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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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mollie >> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, new details about what ngor makuey did just moments after police say he beat to death his 97-year-old neighbor last july. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. the state just rested its case earlier this morning during day
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3 of the trial. new video shows makuey standing outside rupert and harriett anderson's home as police officers arrived. one officer told the courtroom makuey seemed calm and told her he was there to pick up a dog. prosecutors questioned why she only had that brief conversation with him. linda powers: you went past him then and went into the residence, correct? >> correct. linda powers: why didn't you secure him? >> i was more concerned with the welfare of the occupants in the house. mollie: the officer says makuey didn't catch her attention as a possible suspect because he didn't run or try to hide. kcci's kim st. onge is following todays proceedings. look for her live updates at as well as tonight on the news at 5 and 6. no one was seriously hut this morning when an ambulance carrying a patient hit a car at the intersection of 7th and mlk. reportedly the driver of the car
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, did not see or hear the sirens. drivers of ambulance and patient were taken to the hospital to get checked out as precaution. the driver of the car refused treatment. no word on any charges. des moines police are asking for your help in identifying these two individuals wanted in connection of a burglary at the laundry place at 2355 east university. police say the suspects were recorded on video as they forced entry from a public area of the laundry into a private office. anyone with information on the identity of these suspects is encouraged to call polk county crimestoppers at 515-223-1400. a new museum is coming to town. wells fargo announced this morning it's opening a museum on walnut street in des moines. the $1.5 million project will be located in the financial center at 666 walnut. the museum will tell the story of iowa's largest employer and the history of des moines with an historic stage coach and interactive exhibits for the
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whole family. jay byers: this project is a significant objectionable showcase our organization on a national stage. wells fargo is the largest and higher in central iowa and this museum will honor that traditionally goes back many years and to celebrate how wells fargo and greater des moines have grown together. mollie: the museum is a capstone of walnut street's revitalization. last night, des moines city council approved new streetscaping plans that will lead to more shops and restaurants to bring new life to the old transit mall downtown. and we want to let you know that due to technical problems at mediacom, some of you may may not be able to tune to kcci's high-definition signal. now, if you're having trouble receiving kcci hd, you can re-scan the channels on your tv by using your remote control to access the tv's menu system and click on auto scan or auto tune for channels. mediacom customers with a cable
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box likely are not affected by this problem. mollie: we're just hours away -- keeping a close eye on the possibility of rain and to iowa. let's check in with frank. frank: you are keeping an eye out to the west, we're already seeing things change and had sunshine the past couple days. now we are rolling in clouds. temperature is pretty warm for this time of year, 53 degrees. east pumping in moisture from the south. sunshine this afternoon that i mostly cloudy. 6:55. 54 with study temperatures at 10:00. here's the rain trend, the best chance for rain late morning at 9:00 a.m. with a 60% chance. at noon, 80%. we start to trail the rain
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talking about severe weather tomorrow and we detail kill all of that in the latest rainfall totals we expect in central iowa coming up. mollie: we're just hours away from gop presidential contenders to take the stage for the fourth republican debate. craig boswell has a preview in this afternoons commitment 2016 report. craig: republicans square off in another debate tonight, and the verbal sparring is already heating up. donald trump: what's going on in this election? i've never seen anything like it. craig: donald trump has continued his attacks on dr. ben carson's insistence that he stabbed another boy when he was a teenager, despite the press evidence the event happened. donald trump: this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody. what are we coming to? craig: carson continued to defend himself saying he's an honest man. dr. ben carson: i would much rather lose an election than tell a lie. craig: they're not the only pair going after each other. >> woo-hoo. whee. craig: the new york times reports pacs associated with jeb
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bush's campaign plan to spend millions to go after fellow floridian marco rubio. which rubio quickly turned into an appeal to donors to send more money to fight off the attacks. democrats will face off at their own debate this weekend. until then, the leading candidates are focusing on their top issues. for bernie sanders, it's this rally with workers to raise the minimum wage. bernie sanders: in america today, what we are seeing is the richest people becoming richer and almost everybody else becoming poorer. craig: and hillary clinton campaigns in new hampshire, where she'll roll out her plans to increase benefits for veterans and military families. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. mollie: and on the democratic side, kcci is a proud co-sponsor of the debate this saturday at drake university. our own kevin cooney will co-moderate along side cbs's john dickerson, nancy cordes and the des moines register's kathie obradovich. before the debate, watch special coverage live from drake
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it all starts at 6:30pm, following our newscast. then following the debate, kcci 8 news at 10 will be an hour long to bring you the best post-debate analysis. tune in sunday morning for exclusive extended coverage. it starts bright and early at 5:00 a.m. on kcci 8 news this morning weekends. then following face the nation, kcci 8 news close up will be live with post debate reaction from kevin cooney and kathie obradovich. in world and national headlines, the republican led senate is poised to pass a bill that would ban moving guantanamo bay detainees to the united states. the senate plans to vote on a $607 billion defense bill passed by the house last week, containing the guantanamo provision. president obama has been seeking to close the military prison ever since he took office, and has recently suggested moving some detainees to u.s. federal facilities. moscow's ban on all flights to egypt in the wake of a russian plane crash will last for at
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least several months. the action is expected to deal a severe blow to egypt's struggling tourism industry. u.s. officials say even without an official cause, the evidence points to a bomb on board. a stunning report this week has rocked the athletics world with detailed allegations of a state-sponsored doping program in russia. the findings of the independent report commissioned by the world anti-doping agency has raised the possibility of russian track and field athletes being banned from the 2016 olympics, as well as having medal stripped from past games. among the allegations are russian state involvement in the efforts to dodge anti-doping rules. the report says agents of the fsb, the successor to the soviet-era kgb, visited and even posed as staff at a key testing laboratory. a chase suspect high on meth uses her suv as a 4,000 pound weapon. we'll tell you why the focus is
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now on the officer in danger. and see what cost an iowa farmer his legs, but not the drive to do the job he loves.
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news at noon continues.$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. with mollie cooney. >> stop. stop. police in oklahoma released by the camera video showing one officer firing shots at a woman who tried to run them down with an suv. but it's other video showing the confrontation that followed that shows just how out of control and dangerous the suspect was. reporter katiera winfrey has more, new at noon. katiera: with just seconds to spare, sand springs officer matt stacy was able to fire off two shots and make it out of this alive, with just bruises. chief mike carter: my only explanation for that is he was under the protection of god because he very well should have been dead. katiera: sand springs police released two body camera videos showing what happened when a woman they say was in a stolen
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officers friday afternoon. one video shows officers trying to stop stacy bunsey as she drives erratically through an elementary school parking lot. after hitting the officer's car, she runs off the road into a ditch. >> do not move your hands ma'am, do not move. katiera: the second video shows what happened when they tried to get her out of the suv. she continues to ignore officers commands while yelling expletives. police ended up tasing bunsey. >> jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so. katiera: she later told police she'd recently smoked meth. chief mike carter: couple of things i want you to notice about the video, first is the sound of the suspect vehicle. that wasn't the sound of braking, that was the sound of accelerating. katiera: chief mike carter says some have criticized his department for firing shots so close to an elementary school and for shooting at a women who
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still had a weapon. chief mike carter: if anyone doesn't think that person isn't armed in that situation, looking at our officers, you need to recalculate. this is a 4000 plus pound automobile and it can kill an officer or another human being. mollie: in other news, it is a common sight for iowa farmers to spend 6 to 8 weeks on a tractor, nearly non-stop during harvest season. but in sac county, one guy's soaking up every second this fall, because he almost didn't live to see it. eric hanson's this is iowa introduces us to the farmer who's grateful just to be back in the cab. eric: plenty of iowans love their jobs. but for farmers in the fall? rick meister: this is just like the adrenaline rush anybody gets, you know what i'm saying? eric: they'll swear, it's in their blood. rick meister: oh yeah. been there all the time. eric: rick meister can't wait to get in the tractor seat when iowa's countryside turns yellow and brown. rick meister: you work all year
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for this. eric: but last october, he was in his combine when one of those perfect days turned tragic. rick meister: the head plugged and i went out and i left the darn thing running. eric: it was almost supper-time. rick meister: i was about done and i got too close and the snoots, you know where the rows go in, they grabbed my left pant leg and i had to hold myself out, otherwise i would have gone all the way through the combine. eric: there he laid, suddenly with no legs. rick meister: at first i thought only one was in the corn head, but it was both of them. eric: rick's son found him. rick meister: i remember everything until they loaded me on the life flight. eric: the average man has only 10 to 12 pints of blood in their body. rick meister: i lost 8 pints of blood. eric: but the little that remained pumped with that same purpose. rick meister: yep, that night. it was, i said we're going to do this. and we're going to conquer this. eric: 12 months later, he did when his sons helped him back in
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the cab. rick meister: i wanted to conquer that. i didn't want that to defeat me. eric: most tractors already have hand controls. the rest have been jerry-rigged. but the 55 year old who still has therapy three times a week has set his ultimate goal. rick meister: i want to get in and out of the tractor by myself, eric. eric: even with his new prosthetics, some would consider that nearly impossible. but remember, this is a guy who was pulled into a combine only to climb back in the driver seat. rick meister: still part of the farm. and that's what i wanted to be. i didn't want to sit over here. i could've done that. i still could do that, but i don't want to do that. eric: because it's in his blood. rick meister: i'm glad to be here. lucky. eric: rick says being out on the farm with his sons and his dad is the best therapy. eric hanson, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. mollie: he was very lucky. it is another great day to be
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out in the field it looks like it will change. let's check in with frank to see what's coming next. frank: the past few days have been very, things are starting to change but not so much temperature wise. 58 right now in the metro, 55 for ames. you see clouds rolling in and is the first sign thing is changing. ample sunshine the past few days, high clouds in downtown. 58 in the metro with wind out of the south at 13 pumping in moisture. here's the day planner, clouds and upper 50's and run 60. notice more clouds. we stayed try mainly tonight, notice temperatures not changing much because clouds around keeping temperatures mainly study and only dropping to 52 tomorrow with light drizzle and better chances for rain. it's all because of the system to the west, you see clouds on
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snow in the sierra nevada, california getting some. this area of circulation is the low pressure system tracking its way in to the next 24 hours. notice this frontal system, there is the low. the afternoon hours tomorrow, ready heavy rainfall at times but it will be fast on the backside, wrapping in cooler and drier air for thursday and friday. we will drop high temperatures and it will be very windy with the tight pressure gradient. let's talk about rain and storms. i want to start things out all of :00, clouds and the increase. that is chances for rain through the latter portions of the morning hours on one day. shows become more numerous to the afternoon as the system wraps up. you can see the circulation and
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the actual area of low pressure. we are mainly dry after about 10:00. this will be an afternoon event. you go to the south with an enhanced risk. mainly south of the metro and in southeastern iowa. we will definitely keep an eye on that. you could be talking about a risk for tornadoes in southern iowa and high wind. also rainfall, not taking a whole lot of flash flooding but we could have three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain. the most to the north. try today and warm. average this time is the low 50's. 52 degrees tonight with clouds and we stay mild. 51's are high temperature, 48
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thursday is a windy day with high wind watch already in effect for thursday. mollie: you're going to earn your keep. a big name in the jazz world is bringing his talk to des moines. a preview of joey t next. have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind,
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creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. at kraft we start with quality ingredients. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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mollie: he was considered a child prodigy and by the new york times is a deeply authoritative musician. julie defrancesco, he has a group you don't want to miss. -- groove you don't want to miss. he will be at the new performing arts center. welcome back everyone, joining me to tell us about it is peter stephenson and jeff cain. they keep us for coming. -- thank you both for coming. he started when he was three or four years old? >> he started playing when he was four, he had a grandfather who taught them how to do this and he took off. at the young age of 16 he was in
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a band that was performing in philadelphia. he was performing for a special show for miles davis and miles man? i want him to play for me and at 17 he began touring with miles davis. mollie: tell us about the jazz style for a while. >> the keyboard, the digital keyboard you carry from gig to gig incentive hauling the organ, that really pushed the jazz organ out of the way. the jazz organ had a long history and studded with basketball around the 1930's. he was one of the first jazz pianist and was a jazz organist and learned by trade by performing underneath silent movies in a movie house in new york. that's where jazz organ starts but it carries through to jimmy smith in the 1950's who was the
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but this was a solo instrument in the same way that a trumpet would be. fats waller who brought up the jazz organ as an instrument to jimmy smith who brought it as a solo instrument and the 70's come along and it goes away but thanks to joey defrancesco, it's coming back. mollie: what is it like? >> this is a jazz show but it's important for people to know he's beyond that genre as well. he plays a lot of gospel, blues, r&b. here a lot of that in his music and you feel it when he plays. i heard them in a small jazz club in ally with maybe 100 people and it was incredible. the audience just feeds off of it. mollie: how do we get tickets?
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night, the about rfid -- november 15 at the valley performing arts center. go to civic and tickets are at $20. mollie: as we said, absolutely top of his class. looking forward to it. >> if you want a great experience and groove to keep dancing with, come to this concert.
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he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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frank: looks l i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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