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tv   KCCI 8 News Close Up  Me-TV  November 22, 2015 10:30am-11:00am CST

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is iowa five news leader. this is "close-up. ." >> thank you for joining us. >>kentucky senator rand paul says the federal government is intrusive and needs to be reigned in. we have more on the message is delivering to iowans. >> this republican presidential candidate is best known as the son of ron paul who ran for president three times. coming from a political family, rand paul road the tea party wave into washington five years ago as a kentucky senator. >> the number one issue in the country is the debt area it is all-consuming and it threatens the foundation of our republic that's why i'm running. >> he is all for limited government to reduce the federal spending and restricting defense spending. >> why do we keep spending money and over fest which is wasted?
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the reason we do is because people in washington lacked the courage to stop it. >> the 52-year-old is known for civil liberties and privacy's and an opponent of the patriot act saying it's not the government's business what you do with your smart phone. >> there are those passionate to liberty everywhere, you get it. the government has no business looking through your records, combing through your e-mails, or monitoring your social media. you've got to run somebody who is different. you have to run somebody who says not only are we the party of the second amendment we will be the party of the fourth amendment.we will be the party that restricts , respects your right privacy. >> not just a politician, he is an eye surgeon with three sons and he coaches their teams and is involved with his presbyterian church and the lions club providing free i care for those in need. he was not named after author ayn rand, an icon for liver in
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terry and straight his first real name is randall. his wife shortened his first name. >> on friday, he stopped into our studio and talked about the recent terror attacks on paris and the divisive issue of accepting refugees from syria. >> thank you for joining us this evening. i want to get your response to some recent issues. you have been opposed to u.s. intervention in the middle east before. have the recent attacks in paris changed your stance at all? >> i think asus is --is we toppled mo mo market duffy in libya, that contributed and i inject to marco rubio plus support for the war because that created chaos over there.
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pledges allegianceis to i said it was not a good dieis. and as those allies fought against ass and pushed them backa,d there was a space and ice is grew stronger. it's our intervention in the middle east that is made is weaker and allowed some of these enemies of the u.s. to grow stronger. >> how do we provide proper support to our allies when they are the ones being attacked? >> i think there is all kinds of ways to surprise -- to supply support for france and the victory that will have to occur over there to stamp out this form of islam, civilized islam will have to rise up and say this does not represent our religion. isis is now surrounded by people in every side that despise what they are doing. ultimately, there will be boots on the ground, arab boots on the ground, and i have said we can support our allies like the kurds who were good fighters and i would send arms directly to them.
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the boots on the ground need to be arab boots on the ground. >> you have been taking on senate leadership from your own party and you mentioned marco rubio moments ago on how to handle syrians coming into the u.s. how would you like to see this heated issue dealt with? >> a couple of years ago on the immigration bill that marco and chuck schumer did together, i introduced an amendment that would have said we need more scrutiny on people come to business from the middle east and people coming as refugees. the boston bombers were here on the refugee program. 322 iraqi refugees came to my home in bowling green and wanted to buy stinger missiles. there have been people using the refugee program to attack as we introduced an amendment that it was blocked by marco rubio. it would have said we need more scrutiny. i am trying to do the same thing this week and i am still fighting people on both sides of the aisle but i think we need more scrutiny. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your comments.
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>> coming up, he is down in the polls in iowa but rand paul says he has an ace in the hole and we will touch you -- and we will
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>> rand paul brings his message to central iowa. >> it's where do you want the money.
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do you want it in the pool of private sector which is the productive sector or do you want it in the nonproductive sector which is government? >> also, his view on the proposed oil pipeline and the use of eminent domain right now on ">> close-up." >>this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorlogist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. >> thank you for joining us. >>welcome back. rand paul continues to trail in the latest polls in iowa. he says those same polls don't accurately gauge one group he says accounts for a large part of his support. the des moines register columnist and i talked with the kentucky senator about that and a host of other issues. >> good morning and thank you for joining us for "close-up." we have republican presidential candidate rand paul. thank >> so much for coming in.
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>> i want to begin with the latest iowa poll. you are polling at 5% in that poll and ben carson leads with 28% and donald trump is 19%. what message do you think the voters are sending that the top 2 support getters here are not political. >> one of the interesting things is so far, we are doing polls of people who are undecided. if you ask people if you've decided who you're voting for, about 2/3 will say they haven't decided so this they poll of which way you are leaning if you're undecided. it's not an accurate representation. we also think young people are not as well sampled. if you look at how many young people involved in the polls, we're spending a lot of time and we think one of our best constituencies are college kids. we think we do well with independence. we think they are under sampled as well and we think we are doing better than what the polls represent but we still want to do better i plan on winning and we are going to door to
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everything we can to see it we can win in iowa because we think it's important to win here. >> they are enthusiastic but the followthrough is difficult. how do you go about doing that? >> you may have to wake them up and pick them up. it may take that. some of it is better this time than in the past. there are 120,000 kids that go to college in iowa which is a lot.that is equal to the number of people who turn out in the iowa caucus. this time, they are in school and have not been in school in the past. they kept creeping forward into january and now the caucus will be february 1 and they will be in college so we are working every college and are organized on 20 college campuses. i was here two weeks ago we did nine of them in today's. we have enthusiastic support on college campuses mainly because i don't want the government looking at all their phone records.
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i want the government living them alone. i'm not big on the government putting people in jail for minor drug offenses. i'm not an advocate but i think kids deserve a second chance of they make mistakes with drugs. thirdly, i am not a big person who is excited us sending young people to another war in the middle east. the first war in iraq was a mistake and i'm not inclined to send the kids back to another war. >> you are on the ballot for reelection to the senate in kentucky. some kids say they are not sure you are all in for the presidential candidacy. why are you running simultaneously? >> many people have done it. it's not unusual. paul ryan did it and i don't remember a story written about it. lbj didn't back in the 1960's and lieberman did it recently and john kerry has done it. it depends on the cycle. some people will run for both.
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we're here to win. we are not messing around and are not here to play games and we're here to win iowa and we have worked hard. i think we have the best ground game of any campaign out there. i might be a little bit biased. with a strong ground game. i saw senator grassley back in the senate one day and he said i lived a long barren road and look what they put on my door. somebody from our team had been to his door. there was a leaflet somewhere out in the middle of wherever he is. i think he lives in a remote area. they have gotten to his door and left a leaflet and he was impressed we had a good ground game. >> coming up, a rand paul says we can cut our military spending and still be safe.
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-- rand paul says democrats running for the problem. the u.s. now has boots on the ground in syria. is that a mistake? you have wanted to disentangle the u.s. military around the world. how bad is it and how do you manage that if you become president? >> the constitution is clear about how we go to war. it is initiated by congress. the president does not have the power to do this. he is doing this illegally. we have been illegally at were the middle east for the last year. he will say we voted on it right
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>> given the hotspots around the world, can the u.s. afford to decrease military spending? some of your opponents or colleagues and republican parties say we should increase. >> if you are a fiscal conservative meaning you think borrowing money and having an $18 trillion debt is bad, you only way you can be fiscal conservative is if you believe we should conserve money everywhere, military, as well as to mystic spending. the right wants more money for spending and left wants for more domestic spending. they seem to have a secret handshake and they spend more money. i don't think we are stronger if we are further in debt. you don't project power from bank of the court. i think we are weakening the country by doing this. do we spend enough on the military? we spend more than the next 10 countries combined. we have had a 50% increase in spending in the military since 9/11. i think we spent quite a bit.
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this week in congress, the defense committee, the armed services committee, said we have one program the cost is $20 billion in waste in the military. let's cut some of the waste if we need more money for our soldiers. >> coming up, his take on
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>> welcome back to "close up." i winds are divided on the issue of pitting government against landowner. >> one of the issues you may be against some other republicans is the bakken oil pipeline which is a natural oil pipeline scheduled to go through iowa. one of the issues that is controversial is how they will get that land to cross iowa farmland. many times, people use eminent domain. you criticized donald trump for using that for his casinos.
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>> i am against any private property owner having their property taken through eminent domain and given to another private property owner. i think that is a misuse of eminent domain. it should be something very rare arose or utilities or something but not for private entities. i would have them negotiate a fair market price but no farmer in iowa should have their land taken. >> at what point should a few holdouts be able to stop something that might have tremendous public value in jobs? >> here is an example and they used this relative value -- let's say you have a church and they don't pay taxes. i say of got a big department store and i pay a lot of taxes if you just get the church out of the way. these property rights, would we wipe out a church to put in a retail store? they tried that and that's where we headed if we
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i think private property is yours and i would never let them take a church or your house. let them negotiate a fair market price. the original railroad was done with their negotiations without eminent domain. >> we talk about your jobs plan -- >> the way we create jobs is we have to understand where they are created and they are crated by the private marketplace, not government. i would leave an enormous amount of money in the private marketplace. the more money you leave in iowa, the more jobs you will create in iowa. that means you need lower taxes. my tax plan would have one single rate, 14.5%, you can fill it out on one postcard and it would be a significant reduction for most americans. every american that every socioeconomic level would get a tax cut in my plan. people within the government would not have enough money. that's my goal is to starve government. i want them to be so small you can release he it.
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the federal government was never intended by the constitution or our founders to be big. it was intended to be small and intended to have a balanced budget every year. things that were not specifically delegated and given to congress were to be left to the states and the people. most government should be local or you can go down the street if you don't like something, not on your neighbor's door -- knock on your neighbor's door and say i want this different. it should not be a distant person. most responsibility should be state and local we should have a small federal government that defends us, national defense, judiciary and some other items. >> how do you create the jobs? >> they are crated by entrepreneurs having more money. we have to leave more money in their hands. if you're not ignore and you want to start a business in des moines. right now, you pay 39% in taxes. if i make your taxes 14.5%, you will have more money. if you already have a business on maybe will expand and hire
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if you want to get started and you cannot afford that tax rate, people are deciding whether to do their business here were moving to canada are moving overseas because our tax rates are the highest business tax in the world, 35%. personal taxes are in the over 39% range. if you make those lower, people have more money. you need to cut regulations because regulations stifle jobs as well. >> sometimes we talk about the new normal in our economy where if you give more tax breaks and let businesses save more on regulation, they are not creating more jobs, they are just giving more money back to the shareholders or investors. >> where does that money go? it goes into a bank and a new entrepreneur bars that my bank. do you want the money in the pool of the private sector which is the productive sector or do you want it in the non-sector which is government? government should be small because government does not do anything very well.
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he said nobody spends somebody else's money is wisely as their own. government will always be inefficient and that's why we should keep it small. we need to leave more money in the hands of those who earn it, entrepreneurs, and then he will have more jobs. if i say i don't want a job, i want to buy a boat and i'm doing really well in my business i want to buy a speedboat, it still creates jobs. somebody has to make the speedboat. maybe i decided on one anything and i will stick it in a bank. somebody else borrows it and pays me interest but it stays in the marketplace. if you send it to washington, it gets gobbled up by nonproductive things and bureaucrats don't make anything other than headaches for business people. you want more money to be left in iowa and less money to washington. >> you're a doctor, would you like to go back to the days when people wrote you personally a check for their health care instead of going through the insurance companies? is it possible that america gets back to that? >> the advantages of a patient writing a check directly is you
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get rid of the middle man but it reduces prices. in my practice as an eye surgeon, people write a check for lasix surgery and no one surgeon -- no insurance covers it. the price came down every year for 15 years because the average patient would call 4 doctors and they would ask the price for it if you have to have your gallbladder out, call a hospital and try to get a price. you cannot get it but if you want lasik surgery, doctors will give you a price. wo they willo and y negotiate basedou on price. it's a same thing with contact lenses. my price was the same as walmart because i had to compete. nobody was going to get them as cheap as walmart. competition works but that's competition where we got rid of the middleman. it may not be possible to go to that system but of everybody did and everybody had a high deductible, you have a low premium.
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premiums are horrendous. people are spending $20,000 for the family. you can do it for $1000 or so if you had a high deductible and paid everyday. think of the savings and fugitive from birth and had a soft -- had a hell say music -- and you had a health savings account, everyone would say. 99% of us are not very sick. do you need insurance? yes, you want that against cancer or a car accident or something terrible. you want insurance but for day to day expenses, if we paid directly, things would be cheaper and you would have more of your take-home pay. >> one last question-your thoughts on paul ryan as speaker of the house? >> i'm not sure it will be any different. i was disappointed he went along with raising the debt ceiling and increasing spending but i was not too surprised. he led the effort to raise
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some have hopes and i don't deal directly with the day-to-day business in the house but i am afraid we will get some more of the same which is more spending and more debt. the reason voters are very frustrated, particular republican voters, is we have a republican house and senate we don't seemed to have a lot to show for it by the people up there go along with the flow and keep spending money. i find republicans -- you talked about republicans voting for outsiders -- yes, because they aren't happy with washington continuing to add to the debt and add to the burden. >> thank you, senator, we appreciate you taking the time today. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for joining us this sunday morning on "close-up." a reminder, if you'd like to see this morning's show again, we have it posted online on our website, again, thank you rejoining us for this sunday morning edition
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of "close-up."
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