francis was elected. he set up a special commission to examine the vatican's finances. the books claim the commission found widespread shortcomings and areas where there was virtually no accounting for how money was spent. nuzzi talks about how even the most sacred rituals are allegedly tainted by money, like the procedures for beatification and canonization, a marketplace in which millions of dollars change hands. the vatican's response to the books has been two-fold. first, a statement attacking both books as the fruit of a grave betrayal of the pope's trust. and it arrested two people who were on the commission, one a priest and the other a woman who is a public relations expert. they are accused of leaking the information on the commission, including actual recordings of the pope at private meetings. the second book, called "avarice" details a lavish
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lifestyle, like a $26,000 helicopter ride for the vatican's then secretary of state, later fired from his job by the pope, whose effort at reform may be helped by these revelations. prof. candida moss: there must be a cleanup of vatican finances. so in a way, pope francis comes out as looking quite good. barry: barry peterson, cbs news, london. mollie: other allegations include a claim that the alleged corruption at the vatican was one of the main reasons pope benedict resigned. another claim is that $400,000 churches sent in to help the poor allegedly went instead to pay vatican department expenses. a new report finds two-thirds of teens carry their own smartphone and spend almost 9 hours a day on entertainment media. including listening to music, or watching online videos. the survey also found that pre-teens spend almost 6 hours a day on "entertainment media." jim steyer: there's this
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enormous experiment we're carrying out as a society, largely, on our children. mollie: steyer says with technology being used for both homework and fun, moderating kids' usage can be tricky. it's all underway, thousands of the latest baseball fans right now are enjoying the parade for the world series champions, the kansas city royals traded you are looking at a live chat. it got underway a few minutes ago, the parade route began in the kansas city power and light district. it will end up at the victory rally stage in front of union station. the rally is expected to start at 2:00 and it looks like the weather is perfect for a parade so lots of celebrating and will we hit another record? frank: we will be close, getting spoiled with this beautiful weather across the midwest. we had fog out there, check out
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you see the fog, but a nice blast of red. nice color, the fall leaves, thank you for sending that in. megan takes great photos. temperatures out there are warming up, 68 in the metro and over to the north. 57 and fort dodge, a layer of cloud cover. 68 for a,, low 60's right now in waterloo. this is the webcam i go to to see if it is windy because it likes to blow around out there. a few clouds but otherwise breezy. wind sustained out of the south at 17. temperatures feeling good in the metro at xt eight. -- 68. that fog photo was sent in on you local. it will be in the low 70's this afternoon with clouds, 5:00
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we keep clouds around and combined with that wind out of the south it will keep pictures mild. -- temperatures mild. there's the clouds here in central and west central iowa. if we widen things out you notice it's picking up on futurecast. we will see clouds roll through today. we will call it partly cloudy, this next system will slide through throughout the day on thursday, bringing a chance of rain especially late in the day on thursday and into the morning on friday. it will pull out behind this system, really starting to cool down in the 70's. we will be back in the 50's by the end of the week. here are clouds on futurecast, clearing those out for the most part tomorrow. sunny skies for wednesday, wednesday is the last nice, warm day. by thursday there's the rain mainly in the afternoon and to the east. then it builds and as the
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it could clear out the sunshine on friday afternoon but big-time temperature drop once again. 73 is a high in des moines, record is 76. we might be shy of that in 2008 with wind out of the south at 15 to 25. we could see fog tomorrow morning, wednesday, another nice, warm day at 72. thursday has changes and we hang onto decently one temperatures in the upper 60's and around 70. we are in the 50's for lowes's so it's put that into perspective, those will be our highs by the end of the week. the weekend looks dry and sunny with cool temperatures in the 50's. mollie: let's focus on today and tomorrow. one long time des moines organization is celebrating a
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and we're invited. mollie: it is a milestone in the organization's history. this month, the naacp is marking its 100th anniversary pursuing liberty in the face of injustice.
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the des moines naacp along with linda carter lewis, secretary of the organization and a past president. thank you both for coming in, congratulations on quite a milestone. tell us about the organization's past in iowa. arnold: thank you for having us. our organization was established in 1915. some 100 years ago, we are celebrating our activities for the month of november, commemorating 100 years of service to the des moines community. we have been in existence because of injustice and things that have not on as they should have. we are proud of america that has changed the naacp -- with the naacp has changed the face of america over the last few years for women's rights and the rights of american citizens. we have had many wonderful presidents, but we will mention
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lewis, keep ratliff, and reverend attorney robert wright. that's the last 35 or 40 years so we are proud of our presidents and the things we've accomplished in the des moines area and we have many activities planned for the month of november. i will let linda share those things with you. linda: this is the naacp month, we have a proclamation from the governor. friday we will start at bankers trust east on 150 east euclid. they will do lunch for us for the next three fridays and that each luncheon he will honor -- we will honor a person or couple of people in the different game changers we have, economic sustainability, health, voter rights, those kinds of things.
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will get to learn about the things we are doing and the naacp and if they choose to be a part, come to the luncheon at bankers trust east. mollie: on saturday, the seventh we have a health awareness walk. arnold: that will be on the corner of the fifth and grant. on the second floor, he will walk through the catwalk and have information about health that will benefit all of us in the community and hope to see a large crowd participating and we anticipate a couple hundred. local businesses have been very active in helping us prepare. >> those that participate will get a free t-shirt and bag of goodies. the banquet will be on saturday, november 14. we have moved it to 4:00. we will go from 4:00 to 7:00 this year because of the debate
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we will have our big event, our speaker will be justice allen see page -- allaan c. page, minnesota supreme court justice, he is a dynamic speaker. he is coming to speak to us because he is a very strong justice advocate and has done many great things in that area so he has a large wonderful, inspiring message. mollie: outstanding. we will wrap up the month with a high school diversity summit on the november 17. you can see there on and busy suites for more information on all of these activities and all the wonderful work you do, and still continue to do, you can go to your website. thank you both for coming.
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frank: close to the record today. 76 degrees. we might hit it. you get dry air at their you never know how high it will go. heading for 73 so 56 degrees
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another nice day tomorrow at 72 and things change thursday with a chance of rain.
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