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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  November 13, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you are watching kcci 8 news. >> he went after his mother with a hammer. elizabeth: donald trump pulling iowa voters, and his democratic rivals. one of the campaign stories making headlines this friday morning, november 13. welcome back. i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina: i'm shaina humphries. and, as you can see, eric is joining us live from drake university this morning. eric: good morning. all eyes will be here this weekend on des moines as the three democratic candidates for president will debate here at drake university. we are breaking down what will be unfolding over the next couple of days eating you ready for the cbs news sponsored debate tomorrow night. elizabeth: we look forward to that, thank you.
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metinka: a bit frosty but not the wind we dealt with yesterday. 33 in des moines. a light breeze from the north at five to 10 but brisk wind chills in the 20's. a great afternoon, dress in layers, a light ejected is needed later on with highs where they should be, near 50 degrees. a little bit more breezy this afternoon. the weather looks gorgeous this weekend, a southwind, a warm wind, 10 degrees warmer than today on either side of 60 saturday and sunday. elizabeth: sounds good, thank you. this morning, a fired up donald trump is making headlines for his jabs at just about everyone last night in fort dodge. mr. trump: how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap. elizabeth: just one of several controversial statements during his 95 minute appearance last night. this morning, eric's live with more of what trump had to say
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debate tomorrow. eric: donald trump did not hold back. he spent most of his time talking about foreign policy. but had the most criticism for his chief rival right now, ben carson. he said that he is a -- has a pathological temper that cannot be your and -- cannot be cured and questions his story of nearly stabbing a friend. mr. trump: he hit the belt buckle. anybody have a knife, want to try it on me? believe me, it is not going to work. you're going to be successful, but he took the knife and went like this and he plunged it into the belt and amazing the belt stayed totally flat and the knife broke. eric: trump also questioned the time carson claimed he nearly punched his own mother - both stories carson recounted in his book gifted hands, about his upbringing in detroit. trump has sharpened his
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a cnn poll last week showed trump with 25% support in iowa, carson with 23%. trump also criticized hillary clinton -- saying she is playing the women's card, big league. tomorrow night, hillary clinton will be at drake university along with bernie sanders and martin o'malley for the democratic debate. we are proud to cosponsor the debate along with cbs news and we know they are working very hard inside the auditorium, yesterday and tomorrow and today , getting the stage built for the candidates to take the stage . we have seen trucks and workers all week long. we cannot take you inside yet, the stage setup is still a secret but we anticipate being able to show you a time lapse of the construction later on this morning. a brand-new poll i cbs news and the new york times out yesterday about this time shows that hillary clinton has a big lead nationally. 52% support and sanders has 33% support and martin o'malley at
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this debate is a good chance for the candidates to try to sway voters who are uncommitted. a lot of focus will be on the students here at drake university. emmy victor has talked with some of the students, what are they looking forward to hearing? emmy: excited for the debate, this is the first time of voting for a lot of them in a presidential election so they want to make sure they are picking out the right candidate. they are expecting the candidates to explain a lot more about some of the agendas they want to see if they become the next president. not all students at drake will be able to attend the debate, a limited number of tickets that were available to students but a lot of them can still stay informed through watch parties that will be held on campus. the candidates will not have a long time to discuss a wide range of issues so we spoke with students and ask them what they
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>> bernie sanders has a strong view on free public education, i would like to hear more concrete plans and ways he would like to accomplish that. and i think that would be editing point of topic. >> i am mr. did you hear about the candidates stance on -- candidates stance on go -- -- gun ownership. emmy: other top is concluded immigration, minimum wage, -- other topics included immigration, minimum wage. a lot of things will be discussed. students are curious to hear more about the plans. eric: great opportunity for the students to have the presidential candidates here. during the actual debate we will have a panel of 10 uncommitted voters that we will follow as well as 10 uncommitted students to get their take on what their thoughts on during the debate. we caught up with a panel member yesterday to ask them what they are looking forward to hearing
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blake lubinus: you're not 100% sold on anyone until you get into that room and start mixing it up with your fellow democrats. as a democrat, you love everything that bernie says. i just feel he is relying on a political revolution that i'm pretty skeptical is going to happen in this country. eric: so it should be pretty interesting to hear what those uncommitted voters have to say as they watch the debate. the big main event is tomorrow night at 8:00 on cbs. and on kcci. kevin cooney is excited to be moderating alongside cbs's john dickerson, and nancy cordes, and the "des moines register's" kathie obradovich are moderating. coming up in a couple of minutes , we will talk with the head of the dnc national communications department about their role in the debate on campus and what they are looking forward to hearing tomorrow night. elizabeth: sounds good, thank you. more stories -- hundreds of
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people testified in boone thursday on the controversial bakken oil pipeline project. the public hearing hosted by the iowa utilities board lasted more than eight hours. critics say the project will have a negative environmental impact. dakota access is the company behind the project and they say the project would create thousands of temporary jobs. >> there are those who argue the it is important to take a wider view. to your projects will yield thousands of high praying, high skilled -- high-paying and high skill jobs and create an unprecedented -- developing >> -- right now -- u.s. military >> it will contribute to climate change. elizabeth: hearings continue to early next month and a decision will be december or january.
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shaina: developing right now -- u.s. military officials are trying to confirm whether the isis militant known as jihadi john is alive or dead. airstrike thursday night in syria. the man's real name is mohammed emwazi and he has appeared in several graphic videos showing the beheadings of two americans now to the latest at the university of missouri. university officials have named a new man in charge after former president tim wolfe resigned monday. deputy chancellor and former law professor mike middleton was appointed interim president thursday. in a press conference, middleton addressed the current racial tensions on mizzou's campus. he says he will implement several new initiatives to help bring the university back together. including hiring more black faculty, appointing a diversity officer, and reviewing student and faculty conduct policies. metinka: a gorgeous stretch of weather.
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feels like 25 in des moines. imagine if we had the wind like yesterday, the wind chills would be pretty impressive. dress in layers, the warmer coat early with temperatures close to freezing and the wind chills in the 20's but this afternoon, a lighter jacket and a -- and the sunglasses. widespread sunshine today. northwest winds, a little bit breezy, high close to 50 with 60's for the weekend. elizabeth: and i could tilt at starbucks this weekend. -- jolt at starbucks this weekend. shaina: bless the high school football playoffs. eric: what did it take to lead a credit debate, we will talk with the dnc communications director next. shaina: the roads, they look good. traffic will slow down in the next hour so if you have anywhere to be by 7:00, now is the time to go.
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looks good out there. i will show you mobile speed units after the break. a live look outside. highway 141, starting to get
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: the perfect morning for a hot cup of coffee. a little frosty, 32 in des moines and upper-20's across northwest iowa. rest in layers, it will be a gorgeous day. -- dress in layers, it will be a gorgeous day. by noon, 40's and headed to the 50's. a beautiful day, cooling rapidly, by 6:00 this evening, closer to 40 degrees. a gorgeous weekend and plan to spend some of it out time -- outside putting up the holiday lights.
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60's, 10 to 15 degrees to warm for this time but next week big changes, more unsettled weather and rain chances and some cooler temperatures. eric: thank you. welcome back to drake university this morning. landing a national presidential debate is a big deal and involves a lot of working parts. we are joined by the dnc communications director. breaking news, the associated press just said they have been calling around to delegates and they say that hillary clinton has the overwhelming number of delegates to get a nomination. what is your reaction? >> this is caused 2 -- based on calls to unpledged delegates, what matters is those who come out on primaries and the candidates know that. whatever assessment is there today is like any other poll, what matters most now is that candidates are talking tomorrow night about the economy and the minimum wage and helping the middle class grow, that is what
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we want to hear tomorrow night and that is what will make a difference when we count delegates after folks go caucus in iowa. eric: why choose des moines? >> it is a great place and drake university and kcci are great partners and cbs. the first in the nation, so it was important to come out and give candidates a chance to address a national audience from the first in the nation state where they can spend so much time in living rooms, town halls , and the type of the voter contact directly combat county bears, that matter so much because, as we were talking about, any count is premature and what matters is people getting to know the candidates and where they stand. we saw a huge contract with the republican debate in milwaukee where they did not have good answers on the economy and do not understand how the economy works for the middle class and all they are proposing his tax cuts for the wealthy. we want to make sure people here
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what our candidate's vision is, the 13 million new jobs and the investments we need to make in the middle class to keep growing and moving forward into the future. eric: debate moderators have been getting headlines, what will they do to shape the conversation? >> we leave that to the networks, we want a debate that works for everyone but our candidates are not afraid to take tough questions here you have not heard them complain like the other cited because our site is serious. you are here in a substantive conversation on the campaign trail and you will hear that behind us tomorrow. that is the biggest difference between a candidate, they are not afraid to talk that than substance because they know what needs to be done to keep the country moving in the country it needs to keep moving and enough -- the last thing we want to do is be dragged back to tax cuts for the wealthy like we had back in 2008 that led to record unemployment and foreclosure signs on every street. we know that will happen if we get dragged back and that his wife it is important we are here
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eric: more with you in about a half-hour. we have been talking with our political analyst marc sandalow -- we wanted to see what he will be looking for in tomorrow's debate. marc: going into that last debate, there were concerns that hillary was a failed candidate, couldn't hold her own against a socialist senator from vermont , bernie sanders. she outperformed most expectations and that is what people will be watching, is she still the overwhelming favorite? the policy splits aren't near as important as whether hillary clinton can look like she can stage. eric: a big-time debate like people, journalist and folks behind the scenes. analysts. we will talk with them about what they think about des moines
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when they arrived, some of the hotspots, we will hear their take on our city in a few minutes. elizabeth: thank you. taking a look at sports news now -- the high school football semi-finals kicked off last night at the uni-dome. semi-final play started with 8 man and class 3a. pella and west delaware had the late game last night in class 3a. the little dutch led the night straight off the top with a pick by nick finney. and a touchdown soon after to put pella up 7-0. pella advances to the championship 45-26. they'll face norwalk who beat sergeant bluff-luton last night 35-7. and the 8-man championship will feature marcus-meriden-cleghorn and don bosco after their wins over glidden-ralston and newell-fonda thursday. semi-final play continues today at the uni-dome with class a and class 4a. in class a, denver takes on gladbrook-reinbeck at 10:00 a.m. and akron-westfield will play mount ayr at 1:00 p.m. and battling for a spot in the class 4a championship game,
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kennedy at 4:00 p.m. and the battle of west des moines makes its way to cedar falls. the valley tigers take on the dowling catholic maroons tonight at 7:00. the winners of each of these games advance to the championship games next week. class 1a and 2a semi-finals are tomorrow. shaina: economic headlines now -- wall street closed down again thursday for the fourth straight day. the dow was down about 254 points. the nasdaq fell almost 62. and the s&p 500 lost 29. more than one-million ninja shark blenders are being recalled this morning. the company says the blade in the blenders can come loose and cut the user. ninja shark blenders are sold at several big box stores, including target, costco, and walmart. the affected blenders have model numbers that start with bl-660, bl-663, or bl-665. and big news for starbucks lovers this weekend -- the coffee chain is offering it's annual buy one, get one free holiday drink through sunday. from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., you can go to starbucks and get any of their holiday flavors like
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chestnut praline, eggnog, or peppermint mocha and get a second holiday drink completely free. elizabeth: hard to beat free. we will head to metinka, a good weekend in the weather department. metinka: a great stretch of weather through the weekend. starting off quiet and cool today. highs where they should be, a picture-perfect afternoon with the readings near 50 degrees. jacket weather but temperatures will be where they should before november. the wind has settled down, coming in from the west, northwest about 10 to 15 miles per hour, not nearly as strong as yesterday but enough to make it feel pretty cool. when chills into the 20's, feels like 25 in des moines now. 24 in ames. pull out the gloves earlier but dress in layers because clear skies and widespread sunshine
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the system that brought us the crazy weather with the tornadoes and snow on wednesday is across the great lakes now, slowly making its way out of here and high will be dominating our weather throughout the week in, that means quiet weather. a return flow from the south over the weekend, pumping temperatures into the 60, a great-looking warm-up. sunday, clouds on the increase and by sunday night into monday, rainfall across the area. next week looks unsettled with off and on chances for rain for the middle part of the week. a beautiful morning, 32 degrees in des moines, not much wind but the wind chill is enough you need the warmer coats early today and a lighter jacket this afternoon with sunshine and 50 degrees. a little bit breezy by lunchtime but the wind will settle back down overnight and shipped back to the south. ready for overnight in des moines with clear skies and saturday looks beautiful. enjoy 62 degrees, 10 to 15 degrees to warm for this time of
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clout by the afternoon but the rain holds off until overnight sunday night and into monday. often on chances for rain through the middle part of the rain. -- off and on chances for the rain or the middle part of the week. shaina: everything looks fine outside. you should not run into any problems if you head out soon, small patches of yellow and orange but nothing out of the ordinary. another hour before things get back to in their youth -- backed up in the usual trouble spots. 2300 indianola avenue there is a police car. a polk county unit on the very edge of des moines at 1600 northwest 20 drive. another at 900 boone street.
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spotting in des moines,$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people
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we have got to make college fordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. elizabeth: welcome back on this friday morning. something pretty unique happens in iowa every 4 years -- we get a lot of visitors. shaina: network news crews, campaign workers all come here to cover the leadup to the iowa caucuses.
6:24 am
they do have down time. we caught up with a couple of them and ask them questions about their impressions of des moines, thinks they have checked out. -- things they've checked out. several mentioned the pappajohn sculpture park downtown at 13th & grand. skyline views from the pedestrian bridge and the bustling downtown area. many have said they really like iowa's capitol city. patrick burgwinkle: it's a secret that iowa has kept from the country, but it's a really awesome place to live. and especially in the heat of a caucus season when you have all these folks coming out. lilia chacon: i really like that there's less congestion. the people just seem to be more pleasant. eric: shaina and elizabeth, the "des moines register" also did a poll asking workers where they like to beat -- eat when they're in town -- kind of depends on the dining budgets.
6:25 am
centro is a lot of place they like to frequent -- is a place they like to frequent. shaina: ok, eric you have more coming up in our next half hour? eric: i do. we'll show you the role twitter is establishing a conversation tomorrow night. and more from a moderator of the debate who was on the "late show with stephen colbert." coming up at 6:30. elizabeth: we will have a live coverage from drake university tomorrow night before the debate starting at 6:30 one link the news at 6:00 and our news at
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. mr. trump: i'm first. carson is 2nd. i really don't understand it. shaina: donald trump takes aim at ben carson -- and the iowans who support him. the statements that are raising eyebrows this friday morning. elizabeth: and the leading role twitter will play in tomorrow night's democratic debate for
6:29 am
the first time ever. good morning, everyone. welcome back to kcci 8 news this morning. shaina: we're in studio. eric is outlive. -- out live. eric: special coverage at drake on the campaigns and the presidential debate tomorrow night. it is kind of chilly this morning. metinka: it is good to see he is bundled up. a little bit frosty, enough of a breeze to make it feel cool, wind chills in the 20's. feels like 25 in des moines but the breeze is only 10 miles per hour. nothing like yesterday. a gorgeous day. dress in layers. view this afternoon but more this morning. headed for a perfect afternoon with highs where they should be, near 50 degrees and dry weather today and through the weekend. a warming trend with highs into the 60's saturday and sunday.
6:30 am
stepping up attacks against his eric's live at drake university where the democratic candidates will meet this weekend. elizabeth: -- eric: the democrats will take center stage tomorrow but everybody talking about your full donald trump gave to test your full donald trump -- ear full donald trump night. molester, there's no cure. pathological -- there's no cure. eric: that was trump last night saying carson's "pathological temper" can't be cured any more than a child molester can be cured. carson wrote about his temper and subsequent religious awakening in his autobiography. trump also talked a lot about foreign policy, specifically what to do about the threat of isis. mr. trump: i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. i have a plan but i don't want to tell isis.
6:31 am
i would bomb the -- out of them. [applause] eric: voters lined up beforehand to see trump speak last night. in fort dodge. he also took aim at those voters, asking if iowans were stupid for supporting ben carson. despite that, trump said he liked iowa and was even thinking about buying a farm here. now, as we mentioned, tomorrow night the democratic candidates take the stage here at drake for their second debate. a big night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley. they will all be here. hillary clinton leads in the polls and breaking a short time ago, and associated press survey shows that hillary clinton holds the overwhelming lead in delegates to win the democratic nomination. a lot of undecideds out there. emmy victor has been talking with college students who are excited about tomorrow night, what are they saying? emmy: drake university is iowa's
6:32 am
college affordability, minimum wage, two things we have heard a lot about on the campaign trails, those are things we may hear about tomorrow and affect college students and college students want the candidates to say concrete lance to deal with these issues. this debate could help students narrow down who they want to vote for. many students will be voting for the first time in the year and are excited to be a part of the political process but some students say they do not know where to start on choosing a candidate because of the large number. others getting more closer to making the decision. >> i am undecided. i feel i do not know enough about each candidate to make a solid decision. >> a lot of people on my floor are supporters of bernie sanders and others of hillary clinton. >> martin o'malley has been doing a lot better in debates
6:33 am
and at the dinner in des moines. emmy: not every student will get the opportunity here at drake to be inside, a limited number were chosen from a lottery selection and the other students who are not able to get inside, there are a lot of watch parties on campus and off-campus. a lot of things students can delve into and follow social media, our app will be keeping them updated throughout the day. eric: a great opportunity to have the candidates right here on campus. the students will have a chance to submit questions like we all will because of a unique partnership with twitter. anyone can submit questions tomorrow night, they could be answered live on stage with #demdebate. this will be the first time twitter is officially taking part in a presidential debate. a huge sculpture went up campus -- went up on campus yesterday. our political analyst dennis goldford says the twitter component will add an interesting perspective to the
6:34 am
dennis goldford: the extent to which the candidates really do think on their feet, and to the extent that they don't use any given question as license to launch into some piece of their regular stump speech. it'll benefit the audience, if we really do get an unscripted , spontaneous moment. eric: it will be interesting to see how that unfolds and the curveballs thrown at the candidates. it starts at 8:00 right here on kcci. because it is sponsored by kcci, we have a unique look. kevin will be there and we will have a look coming up. shaina: a developing story, u.s. officials are pretty certain a drone strike targeted jihadi john and he is dead. military officials are now confirming a drone strike
6:35 am
targeted a vehicle in syria believed to be transporting the masked terrorist. he's the man seen in several videos showing the beheading of western hostages, including new hampshire journalist james foley and fellow american journalist steven sotloff. the u.s. military is still assessing the results of that drone strike. and a new development in the unrest at the university. interim president mike middleton has taken over. president tim wolfe stepped down monday after students protested his lack of response to a number of racially-charged incidents on campus. and this morning, authorities are searching for a third person charged with posting online threats to attack a college campus. 19-year-old tyler brandenberg is wanted for making a terrorist threat on the anonymous messaging app yik yak. eric: -- elizabeth: a big story on central iowa -- the fate of the bakken oil pipeline rests in the hands of three-members of the iowa utilities board. thursday, hundreds spoke for more than eight hours about their opinions on the controversial project that would run through 18 iowa counties. critics say the project will have a negative environmental impact. dakota access says the project
6:36 am
would create thousands of temporary jobs. >> -- eric: we will continue the conversation of the debate from drake and talk about what it takes to pull off this huge event. we will hear from john dickerson about who he believes is the underdog and how his questions can influence things tomorrow night. metinka: dress warmer early this morning, but a warming trend in the forecast, highs above average for the begin. -- for the weekend. shaina: this is 235, things are picking up, the sunshine is rising and things looking good, no accidents so far.
6:37 am
metinka: dress warm and this morning, wind chills in the mid-20's. the wind is light but it does not take much to make it feel cool, feels like 25 in des moines while the actual tempter is 32. a great stretch of weather, 50 degrees is the high. a light jacket needed this afternoon. over the weekend, you will probably not need a jacket, highs 10 to 15 degrees above average, in the 60's with dry weather through sunday. eric: we are live at drake university getting ready for
6:38 am
televised presidential debate. continuing our conversation with the dnc communications director. your focus is on tomorrow night but when you're -- you're phone blows up about donald trump and his comments last night. >> it is stunning to see what is happening in the republican field, a bunch of kids arguing about who can be the most extreme and who can drag economy back to a seven years ago when we lost 800,000 jobs a month. it says incredibly a lot about the fact that mitt romney could jump back in as a result of the craziness and the disconnected from reality posture he is seeing from the republican side. it shows the democrats have serious candidates and they do not. eric: what will the headlights be tomorrow night after the debate? >> you will see a lot of what we saw after the first debate,
6:39 am
we can help the middle class and that is what we want to show. this will be an exciting debate. they will want to contrast themselves from each other but it will be substantive at about the challenges that people are facing everyday, whether college affordability, we are on a campus, is a big deal for parents who want to get there children opportunities, and from the students who graduated with so much debt that it is taking them much too long to get their lives started. those what -- that is what we will be talking about. we only heard from the republicans about privatizing parking lots in regards to college costs. eric: thank you for joining us and good luck tomorrow night. kcci is a cosponsor of tomorrow night's debate and we are proud of that. proud of the fact that our own kevin cooney will be a moderator. we talked to him about his role
6:40 am
kevin: the idea to question potential presidents is certainly an opportunity to enlighten myself and enlighten everybody else, what we do as presidential candidates are not too much different than the street eric: eric: it will be cool to see kevin on the national stage asking the presidential candidates questions. especially since in a couple of weeks he will retire. eric: we need to -- elizabeth: we need to talk about that, kevin is retiring, his last newscast will be at 10:00 on tuesday, november 24. there was an article in the register about him. shaina: kyle spent time with them at the station and you can see pictures of kevin over the kcci. we are so happy for him but it
6:41 am
is bittersweet for everyone because he is an integral part of this newsroom and has been for a long time. eric: not only be newsroom but the state, i grew up watching kevin and have been so proud to call him a coworker. we are so proud of the work he does. we are excited to see him on stage tomorrow night. elizabeth: thank you. one of the other moderators of the debate, cbs's john dickerson appeared on the "late show with stephen colbert" last night. here's the rewind. stephen colbert: i know it is hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the third guy is -- >> martin o'malley. [laughter] >> what is your job as moderator, do you have to give everybody the same amount of time or can you acknowledge, as someone who watches the news that he has the same chances as a snowball plunging into the depths of hell?
6:42 am
>> there have been candidates who have not been doing well that when they got on the stage -- remember joe biden in 2000? >> no one remembers joe biden in 2000, joe biden does not remember joe biden in 2000? shaina: john dickerson will be on cbs this morning at 7:00 this morning. nancy cordes and major garrett also here reporting on the campaigns -- watch it all on kcci. elizabeth: let's look live out of downtown skycam the sunshine is coming up, might be a two jacket day for the kids, winter coats this morning and lighter jackets for afternoon recess.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." metinka: good morning. dress warmly early, a little bit frosty. it is friday the 13th but forecast. picture-perfect this afternoon, sunshine. less wind than yesterday. coming in from the west, northwest about 10 miles per hour. enough of a breeze to drive the zone.
6:45 am
grab the extra layers early with wind chills around 25 in des moines but clear skies so do not worry about fog or precipitation for your morning commute. a storm system that brought us the wacky weather on wednesday heading away from us and high-pressure will control our weather over the weekend as it slides to the southeast, a return flow on the backside means good things. the wind is important this time in warm temperatures and moisture. sunday night into monday, rain back in the forecast. beautiful now, the sunshine is getting ready to pop up some a 32 in the city with the northwest went eight miles per hour headed for a great afternoon. 50 degrees. tomorrow, a southwest wind ushering in warmer conditions. high's for the weekend about 10 to 15 degrees above average. into the nice 60's. enjoy it, next week looks unsettled with often and on chilly rain showers.
6:46 am
you should not run into problems . things are starting to slow down in certain little pockets of the metro but nothing major. and in a cowher, expected the section of 235 to pick up -- to back up. your mobile speed units -- des moines -- 2300 indianola avenue. 50th and grant. 5800 northwest toni drive.
6:47 am
we will elizabeth: this is going to be a busy place. today and this weekend, old main at drake university, the side of the democratic presidential debate. shaina: we have a leading role in the election of our next president with the first in the nation caucuses but one of the republican candidates is not short we are getting it right. mr. trump: how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country that believe this. ?
6:48 am
carson's number two position in the polls, parading voters that support them, calling attention to what he has called his pathological temper and questioning his religious awakening. the headlights this weekends will shift to the democrats. elizabeth: eric is live at the debate site. what will be happening? eric: all eyes will be here tomorrow night, inside old main on-campus. and 25 minutes we can show you a steak peek of what is going on inside, a secret nobody knows what the debate set up will look like. we have had a time lapse capturing video of the set up and we will have that this morning at 7:25. later on, the candidates themselves and their folks will be doing a walk-through later today. representatives for hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will be inside taking a look. twitter will be setting up their operations.
6:49 am
you can use #demdebate to ask your questions tomorrow night. it :00 tomorrow night on kcci, what kevin cooney and our partners at cbs news and the des moines register. there are cameras on campus and they will have a live report in a few minutes on cbs. elizabeth: we will watch for that. shaina: another chilly day but a warmer weekend. metinka: a great stretch of weather after today. a little frosty now, wind chills in the 20's and 32 in des moines at 25. dress in layers, more layers this morning and fewer this afternoon, headed for sunshine. 50 degrees it over the weekend, soak up the 60's. it looks beautiful. next week, unsettled, a chilly rain on monday and sticks with us off and on to the middle part
6:50 am
shaina: mobile speed units, 2300 indianola avenue. 50th and grand.
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