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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  November 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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frank: >> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. pres. obama: and it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisers that that would be a mistake.
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sharply defending his strategy against isis amid the recent attacks in paris, saying that will be taking up the fight against the terror group. and the president's remarks from the g-20 summit in turkey comes on the heels of the french launching overnight airstrikes in the syrian city of raqqa. officials say those airstrikes targeted an isis command center, training camps and an ammunition storage site. good afternoon. thank you for joining us on this monday. the french are fighting back on their home soil as well. security forces raided more than 150 locations overnight while in slammed isis targets with a barrage of bombs. this morning, president obama said that u.s. intelligence had imminent. jonathan vigliotti has the latest from paris. jonathan: thousands across paris shared an emotional moment of silence today. they're honoring the lives of the 129 people killed and
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hundreds more injured in friday night's terror attacks. >> we have to take care and be careful. sorry. jonathan: french police are moving aggressively, arresting about two dozen people overnight during more than 150 raids across the country. security forces in belgium are also on the move, searching for 26-year-old salah abdeslam. police say he's the only attacker who escaped. french reports say abdel hamid abaaoud is the mastermind of the operation. he's a belgian citizen who had gone to fight in syria, where he's believed to be now. french warplanes slammed targets in syria overnight hitting a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in raqqa. u.s intelligence is helping the french locate targets. pres. obama: isil is the face of evil. our goal is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. jonathan: many parisians returned to work today, but
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there is still a sense of sadness and fear. some take solace at these makeshift memorials. karol colomb says he still can't believe his friend lamia was gunned down during one of the attacks on a paris cafe. >> she died. jonathan: she died? >> yes. jonathan: his other friend is recovering after being shot at the bataclan theatre. france is under a state of emergency that could last for the next 3 months. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, paris. mollie: back here at home, we were at the statehouse this morning when governor brandstad talked about the possibility of allowing syrian refugees to settle in iowa. arkansas governor asa hutchinson joined other governors in their opposition to relocating syrian refugees within their states. right now, governor branstad says he's keeping his options open. gov. branstad: so this situation is very serious and the isis threat i think is growing, and is very dangerous throughout the
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it is something we have to take very seriously and i'm going to do all i can. i am just asking the federal government to coordinate and work with us. mollie: president obama said suggestions that a religious test be applied to refugees seeking asylum in the u.s. is a new report by the u.s. house homeland security committee shows more than 250 americans have joined or attempted to join isis and that one in four u.s. recruits is from minnesota. the report says the state's large somali population is often a target of recruits. a newly developed task force of somali americans is trying to keep young people from being lured to terror groups. meantime, police departments in major u.s. cities across the united states are on high alert. security has been upgraded following the terror attacks in paris and now isis has made a new threat. a new isis video threatens an attack on washington, d.c.. new york city's police commissioner william bratton says his department is treating
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could happen here. he says the department will send officers to france this week to learn what they can since the attacks featured new elements. >> the idea that all of them, all of them, were equipped with these suicide vests which are of great concern if you're asking your officers to rush in which is the tactic in america now responding to the active shooting scenario. mollie: the department of homeland security says it has detected no direct threats against the u.s. taking a look at news from a quick thinking k-9 is being , credited with saving a man caught in a house fire in odgen this morning. crews were called to this home at around 9:30 this morning after neighbors called 911 reporting flames shooting from the homes' windows. the man inside said he was upstairs sleeping when his dog bella nudged him and woke him smoke was filling his room so he and the dog escaped to the roof covering the home's porch. >> the dog saved him. the dog went upstairs and actually woke him up. window so it's a good thing he
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had a dog because he didn't have any smoke detectors. mollie: right now fire officials say they believe a candle left burning on a dresser is to blame. new information surrounding a deadly crash in des moines last night. it happened at hubbell avenue and east 37th street. police say two people were been killed. and another was injured in the accident. the collision occurred just after 6:00. deanna gliem was driving south on hubbell when her vehicle struck another as turned southbound on hubbell from east 37th street. both people in the other car were killed. police identified them as 60-year-old richard hummel and his passenger, 59-year-old randall sonnenburg. police say excessive speed and impaired driving may have contributed to that accident. in commitment 2016 news today, congressman steve king says the time is right to endorse a president. candidate who is the answer to
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my prayers. mollie: congressman king says cruz most closely represents the same things he stand for. king says cruz stands for principle, listens, thanks, and knows how to act, and has been successful taking on the washington elite. king believes they are both grounded on shared values. and he admits the decision to endorse ted cruz for president did not come easy. >> my regret is i like these candidates. i like the guys and i like the gal and i respect them and anyone of them would be a better president than the one we have today. any one of them emerging as a nominee is someone i can enthustiasically support. mollie: king says he is hopeful his endorsement will give cruz a boost and says he is to join cruz on the campaign trial. cold, rainy, and dreary. let's check in with frank to see when the sun is going to make a return.
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few days but the good news is there is no rain falling in the metro. temperature, 50 one degrees, wind a little breezy out of the south at 20 to 25. we have our fair share of the rain this morning and we are starting to dry out in the metro and off to the west but still lingering showers off to the north and east. throughout the remainder of the day, we should stay mainly cloudy, 55 degrees. notice how the temperatures are not changing much. the rain is coming back, going to be back a little bit later tonight into tomorrow. the chance of rain really ramps up after 10:00 or so, and a good chance of rain tomorrow starting in the morning and lingering into the afternoon. mollie: thank you very much, frank. a man fighting for his life gets a special gift that only a sympathetic judge could give.
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also how some california
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af$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay
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and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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this is kcci eight news at noon with mollie cooney. >> we've been wanting to do this for so long and we're doing it. and all of a sudden, here i am again in the hospital, sick. it was somewhat heart breaking. mollie: but a sympathetic judge is turning heartache into joy for one ohio family. a man battling leukemia was too sick to adopt the girl he's raised since she was 5-years-old. but as reporter karin johnson tells us, a local judge took his courtroom to the hospital. karin: a father's love for his daughter, you can see it in his eyes. >> she is a blessing. karin: aubrey feels the same about him. >> he has raised me since i was five. karin: through fishing trips to has been his stepdaughter.
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all of that was about to change. they started the adoption process when rob, who had battled leukemia one of before was diagnosed with a more aggressive form of the disease. his health declined and he could not make it to the court hearing. >> we have been wanting to do this for so long and we are doing it, and all of a sudden here i am again in the hospital, sick. it was somewhat heartbreaking. karin: helping to hear their desk heal their broken hearts, the probate judge randy rogers agreed to come to them at the blood cancer center at the jewish hospital. >> to have it legal is so important to us. karin: at rob's bedside -- judge rogers made it official. karin: i know i'm i am here --
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when you see it in their eyes, especially the mom, it has its own rewards. >> it was like a blessing. i could not believe it. he took the time at of his life -- out of his life to come here and do this adoption. mollie: that was karin johnson reporting. this is a big week for a big family in carlisle as the mccoy septuplets turn 18. we have watched as they went from diapers to driving, high chairs to high school, and now they are getting ready to spread their wings after graduation. what are their plans, their feelings about leaving home and each other, and how are the parents coping with an empty nest?
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look back over the years and talk to each family member about what is in store for them next. so what if someone surprised you with $10,000 to pursue your dream? it's been happening lately all over central iowa. of their meetings to show us how they're pulling off these huge surprises and what they're looking for in a recipient. catch 100 men on a mission, monday in eric hanson's this is iowa, on kcci 8 news at 6:00. residents of a central the pieces after a rare tornado hit their yesterday. >> i thought it looked like a ton of birds flying around. in all actuality, it was debris. mollie: it happened just before meteorologists are surveying the damage left behind in an effort to rate the tornado. it touchdown in tornado
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like storm from alaska struck california. for us, rainy days and colder weather ahead. it is november, after all. frank: we have just been spoiled around here with some great temperatures, and we have been mainly dry the past couple of weeks. that is starting to change. most of the rain now well off to the east. i think that will be the trend as we head into the afternoon hours, and then we will drag in some more rain tonight. we did pick up about a quarter to a half an inch of rain depending on where you are. jefferson and ankeny around 2/10 of an inch this morning. temperatures have been warm for this time of year but cool overall, 51 in des moines, 50 in ames, 49 in fort dodge.
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we are pretty much going to be steady as we head throughout the afternoon with those clouds around, and now that the rain is over we are just dealing with that cloud cover. you can see on our downtown skycam, we might have some mist air. here's your day planner. i think we stay mainly dry for the rest of the afternoon, 54, 55. more rain in the overnight hours around 11:00. your wake-up temperature tomorrow morning around 53, so we are not dropping that much and the clouds. if we look at futurecast, we have more on the way. this system out to the west is going to be pulling in a lot of moisture over the next 24 to 36 hours, on the backside wrapping
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it will be much cooler behind the system by the time it pulls out wednesday into thursday. could anticipate quite a bit more rainfall tonight into tomorrow, especially off to the south and east. could be an inch in a,. -- in ottumwa. it will finally pull out by wednesday. a breezy couple days on the way. we will see the wind gusting at times 15 to 20 miles per hour. isolated sprinkles. i think most of us stay dry throughout the daytime hours, the breeze from the south at 15-25. tonight, 53 degrees. eight day forecast, we are going to keep the rain around tuesday into wednesday. wednesday, 50 degrees with an early morning chance of rain and we really bottom out.
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friday, 45. we keep tumbling. i wish we could go up the end of the week. instead, we go down. it looks like a hard freeze this weekend on friday night and saturday night.
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still to come, how you can helple are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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mollie: welcome back. big things, in small packages, and that is exactly what happens when a child opens a special shoebox from good samaritan. operation christmas child is underway and heather riley is joining me with details. >> thank you for having me. mollie: tell us what this is. samaritan's purse is sponsoring this. >> thousands and thousands of volunteers throughout the country phil gift boxes with toys and school supplies and hygiene items. that is going to be provided for needy children all over the world in the name of jesus. some of these kids have never had a gift before in their life.
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are talking about. then they get it delivered and they are told that god loves them. hopefully that box can provide some joy to them not just momentarily, but long-term with the knowledge that god does love them. this is national collection week so all the boxes get gathered this week and they are taken, but on semi trucks and ship to minneapolis from the west, and from there they are shipped to all parts of the world. mollie: who is involved in the metro? >> we have probably 8200 churches in iowa and across the country, housings -- 80-100 churches in iowa and across the country, thousands. it is a great way to connect the heart of the person filling the box with a child who needs that love. this weekend, sunday the 22nd the valley community center is having a hacking party that you
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are all invited to. -- a packing party that you are all invited to. we are also having a very special guest name luis gonzalez who received a shoebox and it transformed his life. you will hear the story how it transformed his life not just beer truly, but how it chartered the course of his education with the few school supplies that works -- that were placed in his box. that is at 4444 full erode in west des moines right by the valley football stadium -- fuller road in west des moines stadium. 4:30 until 6:30, we would love to see everybody there. we cannot make it?
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wrapped -- use your own shoebox, wrapped or unwrapped. there are a few things that cannot be in the box and how to get it to a job off location to get it to a way -- to a child in the world. mollie: for more information you can call 333-1237. >> that is my number. call me, i will get you set up with whatever you need. little boxes. it is hope and love placed inside a shoebox. heather, thank you so much. self. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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e you can actually count on.
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mollie: gray days and mondays and it is just going to go down. frank: the rain is going to come back. around 7:00, isolated showers out to the west become more numerous around 10:00 or 11:00, and it looks like tuesday will be a soaker. we will finally have a break in
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then more tuesday into wednesday. 63 degrees tomorrow. wednesday, 54. low 40's by saturday. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visi (vo) always a warm welcome. always a friendly hello. always a perfectly flaky crust. the only one made with real butter and abundant seasonal fruit. warm and welcoming and fresh from your oven with our flakiest crust ever.
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