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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  November 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm CST

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>> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, french security teams raided an apartment building overnight looking for the man behind the deadly attacks last week in paris. good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. french authorities say two suspects are dead, two officers injured and at least i was killed during the shootout early this morning with terror suspects.
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latest from paris. reporter: heavy gunfire and suburb. building looking for the mastermind of the terror attacks. a fight. i opened the door and heard gunshots. many, many gunshots. reporter: telephone surveillance led police to believe that he might be hiding in the building. they do not say they caught the golden militant. to build -- people were killed, including a woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest. residents were jolted awake. this man says his son was screaming as he hid under the bed. this is a poor several of paris with a large muslim community. it's also give a national soccer stadium, one of six sites terrorist targeted friday night.
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hollande put -- praised the bravery of the security forces and said his nation is at war against terrorism. french police have conducted more than 400 searches since sunday and seized dozens of weapons. in paris, warners are so crowding at makeshift memorials. >> there is definitely a feeling that things are not quite the same. i think will take time. reporter: the french government says all 129 people killed in friday's terror attacks have been identified. mollie: once again, still the word of whether the suspected mastermind has been killed or taken into custody. officials are awaiting dna results. meanwhile in washington dc, the white house says it will not end a program allowing thousands of syrian refugees into america. republicans in congress introduced legislation last night to change the administration's program that will let up to 10,000 syrian refugees into the country.
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department of homeland security to certify that each refugee is not a security threat and has undergone a background investigation. officials say that already is being done. >> isis one civics for the refugee process to infiltrate the west. in the last two years we've only admitted about 1800 refugees from syria. that process takes a year and a half to two years to complete the vetting. it's very thorough. mollie: the white house says only 2% of the 2300 refugees except in so far are single men of combat age. a vote on the new bill could come as early as tomorrow. and taking a look at our kcci now poll, 71% of you think iowa leaders should not allow syrian refugees to relocate here, at least for now. breaking is coming into our newsroom. the former city clerk of casey has been indicted after an investigation into misappropriation of city funds
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and burning of a community building. federal officials announced the indictment this morning. dillinger is charged with one count of malicious use of fire for the blaze that destroyed the casey community building which housed the clerk's office. she was charged with five counts of mail fraud. authorities say he used the city's credit card to purchase personal items. the building fire was set just prior to midnight on august 19. it was the day before saint -- state auditor's office workers for to conduct an audit of the city's records. many were destroyed in the fire. an early morning car crash sends two people to the hospital. des moines police say the crash happened around 6:15 in the area of southeast 3rd and porter ave. one person was transported to the hospital with a serious leg injury. the condition of the other is unknown this afternoon. police say the crash is under investigation. and in commitment 2016 news today, louisiana governor bobby jindal says he's dropping out of the republican race for president.
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jindal spent a lot of time here in iowa attending more than 100 events in 55 counties. it says "this is not my time." and he says he is not ready yet to endorse another candidate. and to eastern iowa where straight line winds damaged several buildings in iowa county during the overnight hours. residents woke up this morning to find damage at the brooklyn elevator as well as the marengo outdoor power company. luckily no injuries were reported. the rain is hanging around central iowa. let's check in with jason now to understand changes on the way. jason: it's a glorious change. some people -- a lot of people don't like snow. but i for one emmy snow c was he a smile on my face anytime and mention it. it's not today or tomorrow but it is on the way. seeing rain out there. 47 degrees along with it.
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per hour. we are seeing gusts upwards of 30-35 miles per hour in spots and they will only streak and throughout the day tomorrow. we will continue to pack these were a bit. we look all across iowa and we are still looking at temperatures largely in the mid-40's range. wind chills have helped us to just to back down to the 30's. we're looking at a cool day out there as temperatures have not really topped out. we have been dropping since around midnight. we will continue to do that throughout the rest of the day. 46 by 6:00 p.m. rain showers for only linger for the early portions of the afternoon before that starts the taper off. clouds began to break it will spell sunshine for tomorrow. we still have snow in the forecast. i will break in all the details coming on that shortly. mollie: americans been within $50 billion every year on beauty and skin care products. there is little oversight and what isn't of those products we are putting in our skin and hair.
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a bipartisan group of lawmakers is proposing legislation to change that. industry leaders are on board. it's new at noon. reporter: it is standard beauty routine. hair, nails, and of course make up. but there is growing concern that some of the products we use to look good actually could be causing harm. >> is because of the addition of more chemicals. reporter: dianne feinstein's leading a bipartisan effort in congress to get the fda more power to ensure skin and beauty products are safe. >> i think our laws should provide for adequate testing of chemicals before they go into widely used products. reporter: today's products made with chemicals like from aldehyde, user products and no products to some chemical hair straighteners and known to cause cancer. a commonly used cosmetic preservative.
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under the proposed law the fbi would test whether those chemicals being used as bash at safe levels. if not -- at safe levels. if not, they can force a recall. >> when you look closely at these ingredients because we know it higher concentrations they can be toxic. reporter: feinstein says she expect to build the past. not only on legislators in both sides of the aisle supporting it, so is the industry. he says companies want to know what safe and what is not in customers in beauty salons deserve to know. jan crawford, cbs news, washington. mollie: the european union bans one of 1000 chemicals and personal use and care products. of those, the u.s. only bans 11. through the years he has brought is the central iowa homes and now he is getting ready to pass the baton. coming up, counting down to kevin's final newscast.
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set to open in downtown le are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with --
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says goodbye for 6:00 and 10:00 anger. he started working here in high school and never look back on a job that is taken him all her sees -- overseas and into your living room. while technology has changed, the love of fairness in true journalism has not wavered. steve karlin here with more. reporter: anchorman as defined by the oxford dictionary is "a person who represents and coordinate a live television or radio program. involving other contributors" anchorman is defined by kcci, kevin kinney. -- kooney. >> is the voice of authority, friendship, compassion. just a next her at what he does. reporter: michael gardner.
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>> you think cooney, you think nice people. traffic journalist. insatiably curious. reporter: 33 the number he can get his head around. for 33 years kevin cooney sf in that seat night after night, bring the news to central iowa. >> the average lifespan of a tv anchorman is 7.5 years. he said 700.5 years. reporter: in 1991 he traveled to germany to cover the release of fellow iowa state university journalism classmate kerry anderson and tom sutherland. after the release from captivity in lebanon. in 1993, he worked for 14 straight hours. some of them live on the street when the city of des moines lost its drinking water during the devastating flood. he was in the white house in
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kevin was the first reporter to us president clinton his reaction. he has interviewed president george w. bush and barack obama. then there is a pretty darn cool career cap are. he questionings that questioned the candidates saturday night at drake university in des moines. >> he has this reputation for standards. is that reputation for innovation. he also has an ethics reputation of holding uses the highest standards. reporter: is the director of iowa state university's greenlee school of journalism, his beloved alma mater. >> kevin in particular on his work in the advisory council was instrumental in our curriculum and making sure our curriculum was up-to-date. reporter: he says kevin he's been good on the big stories. it's what he has done on a daily basis for more than three decades that impresses in the most.
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after -- it's appearing on kcci night after night. and finding the story behind the story and captivating us. reporter: gone but nothing of --. definitely not forgotten that is how he characterizes kevin support your from kcci. when a person leaves he or she leaves a legacy. in kevin's case those standards, this newsroom practices will be there when he is not there. reporter: gardner, the iowa cubs owner, hopes kevin becomes a bigger baseball fan. >> i think it's about time you guys season tickets. reporter: what to get a video? >> i'll give the video. --a deal. reporter: evilness of news man he feels best embodies the term "anchorman." >> when i see him i hope him. i can't reach of the lens and hug you, but give a metaphor
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we wish you the very best faq for your influence in your role model qualities. mollie: very nice comments. that was steve for -- karlin reporting. his final newscast is next tuesday at 10:00. a winter favorite is opening up this friday. it's the opening day at brenton skating plaza coincides with the east village holiday promenade . that's the kickoff to the holiday season in downtown des moines. hours on opening day will run from noon to 11:00 p.m. the opening night schedule includes a tree lighting ceremony at 6:10 p.m. they may get a little snow. it will definitely feel like winter this holidays because of a big changes are on the way . jason: season -- who wants to that just yet. we are not totally out of the some snow chances on the way. definitely the cold to support some ice down there. all morning long.
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that is finally beginning to leave the metro. as it does so we will continue to see the push. northward a little bit more rain up to the west. not talking about moderate rainfall along with the system. don't be surprised if throughout the day, especially the northern portions of the state, some of that hit or miss stuff. pretty nice out there if you don't mind clouds. a light layer of fog in the distance. 47 degrees with the gusty windss out of the southwest at 18 miles per hour. we will keep that wind all throughout the day today. we will see that take up a notch throughout the day tomorrow. before that we see the skies eventually rid themselves of the rain and eventually the cloud cover as temperatures hold fairly constant around 45-48 degrees. that will make for a pretty mild evening for us temperature wise. you can see a bit more of the ring trend pushed way from the west and the backside of this system.
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by the time to look at this time tomorrow it will be a totally different situation. skies do clear out. winds, see these black lines, lines of constant pressure. the more they get together, the higher the winds get. tomorrow they will be cranking with gusts in the middle 40's. hang onto your hats and eventually a snow forecast. tomorrow looking decent. starting today of clear. throughout the rest of the day more sunshine. the next system starting to take shape as we head throughout the afternoon hours on friday. eventually snow pushes through and i think futurecast has is a little far to the south. most of it will fall between for dodge in des moines and towards mason city. a swath from sioux city down towards davenport. i will have the total in a second. as soon as it comes, it is gone and pushes eastward. that will keep skies clear for the weekend. we have a beautiful weekend but we also have that bit of snow to
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it starts the form itself off to the west and eventually punches the snow mainly through the central portions of the state. you can see time wise early morning maybe find it as we head towards the afternoon commute we start to see more commute pushed -- more snow start to push its way through. i'm thinking more about 3-3.5 but some higher amounts possible north of des moines. plan for snow mainly on friday. after that we eventually surgically out. it's been a while since we've seen a decent snowfall. all the lessons february 1. -- all the way since february 1. temperatures sitting around the same. tonight back down into the 30's. we do touch on freezing but i hate to say it will only be very similar to the high temperatures soon. we only top out in the low 30's this weekend. mollie: we will see what happens. do you need some ideas for your
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we have just the place for you america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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mollie: if you are going through withdrawal knowing the wonderful outdoor's farmers market is done for the season, have no fear.
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the downtown winter farmers market is this friday and saturday, just in time for your thanksgiving holiday shopping. kelly, director the downtown farmers market is joining me today. along with shawn from blue gate form. thank you for coming in. perfect time. thanksgiving is next week. guest: we are salivating 10 years at the winter farmers market this year. they really has revolved around the holiday season. thanksgiving, the weekend right before thanksgiving. we will do it all in the weekend before christmas. it's about filling your tables with locally-raised food and a really great chance to buy unique items for that great holiday giftgiving season. the hard to buy for person. it's a great place to buy some really neat items. mollie: where will it be? guest: we are inside capitol square, an office building in downtown des moines. the market is thrown so much we have expanded into another office building so we are in two
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buildings. kaleidoscope of the hub. we also have outdoor vendors a cold comments. mollie: perfect. sean, you do beer -- have been here since it began? guest: yes. outdoors 11 or 12 years ago. we grow produce south knoxville. we drive to the market every day . 27 weeks of the year. we do produce but a lot of other things. we better -- diversify our operation and income. we have jams and jellies from the farm. mollie: you brought some wonderful examples. guest: some fresh eggs. we do honey bees and this is a sampling of so the produce we'll have. mollie: what is the atmosphere like compared to the outdoor
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guest: it's obviously warmer and not wet. it's really fun. it's kind of a different crowd. you don't see thed dogs we are used to at the outdoor market which i miss. but it's really fun and very festive. there is live music throughout. the -- depending where you are your difference to visit the outdoor market. but inherent echoes throw the whole space. people seem to enjoy it. mollie: and you brought a great variety. what other things every going to be able to see? guest: we are producers and farmers and growesr coming from -- growers coming from across the state. produce as john is showcased today. but also eggs and meat and cheese and a lot of delicious baked goods.
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pies and cinnamon rolls and all that kind of stuff. we have some local artists as well. it will be some unique items that will be fun for giftgiving. and kind of a tradition that is people love to give local. and so locally-produced products in the winter market. you can create a basket of honey and jam and bread and a bottle of wine. it will be a great hostess gift. i think people get really treated with things like that. it's a fun place to shop your thanks giving meal but also for giftgiving as well. mollie: we want to tell everyone what's again it will be this friday and saturday, 9:00 to 1:00.
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