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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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-- in october, two men in their 20's were beaten in the same area here it in july, a pleasant hill man was attacked. a similar incident happened back in it where it. polk county committed $50,000 for off-duty officers for we can patrol.
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eric: plus, iowa state is making the rumors official matt campbell is the new head coach. meet the man expected to turn around the cyclones football program. jamie pollard greeted him there on the tarmac. pollard heads to isu. he ticks over the isu job. and team that has been at the bottom for years but campbell hit the ground running. >> it is an honor to be here. i look forward to working with you guys. thank you for coming out. eric: campbell did not say much but he did talk a lot before getting on that plane in toledo. elizabeth: tory mostly is on -- around 2:00 friday morning, clayton was found with multiple gunshot wounds near sneakers, yuri and help.
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they responded to the 3800 block of 5th avenue south to find their mobile speed units engulfed in flames. the car was destroyed. police are searching for suspects. eric: it is now 4:33. metinka: a lot going on. we have a wintry mix moving into southwest iowa. rain off to the east of the metro. atlantic. temperatures all unless -- all across the state are on either side of 32 degrees. a turkey day to forecast. who is going to see -- a tricky who is going to see the rain? waterloo has seen minor water on the roads. snowy or icy roads toward essential to northeast iowa. we are going to see a wintry mix the metro area.
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how much snow? five to 10 inches will fall between today and tomorrow. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news. republican presidential candidate ted cruz attended a sunday church service in des moines. eric: kcci's marcus mcintosh was there as the texas senator addressed what may be called his base of support evangelical christians. marcus: republican candidate for president ted cruz knew what he was walking into at christian life assembly of god sunday morning when he took the stage to speak. a group of parishioners and visitors who wanted to hear his stance on. >> religious freedom is a huge issue for my family. >> he was all about religious freedom the main topic of his speech. marcus: cruz did not disappoint. >> the word tells us that when
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name there he will be. marcus: the presidential hopeful stood before a few hundred people telling them he is a consistent conservative who will fight for freedom of religion. >> religious liberty, it is our first freedom. it is the foundation of all our other liberties. it is really under assault right now. i couldn't be more encouraged when i see people across iowa and the nation wake up and stand up to defend our rights. marcus: words that hit home to many in attendance. >> i don't think anyone should be shamed for what they believe in. i think anybody should be able to believe in any god they want. marcus: evangelical christians a group once the stronghold of republican candidate ben carson , a group that has helped cruz surge in the polls, a group that does not want to be taken for granted. >> i absolutely think that evangelical voters are very important and they shouldn't ignore them. marcus: cruz is not ignoring evangelical christians. what he is ignoring are the negative campaign ads something he says he will avoid. >> what we have been doing in our campaign is really to unite conservatives. eric: cruz also tells us he is
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, visiting all 99 iowa counties. attack. what he initially had planned. and the new information we're learning about the attackers past. elizabeth: plus paris protests. the demonstrations today ahead
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world leaders to the city. >> this is iowa's news leader. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. it is going to be an interesting weather day. northwest iowa is going to be hit the hardest. going to see a wintry mix. a mixture of snowflakes, sleazy -- snowflakes and freezing rain. by noon, temperatures will be warm enough for it to mainly be a cold rain here in des moines and to the south east. highs near 37 degrees. the southeastern part of the state will see most desk see mostly a rain event. -- see mostly a rain event. we will time it all out for you coming up in the 8 day forecast. eric: right now, new information
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about the alleged gunman who went on a shooting rampage inside a colorado planned parenthood. elizabeth: police have now identified all three victims who were killed. david begnaud has the details. david: investigators were still processing the crime scene sunday, following the deadly shooting rampage in colorado springs. police say robert dear killed three people and wounded nine others inside a planned parenthood facility. sources tell cbs news that the suspect had several guns and ammunition in addition to a long rifle. they also believe he planned on detonating propane tanks outside his car but surrendered instead. >> i was surprised. he had to know how much damage he had done but he made a decision to give himself up. david coe -- viggo -- david: a law enforcement source says when dear surrendered he said quote no more baby parts. the deadly attack hits home for hope chapel. slain officer garrett swasey was an elder here.
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>> we have experienced all joy, all pain for the last 10 years. he's my best friend. david 26-year-old jennifer : markovsky was a mother of two. on facebook her father wrote i miss you my daughter life was too short. leyonte chandler says one of the victims killed was his brother ke'arre stewart. >> almost have a million people here and it happened to be my brother out of all of these people. random. the guy did not know him. he didn't know the guy. but i forgive him. david: david begnaud, cbs news, colorado springs. elizabeth: dear will make his first court appearance today by video. we're learning more about dear's criminal history. investigators say he's been arrested for animal cruelty and peeping. before moving to colorado springs dear lived in south carolina. his former neighbors there say he kept to himself but lived with a woman. now one neighbor wonders what led up to the shooting in colorado springs. >> there's all kinds of people out there and evidently he took it to the extreme.
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you can't do much about it except hope and pray and give my condolences to people in colorado. elizabeth: dear owned property in south carolina and deputies say he called police many time -- many times on his renters. eric: right now, pope francis is in the final stage of his peace trip to africa. the pontiff was greeted by cheering grounds in the central african republic sunday. his goal is to ease tensions between muslims and christians after years of religious violence. the pope led a mass urging people to forgive their enemies and promote peace. this is the first time the pope has visited an active war zone. violence erupted in paris sunday when protestors clashed with police on the eve of a major climate-change conference. the city is still under a state of emergency after the deadly terrorist attacks that killed 130 people earlier this month. brian webb reports. brian: paris police fired teargas to break up protestors defying a government ban on , demonstrations.
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other protestors were beaten with batons. nearly 200 were arrested. these demonstrators formed a human chain along the route of a long planned protest march through central paris. nearby thousands of shoes were set out to symbolize the many feet that could not march because of the ban. >> what we're seeing here is an outpouring from parisians to be heard nonetheless. brian: the nearly two week climate change conference will address greenhouse gases which are blamed for rising temperatures. 147 world leaders will be there including president barack obama who paid respects to the terror attack victims by laying single white rose at a memorial site. the president on tuesday praised france's decision not to call off the conference. >> what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future
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for our children. brian: there are 120,000 security forces stationed across france to brace for the biggest security challenge since the terrorist attacks. nearly 1000 people thought to pose a security risk have been blocked from entering the country still in mourning. brian webb for cbs news, new york. eric: rally organizers estimate more than a half million people participated in marches in 175 countries. elizabeth: after a six hour manhunt, the man accused of killing a police officer in pennsylvania is in custody. 31-year-old ray shetler jr. was arrested early sunday morning in new florence and charged with murder. he's accused of shooting and killing st. clair township officer, lloyd read -- lloyd reed. the veteran officer was responding to a domestic violence call saturday night when he was gunned down. eric: right now it is 33 degrees. it hovers around the freezing
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point, it could be slick in some spots in iowa. a couple of cars headed there on i-235. you can see the sheen off of the road.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: the winter storm is
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overnight we had light precip. that has lifted north of mason city did the second round moving in across southwest iowa. rain lifting to the northeast. there is more to come. all the way that -- all the way down through wichita this extends. it will be with us by 10:00. still a wintry mix. by 3:00, we will catch a break. for the evening commute, snow we -- commute, snowing, wintry mix. most of the precipitation will be falling today and through the afternoon and evening. there is a chance for icing with this. temperatures are very borderline here. either side of 32 degrees. we may see .1 inch on the untreated services. this evening, we will have a chance for a little bit of freezing rain across
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north-central iowa. we have picked up about .25 inch in iowa. snow to the northwest, basically around fort dodge. we cannot rule out minor accumulations for central iowa. in the purple, from waterloo to des moines, that is the winter weather advisory. a cold rain. we are above freezing across central iowa. across northern iowa, we still have icy road conditions still setting up. be careful if you are getting an early start. just went in des moines. that wintry mix will continue to lift throughout the day. mainly a cold rain.
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heavy at times around fort dodge this afternoon. elizabeth: take it slow out there. eric: now to a story that you have to see and hear to believe. an elderly man in washington state is alive this morning , thanks to four good samaritans. elizabeth: they got him to safety after his car became stuck on some train tracks right before a freight train cam e barreling by. steve mccarron has more on the dramatic rescue. >> it's pretty dark out here. steve: a cell phone camera captured nearly everything. >> yeah it's stuck on the tracks. steve a couple faced with a man : who just drove his car onto some train tracks right in front of their auburn home. he seems confused not knowing how he got there. >> i was trying to get to auburn. >> you are in auburn. you made it to auburn. >> oh my goodness. >> you must have taken a left turn here realizing it was a road. steve not able to move his car. : the two encourage him to unbuckle his seatbelt and get out.
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>> i don't know how i got here. steve right as he walks around : to the other side. they realize a freight train is barreling down the tracks. >> sir come on. >> sir come on. there's a train coming. sir come on. >> we've got to go. come on. d: -- steve: seeing cars get hit before trains don't stop on a dime. panicked and not know how much time they'd have. >> -- cynthia svendgard, her boyfriend daniel and good friend richie say they grabbed the man and brought him down a small hill to this spot behind a couple of cars that were parked nearby. daniel stuffed his cell phone into his pocket as the train's horn gets louder and louder. less than 30 seconds later this. >> it just crushed the car like a can. the highest amount of adrenaline
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steve that adrenaline was still : pumping as they all re-visited the tracks this morning. amazed the man got out in the knick of time. >> i just told him i was really glad he was ok. >> he was just happy that he was. >> yeah he seemed really thankful. >> yeah. steve not heroes just four : friends who simply did the right thing. and to think they would have never known the man was stuck if thuong hadn't gone outside to move his car. >> we were all in the right place at the right time. just happened to everything lined up in the right way so that he's alive still. elizabeth: everybody involved in that incident is doing ok this morning. another story going viral. brothers neil and michael fletcher were hunting near dowling canada when they came across a bald eagle. they freed the eagle from a trap. they then set it free to fly. just an amazing story. eric: previously preemies. meet the superheroes inspiring new parents and proving
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metinka: good morning. today is probably not the best day to be in a hurry. the next round of wintry weather moving in through atlantic and red oak. we have snowflakes mixing in with freezing drizzle and rain. from montezuma to iowa city, that is a cold rain. the roads are wet here in the city. 83 degrees. we're headed for a half -- 33 degrees. we are headed for a high of -- mainly a rain and a wintry mix
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this will last through tuesday. elizabeth: thanks metinka. in boston, there's a group of kids born as preemies, using their success story to motivate others. eric: their special club visits hospitals inspiring patients and parents of babies in the nicu. david wade brings us the story. david: baby kai had no idea that there are certain life events you don't want to arrive too early for, like being born. >> he was 29 weeks and 3 days. they call -- david: and he weighed only about two pounds. how big is he now? >> he's three pounds i think four ounces. last night i called at midnight. david: you call at midnight to find out the weight? >> >> yeah i do because they weight at midnight. david: with milestones measured in ounces life is too fragile for his mom sasha to picture kai as a big boy. but they're about to get some help. kids in capes who meet not in halls of brigham and women's hospital.
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they were previously preemies and now powered by pasta. >> i like meatballs and pasta for dinner. david: you like meatballs and pasta. is that how you got so big? >> yes. david: there is no, olivia, scarlett and grayson and ella. are you some type of superhero? >> no. david: then why are you wearing a cape? >> it's just for the march of dimes. david: the march of dimes organized this day of gratitude. the kids come back to thank their doctors and nurses. >> i do remember my nurse is named tracy. david: ella was this tiny when she met tracy. through yearly fundraising walks though they've become best buds. >> you were little weren't you? and your mom was really nervous. david: their parents walk through the nicu giving out blankets and words of encouragement. but the real magic comes. >> i have a baby who's here too and my baby is really, really little.
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to see the little superheroes. the preemies in purple unleashing fist bumps of hope. >> cool. >> it's hard to imagine when you're in this situation and your baby is so small. so i felt a lot of hope. >> connie wants to meet them too i think. she wants her purple cape. eric: the march of dimes says more than a million babies worldwide die as a result of pre-term birth. elizabeth: coming up on kcci at 5:00 a.m., we're out live on the roads with the latest overnight conditions. find out what conditions you can expect on your commute. plus, what you need to know about today's big press
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straight ahead after the break >> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: right now at 5:00 rain, ice or snow? we'll tell you what it's doing where you live and tell you what to expect during your drive to work. elizabeth: coach campbell's in at isu.
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