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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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west of i-35 this morning, we've got pretty steady rainfall. that extends over toward sheraton. it is all streaming to the north. once the rain begins, it is going to last for several hours. where your rain boots today. 56 in des moines. it is a pretty mild rain but it is also breezy. the best chances of rain will come this morning and taper this afternoon. it will be a mild afternoon with the cooldown coming. eric: a major backlash against syrianefugees. investigators believe at least one of the paris attackers posed -- governor branstad says it is too dangerous. elizabeth: it goes against the
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>> it's a very delicate and dangerous situation. we don't want to become like europe where they let all these refugees in. todd: governor terry branstad blames the growing threat of isis and the paris terror attacks on the new crack down. so he's ordered all state agencies to halt any work on syrian refugee resettlements immediately in order to ensure the security and safety of iowans. branstad isn't the only one worried about the threat of syrian refugees embedded with possible terrorists. iowa congressman steve king says opening the doors to refugees in iowa is a bad idea. that's one reason he's now endorsing ted cruz for president today. >> i believe that the immigration situation we have in the united states is an existential threat to america's future. todd: the latest fear is a far cry from iowa's open doors in the 1970's. when iowa governor robert ray agreed to help thousands of se -- thousands of southeast asian refugees. >> we have a great history and heritage of hoping our arms and
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are in distress. todd: since then two generations of new iowans have created real futures here. >> new families arrive here fleeing violence and persecution. todd: nick wuertz oversees refugees services at lutheran services of iowa. he says new homeland security measures in place since 9/11 are designed to make sure syrian refugees are not terrorists. he worries that iowa is taking a step backwards. >> coming here and having the opportunity to work and build a future for their families is the most wonderful thing that families have cherished and been faithful for. -- and been grateful for. elizabeth: the governor says he might change his mind about welcoming syrian refugees. but only if the federal government and the intelligence agencies can guarantee the safety of iowans. eric: an iowa state student was right in the middle of the attacks friday. kcci's jason rantala spoke with her about what she calls the scariest moment of her life. >> it was a great atmosphere.
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excited. jason r.: emily wright was with 3 friends watching the game between france and germany at stade de france. >> everyone was chanting and we are doing the wave. jason r.: when she heard it. >> when they first went off it made me jump. one followed by another. >> maybe like a cannon or something. jason r.: the actual cause. >> a bomb that never crossed my mind. jason r.: could not have been more terrifying. >> one of our friends messaged us and told us be careful because there had been reportings of shootings and bombings in paris. jason r.: wright and her friends tried to continue enjoying the game. it was when they left. >> all of a sudden just a swarm of people started running back into the stadium back towards the field. jason r.: not knowing what they were running from. >> just sheer panic. i did not know what to do or where to go. jason r.: the four ran back into the stadium. where wright took this picture. >> i didn't know if we were being held hostage in the stadium, or if there were immediate threats as soon as we
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step out outside the stadium. jason r.: when they were able to leave they couldn't get to their train, an area where word was there were more shootings. eventually they were able to get back to wright's apartment in cergy. but learning the news that a suicide bomber had intended to into the stadium where she was is more than she could comprehend. >> it terrifies me that that could have been it for so many people. eric: wright says one of her friends was planning on being at a party where one of the attacks occurred. she is of course thankful her friend changed her mind. elizabeth: the time is 4:34. we were going to check in with metinka. metinka: this is going to be a moderate rainfall. it is moving in across west des moines. dumping a good downpour. there is a whole lot more rain coming. all across missouri, back through kansas, widespread rainfall. this is lifting to the north and north east.
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it is going to be raining for most of the day. starting off now mild at 56 degrees. it is going to be a soggy day. tapering off this afternoon. headed for a high of 63. elizabeth: the iowa department of public health says two central iowans have died from the flu. now a family who lost a teenager to the illness is speaking out about the importance of getting vaccinated. kcci's ryan smith spoke with health officials about the predictions for this year. >> amber was a great kid she was -- was a great kid. she was very gifted artistically. ryan s.: this thanksgiving would have marked amber gray's 15th birthday. last december she died six days after being diagnosed with influenza "a." >> i hope nobody has to go through what we went through. ryan s.: this year's flu season is hitting central iowa early. the state is now ranks in the
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top 3 for highest influenza activity. >> bottom line is the flu is here, and it's going to get worse. ryan s.: news of two flu deaths is a painful reminder for amber's grandmother. >> it's just oh no here we go again. ryan s.: amber caught influenza "a," a strain health officials say last year's vaccination did not match well with. >> this year they've been matching all of the viruses they've seen in the northern hemisphere and those all seem to be very good matches to the vaccine. ryan s.: amber's family is relieved by the progress made for more effective vaccinations. >> i still think everybody ought to go get the flu vaccinations. i'm a firm believer in vaccinations. elizabeth: no details on the names of the two men who have died from the flu or their hometowns. we do know that they were between the ages of 40 and 60. eric: new information in a deadly accident that killed two people on hubbell avenue. des moines police now say 53-year-old deanna gliem's car was heading south on hubbell. when it hit a car pulling onto
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hubbell from east 37th. that killed the driver, 60-year-old richard hummell and his passenger 59-year-old randall sonnenburg. elizabeth: the accident site is a busy stretch of road. where hubbell turns into euclid. and several side streets like east 37th intersect with hubbell all in that location. with the accident this weekend and recent ones in the same area motorists say they are worried about their safety. eric: kcci's emmy victor has the story. emmy: cracked side view mirrors. broken tail light glass. and skid marks on the ground. these are the daylight remnants from the double fatal car accident on sunday night. >> they were at east 37th and they were entering the traffic and merging into the southbound lane. this lane was traveling southbound. emmy: the des moines pd says this is not the first crash that has happened at this intersection. they do not have the exact numbers for this year but motorists driving too fast have been a contributing factor to many of them. >> it is a zone that we've got commercial businesses. we've got residential areas so there is going to be a lot of
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merging traffic. emmy: a speed limit signs stands on hubbell southbound right before the lanes divide into euclid avenue. but some residents say that the warning sign must be going unnoticed. >> it's faster up on the hill there and as people come down there is no slow. people just fly through here. emmy: as part of highway 6 out of town traffic and commuters headed downtown fill the road way. police say the best way for this intersection to be a better place for everyone is to slow down. >> i've seen people walking across the road and almost get hit by cars and people running yellow lights. i'm waiting for an accident to happen. people need to get into the defensive mode and start driving cautiously. eric: the city of des moines is currently doing a traffic and avenue corridor. the goal is to make the corridor a safer place that can handle the current traffic. elizabeth: still ahead on kcci the septuplets turn 18. future and who is going to
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is another soggy morning. we are tracking the rain.
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des moines area. it is going to be a steady rain toward kansas city and westward. it is all streaming to the north. we will end up with decent rainfall totals, maybe one to two inches. at least temperatures are mild. 56 degrees currently. highs today will be warming into the low 60's once the rain moves out. rain trend today, the best chances tapering off later today. a cool down is coming. eric: from high chairs to high school, we've watched the mccaughey septuplets of carlisle grow up. the world's first set of seven to survive turn 18 this thursday. they are getting ready to spread their wings whether their parents are ready for it or not. mollie cooney got the first exclusive interview in the hospital after the babies were born back in 1997. elizabeth: she has more on the
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mollie: this was our first glimpse of the 7 mccaughey's, kenny jr., alexis, natalie, kelsey, nathan, brandon and joel. 18 years ago ranging from two pounds five ounces to three pounds four ounces. from there our cameras caught up with the seven siblings and older daughter mikayla as they grew from babies to toddlers. to teenagers learning to drive . >> who wants to date? mollie: and yes dating, now in their senior year, it's a mixture of emotions as they look to graduation and life on their own. brandon will be the first to leave the nest. he has enlisted into the army. >> i'll be going june 1 for 14 weeks of basic and air. -- basic and ait. and then my job is the infantry, so i'll probably be gone most of the time because i'm going active duty for that. mollie: and that is hitting his siblings hard, especially kenny jr. >> i'm definitely going to miss everybody, being so close to everyone.
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it's going to be hard just to see us all go especially my brother brandon going into the military. him and i were the closest. i'm going to miss him a lot. mollie: kenny plans to go into the construction trade. kelsey is in all state choir and wants to pursue a career in music. >> after graduation i don't know where i'm going. all i know is that i want to go into music, musical theater. anything around there. mollie: and she has a built in fan club. >> they're my biggest supporters and i have so many of them so i just have so much support for what i do. mollie: natalie, joel and nathan plan to head out of state to college. >> after i graduate i'm hoping to attend hannibal-lagrange university. it is down in hannibal, missouri. and i want to look into elementary education and specifically be a pre-school teacher. >> i plan on going into computer science. i've always thought that
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computers were really weird but in a good way. i liked how they worked. >> i plan to go into something with computers. probably into computer sciences most likely, because i've just always liked to do computer stuff. mollie: nathan and alexis have had numerous surgeries over the years for cerebral palsy. going from crawling to crutches. and now walkers and braces. >> me and lexi are completely done with going to get different surgeries and checkups, unless we need something we're completely done with it. mollie: and it hasn't slowed either one of them down. >> i just feel like i'm the king of the school, like i'm a senior now. i can rule over anybody. [laughter] >> this was my first year getting into the high school cheerleading squad so that was a really big moment for me. mollie: alexis plans to start at dmaac and work in a preschool classroom one day. she sums up the family's
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closeness. >> we consider us as best friends, not as brothers and sisters and i'm really blessed that we've gotten to that point. mollie: big sister mikayla had perhaps the biggest news. >> i got married about four months ago. he went to a school in new york called the young bible institute, finished there and is transferring to moody bible institute to be a pastor. mollie: for bobbi and kenny, days of reflection are underway. >> my first thought is, "did i do a good enough job with them?" >> a lot of it has even started now because we are experiencing the last. every single thing this year will be the last. mollie: so what advice do they
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out? >> kids thrive on structure, and if you can establish that early and maintain it, your kids will be happier, and you'll be happier. mollie: and as for kenny. >> just have them one at a time. [laughter] that's the best way. [laughter] just kidding. elizabeth: they all say leaving each other will be hard but they're trying to enjoy senior year before crossing that bridge. they all give credit to their parents and strong faith for growing up as normal and as close as possible. eric: bobbi says thank heavens reality tv wasn't big yet. they may have been tempted because of the money and then who knows what they would be like now. some say they like the spotlight others are glad to move on. elizabeth: very cold. eric: it is 4:47. the temperature is pretty nice, 56 degrees. not freezing like it has been. the rain is moving into central
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: the rain is moving into des moines now. it is all adjusting to the north about 20 miles per hour. there is more to come here it --
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more to come. all moving to the north. even across portions of missouri, back through kansas. we are tracking a lot of rain across the region. it is going to be a slow go of it. it changes over to snow across western nebraska, and into colorado here it texas has been -- into colorado. texas has been dealing with severe weather. a lot of the rain will continue to stream north. the whole system streams north east. tomorrow, the cold front comes in here and we'll have a chance for afternoon sprinkles, followed by a very blustery day on thursday. as we head toward friday, we could see the first few the season. the cold air will already be in place. that brought area of rainfall
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into central iowa through the morning hours, through noon. we will be giving with rain from central iowa and off to the east. by mid afternoon, we will catch a break. by tomorrow afternoon, a cold front moves in. we have a chance to see lighter showers. rainfall could end up being pretty impressive. yesterday, we picked up to -- we picked up a quarter to a half inch. we've got my desk we've got milder rain. -- we've got milder rain. temperatures start to cool down 50. it is going to feel a lot more like wintertrte this weekend. out. elizabeth: yesterday i heard people talking about that chance of snow. on our mind.
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but little cash to make them elizabeth: welcome back. plenty of iowans have big dreams. eric: but they don't have the cash to make them come to life. until they come across the group of guys i found in my "this is iowa" report. eric: plenty of guys celebrate happy hour. but for true joy in 60 minutes? find these mystery men. >> we do not exist as an entity. eric: who themselves found don long. >> it makes you proud one to
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live in des moines. eric: and took him completely offguard, giving him $10,000 for this chart. don and his friends wanted to pick up day-old convenience store sandwiches and deliver them to hungry kids around town. >> there are hungry people in des moines and sometimes we forget that. eric: but they didn't have the money, until those guys at the bar stepped in. >> so they hear of a need and then they respond to the need. eric: just like they did when gigi's playhouse was dreamt of a -- was dreaming of a play area for kids with downs syndrome. kids can't get hurt. it's safe. $14,000. >> it was just like the stars aligned and miracles happened. those guys at the bar headed to their meeting room just like they do four times a year ready to write checks to. >> we don't know. eric: strangers. 100 men on a mission perk up their ears year-round. >> our biggest expense is
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eric: when they hear someone is $10,000 short of a $10,000 dream? they act. >> this is remodeling an existing house. hearing three 5 minute pitches each time they meet. >> it's a grassroots organization. eric: they have 6 or 7 volunteers. jeff davick heard an ankeny breast cancer survivor was delivering catered meals to other chemo patients and. >> they typically get 4 cleanings for their house. eric: they voted. >> our charity of choice is can do cancer. eric: and wrote her 100 $100 checks on the spot. >> so on the payee line please can do cancer. >> it is a simple model but with a huge impact in our community. eric: in four years, they've given up $160,000 -- they have given out $160,000 to dreamers short on cash. >> we aren't making or breaking. but we certainly are helping them breathe and letting them say "oh my we can do this." eric: four years to the day she
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mollie got the $10,000 surprise. >> wow. awesome. that's great news. eric: that 100 men want her dream to come true. >> it's really amazing that they have this in their heart. eric: this isn't the only group doing this same thing around iowa. 100-plus women who care's model is exactly the same and they hope more will copy them soon. both the men's and women's groups meet four times a year. we've posted links to both their sites at elizabeth: the latest on the
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the latest elizabeth: breaking news overnight. france launches a second round of airstrikes on isis in syria we'll tell you what targets were hit. shaina: plus chilling warning . isis puts the u.s. on notice they're planning an attack here. what officials are doing to keep americans safe. eric: plus they can't come here. , the hard line governor branstad is taking against syrian refugees in iowa.
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