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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  November 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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des moines for five more years. kcci obtained his employment contract, built in is a golden parachute, being paid if he stays put through 2020. a half million dollar payout is how they keep the most qualified person. >> stowe revamped its retirement system transition from a self-funded plan to plan first. >> it has enabled him to negotiate well with the city. he's an engineer. he's an attorney by training. he understands this issue better than almost anyone in the country. >> board members aproved the bonus.
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on a 10% rate hike for customers. water work is spending $750,000 on its lawsuit against three northwest iowa counties over quality issues and they hired an advocate with an annual salary of $62,000. chris hemsly isn't sold on the payout. >> to a $500,000 golden parachute, i think timing is not good and that teas problem. stow is out of stay but he tells me water rates across the united states are increasing as a whole and the rate hike here passed just a few days ago has more to do with providing quality water to customers than employee labor cost including his own. >> thank you, ryan.
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in knoxville that continues to be the center of controversy. it's going to be on the move and mark is here to explain where it's going and why it continues to spark debate. >> the overwhelming opinion in knoxville seems to be the memorial is fine where it's always been. but the threat of a lawsuit which pushes for separation of church and state promped the city to prove it about 75 feet to the east. >> i just think it's kind of silly. and i just think it's ridiculous. not everyone thinks anger over across on city property is ridiculous. so the knoxville council approved a plan that will move it across the street to a privatey owned empty lot. work has already started of the new installation of the new remoirl. the city has told the local post they have to drop the word "cross." >> this is a piece of garbage and call it a battlefield memorial.
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>> are you kidding me? no one else in the whole world has asked to do that. and so in a way we're unique. >> don says his amhe's post is moving the memorial but not by choice. the council has voted to move it and they'll move it. >> tim fit voted against the plan to move against the memorial because he claims he previous told the city they would decide for the memorial because the memorial is their property but in the end they stepped aside. >> public perception if they can put it on us to make the decision and we're the bad guys, not them. >> it's not our decision to be on the property. >> regardless of who signed off in the end, the end of the memorial debate may be in sight. >> if it's going to sthoop bickering, i think it's good. i think it's ridiculous trying
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crying over nothing. >> it will be moved across the street in time for veterans day. larry says he's happy to help this important cause. >> a johnston student pushed by a bus driver is speaking out about that incident that sent the driver to jail. todd join us live with the story. todd: stacy, we are at the law offices at 5th and crocker downtown. she's representing 15-year-old christian suarez. he's the young man we're hearing from for the first time he's involved in this fight. we showed you about this about an hour ago. he was here so was his attorney and so were his family. basically what they wanted to do is give him a chance to talk to reporters who have been asking about this incident happened last week. you'll recall there was some video shot by kids in a johnson school bus. christian was in the backseat of the bus.
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the bus driver came back there. they had a fight. he was hit. and scarborough went to jail. but what we haven't heard is why this happened. the video has been a sensation since it was released last week. we talked to christian about that. he says basically the driver came back and i told him to move. he declined to move and that's when the fight began. we asked whame he was feeling about that just a short time ago. >> i was mad, angry, scared why he was talking back to me. i was scared that he was going to hurt me so i threw the book. >> the family wants the bus driver to know that it is never ok to put your happeds on a child -- hands on a child when you're angry. >> you can tell that christian suarez does have the mental capacity of about a third grader. so that is being take sboon account.
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the johnson school board is investigating this. the attorney says the family has not decided whether to sue the school board and johnsonton or whether to sue the bus driver. they're going to wait for an internal investigation. christian actually said he probably said something to escalate this. we'll hear more from him coming at 10:00. steve: des moines has had personnel along with postal inspectors even the f.b.i. rushing to a business at 109th street. they came in contact with a strange substance. one worker was complaining about a tingling sensation. the tests show that it was not harmful. the substance may be some sort of skin care product. >> american eagle plans to open as many as 200 tailgate stories
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tale gate focused on khali yacht wear. the sale does include the premium fashion end of tailgate, todd snider new york. >> a missing 2-year-old is home save today after a man says he found him near railroad tracks just minutes before the train came back. we have the exclusive details. >> stacy, he wandered around 6:00 p.m. when they were at neighbors home. does ns of people were searching for him including bill birm who dime his side. >> bill burge's search brought him there to this undeveloped area near highway 34. he followed max's cries to nearby train tracks about 3/4 of a mile from when he said. >> i just said lord i have to
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he grabbed him minutes before a train came speeding by. >> it made my day, let me tell you. >> his mother's smile says it all thrilled to be holding her son again and managed to walk away with just minor scratches. first thanks god for leading him to the area before it was too late and allowing him to bring this 2-year-old back home safe to his family. >> i'm no hero. i'm just doing what any person would do, you know? >> and birch was treated at the hospital for a separated shoulder when he fell trying to get to max. but he tells me today it was well worth it to get to max. steve: a foggy morning for drivers getting to work this morning. a fog advisory this morning from story county to the south in the iowa missouri border. the sun did burn it away but what can we expect today? kurtis?
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really warmed us us -- up. a high of 73 in des moines. three days in a row of 70's. i think we'll see those clouds slowly increase tonight. maybe some patchy fog again. tomorrow morning cooling and we warm up and our high should be around 72 degrees. more thoof mild weather tomorrow then upper 60's on thursday. a rain chance. watch how we cool down into the 50's. got latest future cast coming your way. this is just one frame of it. but those rain chances increase on thursday. i'll break it down hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. >> in commitment 2016, news tonight crowds are gathering in grew nell for the second of two town halls by hillary clinton. the clinton campaign has been getting some good news today. a new abc "wall street journal"
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poll released today showing clinton with a 31% lead with bernie sanders. the poll has a margin of error of 4.9%. kcci chief political reporter cynthia foder is live. >> the program is just getting started right here. as you can see just about every seat in this auditorium is filled. i would say about 90% of the people here are students although some folks did drive in from des moines. candidate hillary clinton does not attract well amongst young people but the folks tell me that the campus 1500 students seem to be split between clinton and bernie sanders. many told me why they like hillary.
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her stance on gay rights, abortion. i think that speaks to us an her policies suggesting her student debt. >> there's a million reasons i would vote for her but the time has definitely come for us to have a female in the white house. >> she's very progressive and she's very well versed. she's a good mix of promise and also possibility. >> we understand clinton is on her way. she should be arriving here ready to speak. and we're told that she is going to talk probably about her biggest economic challenge which she thinks of our time is raising income and her plan to create jobs and help average americans get ahead as well as her plan to improve obamacare and to act on gun violence in our country. as we said the program starts around 6:45.
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you on kcci 8 news at 10:00. >> the hawk eyes an undefeated team keep their on the golden
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state. if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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>> don't fix something that isn't broken because you'll break up. kevin: anger and concern about a new highway 30 enter changer in nevada. they want the d.o.t. to stop their plan. stacy: our correspondent is there to show you why shop owners are so concerned. >> it's a straight shot to get here. all a driver has to do is make a left and a right depending on what direction they're travel and then they straight strave down the exit.
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they wan the d.o. tmple and the -- d.o.t. to stop a project they say will kill their business. >> a proposed transportation project calls for a diamond change closing lanes including west 4th street and 6th street. that means they will have to drive through town nevada's street. they will lose customers. the city leaders tell us they've lobbied the d.o.t. for a highway lobby project for 30 years. with a growing population and industrial businesses, safety is a concern. city officials tell us the d.o.t. presented them with two plans. the alternative plan would mix truck traffic with residential traffic. city official tell us with a third of the community south of highway 30, this was the lesser of twoer vills. we have people from aims.
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we have people from boone all coming on the new 30 corridor and if you cut them off there, they will have to navigate through town and as humans we just want something easy. >> we believe the enter changes will function better, safer than any of the enter -- intersections that are out there today. >> if they have no change then they are certain that dents will rise. there will be public meetings for tuesday november 17th starting at 5:00 in the gates hall. >> 70 degrees days in november are bonus days. kurtis, any of those coming our way? >> we have four days in november. any time of the month since 1953. it was a long time.
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we did have some clouds early on. they broke up. we saw a sunshine. 70's. 66 now. a mild evening overall for this time of the year. 67, upper 60's 10:00 p.m. normally the afternoon high 54. well, upper 60's at noon and by 3:00 p.m. that temperature 72 degrees. now the south winds brought in the warmth today and they're stale bit breezy. they'll settle down overnight. those low clouds moved on out. they hung around story and sierra gordo county but now pretty quiet in the midwest. closest clouds in the dakotas and you head far now have the west, you're seeing snow right now in the rocky mountains with the rockies of montana even up
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68 in minneapolis. but then the rest of the midwest 70's. that will move in here a little later in the week. biel on the breezy side of this system once again and the warm side but even chulely it drags this front our way and our storm chances will increase as we head into thursday. but overnight a little bit of low cloudiness and fog early but then by the afternoon it's sunshine out there. clear skies overnight on wednesday. but early thursday morning here come the clouds. one round of rain and then a better chance of some showers and even some thunderstorms during the early evening hour on thursday. tonight, down around 56. those clouds slowly increase. south winds 5, 15. tomorrow 70's again. fog early on. south winds gusting to that 25.
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a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. any time in november the threat for severe weather fairly low but in the front arifes early evening a few of these storms could be severe. 50's on friday. the weekend cooler but sunshine and drive both days. highs on saturday, 52 as you understand, 56 and more 50's next week. stacy: we talked about the big democratic poll and now hawk eye football fans are watching another poll very closey. >> that one pails in comparison. it just came out seconds ago. i'll tell you where they fit in
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we haven't heard the speyou are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> let the debate begin. the first college football ranking came out moments ago. clemson is number one. there is your top five. ohio state at number three. as far as the hawkeyes ranked 10th. but right now ninth in the football playoff ranking. it will be released every
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the top four teams in the final poll will be the four playoff teams. so take that with a grain of salt. there are four games go for iowa. nonetheless undefeated iowa is in the conversation. the hawk eyes aren't focused on the ranking. they're worried about the hoosiers. saturday's game is no gimme. they push ohio state to the limit. they lead. and that d will be put to the test. >> it will be probably be faster than any we've seen so far. they're the fastest in the big ten. like i said we're going to have to get a line so we can play against them. >> kick off at indiana set for 2:30 on saturday. cyclists are on the road at 14th ranked oklahoma. that team kicks off at 6:00 in more man on espnu.
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downtown kansas city was shut down for hours. the last time royals fans were able to celebrate a world se retion title was 30 years ago. an estimated 500,000 fans pile into doupt for the parade and then the rally. there were reports of people abandoning their car just to get the station. many employers excused their workers and classes were canceled. >> cy young winner! not on our team, beat them! rookie of the year! not on our team. we beat them. m.v.p. of the whole league! sorry, guys, not on our team. but we beat that guy too! y'all want to be politically correct. i'm not the politically correct
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person. we whupped their [beep]! >> awkward transition from that to a beautiful baby boy. congratulations, andy garmin on
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