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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  November 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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labor unions were for it. the state department says it would not have advanced u.s. national interests. the controversial decision is drawing some heated reaction from local lawmakers and presidential candidates. kevin: kcci's ryan smith is here now with a look and those responses. ryan: congressman david young criticizing the decision tonight, saying the pipeline meant an economic boost for iowa. u.s. senator ted cruz, who's home state would have marked keystone's endpoint, calling its denial "cold and cynical." the pipeline's path would not have crossed into the hawkeye state. rep. david young: am i disappointed? yeah, these are jobs. ryan: but congressman david young says the project meant opportunity for iowa workers. rep. young: they would have been working on this pipeline, the drivers and truckers out there, they would have been hauling pipeline. this would be money in the pockets of iowans. ryan: the pipeline would have shipped roughlhl830,000 barrels a day of heavy, crude oil from fields in canada to gulf coast refineries.
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texas senator ted cruz in des moines today, vowing to revive the controversial project. sen. ted cruz: if i'm elected president, i will approve the keystone pipeline. ryan: offstage, he was quick to accuse president obama and washington democrats of cozying up to environmental donors. sen. cruz: they just made the calculation, i assume, that there's more money they can get from the california billionaires, and the union members' jobs are not that important. i think that is cold and cynical. ryan: keystone xl became a political fight about jobs and oil revenue versus the environmental impact. the iowa environmental council applauding the white house tonight for backing renewable fuels. ralph: we recognize there are pros and cons to all the pipeline issues. but it's the overall threat -- the nature of the production, the threat to the nature and water across these two countries. ryan: the pipeline would have run through nebraska. its governor stating, "keystone xl would have brought good-paying jobs and much needed tax revenue to nebraska's
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counties. in the studio, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: thank you very much. hundreds of you have checked in on our unscientific poll. 64% of you agree with president obama's decision to block the pipeline. 43% of you do not agree. here in iowa, officials continue to debate the bakken oil pipeline. it would run through 18 iowa counties. a public hearing is set for thursday in boone. the demand for that is so high, the iowa utilities board capped the number of speakers to 210. the board says it won't make a decision on the project until after a november 16 evidence hearing. stacey: new charges today for gabriel coco. police say he shot two teenagers outside an ankeny mcdonald's two weeks ago. authorities originally charged him with two counts of willful injury. investigators say security footage from the restaurant and witness interviews lead them to
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add one attempted murder charge. both teenagers are in stable condition. gruesome details revealed today in the ngor makuey trial. investigators say he used a metal spatula to kill 97-year-old rupert anderson and beat his wife, harriett, in their des moines home. after his arrest, makuey was recorded talking to himself. he denied ever being there, despite video showing him outside the home. >> early on in the monologue, he's quoted as saying, "i don't even know what happened. i don't even know what happened -- if there was a fight, if there was a robbery, if someone got beat." stacey: makuey is using the insanity defense, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness. kevin: commitment 2016 news tonight, ben carson's campaign clarifying a few misstatements from carson in his autobiography. in that book, carson claims he was offered a former scholarship to west point. tonight, his campaign says he was not.
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facebook that "every signer of the declaration of independence had no elected office experience." his campaign later acknowledged that about half of them had experience as elected members of colonial assemblies. presidential candidates in des moines today for what's being called the nation's largest religious liberties conference. nearly 2000 christians from all over the country are focusing on what they say is the biggest issue in our country today. the liberty institute says it's seen a 400% increase in calls for legal help since the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in june. ted cruz, bobby jindal, and mike huckabee all spoke at hyvee hall. mike huckabee: i don't care if a person is christian, jew, muslim, or atheist. religious freedom is the freedom for people to believe their own thoughts. if the government can restrict what we believe, then the government has already started the process of taking away every other right and liberty we possess. kevin: the conference continues tomorrow. also, one iowa -- which
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represents the lesbian, gay, and transgender community -- is holding its own religious freedom event at the state historical building tomorrow at 10 a.m. stacey: new at 10:00, the supreme court says it will take up a challenge from religious non-profit groups to the affordable care act. steve karlin in now with the requirements the groups are so upset about. steve: the case is brought by an order of nuns, called the little sister of the poor. they are targeting obamacare's contraception mandate. in 2014, the court ruled in favor of closely-held for-profit companies like hobby lobby that objected to providing certain contraceptives to female employees through their insurance plans. the groups argue that the contraceptive mandate forces them to either violate their religious beliefs, by providing contraceptives or pay unreasonable fines. they say that a so-called "accommodation" offered by the obama administration meant to respect their religious
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objections is not good enough. arguments are expected to take place during the march supreme court session. now this will be the fourth time some aspect of obamacare has come before the high court. stacey? stacey: thank you, steve. right now, security is being tightened at international airports in the wake of the russian jetliner that broke up over egypt's sinai peninsula. department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson says the changes will focus on commercial flights bound for the united states. russia said today it will suspend all flights to egypt, until security is improved at its airports. kevin: our nightly check from the downtown skycamera. a very clear night out there, it is also a little chilly. kurtis: temperatures just above the freezing mark in audubon, carol.
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saturday, temperatures starting out in the 30's. 43 at 9 a.m. i'm not above normal, normal highs are at 53 degrees. saturday is 54, so there could be some frost early on sunday. south winds pick up at the day goes on, more sunshine and the high at fda. stacey: next at 10:00, remembering hank. the special inspiration surrounding johnston's historic football season. kevin: and it is a warehouse reborn. we will take a look at the new food and the new look coming to the area south of mlk. stacey: plus, football friday night. scott reister and the sports team working hard on those highlights. which teams will play at the dome -- kind of working hard -- coming up.
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son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans.
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funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year, andy
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garman. kevin: downtown des moines is expanding again. this time, to the south. an expanding rapidly. the latest evidence? two new restaurants opening south of mlk next week. stacey: kcci's mark tauscheck joins us live downtown to explain why an old warehouse became so desirable. mark: this is just the latest century-old building to be reborn in this area west of principal park and south of the science center. and the reason? businesses are following the people. from his couch in the ballyard lofts, keaton eilers has a front row seat to the transformation. keaton: we figured there would be some more stuff coming, but it came pretty fast. mark: next week, along mlk just south of the science center, two new restaurants are opening their doors. fuzzy's taco shop is a texas-based chain. the owners say they weren't sure about the beat-up old building
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the first time they saw it. >> so we came back again, and came back again, and finally said we got to be here. mark: they had to be here because they saw the future. >> this has started to take off. you know, especially this corridor, with all these lofts and apartments and things. mark: in addition to the housing the downtown community alliance , list 441 housing units now under construction or proposed, just in the area between southwest 8th to principal park south of mlk. >> guru bbq is meant to transpire and enlighten your mind and twist your perception on bbq. mark: guru bbq, next door to fuzzy's, also opens monday. with its trendy interior the , first-time restaurant owners were also attracted to a building that was completely gutted. because it's in a neighborhood ready to grow up. >> and moving south just from downtown, you can really see there is a lot of new residential development. and a lot of foot traffic. mark: the window-watchers know, there's more to come. >> i think that reclaiming of the culture -- that we're next to each other, we might as well like each other, enjoy life
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i like that. mark: interesting little friday night football tidbit. fuzzy's is owned by a valley graduate. guru bbq owned by dowling graduates. both of them open monday for lunch and dinner. live downtown, mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: love that, mark. an historic night for the johnston football team. they played in a 4a quarterfinal game for the first time in school history. and they've been rallying all year around a young man who would have been a senior on the team this year. hank evans died a year and a half ago, when he fell of a longboard. his parents say he lost consciousness due to a medical condition. hank wore a wristband that said "do not be afraid," so "no fear" t-shirts are everywhere at the games. his mom says his friends still rally around him. lori: i don't think these boys would be having the year that they're having if hank was on
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you know? they have his memory, but they also have the lord's strength. and that's what hank was all about -- jesus. stacey: scott reister in with the score and highlights from that game against valley, coming up in just minutes. kevin: but first, let's talk about tonight and the weekend weather. kurtis: cooling off there, we are in the 40's. already in the 30's out of town, northwest winds at 7. watch some factors for the northern lights index, a measurement that when that number goes up, our parameters are increasing. it is always a roll of the dice. may have to dodge some clouds, and better chances are farther north of you. headed out late tonight, and you have some spots away from the city lights.
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wind chill and chris start -- crisp start, northwest winds just 5-10. in the 50's and we will be above normal, the average high is 53. we climbed to 54, pulling off quickly at 6 p.m.. in the upper 40's, highs across the state finds the coldest reading in the state. lamoni is 52, bloomington, indiana is 56. just a few clouds for the hawkeyes there. head over to norman, oklahoma -- some clouds and showers. they'll move out and the gametime temperature will be a bit cooler. as a matter of fact, there is the cloud cover and a few showers turned across the red river there. we have clouds in southern iowa, patchy clouds and high-pressure slowly building on in. we expect mostly sunny skies tomorrow after a few morning clouds.
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and that will help to warm us up as we head into sunday. futurecast shows those clouds moving on through, morning clouds in the central areas, but sunshine throughout the state for the afternoon hour. clear skies saturday night, maybe another chance at the northern lights. as we head into sunday, mostly sunny skies across the state. sunshine across a good portion of the midwest. temperatures tonight falling down a 34, heading out of town, below freezing with winds at 5-10. 54 tomorrow, i'm calling it cool because most of our november highs and been well above that. as a matter of fact, the last time we were that chilly was back on halloween. northwest winds at 5-15. 50's on the way for sunday, i do want to point out by the afternoon we have some gusty south winds. but maybe gusting to around 23, but the same winds will push us
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i think we see some 60's on tuesday. and very late tuesday night into wednesday, showers likely. a little bit of activity may hang on to thursday, gusting on thursday. dry weather and 50's from friday into saturday. >> i feel i will wake up in the emergency room. hey, this is only a dream. it felt so real. stacey: no, it's not a dream. but it is hard to believe. the surprise diagnosis for this massachusetts couple, hard to believe. kevin: plus, football friday
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get in here, stacey: be sure to tune in this weekend for kcci's new political interview program, "matter of fact." fernando espuelas hosts from washington, d.c. with guests jeb bush and bernie sanders. the show debuts november 7 at 6:30 p.m. -- one year ahead of the presidential election. you can also catch the rebroadcast sunday at 5 p.m. on metv 8.2. new at 10:00, a massachusetts woman went to the er with
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one heck ofa a surprise. judy: she said, it's good news. there's no blockage. you're pregnant. kevin: that's right. the 47-year-old was pregnant and had no idea. 8-pound carolyn rose arrived an hour later. judy says she had felt some stuff going on. but she figured it was her tummy bulge, just like her mom's. jason: she said, this is not normal weight gain. it was just kind of weird. we didn't think anything of it. stacey: the couple has been married 22 years and have no other children. and they say carolyn will definitely be an only child. kevin: can you imagine? stacey: i cannot. kevin: you need a little pepto-bismol.
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stacey: scott scott: that is supposed to say football friday night, in case you didn't get that. either way final night of , outdoor football. hello, everyone. winners are on to the uni-dome next weekend for the state semifinals. our game of the week was a good one. dallas center-grimes and norwalk, each looking to make it to the dome for the firt time ever. dcg having to do it without star qb austin klayver. he had a concussion. sophomore damon clapper in there. he was harassed all day. the warriors are tough. dcg led at the half 7-6. this fan was just staring at me. i was like right back at you. ,i see you. dcg stalled in the third. tyler schamel hauls it in and is .
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look at the tough finish, in for the touchdown. norwalk goes up 12-7. and they end the season. norwalk onto the dome. valley makes it to the dome seemingly every year. johnston has never been there. in fact, tonight was the dragons' first 4a quarterfinal appearance. could they spring the upset? it sure seems that way early on. on the opening drive johnston , marches down and kicks a field goal to take a 3-0 lead in the first. i was out there tonight with the camera. this guy just staring at me. i was determined not to lose the staredown. johnston wasn't going down wihout a fight. valley down 3-0. go for it on fourth. roger lombardi sacked by a sea of purple. valley gets it back. lombardi, the ultra-talented quarterback, takes off and runs. not quite, but he scores the next play. johnston had a fourth quarter field goal blocked.
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that would have given them the lead. valley would then convert their late kick and win by a field goal. valley breaks the dragons' heart. defending state champion'ss dowling versus lewis central. kurt walding, slant pass to cole scieszinski. that works so well, let us do it again. dowling looking very good. 43-0, they will be at the dome next week in. alia has rolled everyone this year. they're running back left with an injury. it was 3-0 at the half. second half, that is when colby clark goes for the touchdown. albia is in jeopardy, but they come back. do not worry.
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leshen for 20 yards. he would fumble it, but they recover. next play, bayer again. 45 yards for the touchdown. here is the key play right here. albia gets the score finally, goes up 10-6. and they win it, on to the down. me. in mount ayr, we had the brother bowl. mount ayr with six sets of brothers. hosting lynnville sully, which has seven sets of brothers. todd magel have this story for us last night. fourth quarter, mount ayr leads 21-8. but back comes lynnville sully. sage ehresman piles in from short. it's 21-15. can mount ayr respond? cal daughton on the kick return.
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mount ayr ends their season, 34-15. how about the bears still undefeated this season, ranked number 1. denver just three spots behind. cyclones start out quick, when mitchel siech breaks through the line and scampers to the near side to get the chains moving. part of a 15-play running drive. they finish it with a 1 yard rushing touchdown here. in the end, bishop kerrigan just gets it handed to them. denver 22, bishop garrigan 0. big win on the road. van meter was on the road. van meter 28, calhoun 26. onto the dome. and in eight-man? east mills 6, glidden-ralston 42. pella finally challenge, but it
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they win it 49-28. pella and unbelievable second half. iowa at indiana, northern iowa hosting indiana state create cyclones try to spring the upset. grandview on the road at 1:00. and the iowa conference, william penn is a graceland is a 2:00. basketball is here. exhibition games for both iowa and iowa state greeted cyclones taking on grand valley state. that they get it done? then the and 1. this one according to script, iowa state 106-60. this did not go according to the script. at the buzzer. iowa goes down in exhibition play.
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very troubling, 76-74. the hawkeyes lose the exhibition. congratulations to this week's student athlete of the week. here are this week's nominees. jerry lowe, bnen trenton.
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page and kurtis: morning in the >> welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing
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