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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  November 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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nebraska. >> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. kim: right now at noon, a rainy morning made it a perfect day to sleep in this thanksgiving. if you are traveling, road to the northwest part of the state are becoming very slick with freezing rain and snow covering many the roadways given good afternoon and happy thanksgiving. hopefully you're watching us safe and sound and getting ready for dinner soon.
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and because we should do traveling can be getting dicey north of the metro, let's begin with jason for a first check on your thanksgiving forecast. jason: happy thanksgiving to everybody. hope you have a lot to be thankful for. on the radar i guess i do. we have a lot of rain going on. some reports of one half to two thirds of an inch and we still have quite a bit to get through. you can see the transition area line between rain and a wintry mix west of bagley after carroll. this will continue to push eastward. snow that has started following up to the northwest. spencer into the extreme northwestern portion of the state actually had around 1/10 of an inch of ice accumulation. this transition arizona has temperatures sitting around freezing or below at this point. any of the rain that does fall has the potential to freeze.
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we are talking trees and power lines. be safe as you head out and about. roads are bound to be slick. you can see the cold generally making its way eastward. metro 639. -- sits at 39. we will see temperatures drop to freezing and eventually below freezing. that will allow some ice accumulation and some of us getting hit a lot worse than others. quarter of minister council bluffs. that tapers off as you head eastward. i don't think des moines will see much more than two or three hundredths of an inch. branch is coming down for power outages as well. keep on track with us and we will keep you posted on the latest as temperatures begin to back down to the low-to-mid 30's by 6:00 p.m. i will have more on the timing of this forecast and when the rain and freezing rain will start in your neck of the wood coming up soon. kim: today is a day off for a
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lot of people would offer volunteers at chuck's restaurant here in des moines. kcci's emmy victor spent the morning there with volunteers. emmy: a small space with a big task. >> it is so hot in here. i'm sweating a lot. emmy: restaurant turn meal packaging center one day of the year. >> it runs like clockwork. you come in here and never but he grabs their spot and goes. emmy: 250 volunteers working round-the-clock this thanksgiving. >> we cut high this morning, packaged cranberries, and removing things all over. emmy: preparing enough food for 4000 people. to make this many meals you to work together and were quickly. forming assembly lines. most materials and foods are donated from local businesses. they will be delivered or given out during the day. >> des moines is a given community and this is one example of giving back to everybody else.
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they sacrifice some or all of their holiday to take part. >> we want people to feel a sense of family, whether they are volunteering or taking else's somebody. whether they are eating in here. it is family. emmy: emmy victor, kcci 8 news. kim: thank you given chuck's restaurant will be serving those meals until 2:00 p.m. today. police departments across the country are tightening security as america remains on high alert for the holidays after the terror attacks in paris. president obama says his administration is taking every step to keep the homeland safe. hena daniels reports from the -- new york city. reporter: extra security walked over hello kitty and other giant balloons gliding down the west side of new york city. several million people lined the streets for the 89th annual easy thanksgiving day parade. >> we are super excited.
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reporter: spectators waited in long lines as police checked bags. most of the heavy police presence was taken in stride. >> i noticed a lot of them have been -- having high-powered rifles. i feel comfortable. reporter: the nypd put hundreds of additional officers on duty, including plainclothes police in the crowd. >> we certainly encourage people to get out and live your lives. live it free of fear. unfortunately we are in a world for you have to be aware. reporter: law enforcement across the nation tightened security in the result -- in the wake of the paris attacks. there is no known credible threat in the u.s.. president obama urged all americans to enjoy the holiday to remain vigilant. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. reporter: black friday shoppers can also expect to see more police on duty.
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kim: in light -- there were 2500 officers assigned to the parade. . of course a comfortable thanksgiving here in the united states is only made possible in part by our men and women serving in the military. many of which are not able to be with their loved ones. >> hi. i'm sargent erin englehardt from kabul, afghanistan, wishing my family in iowa and my boyfriend in alabama a happy thanksgiving. kim: and sargent englehardt is one of the 100 troops doing their best to enjoy thanksgiving away from home. and if any of you have a loved one serving in harms way we want to say thank you for your sacrifice and also show you that they are eating very well today. again, a special thanks from all of us at kcci to those serving to protect our country. and thanksgiving is also a time for football. and while many of you will be watching the panthers play the cowboys today at 3:00 right here
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are looking forward to is the iowa versus nebraska game tomorrow. for the cornhuskers a win would put them at 6-6 on the season, securing bowl eligibility. and if iowa wins, it will be the hawkeyes first perfect regular season since 1922 and will keep them well in line for a spot in the college football playoffs. the heroes game kicks off tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. you can watch it on abc. iowa state is on the road for its final game of the season. the cyclones will be at west virginia for the mountaineers senior day on saturday. this also marks paul rhoads final game as head coach at iowa state, so it's sure to be an emotional one for the players and fans. kickoff is at 11:00 a.m. saturday on fox sports 1. the family of frank gifford says the legendary nfl player and sportscaster suffered from a brain disease linked to football injuries. it's a condition called cte, and doctors can only diagnose it after death. as mary moloney reports research on cte could eventually change
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the way the game is played. reporter: a stunning revelation from the family of the late frank gifford. he played 12 grueling years in the national football league for setting his sights on the studio as a sports broadcaster. >> hello everyone and welcome to joe robbie stadium. reporter: audiences watch them on "monday night football." off the field he was married to kathy lee. gifford was this -- no stranger to hard knocks. here he is taking a massive hit, leaving emotionless on the field. the head injury so severe he had to take time off of the game. now his family confirms what they suspected. pathologists say he severed from a digit of brain disease, cte. the same suffered by numerous former nfl players. nfl protocols are under scrutiny. sunday, quarterback -- to the hard hit to the head. he was shaken and needed help getting up and he was allowed to continue playing. the nfl says its new concussions
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enters to protect players failed. the league without considering whether to discipline teams found in violation. nfl commissioner roger goodell issued a statement saying "the health and safety of players is the highest priority." there is more work to do that would honor great men like frank gifford. mary moloney reporting. kim: straight ahead, we'll show you where some at-risk teens are getting an education and a lesson in giving. also there's a wardrobe mystery going on among the nation's meteorologists.
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news at noon continues >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. kim: welcome back. a high school in california is giving at-risk students a unique last chance to get an education. teenagers are earning their diplomas by working on a farm, and as danielle nottingham shows us, they're also getting to contribute to their thanksgiving dinner in a special way. reporter: he is grateful to have this moment. at school.
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>> i was one of the kids is set at the back of the classroom. and occasionally do their work. reporter: he has been to 16 schools a repeated two great. this continuation high school outside los angeles is a flash on a graduating. it's a working farm that offers science credits. they say kerry for the rescued animals helps them heal. >> the gives me a sense that i am needed, that i have to be here. reporter: they started the skin the care farm in partnership with the l.a. school district two years ago. >> they don't feel judged. it is huge. the animals don't judge. they don't judge they kids based anything. says the farm saved her life. >> i got set up -- got caught up in the drugs and i got a felony. reporter: she had more than 100 students harvest organic crops. they are reaping the rewards.
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>> they can take a something their mom and say i grew this and i we get to offer it to the family. reporter: they are finally getting diplomas this december. >> it feels really good. it was something i never thought i would accomplish. >> i would not be graduating at all if it were not for the farm. reporter: both plan on study arctic college in the new year. -- art at college in any year. kim: most of the seniors of finished their credits and already graduated. the farm is open to the public for tours. it's a trend that you may not have noticed yet. we're talking about dozens of tv meteorologists who have seemingly reached into their closets and pulled out the same -- exact same dress. so why are so many wearing the same outfit on air? jeanne moos addresses the mystery of the dress. it's new at noon. reporter: we forecast will be showered biphenyl meteorologists wearing the same dress.
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shelby hayes of koco oklahoma city is more than one of 50 meteorologists. >> get that fake pockets. reporter: the same $23 dress bottom amazon. >> i have the blue one and i have a pink one that is on the way. reporter: these women who do the weather belonged to a facebook group that exchanges professional advice. that is how the perfect inexpensive tv dress multiplied. if there is a party into women show up in the same dress, everyone is mortified. this is not like that. >>. is not like that at all we are such a tightknit group. reporter: the creator of this collage of all the identically dressed meteorologists is jennifer myers of fox for in dallas. -- fox 4 in dallas. she has wanted purple as well. every meteorologist knows which green.
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this is the fate of any forecaster caught wearing green. >> i can do have is forecast. reporter: network meteorologists are not all envious. >> ginger, where is yours? they don't come in maternity. reporter: no prints,, nothing reflective, and at least in oklahoma city -- >> there is no cleavage. that cannot happen. reporter: it is formfitting so what to do with the mic pack. >> i will hook it on the back. reporter: it reminds some of star trek. >> that's funny because we are all science geeks. reporter: the fashion outlook is for -- >> 65% polyester. reporter: jeannie mohs, cnn. new york. kim: how broker looks great in it so jason, where is yours? jason: it's at home for a rainy
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kim: bring it back, we all want to see it. jason: that is my comfort clothing. [laughter] right out -- out there right now, not too comfortable. transition rezone up to the west. picking up some ice accumulation in carroll. they picture sent information you are. this is randy out in carroll. i would not be surprised to be stuck to add to that in a big way over the next couple of hours. surface temperatures beginning to drop. the ice will begin to accumulate. as far as rainfall totals, sitting at half an inch in des moines. fairly widespread amount in that one third to two thirds range. we will be increasing on that in a big way. just up to the east you can see really heavy rain continuing to push northeast towards the transition rezone. it will take a bit for that to make it here. we have warm air in the mix.
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upper 30's is what we are sitting at right now. winds have shifted out of the north and northwest and will help drive in some of the colder air. it will take us a little bit until we start to see the rain, sleet and freezing rain that will wait until the mid to early evening hours. once we do that will pick up. it will not be a huge window rican accumulate that, but there will be definite potential. as we head into friday morning it's hard to see it's generally shifting east and pushing out of here. it's on the clearing side of this. this line continues. got a pretty good handle on the snow situations of the northwest. the rain pushing eastward, you can see some heavy stuff southeastward's towards ottumwa. it ships in between 6:00 and 8:00 and pushes outward by friday morning. we will not be seeing it for too long with definite potential as we start to pick up on some of that ice accumulation. as far as rainfall, this is in
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we could see around half an inch. some areas likely seeing to-2.5 inches of snow. -- 2-2.5 inches. ice accumulations are up to around 2/10 of an inch and spots out west. a quarter of an extended council bluffs. besides the rain, and the frost, you can see the cooler air tugging its way in. temperatures topping out in the mid 40's this morning. those will be backing down throughout the day. your thanksgiving, a mixed bag of rain, sleet, freezing rain, cold temperatures. that gets out of our hair tomorrow. if you're a black friday shopper, likely holding on to a little bit of that and after that your crazy shopping experience should be fine. kim: coming up we'll catch up , with the pope as he celebrates mass for thousands in kenya. also, a thanksgiving gift that
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and throw it away.
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kim: pope francis celebrates mass city of the university of nairobi kenya. he's meeting with christian and muslim leaders long the way, and will visit two other african nations in the next few days. allen pizzey is traveling with the pope and has this report.
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reporter: there was a proper african welker -- welcome for his first ever african trip. the theme of this stop on his pilgrimage is "be strong in faith, do not be afraid." it's a good fair ministering for tens of thousands of faithful to make their way into a field for the mass at nairobi university. the persistent rain turned into a quagmire. it's seen as a blessing here. no one seemed to mind. police and army right hand in considerable number. there been several bloody attack here, including the massacre of students at a university. and the 2013 shooting at them all the lisicki seven dead. both carried out by the al qaeda affiliate al shabaab. francis called them barbarous and said god's name must never be used to justify hatred and violence. all too often, he hold -- told the gathering, young people are
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being radicalized to so discord and fear and terror the fabric of our society's. the mass was and imparted young people. he urged them to let what calls the great valleys of africa's traditions help them shake a society which is ever more just and inclusive and respectful of human dignity. in keeping with his usual style, the pope is not pulling punches. in a region where tribal rivalries and religious violence every, the message seems to be going down well. allen pizzey, nairobi. you hear it a lot. when you have faith you never know when a blessing will come your way. it's something a single mother in tennessee learned recently. reporter dani ruberti has her story. reporter: >> we pay you for that. here is $1400. reporter: an unexpected generous surprise. >> had no idea when she woke up
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that morning to go to work that the god -- god was going to bless you like that. reporter: she is a single mother of three. >> recently i lost my apartment and i had to move in with my mom. i have nine brothers and it is hard. reporter: god put something big on pastor tony's heart. he started by calling domino's pizza. >> we wanted to extravagantly bless someone. reporter: he ordered 10 pizzas but asked the driver be summoned he and his congregation can bless. >> they told me that the preacher was going to pay me on the stage. >> we did not want to miss the miracle of the moment. i asked the congregation, which likely what we give this young lady a tip? >> i'm always the kind of person to give. i've never had anybody give back to me, ever. reporter: when pastor tony give
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>> i would like to give my kids something good for christmas. >> what we are asking in believing got to do is touch hearts so much so that people
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