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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  November 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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eric: good morning everybody here i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge. if you did not get sidewalk perfectly cleared off, mother nature will help you out. metinka: she will take care of it this afternoon with sunshine. starting out here in des moines at 32 degrees. watch for re-freezes. you might run into some ice socks in your driveway. we have wind chills in the mid-20's. today we are headed for sunshine. 42 degrees. a light breeze coming in from the west. warmer temps on the way. even 50's are in the forecast for wednesday and into thanksgiving day. we have a chance for a little bit of rainfall. if you like the snow, get outside and enjoy it as much as you can today. elizabeth: thank you so much, metinka.
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breaking news overnight. des moines police are investigating a double homicide right now. emergency responders were in route when authorities arrived, they found two people dead with gunshot wounds. kcci spoke to neighbors and they tell us there is a family with teenagers in that home. neighbors tell us they hear the teen and the mother fighting. last night, they did not hear anything and did not relicense something was wrong until police arrived. at this point, there have been no arrests. eric: another big story we're following this morning iowa state football head coach paul rhoads is fired. rhoads and athletic director jamie pollard met with the team sunday to break the news. this comes just before the end of rhoads 7th season with the cyclones.
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record overall was 32 and 54 16 -- 32 and 54. 16 and 44 in big 12 play and had only won 4 big 12 games in the last 3 seasons. rhoads had six years left on his contract and will get a $4.5 million buyout. he will finish out the season though and coach this saturday's game against west virginia. we talked to some players in ames sunday who say it was an emotional day for the team. >> he cares about us. you can see it in how he approaches it his passion. makes you want to give everything for him. >> you know it's hard anytime something like this happens. but we just gotta come together and stay together as a team. he's very emotional like always he's going all in for us. eric: the general consensus amongst fans was that people saw this coming. and while his firing is sad those we talked to sunday seemed to agree it's all about wins and it's time for a change.
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i'm mostly ok with it i think that it's a cutthroat business and he wasn't producing the results but i really like paul rhoads as a person. >> i think he played his part at his program but i do think no one's really surprised about the change and i think it's going to , be exciting to see what happens because of it. elizabeth: right now we're asking you in a kcci now poll do you agree with iowa state's decision to fire coach paul rhoads. right now we will look at the results. what we are hearing from the people have voted in our poll, 44% say yes they do agree. the 6% say -- 56% say they do not agree. you can vote as well by calling 200-1508 or by voting online at or on twitter and our facebook page. be sure to stay with kcci for the very latest on iowa state football on air and online at kcci will be there today as athletic director jamie pollard and paul rhoads are expected to speak to the media.
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that's scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. eric: right now belgium is still on high alert, in fear of an imminent terror attack there. shaina humphries is following the latest developments, shaina? shaina: eric, today schools and public transportation remain shut down in brussels for a third straight day, as the city is on its highest terror alert. overnight, heavily armed security forces conducted more than a dozen raids in and around the city, searching for terror suspects. those raids resulted in 16 arrests, but authorities have yet to track down a key suspect in the paris terror attacks, salah abdeslam. his family is pleading for him to turn himself in. meanwhile back here in the u.s., law enforcement is on high alert, as nearly 50 million people plan to travel for the thanksgiving holiday this week. the department of homeland security says they're ready for anything, and extra officers have been placed at airports and train stations around the country. the tsa will be conducting enhanced screenings for airline passengers. but homeland security officials say there are no credible,
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u.s. right now. this morning, police in new orleans are investigating a shooting at a playground on sunday, that left 16 people injured. authorities say hundreds of people were gathered there for a music video shoot. investigators will review surveillance video and talk to witnesses to find any information about the suspects. and protests continued in minneapolis overnight, over the fatal shooting of 24-year-old jamar clark by a police officer last week. witnesses say sunday's protests were more peaceful, with no arrests and no reports of property damage. protesters are now calling for the release of surveillance video from the shooting. funeral services for clark are set for wednesday. elizabeth: thanks shaina. back here in central iowa. a des moines middle school has set up a fund to help the family of an 11-year-old student killed in a roll-over crash last week. 11-year-old nataija watkins and her mother sabrina died in a crash on interstate 80 near newton. weeks middle school teachers and staff started the fund to help nataija's two older sisters who
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the link to donate is on the des moines public schools website as well as on eric: happening today, johnston community school district is set to approve the resignation of a bus driver accused of hitting a special needs student. 61-year-old robert scarbrough is charged with assault and child endangerment for pushing the student on a bus back in october. the incident was caught on video by other students. scarbrough submitted his resignation on november 13. elizabeth: your weather is never more than five minutes away. we are going to have a lot of melting. metinka: if you love the snow, you better enjoy it because it is not going to be sticking around for long. 27 in ames. watch for re-freeze. slick spots on the sidewalks and maybe some of the untreated roadways. the road conditions for the most part are great.
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we are headed for -- we have snow we patches. the warming trend continues tomorrow did a few more 50's on the map. in des moines, we will be in the mid-40's. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news now. donald trump continues to dominate in the polls. a new cbs news poll shows 30% of likely voters in iowa would vote for trump. meanwhile ted cruz has surged into second place with 21% surpassing dr. ben carson who fell to 19%. carson also fell to third place among likely voters in new hampshire. marco rubio is now in second there with 13% but donald trump has a commanding lead in that key state as well with 32%. eric: meanwhile we're hearing more controversial comments from the republican front-runner. this time about 9/11 from a rally in alabama. >> i watched when the world
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trade center came tumbling down. i watched in jersey city as thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. i do want surveillance. i absolutely will take database on the people coming in from syria. and if i win, they're going back. we cannot have them. eric: trump defended his claims of people cheering on 9:11 when -- cheering on 9/11 when asked about it on abc's this week. he'll continue his campaign tour in columbus, ohio today. meanwhile republican candidates marco rubio and carly fiorina are making stops in iowa today. rubio will hold town hall meetings in carroll and council bluffs. fiorina will also make an appearance in council bluffs as well as sioux city. elizabeth: hawkeyes are still heading on up in the polls. where they now rank nationally and why the next poll could hold very good news for iowa fans. eric: plus, postponed play.
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dome. the three games to watch today. and with christmas coming three things you need to think about first before giving your child a cell phone. elizabeth: and in case you woke up a little late and you're just joining us des moines police are investigating a double homicide at 4200 hull avenue. just north of brubaker elementary school. police say the two victims were shot. they are not yet releasing their names or any suspect information. we will keep checking with police and let you know any updates throughout the show. shaina: we are problem free. you want to keep that left over ice and snow in mind. it could be a little bit slippery for you. take it easy for -- take it easy at their and be careful. we will take a quick look through one of our d.o.t. camps. hardly anyone out there.
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's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. 5:13 now. our viewers have been sending in a whole lot of photos from the first big snow storm of the season. check out this one from oskaloosa. that is a pretty impressive snowman.
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eric: and of course dogs generally love the snow. here's one out in waukee that looks like he's been running around enjoying the winter weather. and these guys are keeping warm with their holiday sweaters. the whole flock of them. please let me in. metinka, it was a nice weekend to get out. metinka: it was beautiful. it was not overly cold. the kids sure had a lot of fun. the trend will continue. we are starting off with 32 degrees. watch for re-freeze across eastern iowa. there could be a few slippery spots early today. dress in layers. a little bit on the cool side. wind chills in the mid-20's. we will notice some dripping out there. sunshine is on the way today. near 42 degrees. warmer temps are on the way as we head toward thanksgiving. we will have a chance of rain.
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bit chilly toward black friday and the weekend. shaina: while we're looking at some warmer days coming in central iowa, california is gearing up for a very wet winter. scientists say an already huge el nino in the pacific is still getting bigger. experts say el nino's usually bring a lot of rain to southern california but this one is so big it will hit the entire state. and while this may seem like a good thing for a state that's been in a drought for several years el nino's come at a cost. a smaller one that hit in 1997 caused half a billion dollars in damage and killed 17 people. and right now officials say the e-coli outbreak that hit the pacific northwest earlier this month may have actually been more widespread than originally thought. the cdc says chipotle caused 45 cases of the illness in six states. those states are washington , oregon, california, minnesota, new york and ohio. cdc officials say a single ingredient is likely the culprit but they haven't identified it yet.
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eric: turning to sports news now the iowa hawkeyes keep on , climbing in the rankings. sunday's new ap poll puts the hawks at third in the nation. that's tied for iowa's highest ranking in the kirk ferentz era. iowa now only trails clemson and alabama in that poll and their 40 to 20 win saturday over purdue gave the hawkeyes the big ten west division title. >> we've just been pushing away and working hard. if we do get down in the fourth quarter, i am confident that we will come back. >> speculations about stuff. we have done a good job all season. trying to improve and get better. eric: the rankings that really matter though? the college football playoff rankings. those will be updated tomorrow night. last week iowa came in at number five, but with ohio state losing this weekend, it is possible
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the top four which is where they'll need to be to get a bid to the college football playoffs. elizabeth: while we wait to see if iowa will get a bid to the college football playoffs uni football already got some good news. the panthers were picked as an at-large team for the upcoming fcs divison one playoffs. uni will host eastern illinois this coming saturday at the uni-dome. kickoff is at 4:00 p.m. if the panthers win they'll move on to the second round of playoffs and face 5th seeded portland state. also at the uni-dome high school football playoffs wrap up today. the class 1a championship game between iowa city regina and western christian will kick off at 11:00 a.m. mount vernon and spirit lake will fight for the class 2a championship at 2:00 p.m. and tonight the 4a title game between dowling catholic and cedar rapids kennedy kicks off at 7:00. look for live reports from cedar falls on kcci at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. today's championship games were originally supposed to be played last friday but were postponed
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if you had a ticket for friday , it will still be honored today. eric: more economic headlines now wall street will look to continue the gains it made last week. last week was the best week wall street had in more than a month. friday the dow added 91 points. the nasdaq gained more than 31. and the s&p 500 was up almost eight. tesla motors has issued its largest recall ever. the automaker is recalling its entire fleet of model s sedans. tesla says it wants to check their front seat belts after it got one report of the front seat belt not connecting securely. the recall affects 90,000 cars worldwide. so far though there have been no reports of any injuries related to the seat belt problem. hyundai has also issued a recall. the automaker is recalling more than 300,000 sonata midsize cars because the brake lights can stay on when the car is in motion. the recall covers cars from the 2011 and 2012 model years. hyundai says no crashes or injuries have been reported from this issue. if you're looking for apple ipad
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holiday season you might have to pay a lot more than retail price. ipad pro keyboards and pencil stylus's sold out quickly from apple, and there's a four to five week wait for them to be restocked. buyers are re-selling them on ebay for as much as $650. that is six times more than their retail value. elizabeth: black friday is just a few days away and this year you might be thinking about buying a cell phone for your kid for christmas. eric: but experts say there are some things to consider before buying your child their first phone. first, there's no magic number when it comes to age. just because your child's friends got cell phones at age 13 doesn't mean yours has to. instead consider the needs and behaviors of each child. elizabeth: next be open about what the phone is supposed to be used for. set clear rules and consequences if they use it inappropriately. eric: finally think about what example you are setting for your kids.
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looking at your screens, your kids will likely follow in your footsteps. elizabeth: easy to get caught up on it. got to put it down. we are going to get over to metinka. metinka: pack up the snow gear. we still have a lot of snow. that is where we have the most problems on the roads. take your time this morning. watch for any refrozen spots. temps are falling into the 20's in the north. 27 in ames. not overly cold. we are waking up with clear skies. a system that was bringing a fluke -- a few flurries. otherwise, it is going to be a good travel day across much of the reason -- much of the region. we will have melting conditions followed by another day of quiet weather. as we head towards wednesday, that will be changing.
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moisture will be streaming to the north. by thursday, this whole system slides to the east. rain showers are in the forecast. a few snowflakes as we head toward friday. right now in des moines, waking up to clear skies. today is going to be universal. -- today is going to be useful. it is going to be some patchy fog. the wind will be shifting over to the southeast. 46 the high. it will be a great day. 50's are on the way. wednesday, we will have some drizzle. friday, maybe a straight flurry or two. temps are headed back to the 30's for a high. eric: thanks metinka.
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shaina. shaina: a little bit of snow. keep that in mind it you might need to give yourself a little bit of extra time. be very careful because the roads may be slippery.
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elizabeth: next, live from america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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tt2watx#@nt p bt@q7y@ tt2watx#@nt p "a@q'u$ tt2watx#@nt p bm@q,^( tt4watx#@nt r dztq (nd tt4watx#@nt r entq xj$ tt4watx#@nt r gzt& am\ tt4watx#@nt r hnt& qc0 tt4watx#@nt r iztq ;*h eric: welcome back to kcci. now to the latest on the paris attacks. elizabeth: french and british leaders are stepping up their efforts to defeat isis. it comes a day before france's president travels to the u.s. to meet with president obama. nikole killion is live in washington with more on what the leaders are saying. nikole: france and the u.k. are increasing their counterterrorism cooperation as britain announced it may join air strikes against isis in syria. >> we are going to intensify our strikes. we are going to choose targets that would make as much damage as possible. nikole: the meeting between hollande and cameron comes as belgium is on lockdown this morning.
5:23 am
following nearly two dozen anti-terror raids that resulted in 16 arrests. tomorrow hollande comes to the white house to meet with president obama who has vowed to destroy isis. but his strategy is coming under fire on capitol hill while security is being beefed up in many u.s. cities like new york, ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the head of homeland security continues to insist that there is no specific credible intelligence about a paris-style attack here in the u.s. eric: we know that france and the u.s. are allies. did the leaders have anything more to say? nikole: both leaders made a visit to the bataclan concert hall.
5:24 am
elizabeth: elizabeth: -- they discussed syria and risk -- syrian refugees. what was some of the highlights? nikole: what we can tell you is you have ben carson who is calling for an additional -- four additional monitoring where radicalization may be here at he is calling for increased surveillance in places like mosques and schools. donald trump coming under fire for some new comments not only on that vein but doubling down on some comments where he said he saw people cheering in new jersey in -- on 9/11. john kasich took to twitter. he saw at that time people
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eric: and coming up in our next we'll look at some of the half hour, concerns for travelers ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. if you are flying find out how early you'll need to arrive at the airport. we'll also have a live update from alyx sacks as des moines police spent the night investigating a double homicide. and another shooting investigation overnight 16 , injured in new orleans. we'll also hear from you on the firing of paul rhoads from iowa
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co alyx: while you were sleeping, this quiet residential neighborhood was crawling with law enforcement as des moines police are now investigating a double homicide in the area. eric: also happening overnight, sixteen people shot in new orleans. why police may have the entire thing on video. elizabeth: and what's next for paul rhoads and iowa state? players and fans react to his firing, this monday, november 23. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: did you get a chance to play out in the snow over the weekend eric's puppy did and she loved it. she ran around for that -- like that for about two hours. never seen snow?
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eric: i could read her mind saying, what did you do with the grass? and then she started running. elizabeth: welcome back, everyone, i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i'm eric hanson, along with shaina and metinka. a lot of people got a chance to get outside in it. metinka: right now in des moines, 32 degrees. we are one of the warmest spots in central iowa so watch for some re-freeze on the road and sidewalks. right around 42 degrees, and we will not have too much wind today either. the warming trend continues. wednesday and thanksgiving day, highs in the 50's with a few chances for rain showers. elizabeth: right now, we want to get back to the double homicide investigation, unfolding overnight at 4200 hull avenue in
5:28 am
and north of brubaker elementary school. alyx sacks is there life. our police still on the scene? alyx: law enforcement very much on the scene, caution tape all around. they also have a crime mobile unit, it almost looks like a motorhome, just covered in law enforcement. after speaking with law enforcement this morning, they are handling the situation with a lot of sensitivity. we know two people were killed. any more information on the victims, we are not sure. we do not know about a suspect. we do not know if there are any arrests that have been made. we spoke with neighbors, who told us there is a family that live inside that home and
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anymore details are being held for now because of the sensitivity of this investigation. we will be here throughout the morning to bring you the latest. eric: thank you. in sports news this morning, paul rhoads is out as isu's head coach. this, just one game short of finishing his 7th season. rhoads will finish out the season this saturday against west virginia. the nevada native has a 32-54 record and iowa state. this past season has been especially rough for the cyclones. and this past weekend, they handed kansas state the victory when the clones blew a late lead. as rhoads arrived for the announcement he hugged players. a lot of players declined to comment. but kcci caught up with a few who talked about what rhoads meant to this program. >> they told us the news. it was a hard decision and they're gonna finish out the season the best they can. we're gonna go out there and give it all we got, just like we
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>> he says to show the same dedication and passion that we've shown to him over the course of the season. eric: kcci also spoke to some fans in ames following the announcement. some say they aren't surprised, but they are sad to see a hometown coach lose his job. >> i think a lot of people were kind of expecting it. >> the playcalling at the end of the game, especially with no full time offensive coordinator right now, i think those are probably on the head coach. >> it's heartbreaking a little bit but change is good and bad so new opportunities will come from it. eric: so here's what is going to come today. iowa state's athletic director jamie pollard will speak to reporters at noon today. at 1:30, rhoads will speak. kcci's sports team will be there . you can count on us to give you updates at shaina: developing overnight another terror roundup this time belgian officials have detained 16 people in 22 police raids. but the paris fugitive, salah abdeslam is not among them. brussels is on its highest alert
5:31 am
for terror threats right now. schools and universities remained closed today, and the subway there is still shut down, -- shut down. meanwhile, a troubling in a paris hospital. officials say a number of these protective hlth outfits, like what was worn during the ebola outbreak are missing. they were taken from a locked room raising the concern isis may be planning a chemical or biological attack. a mauritanian news site says isis has claimed responsibility for friday's assault on a luxury hotel in mali. the northern separatists group says the attack of the radisson blu hotel, by two gunmen was a clear attempt to derail a fragile peace process. the hotel was preparing to host a meeting on implementing the latest peace accords. and back here no arrests yet , after 16 people were shot while filming a music video in new orleans. it happened late last night two -- it happened late last night. two groups opened fire. we're told none of the injuries are life-threatening.
5:32 am
the music video was said to be impromptu but it's possible at least some of the incident could be on tape for police to view. elizabeth: more big stories. a des moines middle school has set up a fund to help the family of an 11-year-old student killed in a roll-over crash. 11-year-old nataija watkins and her mother sabrina died last tuesday on interstate 80 near newton. weeks middle school teachers and staff started the fund to help nataija's two older sisters who survived that crash. we've posted to link on our website, tonight the johnston community , school district is set to approve the resignation of a bus driver accused of hitting a student. 61-year-old robert scarbrough is charged with assault and child endangerment for pushing a special needs student back in october. the incident happened on the bus and was caught on video by other students. scarbrough submitted his resignation on november 13. eric: it is now 5:37, and i'm guessing there will be recessed outside. metinka: 32 now in des moines,
5:33 am
these temps are doing great today compared to yesterday, but there may be some slick spots out there. everything will be starting to melt and drip again this afternoon with sunshine in the forecast. it will be a great day for the kids to play outdoors with a high of 43 degrees. eric: taking a look at the kcci day planner the governor will , hold his weekly press conference this morning. he will also sign his turkey pardoning proclamation a lucky iowa turkey will escape the thanksgiving table. the governor will also be attending several state budget hearings today including health, human services, and the veterans administration. and senator charles grassley will head to east high school. he'll be speaking to a government class between 1:30 and 2:30 this afternoon. elizabeth: travel troubles. why it could take you much longer to get through airport security this thanksgiving and the unusual way one u.s. city is training for a possible terror
5:34 am
eric: plus how low will they go? , gas prices drop again and new information overnight shows just how long the downward trend may last. elizabeth: and kevin's countdown is on. his final newscasts are tomorrow at 6:00 and 10:00. you can wish him well on our kcci facebook page with the
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plus a special story coming up here's a penny just for you. that's no penny. that's a galaxy s 6 at u.s. cellular on black friday. whoa, thanks, grandma!! you're welcome. you can also get an lg g4 or an lg g pad f 8.0 with that penny. nice! isn't that just delightful? pennies for everyone! get penny doorbuster deals on great devices this black friday from 8:00 a.m. till noon
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this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. i metinka: good morning. waking up to frosty and freezing temps this morning. watch for some slick spots on this side streets or sidewalks. 27 in ames. plenty of sunshine in the forecast, and temps will be warmer than they were over the weekend. already by noon, temps will be in the 30's, headed for 42 degrees. temperatures continue to trend upward into the metal part of the week. low to mid 50's into thanksgiving. highs fall back into the 30's
5:38 am
eric: thank you, metinka. a lot of people watching the weather forecast this week for their thanksgiving travels. shaina: but weather is not the only thing threatening some people's plans. jamie yuccas reports from new york. jamie 46 million will travel in : the united states this week and they will see extra , officers, patrol dogs, and guns at virtually every airport, train station and tourist destination in the country. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says his agency is ready for anything. >> i always hesitate to rank threats but the loan will factor is one that we are continually focused on. jamie lines at the airports will : be longer, and slower, the tsa says it will handle 25 million passengers this week, with enhanced screenings. >> we're all a little bit more aware of the increased security and that people might be a little more nervous. at the same time we're still traveling.
5:39 am
jamie: in new york city sunday, police held a three hour active shooter drill in the city's subway system. for the first time, their drill included an attacker in a suicide vest. the department of homeland security says there are no credible threats anywhere in the united states. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. elizabeth: well, some good news for holiday travelers. gas prices are low and going even lower. gallon in des moines. the lundberg survey says oil prices are still falling and will continue to fall through december. shaina: tripadvisor says most people do plan to drive somewhere for thanksgiving 62%. 35% will fly. the morning buzz now obviously surprise very many, but still sad the firing of iowa state coach paul rhoads. him. our now poll is asking if you agree with isu's decision to fire paul rhoads.
5:40 am
right now, right down the middle, 56% say they do not agree and 44% say yes, it was time to make a change. elizabeth: on social media, pam says " fire rhoads. pam this just hurts my heart. i have so much respect for coach rhoads and am sad this had to happen. i understand why but still will miss his passion and love for iowa state." shaina: peggy says " such a humble, classy. sad that it's all about winning, however i'm confident he's impacted a lot of young men for life. can't put a price on that. " eric: not sure any football coach will win at iowa state. i think everybody agrees that coach roads can leave with his head held high because he has done it the right way and is such a good guy.
5:41 am
elizabeth: he will speak to reporters this afternoon in ames and you can watch for coverage on kcci. shaina: and we are getting ready for kevin cooney to sign off for the very last time. his final newscast before he retires will be tomorrow night at 10:00. tonight, our viewers take the mic. eric you spent months , talking with iowans who have watched kevin for years. eric: yes, many said they feel like they're losing a family member even though they've never met him. they say he is iowa. so that's my this is iowa report tonight. it's all about kevin and the impact he's made on so many of you. it's at a special time, kcci 8 news at 10:00. everybody just wanted to talk to kevin -- talk about kevin. elizabeth: a viral video to show you now a young boy singing the australian national anthem before a baseball game, had to deal with an unexpected problem.
5:42 am
he had the hiccups. ethan hall was hit the hiccups just as he started to sing but to his credit he just went right on through to the end got a lot of applause and some high-fives from players. shaina: that is all you can do. eric: you cannot stop the hiccups. shaina: 5:47 this monday morning and the dot has a pretty fitting , message for you today. it says " buckling up can save your giblets." looking live i-235 at 31st street this
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metinka will be back in it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back.
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the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on kcci eight news this morning. metinka: we could have some re-freeze. most of the roads in the metro
5:46 am
make sure you have windchill wiper fluid for all of the road spray that will be affecting you. in the 20's to the northeast, and into the 30's to the southwest. waking up with clear skies, sunrise not until about 7:13, but at least the weather will be quiet. we will have a warm surge of air lifting back into the northwest as with -- the midwest as we go through tuesday, and we will be feeling good as we go through about the thursday timeframe. a system is headed this way. likely some rain showers on your thanksgiving day. as the system is moving through, there could be a couple of wraparound flurries leftover, but we are not expecting anything major. 34 right now in des moines, and
5:47 am
it will be a beautiful day, headed for sunshine and 42 degrees. overnight, watch for some fog to develop from the moisture melting, 29 overnight. tomorrow, 46 the high temp. wednesday, drizzle is in the forecast along with highs in the 50's. thursday looking pretty good, showers in the forecast with highs in the mid-50's, followed by a cool down for the weekend. eric: could be a little bit of re-freeze this morning but hopefully not bad. shaina: keep that in mind, the roads might be a little bit slippery but nothing major. mobile speed units, 4200 northwest 94th avenue, 6800 northwest tony drive, 3000 eastern lake drive, and at 41st and woodland. elizabeth: some surprising
5:48 am
winners at last night's american music awards, plus, incredible photos. wait until you see how sofia
5:49 am
"i do" last night. eric: welcome back to kcci. it was a big night for some artists at the american music awards. artist of the year went to one direction. the group also came away with favorite group for the pop rock category. new artist of the year went to country star sam hunt. taylor swift won song of the year with her single "blank space."
5:50 am
pop stars ed sheeran and ariana grande won male and female artists of the year. elizabeth: fans of hollywoood couple sofia vergara and joe manganiello had virtual front-row seats to their sunday wedding, thanks to a flurry of instagram posts from vergara. the "modern family" star said "i do" to the "magic mike" star in palm beach, florida. according to "people" magazine, the couple held their rehearsal dinner at the brazillian court hotel saturday evening. the star couple started dating in 2014. they became engaged in december, just six months after they started dating. manganiello serenaded vergara with guns n' roses' "sweet child 'o mine." how sweet. today on "ellen," brielle milla, the 3-year-old periodic table of element expert stops by. eric: brielle shares the other things she's mastered recently and ellen quizzes her with fun , flash cards. >> i know all my states and
5:51 am
>> all your states and capitals? >> and i also know the periodic table of elements. and i know all my countries in europe and africa. and also the presidents. >> you're making me feel bad about myself, and the presidents to. who is your favorite president? barack obama because he was president when i was born. germanium. >> germanium. what is this? >> k potassium. eric: and sylvester stallone makes his first appearance ever during the 12 days of giveaways. stallone talks about turning 70 and gets a 'rocky balboa' robe that has a life alert button on it for him. ellen is going head to head with a superstar right here on kcci
5:52 am
kcci eight news this morning is live with new overnight news. here is what we are working on for 6:00 a.m.. alyx: while you were sleeping, law enforcement on the scene of a double murder. where that investigation stands. shaina: belgium is on high alert in fear of an imminent terror attack. metinka: watch out for a few slippery spots with re-freeze this morning, but melting temps for most of the week. eric: thank you for waking up with us this monday morning,
5:53 am
eric: right now on kcci, two killed. what happened inside this home last night is being investigated by des moines police and what we learned overnight, ahead. elizabeth: also overnight, new terror raids. why belgium is on high alert this morning, and ominous clues
5:54 am
point to the next plan of attack
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