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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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people were dead inside the home at 3918 center. that's located not far from roosevelt high and hubbell elementary school. kcci's ryan smith joins us live from the scene. investigating a homicide investigation here in des moines street. no information at this point of what type of industry -- whatever injuries were sustained by those individuals. detectives are calling this incident suspicious in nature. no comment on the cause of death. you can see behind me a couple of patrol officers remain on saying, keeping an eye over the property. we were here when police arrived and officers immediately carried two children outside of the house.
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they showed no sign of injuries boeing taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> the crime scene is very, very fresh. again do anything until the detectives get there. it will be a long time before we have any details like that. ryan: right now, units are currently keeping a perimeter street. this portion remains closed. i am told by a police sergeant into tonight. that is the latest. tonight, the weather. for the metro. steve: the could that change as a round of weather rolls through? kurtis: i've never loved
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a bit colder. all rain to the northeast. you can see the rotation around the area of low pressure. there is still some more off to the west. you had from bagley north and there is a little bit of light rain. we are 38 degrees, so no problems here. northwest to encounter those temperatures around freezing. they threw some snow up on top slippery in the northwest. this is what the roadways look like today. temperatures are going to slowly falling to the mid-30's. at midnight, i think we'll see some light snow in the metro, but a better chance northwest.
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freezing mark if not below at 6:00 a.m., could be a few slick spots out there. 5-8 inches of snow on the ground. i think only trace amounts here through wednesday on the backside of that area of low pressure. steve: we can keep you up-to-date on winter weather all weather app. it features an hourly forecast as well as live interactive phone. you can download the kcci weather app for android and iphone, for free. stacey: no arrests yet in a shooting in downtown des moines that killed one man and wounded sunday morning. des moines police say 21-year-old edmanuel perez died in the shooting near 3rd and court. 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. his condition is not being released. so far, no arrests in the case. a witness who heard and saw the deadly shooting spoke
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mcintosh. marcus: that man is known as josh and he asked we not show his face on camera. he tells us what he saw happen in front of him early sunday morning. >> the guy like stepped back and kind of laid back and fired like he was trying to conceal it. two shots and the guy went down. marcus: that is how josh describes what happened early sunday morning. josh says it is still hard to believe what he heard and what he saw. >> i heard one gunshot, a small scuffle broke out in the street and then 2 more shots were fired , at a young male. right after that i called 9-1-1. marcus: the murder and recent assaults have some questioning their safety. tom zmolek, president of the court district association, says people should not be afraid of going to the court avenue entertainment district. he sent us a statement that
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say that the court district is currently the safest and most trouble free that i have seen in the past decade and this one isolated incident will not effect the method that we do business down in the district. zmolek's statement also reads, "when you have a large population in a concentrated area, sometimes situations like this arise. steve: polk county investigators say there are still no arrests in a night club killing earlier this month. 20-year-old dashawn smith died in the shooting. 3 other people at the nightclub were injured. anyone with any information about the shooting should call polk county crime stoppers at 515-223-1400. des moines police are searching for 2 men who shot another man in the chest and leg, in front of the home at 2847 cottage grove. it happened last night just after 11:00. 41-year-old charles shur told police he and a friend were walking home from walgreens when 2 men tried to rob them. shur said he was shot when the men didn't get anything.
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either of the men. a teenager is now under arrest for making an online threat against urbandale middle school. 15-year-old simon anguey of des moines is facing first-degree harassment charges. he has now been turned over to juvenile detention authorities. the threat was posted on the urbandale middle school pto facebook page. an e-mail sent out to parents from urbandale superintentent stated that anguey was apprehended this morning. police and school officials say anguey is not a student of the urbandale community school district. additional police patrolled urbandale middle school this morning for security. stacey: a new era of football began at iowa state this afternoon. just two days after paul rhoads coached his last game as a cyclone, isu presented a former competitor as the new head of cyclone football. matt campbell, who coached toledo, was officially named as rhoads' successor. we have team 8 coverage, starting with kcci sports
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andy: he has an impressive if not short resume. he is only 35 years old but he's the guy was been hired to take over the cyclone football program. the one thing he has is experience as a head coach. he is been the leader of the toledo program for the last couple of years and led toledo to a tremendous amount of success. now, he is hoping to kick that success to the next level. >> this place is special. the fan support, the facilities, what you have an opportunity to sell our outstanding. i think you can go to multiple places across the country and has. plan, great people, great leaders, and put the best
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football field every saturday. andy: camila has already started stacking up his assistant coaching staff. we will talk more about that coming up later on in sports. steve: fans and isu boosters campbell's hiring. vanessa peng live in ames with reaction from fans about this very big change. vanessa: students are coming back to campus today after thanksgiving break to a new football coach, and the students we spoke to today said they are thrilled. students are coming back to class with a new person calling the shots on the gridiron. everyone was kind of sad to see >> paul go, he was really excited about iowa state football, but it had to happen . vanessa: football fans say coach change. class he has a really good record coming in, hopefully that carries over to us so we have a better record. >> in the past year or so our record really wasn't that great , so i mean, honestly, the only way we have to go is up.
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hope campbell has the same passion rhoads had for the cyclones. >> i'm really excited about the new coach, i just hope he cares as much about the boys as what paul rhoads did. vanessa: students say they look forward to a different kind of game day experience. >> before, it was just kind of just underwhelming i guess, because i think everybody kind of knew how the game was going to turn out with every game. i think with the new coach it's going to be exciting because you don't know what the turn out's going to be. vanessa: casey johnson owns ames ford lincoln, a cyclone club member. >> to have the youngest coach in big 12 is pretty exciting. new ideas, fresh approach, the game's wide open in big 12 so i think it's going to be a great year. vanessa: football tickets for campbell's first season here won't go on sale until next year. the iowa state ticket office tell me they should know when those tickets go on sale sometime in march. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: today's press conference was not matt campbell's first trip to ames. two years ago campbell and his
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trice stadium to play the cyclones. toledo lost that game, but campbell got revenge earlier this year, when the cyclones traveled to toledo and lost in overtime, 30-23. stacey: fort dodge police are looking for the person who torched one of their speed traffic cars. police say the car, which clocks speeders and issues tickets, was found burning around saturday 11:30 night. the car is a total loss. fire investigators say the cause of the fire isn't known, but it has been deemed suspicious. steve: we have heard from the new coach and the fans. coming up how the iowa state , football players feel about the matt campbell hire.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin stacey horst, chief , meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. >> it eliminates crossing traffic to get onto the interstate.
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west of des moines. the new interchange in waukee at interstate 80 is opening tomorrow. the new intersection is expected to see over 40,000 cars a day and could change traffic patterns around the western metro. stacey: but it does not work like any intersection you have have ever seen before in iowa. kcci's emmy victor got a ride-along with the iowa dot to show us how it works. emmy: the newest way for rush hour drivers out west to reach the interstate. >> as we head south, we are coming up on the new interchange here with grand prairie parkway and interstate 80. emmy: the iowa dot shows us how to drive through a diverging diamond, where traffic crosses over onto traditionally oncoming lanes. >> as you can see now, we are on as we crossed the bridge. emmy: from the front seat of a car, this may appear confusing at almost like driving on the first, wrong side of the road.
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signs, follow our signage. emmy: but the design can save you driving time and lower the amount of traffic at the jordan creek exit. >> in a typical interchange like this, you have a light on each end but traffic has to stop if they want to cross over. emmy: there's only two places where traffic crosses the entire intersection, instead of four to six. >> the difference in this design is once you go over a light, if , you want to cross over and turn left to get onto the interstate, you do not have to another light. go through emmy: drivers wanting to continue straight ahead will shortly be diverted back to normal. the hardest part now, getting people used to the interchange being there. >> people may not remember, first thing in the morning, that they can go a different way. but in time, i think that in be pretty heavily used. emmy: in waukee, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader . steve: the iowa dot is not releasing the exact time that the interchange will be open
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they do however say that it will be ready for the evening commute. stacey: heavy snow and near white-out conditions in northern iowa today. we have some video to show you from algona. snow fell there at nearly 1 inch an hour, cutting visibility, and creating more than a few accidents. that takes us back to kurtis for the latest on the forecast. kurtis: parts of north western, 5-8 inches on the ground. mostly rain. dew point above freezing, 35. south-southeast winds at six. across the state, most locations above freezing. it is still quite slick up in northwestern iowa. ottumwa, 37 degrees. there is a pretty shocked coming in from creston.
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by midnight, i think most of the snow will be up to the north. 35, maybe a little bit of that cruising into the metro. a light makes north of the metro heading into story county. snow in fort dodge, pocahontas. more not -- more light snow in western iowa. light snow back in through greene county. of it. pressure rotating around. pull through. advisories and warnings, we still have some and it is going to last right through december 1. up to the north, winter weather
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some slick spots. warning starting 6 p.m. tomorrow. then i think we will throw in some blowing snow. by the early morning hour, generally all snow. additional accumulations namely north. flurries on wednesday and then the system wraps up and pulls out by wednesday afternoon. additional snowfall looks to be 2-3 northwest, 1-2 along fort dodge and mason city, 1 inch along the metro. that would be through wednesday. 30 degrees, wintry mix at times. tomorrow, snow showers mainly
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flurries wednesday, 40's thursday. near 50 on saturday. steve: we continue to keep our eye on a death investigation happening right now in des moines. two people dead in a home on the 3500 block of center street.
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this is the ultimate bacon cheeseburger. our new pepper grinder pub burger. welcome to delicious! announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: a week and a day after announcing that they were making a coaching change and just a couple days after paul rhoads says goodbye, jamie pollard introduced his new head football coach today. tony: attitude and effort were the two words used a lot today by matt campbell. the new head coach addressed the media for the first time in ames and the focus was on the future. this afternoon, matt campbell made clear he is in ames to win. >> is about having the foundation around you to get
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>> this may be his first press conference but he is already hard at work. >> kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care about them. we're going to demand a lot of our players. it is not going to be easy. but we're going to care about them. >> just reaching out to the fuel bus players as soon as he got the job to show us how much he cares. >> just have to be willing and ready to work with it. tony: only time will tell if campbell is the right fit, but he started out on the right foot. >> i love to build, and that is why i knew this was the right place.
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iowa plays for the championship and likely a the college football playoffs. number 13 is really rare. >> we are presented with these games, you want to win them. right now, we have one that is at of us and we win that we will move on from there. >> we haven't been there in ottoman know how long. it is going to be good to be in indianapolis. andy: who will hear a lot from the hawkeyes tomorrow. their media availability begins before noon and at 6:00, the newest edition of the college football playoff rankings show at 6:00. we will have you covered for the big ten championship with a preview special friday night at 8:00 as we go in depth
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more postseason football to talk about as well. you and i easily -- uni easily be eastern illinois over the weekend. after a slow start, you and -- uni are making some noise. >> the last six or seven weeks have been very good to us. we're playing good football right now. andy: the panthers at portland state, saturday night at 9:00 jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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