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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. you will definitely want a jacket today, probably a rain jacket and it sounds like an umbrella as well. metinka: here in the downtown area we have one round of rain that moved through and light shower activity moving in. rain from atlantic, creston, and lamoni, all lifting to the north . just gentle showers in the forecast, nothing severe. the best chances of rain today come before noon and then we will have maybe a stray sprinkle left over for the afternoon, but more rain is in the overnight and tomorrow morning. 56 degrees currently in the city, heading for a high of 58 degrees. we have some cold temperatures, maybe some snowflakes in your eight day. eric: breaking overnight, we want to bring you major
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developments about the paris attacks. shaina: a major police operation underway in belgium. they are involved in a manhunt for the only terror attack or surviving -- attacker surviving. police and france also rated 100 68 sites overnight as part of their investigation. a french official revealed a suspected mastermind behind the attacks also coordinated the attack on a paris bound train this summer, that was thwarted. france carried out more strikes on isis overnight. nikole: french defense officials say they took out several isis targets overnight in coordination with u.s. forces. retaliating for the worst attack on its homefront since world war two france unleashed a wave of massive airstrikes against isis pounding the militant group's
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, de-facto capital in syria. >> this is in a war context. nikole: back in paris a city on edge. french officals reported over 150 police raids overnight. and authorities launched an international manhunt for a key suspect. in turkey global leaders , including president obama plotted next steps. pres. obama: it's an attack on the civilized world. nikole: the administration defended its strategy after coming under growing criticism for suggesting the terror group had been contained. rep. schiff: unless that changes strategically, we can expect more attacks like this. sen. graham: we don't have until the next election to deal with isil. there is a 9/11 coming and it's coming from syria if we don't disrupt their operations. nikole: the president's national security adviser ben rhodes said the fight against isis will be a long term effort but the u.s. will remain vigilant. in washington, i'm ninile killion, kcci 8 news, iowa's
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shaina: the country also held a minute of silence to honor the 129 people killed in the attack. we will have more updates as we get them. eric: police in central iowa are investing 80 -- investigating a deadly crash in des moines at humble and east 37th street. the jive or an passenger in the northbound car were killed and the driver of the other car was seriously injured. we're waiting to learn the current condition of that driver, and the names of the victims. elizabeth: iowa state university officials are asking for help to figure out who vandalized a campus statue friday. president steven leath says the george washington carver statue on campus was covered in what appeared to be shaving cream. police believe it happened between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon and have concerns that , it may have been racially motivated. leath says the university is
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taking the case seriously and , anyone with information should call isu police. eric: happening today, the iowa utilities board is meeting on the controversial bakken oil pipeline project. members of the board will hear testimony in an evidentiary hearing on the pipeline. critics say the project will have a negative environmental impact on our state. dakota access is the company behind the project, and they say the project would create thousands of temporary jobs. the utilities board is expected to make a final decision on whether to approve the project sometime in december or early january. elizabeth: the time is 6:05, we had such great weather all weekend but it is coming to an end. metinka: just gentle rain, nothing to worry about. if you showers lifting from grinds to urbandale adding for the heart of the downtown area, all moving to the north. it is only going to last a couple of hours this morning and it should be a gentle rain.
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poncho or umbrella. maybe they will be able to get outside this afternoon, headed for highs of 58, but more rain in the forecast. elizabeth: commitment 2016 news now, the metro was buzzing this weekend as kcci co-hosted the second democratic debate saturday night. eric: hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley had a packed day saturday, but just hours after the debate ended, they were right back out on the campaign trail, looking to secure more iowa votes. alyx sacks has more on the day after the debate, what did they pack in, alyx? alyx: it is about what they packed on the table. sometimes the best way to a man or woman's heart is through their stomachs. well, at least that's what dems were hoping for yesterday. martin o'malley and hillary clinton spoke at the central iowa democrats fall barbeque just about 12 hours after the debate. clinton surprise the crowd of
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about 560 with former president bill clinton as her warm-up act. both o'malley and clinton came out swinging at republicans. ms. clinton: i listen to the reopublicans and i know they want to turn back the clock on human rights, on civil rights, on women's rights, on gay rights, on voting rights, and we cannot lend that happen -- let that happen. we have to stand firmly against them. mr. o'malley: the republican vision for our country my goodness, you'd think they were talking about a failing buisness that no longer has the ability to grow. that is not the way i see our country. bernie sanders was invited but did not attend the barbecue but had a speaker speak on his behalf. i also want to mention a pretty nice write up of des moines and kcci in "the new york times," talking about all of the staff coming together to pull out --
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eric: it is cool to open it up and see your coworkers. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have moved on from the hawkeye state, but martin o'malley is still here for another day of campaigning, making stops in waverley, decorah, waukon, and elkader. elizabeth: take cover the , surprising place this tornado hit and the damage it did. two more to go. what's next for the hawkeyes if they can do what they've already done 10 times this season. and what a win. the drake women do something they haven't done in six years. shaina: it is raining out there so the road is going to be slippery this morning. do not forget your umbrella because you will need it for the next couple of hours. have not seen any issues related to the rain so that is good news. we will take a look at the road. this is 35/80 at hickman, does not look like it is slowing
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage
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metinka: it is a soggy monday morning at 6:11. we are tracking the rain. we have had a little bit of light rain moving through the des moines area, listing into ames. heaviest rain has been in the western counties and it is all moving to the northeast at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. the back edge of the rain stretches from atlantic to about red oak. the rain has cooled us down a few degrees, we are now at 53, but these temps are warmer than we should see for this time of year. the overall rain trend will be diminishing in the best chances will calm before noontime. as we head into the afternoon, some possible drizzle in the forecast and heavy rain moves back in overnight. shaina: right now, the northern california town of denair is cleaning up after a tornado touched down sunday afternoon. officials say the tornado damaged some homes and trees, and also ripped off part of a
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church's roof. no injuries have been reported, but residents say tornadoes in that area are extremely rare. in fact, the last recorded tornado there was back in 2006. and in the nfl right now, three teams are still undefeated after sunday play, but that could change tonight. the new england patriots won their game against the new york giants sunday, so did the carolina panthers over the tennessee titans. the only undefeated team left to play this week, is the cincinnati bengals. they have this week's monday night football game against the houston texans tonight at 8:30 -- at 7:30 on espn. eric: there were some big shockers in the nfl sunday. the biggest surprises may have been in denver. elizabeth: the broncos went into the game 7-1, taking on a 3-5 kansas city chiefs team. denver quarterback peyton manning broke brett favre's all-time yardage record early in the game, but that's about the only positive stat for him on the night. eric: manning was just 5 for 20 with 4 interceptions, and was actually benched in the third quarter.
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make a comeback. they fell to the chiefs 29-13 for their first loss at home this year. elizabeth: another crazy game in green bay. the packers hosted the 1-7 detroit lions, should have been an easy win especially on their home turf. but green bay struggled, trailing by 8 in the final minute. a touchdown and broken up 2-point conversion made it 18-16. the packers got the ball back with seconds left and had a chance to win with a field goal, but it was no good. detroit beats green bay at lambeau field for the first time since 1991. eric: college football now, a new ap poll is out, and iowa is all the way up to number 6. that's two spots higher than they were last week in the ap poll. the new college football playoff rankings will be released tuesday night. the hawks were fifth in that poll last week. well since then, iowa has added yet another win to its resume, and hit the 10-0 mark for the first time in school history. a big ten championship is definitely a possibility, and so may be a national championship. when the committee looks at this
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iowa team, they will see much more than a nationally-ranked defense. against minnesota, iowa racked up a season high 506 total yards of offense. leshun daniels for one had a career high 195 yards and 3 touchdowns saturday as iowa beat minnesota 40-35 to reclaim the floyd of rosedale trophy. there are two games left home against purdue and at nebraska. if iowa wins just one more, they can clinch a spot in the big ten championship game. win them all and a spot in the final four could be possible. >> going out there last year and having again we did, and going out this year and having a good game, getting the pig was fun. >> just working their butts off. >> i was just doing whatever i could to help the team, help us get a victory. i was just doing whatever the team needed.
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eric: the hawkeyes will be at home again this weekend, attempting to better their record to 10-0. they'll face purdue at iowa state is coming off a heartbreaker this week. the cyclones almost pulled off -- elizabeth: iowa state is coming off a heartbreaker this week. the cyclones almost pulled off an upset over fifth-ranked oklahoma state saturday, but the cowboys scored with just 3 minutes left in the game to get out of ames with a 35-31 win. eric: this week should be much easier for iowa state. they'll hit the road to take on the 3-5 kansas state wildcats. new iowa state basketball coach steve prohm makes his hilton debut tonight. the cyclones home opener tips off at 7:00 p.m. against chicago state. you can watch it on drake university hosted iowa state's women's team sunday, and the bulldogs proved they have good reason to be very excited about their team this year. the game was back and forth early on, six lead changes in the first quarter alone. but drake went on a 12 to nothing run to start off the second quarter, and went into halftime up one.
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that momentum continued for the bulldogs through the second half. every time iowa state would start scoring, drake answered right back. drake ended up taking the game 74-70, their first win over iowa state since 2009. and more big news for drake this morning, the bulldog's men's soccer team beat siu edwardsville sunday, to take the missouri valley conference title. final score was 1-0. so drake moves on to the ncaa tournament. they'll find out where they're placed in the bracket later today. a good weekend for drake. elizabeth: economic headlines now, wall street will try to bounce back from a tough week last week. on friday, the dow fell almost 203 points. the nasdaq ended the day down, 77 points. and the s and p 500 was down about 23. kia motors is recalling thousands of cars this morning, warning there may be a problem with the vehicles' steering controls. the recall affects 260,000 kia souls from 2014 and 2015, because a mechanical issue with the steering wheel could cause drivers to lose control.
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there have been several reports of this problem, but so far no one has been injured. apple has announced it's shutting down beats music. apple bought the streaming service for $3 billion last year. users will be able to transition to the new apple music service. all beats subscriptions will be canceled by november 30. and ford is the latest automaker to test self-driving cars. they're doing it in m-city in ann arbor, michigan, a fake city built specifically for testing these self-driving cars. there are storefronts, traffic lights, and other real-world obstacles, but no people actually live there. eric: a good place to test them. vending machines provide all kinds of options, and now one retailer has made one for car shoppers. the carvana vending machine is in nashville, tennessee, and it's already a big hit with consumers. here's how it works, the entire purchase is done online instead of at a dealership. once you buy the car you go to , the carvana center where you are given a special coin to
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put in a machine to start the vending process. your car is then retrieved from a 20 vehicle glass tower and moved into a delivery bay for you to pick up. >> they can pick from nearly 2000 cars in inventory. they can buy the car in as little as 20 minutes. when i say buy the car i mean they can get approved for financings select financing sign contracts select a warranty get a trade in value. eric: if you don't like something about the car, there's a 7-day return or trade policy. carvana says they plan to open more vending machines, but no word on where yet. elizabeth: what a crazy experience. eric: it is one thing if it is a bag of chips but another if it is a car. elizabeth: we want to check in with metinka. metinka: the road maybe a little soggy so it may take you little bit longer to get to school or work as usual. showers have moved through the
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the heavier showers happen across western iowa from about panora to red oak, looking to the northeast at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. all the roads across the state will be affected this morning by the rain, just gentle rain for us. it extends through missouri and arkansas, with the main system in the southwest u.s. gentle showers in the forecast today and as more rainfall approaches later tonight, it is going to be a stronger variety. the severe weather will stay to the south across kansas and missouri, but we will catch some heavy downpours tomorrow into
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-- heavy downpours tonight into tomorrow. we will pick up about a half-inch of rain fall, tapering off to drizzle this afternoon, followed by more evening showers lifting in by 10:00 p.m. we are going to end up with decent rainfall totals, generally about two inches will be common across southern iowa. 53 degrees in the city, headed for highs near 58 degrees, nice and mild. tomorrow, more of the same, thundershowers in the forecast with a high of 63. cool showers, maybe a wet snowflake on wednesday. elizabeth: we will need the windshield wipers this morning on the car. shaina: you're going to need to keep in mind that it is raining, bring an umbrella and give yourself the next are minute or two.
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units, 1720 3rd street, 400 aurora avenue, 3000 northeast aurora avenue, and 7200 northwest 26th street. eric: right now we have a live look at rates going on this moment in belgium, all in response to friday pass deadly attacks in paris. police are looking for suspects connected to the attacks that killed 129 people. neighbors were told to stay away from the street, and look at all of those emergency vehicles filling the streets, trying to track down the people responsible for that assault in paris on friday. police have been searching this neighborhood since saturday and they continue. three ways to stretch your holiday dollars next on kcci. >> overnight raids and a massive manhunt.
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strategy against isis, we ar eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:25.
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this morning's be better segment, is all about holiday shopping. elizabeth: it is about that time. this morning we have 3 ways to stretch your holiday budget. first, before you hit the shops, make a spending plan. experts with bank say if you don't budget for every little expense beforehand, your spending will grow and grow. eric: when you do finally get out to shop, you might want to try paying in cash. that will make how much you're actually spending more obvious. surveys show people spend up to a third more when paying with credit. elizabeth: finally, beware of all of those holiday sales and deals. getting everything for a deal may trick you into buying more than you actually need. eric: time to start thinking about the holidays. popular local food blogger iowa girl eats will be showing us two dishes you'll want to serve at your thanksgiving table. one has been a hit in her family for years and years the other a 'healthy' twist on an old favorite. that's tuesday and wednesday on kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: and if you're planning to travel to spend the thanksgiving holiday with family or friends this year, you are not alone. a new trip advisor survey shows thanksgiving travel will be up
6:24 am
5% from last year. eric: the same survey shows most people plan to travel on either the wednesday or monday before thanksgiving. and then most people come home on the sunday after. 35% of people will travel by plane, which is up from last year. and 62% plan to drive to their destinations. elizabeth: we just hope for good weather for all of those driving. just ahead, france bombs isis. one of many new developments we're following overnight in the paris terror attacks. also, new police raids on suspected terrorists, and they discover how the attackers kept their plan secret. eric: and 'we stand with paris' a worldwide theme right now the
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elizabeth: breaking news overnight, paris honors the victims while police target the terrorists. we also know the mastermind behind the attacks, and how they kept their lot a secret. alyx: the first of many controversial hearings begin today, what is next for the
6:27 am
bakken pipeline. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. >> i'm pretty excited. >> are you nervous? >> yeah, a little bit. elizabeth: also this half hour, this iowa soldier is about to surprise his 10-year-old son. see the moment he pulls it off and the reaction he got ahead. a good surprise to have on this monday morning. welcome back, i am elizabeth klinge. eric: and i'm eric hanson, along with shaina and metinka. we are going to need our rain gear today. metinka: we have had some gentle showers move through the metro area and the heavier rain has stayed to the west, generally carroll through winterset. moderate rain across southeast iowa from kia's aqua spreading
6:28 am
city. the best chances of rain coming this morning before noon. just gentle rain, nothing severe, tapering to drizzle this afternoon, but more rain overnight into tuesday. we have a gusty south wind, headed for 58 with a late day break from the rain. eric: getting back to new developments overnight in paris. a french official just said the mastermind behind the attacks is also linked to the thwarted paris train attack. he is belgian. meanwhile, an international manhunt is underway for the suspect, the only suspect believed to have survived. cbs's jonathan vigliotti is in paris. jonathan: marking a moment of silence for the victims of friday's deadly attacks. mourners ran from a memorial set
6:29 am
mistaking firecrackers for gunshots. >> we don't know if we should stay home or be resistant and go out in paris. jonathan: overnight, authorities raided over 150 homes in paris, searching for suspects. authorities linked a suspect to this black car found outside the bataclan theater. 129 people were killed at the theater. isis claimed responsibility for the sophisticated attacks, carried out in under 30 minutes. investigators say the terrorists used encrypted texting apps to allow them to stay off the radar. >> it's caused a huge blindspot for intelligence agencies and law enforcement to actually get insight into what they're doing. jonathan: in retaliation for the violence, french warplanes began hitting isis targets in the syrian stronghold of raqqa sunday. pres. obama: the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack
6:30 am
not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. jonathan: president obama and world leaders gathered at the g-20 summit in turkey are vowing to intensify their response in part by sharing more intelligence information. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, paris. eric: and president obama is expected to hold a news conference in turkey this morning, 9:30 iowa time. cbs news will carry it live here on kcci. now to shaina with several more developments overnight. shaina: the paris terror attack has brought light to other possible plots. suicide bombers had planned to strike ahead of the winter olympics in sochi last year. the women were detained in austria and france, and the british prime minister says officials have foiled seven terror attacks in the past six months. here in the u.s., we have learned that increased security will remain in place in new york city and several other major cities throughout the entire
6:31 am
work week. armed officers patrolled times square over the weekend. specialty counterrorism units were deployed. but it is important to note, homeland security says there are no known or credible threats to the u.s. right now. and at least three u.s. governors are concerned about syrian refugees relocating to the u.s. the worry is that refugees may have ties to isis. alabama and michigan both say they will refuse refugees. and louisiana governor bobby jindal has written a letter to the white house, demanding to know how many are already in his state. elizabeth: more big stories this morning des moines police are , still investigating a deadly crash that killed two people last night. it happened at hubbell avenue and east 37th street. police say one car was northbound, turning into the quiktrip there when it collided with a car that was southbound. the driver and passenger in the northbound car were killed. the driver of the other car was seriously injured. police have not released their names. eric: iowa state university officials want to know if some vandals were racially motivated.
6:32 am
president steven leath says the george washington carver statue on campus was covered in what appeared to be shaving cream. police believe it happened friday between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. leath says the university is taking this case very seriously. anyone with information should call isu police. elizabeth: happening today the , iowa utilities board is meeting on the controversial bakken oil pipeline project. alyx sacks joins us from the studio. alyx: today is the first of many hearings the board will hear, coming after an eight hour public hearing last week, all having to do with the pipeline set to stretch across iowa. critics say the project will have a negative environmental impact. dakota access is the company behind the project, and they say the project would create thousands of temporary jobs. >> it will create an unprecedented abuse of land owners' rights. it will present a perpetual
6:33 am
threat of catastrophic spills in iowa, and it will contribute to climate change. >> the apprenticeship opportunities lead to careers, allowing our members not to just build their professional futures but build their homes and , families right here in iowa. alyx: the hearings are expected to last most of the day, and are scheduled every day this week except friday, and more the following week. evidence will be presented at these hearings and there will be time for cross-examination. the hope is to have a decision sometime after december 3. eric: surprise, dad is home. how in army staff sergeant pulled off the biggest surprise of his son's life. elizabeth: a woman surprised everyone by walking at her wedding.
6:34 am
eric: and a woman who made headlines earlier this year -- in des moines? why when kcci returns. metinka: how much rain we could end up with the -- in our rain gauges tomorrow. shaina: grab your umbrella before you leave and take it easy. we have i love a gourmet cheeseburger as much as anybody. and that's why we created the pub burger at culver's. my favorite cheeseburger starts with great beef. when you get that burger in your hand and
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metinka: rain is moving through the area this morning so the road is going to be wet for the commute. no severe weather is out there. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m.. tracking the rain moving to the northeast at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. moderate showers continue from carroll southward through atlantic all the way through red oak. it will be raining for a few hours before we actually catch a break. 53 degrees right now in des moines, 50 degrees in ames. gentle showers will continue throughout the morning, coming to an end by around noon, tapering into drizzle but more rain will move in overnight into tuesday. we will end up with a couple of inches in the rain gauge. elizabeth: thanks, metinka. it was a tough goodbye over the weekend. this morning, about 40 iowans are preparing to go to
6:38 am
afghanistan. shaina: around iowa members of , the army national guard's 649th regional support group had a sendoff in cedar rapids. they said goodbye to family and friends. they'll be heading to afghanistan to provide base operations support and security. for some of these soldiers, it's the first time they'll be going to afghanistan. >> we've been prepared for it for quite some time now. it's kind of like getting up in the morning. put your clothing on and let's do this. shaina: the group will serve a 9-month tour overseas. they'll go to texas first for training and then leave for afghanistan by the end of the year. eric: well, also in cedar rapids, a 10-year-old boy got a big surprise. >> oh, i forgot we had a surprise. can you help me out? >> yeah. everyone, please welcome home from active service staff
6:39 am
my dad. >> how are you, buddy? >> i missed you, too. oh my god, i'm crying. eric: he is trying to keep a stiff upper lip. staff sergeant meyer's trip home is pretty short this time only a couple of days and then he'll head back to qatar. shaina: when a cute moment. elizabeth: another pretty great surprise to share this morning. a western iowa woman's story touched millions around the world about a year ago. gina springhower became paralyzed from the waist down in an accident in 2008. then she stunned everyone last year at her wedding to husband john when she walked down the aisle. now, a year after the wedding, another surprise, the couple is expecting a baby. it's something they really wanted but they admit, they have lots of questions.
6:40 am
am going to get my baby from the floor, to my lap, because i can't sit up without using my arms on my legs. a lot of it was, how am i going to get the baby where i want it to be if john is at work? how am i going to independent as a mother? elizabeth: they will have a lot to figure out. the baby is due in a few months. there are some unknowns for delivery but gina's doctor has experience with other paralyzed mothers and she says she's confident everything will be just fine for them. shaina: they have come this far, i am sure they will figure it out. speaking of unusual births, this week the mccaughey septuplets are turning 18. we recently visited the family at their home in carlisle. eric: mom bobbi, dad kenny, big sister mikayla, and the septuplets kenny, joel, brandon, nathan, natalie, alexis and kelsey. mollie cooney has really gotten
6:41 am
she brought us the first pictures of the septuplets after they were born at methodist and , had the first interview with bobbi and kenny. she will fill us in on all their plans after graduation and see how mom and dad feel about being empty nesters soon. shaina: a full mast -- nest. eric: that is today on kcci 8 news at 5:00. elizabeth: and eric, we want to talk about your story tonight at 6:00 as well. someone is surprising people all over central iowa by handing out some serious cash. eric: yes it's been happening , lately all over central iowa. people handed $10,000 to pursue their dream. i snuck into one of their meetings so you can see how they pull off the big surprises and what they're looking for in a recipient. catch 100 men on a mission, in this is iowa, on kcci 8 news at 6:00. shaina: surprise seems to be our theme today. caitlyn jenner surprised a lot of people with her trip to des moines this past weekend.
6:42 am
nightclubs. she was even at the mall, jordan creek town center. she was apparently filming an episode of her reality show "i am cait." people posted on twitter and facebook that she even saw a movie. she is actually very familiar with des moines. akin college in 1970, jenna was a drake relays champion. elizabeth: a look at i-35/80 at hickman where you can see a few raindrops on the camera. metinka tells us how long the rain will hang around. >> our team of correspondents are in france, covering major overnight developments.
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6:46 am
we are tracking the rain stretching from grimes into johnston, stretching into pleasant hill. pockets of more moderate rain from waukee back through boonville, and it extends across west and southwest iowa. maybe you are traveling to the eastern part of the state. we have heavier showers spreading toward iowa city. very much everybody is going to be getting the rainfall early today as it moves off to the northeast. this is the first use of energy coming from the main system. we will not have to worry about the severe weather in iowa. overnight into tuesday, we will have pockets of downpours, probably some thunder shower activity with the strongest storms to the south across kansas, missouri, and the gulf coast. wednesday, the cold front approaches.
6:47 am
the rain will be moving out by noon today, followed by just pockets of drizzle this afternoon. we will end up with about a half-inch of rain. overnight, thunder showers will lift in from kansas and missouri and will rumble through the area overnight into tuesday, followed by redevelopment in the afternoon. we will end up with 1-2 inches of rainfall across central iowa. 53 degrees in des moines with ring jobs coming down, a gusty south wind at 17 miles per hour. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the week with highs in the 60's, off and on thundershowers. cooler weather arrives for the nene -- middle and end of the week. eric: you will need the wipers
6:48 am
shaina:we do have some global speed units to talk to you about. keep these locations in mind, 1700 23rd street, 400 over avenue, -- aurora avenue, north 20 six st. elizabeth: and breaking right now, police picking up potential
6:49 am
belgium overnight.tt0w!tx#hn!!%4@-2cp tt0w!tx#hn!!el@-8d< tt0w!tx#hn!!ed@->fx tt0w!tx#hn%!)8h-^8$ tt0w!tx#hn%!kzh-cwx tt0w!tx#hn%!n-h-6>t tt0w!tx#hn%!0ph-(yl tt0w!tx#hn%!s"h-8+, tt0w!tx#hn%!ueh-;i\ tt0w!tx#hn%!7hh-'k( elizabeth: we are back for breaking news. eric: a minute of silence held
6:50 am
this is new video from belgium, people honoring the victims of friday's attacks. elizabeth: but also in belgium, a major police operation underway. heavily armed police in a neighborhood that's been sealed off. it's not known if it's part of a manhunt for one of the terror suspects, the only one of eight who escaped on friday. eric: more raids in france overnight as well. police targeting potential terror suspects in 168 sites. officials are very worried that isis could try to attack again in the coming days or weeks. shaina: did they hit their target? france unleashed a wave of massive airstrikes against isis, pounding strongholds in syria. elizabeth: a look at the forecast, a rainy morning. through the area, but nothing severe. we are tracking the rain from johnston to grimes. it is all lifting to the northeast.
6:51 am
of here by noon and temps are mild, 53 in des moines, headed for a high of 58. more rain is coming tonight and some of that could be heavier. a couple of showers leftover wednesday before the big cool down begins. highs next weekend will only be in the 30's. shaina: be careful out there and take it nice and slow because the road will be a little bit slippery. do not forget the umbrella. right now drive times are normal, seven minutes from the west mixmaster to downtown, six minutes from the east. seven minutes to get downtown from their. everything is looking good up north. eric: a team of reporters are in france and belgium covering up
6:52 am
those hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 50% more data than verizon and at&t for the same price. but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? no. u.s. cellular sized data. good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular
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and get 50% more data than verizon and at&t. plus $400 per line.
6:54 am
breaking news, dozens of overnight raids in europe. new details on the international manhunt to track down terror suspects. >> france retaliates with air strikes against isis in syria. president obama meets with putin and other world leaders to coordinate strategy.
6:55 am
and what's being done to
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