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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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bound on hubbell and was turning into quik trip, when it collided with another vehicle heading south bound. two people in that north bound car were the ones who died. a third person has been hospitalized with serious injuries. stay with kcci and for the latest. elizabeth: fighter jets in the air as france takes the fight to isis. and on the ground a massive manhunt for a terror suspect. the man on the run is wanted in connection with friday's deadly attack. as kenneth craig reports paris is a city on edge as one is still on the run. kenneth: exploding firecrackers sent people running for cover at the plaza de republique in paris sunday. mourners were gathered at a memorial for the victims of friday's deadly attacks when chaos erupted. >> it is terrifying. we don't know if we should stay home or be resistant and go out in paris. it's crazy. kenneth: there was a near stampede as people ran inside a restaurant for safety. near notre dame people attending
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they saw police with guns drawn running around them. this woman compares paris to beirut jerusalem and tel aviv saying now we have to get used to the idea that these things can happen. despite the panic many parisians are determined to fight the fear and refuse to change their daily lives. >> it has been kind of an emotional roller coaster. a lot of ups and downs. kenneth: investigators believe three of the eight attackers were french citizens. a manhunt is underway right now to find one suspect who is still on the run. the terrorists attacked a concert hall, cafes and france's national stadium. some security experts say the massacre was well organized and sophisticated. clerks -- >> these guys are communicating via these encrypted apps right. commercial encryption. very difficult if not impossible for governments to break. kenneth: french military officials say airstrikes are underway on isis targets in syria.
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kenneth craig, cbs news, paris. elizabeth: french officials say the airstrikes destroyed a jihadi training facility and munitions dump in raqqa syria. eric: president obama is expected to hold a news conference in turkey this morning before departing for the philippines. the event is scheduled to take place around 9:30 iowa time. cbs news will carry this address live on air. it is now 4:33. weather is never more than five minutes away. wet weather now, metinka. metinka: grabbed the umbrella as you are headed out. it is quickly lifting to the northeast. we have had a few spotty thundershowers. we will catch a two to three hour. -- two to three hour period of rain. headed for 58 degrees. this is going to be the first round of rain. we will catch a break this afternoon, followed by more rain
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overnight into tuesday. get ready for a cool down. it is good to feel a whole lot more like november by the end of the week. eric: thanks metinka. vandalism at iowa state university. a news release from president steven leath says campus police received a report that the george washington carver statue was covered in what appeared to be shaving cream. police think it happened friday between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. the university is looking into the vandalism to see if it was racially motivated. elizabeth: west of the metro in dexter a semi rollover accident around 2:00 sunday afternoon caused a large traffic backup. along i-80 in the westbound lanes, traffic was down to about 15 miles per no word on the hour. condition of the driver. four people are in the hospital right now after a single vehicle crash on i-235 saturday. a vehicle lost control near valley west drive around 8:00 last night. no one was killed in the crash
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but police say several people were ejected. no word on the extent of their injuries. another crash early saturday morning left one van meter man dead. danny dunton was getting off i-80 around 1:30 saturday morning at the van meter interchange when he hit a vehicle parked on the shoulder causing his car to flip over into a ditch. dunton was pronounced dead at the scene authorities are investigating. eric: looking ahead today. the iowa utilities board is meeting on the controversial bakken oil pipeline project. after an eight hour public hearing on thursday last week , the board is set to hold an evidentiary hearing. members of the board will hear testimony and cross-examine. critics say the project will have a negative environmental impact. dakota access is the company behind the project and they say the project would create thousands of temporary jobs. news around iowa. a partial building collapse in glenwood, iowa, shut down a main street saturday morning. -- main street sunday morning. the mills county sheriff's office and glenwood firefighters found this at doodles grill around 11:00 a.m. they think the giant hole in the side wall started to cave in around 7:00 or 8:00 sunday morning. the owner says the building is now a total loss no one was
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inside the building and no one is hurt. but it's still not clear how this happened. not far away in trainer, -- in treynor, a community mourns the loss of a young man. 14-year-old tristan white was running on a gravel road south of treynor when a passing car hit him. medics rushed the teen to nebraska medicine where he died. tristan was set to begin the wrestling season with a first practice today. his coach saying the loss is felt by the entire community. >> i walked in last night and the team kind of looks at you like, all right coach, what do we do? and i said i don't know. i don't know what we do right now. eric: the coach says tristan was bound to go on and do great things. the pottawattamie county sheriff has not issued any citations for the crash and says the investigation is on going. ahead on kcci back on the campaign trail. the democratic candidates taking no time off attending a bbq in ames. how they are firing back after a
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night to digest.
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how some students are reacting >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning.
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the rain is just getting ready to move into the area from sioux falls, sioux city, back to lamoni, creston. once the rain begins, expected to l lt a couple of hours. a light to moderate rainfall this morning. it is warm. 56 degrees in des moines. we are not have the rain until at least noontime. the temps will be holding pretty steady in the mid to upper 50's. this is only the first round of rain. elizabeth: just less than 12 hours after saturday's democratic debate candidates were already back on the campaign trail. kcci's marcus mcintosh reports central iowa democrats held their fall barbeque sunday. >> i think i am going to vote for hillary. [laughter] marcus: that may not have been a surprise but it was a surprise
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that former president bill clinton was on hand at the central iowa democrats fall bbq. also speaking to the crowd presidential candidate martin a malley. -- martin o'malley. both o'malley and clinton came out swinging at the republicans. >> i listen to the republicans and i know they want to turn back the clock on human rights , on civil rights, on women's rights, on gay rights, on voting rights and we can't let that happen. we have to stand firmly against them. >> the republican vision for our country, my goodness. you'd think they were talking about a failing business that has no room to grow. that is not the way i see our country. marcus: about 560 people came to listen to the candidates. who engaged the crowd and left them wanting more. >> there is a lot of energy in the candidates and a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd it has been an incredible experience having them come around. marcus: opstvedt has not committed to a candidate but says she is pleased to hear more from the candidates than she did saturday night. >> you are hearing things outside of what we heard at the debate when they are talking
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about the economy and in particular of interest to me education and student loans -- student loans. >> thank you all very much. marcus: through cheers and applause clinton and o'malley both struck a chord with the crowd. clinton seems to keep solidifying her frontrunner status. o'malley knows he needs help from the voters. >> when a guy stands in front of you and he says he has 5% national name recognition he is running for president and it is going well there is a fine line between delusion and imagination. elizabeth: bernie sanders was invited but did not attend the barbecue but did not attend. dr. cornell west spoke on his behalf. eric: saturday night the candidates explained why they should be their party's nominee in 2016, focusing on security and foreign policy. this is the only democratic debate to be held in iowa before the caucuses on february 1. >> the second democratic debate opened with a focus on the terror attacks in paris a moment
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followed by opening statements and early questions. >> this election is not just about electing a president, it's also about choosing our next commander-in-chief. >> together leading the world this country will rid the planet of this barbarous organization called isis. >> my heart goes out to the people of france in this moment of loss. >> clinton focused on international diplomacy. >> i think we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it can not be contained and must defeated so that we can bring that's so that we can be supported. it can not be an american fight although american leadership is essential. >> while sanders hit at clinton's vote for war in iraq in his analysis. >> i would argue that the
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disastrous invasion of iraq has unraveled the region and led to the rise of al qaeda. >> questions then pivoted to the economy. sanders got huge applause with his criticism of health care in the u.s.. -- in the u.s. >> i believe we've got to go further. we've got to end the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, not a privilege. [applause] >> and martin o'malley got applause and laughter with his zinger about republican donald trump. >> let's say it in our debate because you'll never hear it from that immigrant bashing carnival barker donald trump. [laughter] [applause] >> whether minds were changed remains to be seen. eric: the next democratic presidential is saturday december 19 in manchester, new hampshire. the next republican presidential debate will take place on tuesday december 15 in las vegas. elizabeth: kcci co-sponsored the debate saturday night and our own kevin cooney was a moderator. he asked bernie sanders how he plans to fund free public
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college tuition. >> well one of the things you want to do is have states pay for a third of this $70 billion plan, correct? there are 16 states that are running budget deficits right now. where are they going to come up with it? elizabeth: now kevin cooney wasn't the only familiar face to central iowans. the des moines register's kathy obradovich sat beside him. both got to ask questions about immigration and education. >> two big topics and you know when you boil it down, i had five, 10 different follow-ups, but you got to make way for the other issues. >> i thought moderating was generally like standing at the top of an olympic ski lift and looking down and saying this is really going to be fun if i survive, you know? elizabeth: in the end kevin says time flew by and he wishes he had more. eric: drake students are reacting to their school being in the national spotlight.
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university calls last night's -- calls saturday nights atmosphere electric. students tell us they liked being able to actually be a part of the debate. like letting students do pa announcing to being able to take photographs in the press pool. students say the national exposure for their smaller school helped show off the campus as well as their great politics program. >> i think nationally it's going to help drake get a lot more attention. >> our names out there and people actually contact me now asking questions about drake and coming on tours. >> people know the drake name now. they know we have a great politics program with great programs all across the university. eric: bernstein says he guarantees more big events ahead for drake. that they're working on a number of events every bit as big as the debate. elizabeth: this was the first presidential debate that twitter took part in. the social media site says hillary clinton was the most talked about candidate. 44% of tweets with #demdebate were about her. sanders was second followed by o'malley.
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were energy and the environment at the top, followed in order by healthcare, immigration, national security and foreign affairs. eric: it is 4:46. where waking up to 56 degrees. -- we are waking up to 56 degrees.
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they are heading toward the >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. grab the umbrella's as you're heading out. des moines, the roads are still on the dry side. toward winterset, we got rain stinking in. it is lifting toward the northeast. there is more rain behind that. pretty widespread rain event. from ames to four dots and clarion, you have seen a couple of showers. the screen is going to be lasting until another one or two out -- this rain is going to be lasting for another one to two hours. ahead of it, we had the nice warm air. heaviest rain is on its way tonight.
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by wednesday, the cold front will start to move through the area. behind it, we'll have a little bit of lightning and shower activity. it is going to feel more like november as we head toward thursday into friday. today, we'll see a half inch of rain. most of that should be out of here by the afternoon. there could be a couple of sprinkles later on this afternoon. after 9:00 this evening, more rain moves in from the southwest. this is going to have some heavier downpours with it. the tuesday morning commute, it is going to be soggy. check out these rainfall totals. it would from a half-inch to two inches by tuesday morning. that lifts out of the area and then we will have a few showers redeveloping here by 5:00 p.m. right now, we are still waiting on the rain to move in. 56 degrees. headed for 58.
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more rain is on the way you'd overnight, some of that could be locally heavy. downpours continue through tomorrow. headed for a mild the day -- mild day tomorrow. it could be 63 degrees. cold temps for the end of the week with chilly breezes. highs falling back into the 40's. friday and saturday, a couple of snowflakes. eric: it should be that temperature. elizabeth: now to a story starting up a lot of interest on social media. caitlyn jenner was in des moines this weekend amidst the political candidates. jenner was not here for the debate though. she was taping a segment with e tv for her new reality tv show. jenner made a few stops at local night clubs. a few people caught a glimpse of her while she was out at the garden saturday night. she was also spotted at jordan creek mall sunday. eric: a big upset in the ufc
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holly home pulled off -- holly holm pulled off a stunning victory against ronda rousey knocking the champion out in the second round. the veteran boxing champ kept pace with the undefeated rousey delivering blow after blow in the first round. but a solid kick to rousey's head in the second sealed the deal ending the former champ's winning streak.
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5:00 a.m., we are tracking rain. it is getting ready to move into the metro area. it is all streaming to the northeast this morning. once the rain begins, expected to last one to two good hours. google's pick up -- we will pick up some light to moderate rain showers. 53 degrees already in des moines. we will have a showers through late morning before catching a break this afternoon. headed for a high of 58 degrees. more rain is in the forecast. afternoon thunderstorms again tomorrow. maybe a few cooler showers for wednesday. your overall temperature trend is heading back down. highs only in the 30's this weekend. elizabeth: would an outdoor wrestling match at a football stadium actually work? eric: well not only did it work this weekend but it was only half of iowa's record breaking weekend.
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all of it. tony: picture-perfect weather and 42 -- and 42,000 plus fans is not a bad way to start a saturday. >> it was amazing. post -- most exciting thing i have ever been in. tony: a record-breaking crowd that double the previous number. the grapple on the gridiron. >> you cannot describe it. even if i tried, i don't think anybody would understand. the guys who went out there and wrestled. >> you felt the energy. it is cool to be outside with the sun shining on you. >> i know it is great for wrestling. there is people in russia and turkey who will see this. they will know about it. tony: iowa was able to beat in that dual. the blackout started. >> we were pretty hyped for that
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>> it feel real good to play, especially coming out with new uniforms. tony: new jerseys and new goals. lizzie a trail as the first iowa team -- blazing a trail as the first iowa team have a perfect record. >> it's an honor to have that. quick amazing, to do something that iowa has never done before. it is pretty awesome. tony: two big winds between 2000 800 fans. a great day in hawkeye history. tony seeman, kcci. elizabeth: we get a day like that. awesome. new overnight details from paris. the latest efforts to track down
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elizabeth: breaking overnight, paris police raids. new efforts to find terrorists in the city and an ominous warning to stay vigilant. >> there is no middle ground in going after these terrorists. eric: plus, fighting words from hillary clinton in iowa. how she and the other two candidates spent the day after the democratic debate. elizabeth: and deadly crash. what happened in the moments before two cars collided in des moines killing two people. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning everybody. welcome back. i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge. it sounds like you need a jacket this morning. keep the umbrella handy.
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