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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you're watching kcci eight news. eric: after several rainy mornings, you're waking up to drier skies in central iowa. we'll tell you how long the rain and snow will hold off. elizabeth: and double homicide investigation. the latest on the search for suspects, and what else police found in the home when they arrived on scene. alyx: we are here standing in the belly of the beast, the six lanes of the new interchange in waukee. when it will be open for commuters, not this morning, but when you can use it coming up. elizabeth: good morning everyone, and thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. eric: it is officially december now. but at least we don't have the rain and snow from yesterday. metinka: all of that stuff has
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and it feels pretty chilly, a gusty wind from the southwest producing a wind chill at 20 degrees in des moines. you need warmer coats as temperatures won't change much. we have been tracking snowflakes and showers from ames toward al dora. there will be more rapping in from nebraska from the west. this will be affecting the northwest part of the state. you're not expecting much accumulation, maybe a trace in the metro. heading for a high of 34 with clouds and sunshine in your forecast. eric: while roads here in the metro are clear this morning, there are parts of iowa that are still seeing icy and snowy conditions. here's the latest update from you can see roads in northwestern iowa are still covered, the partially covered in the blue. the areas of pink with mostly covered are now gone. here's a look at a dot camera there on highway 20 just north
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you can see the snow piled up on the side of the roads, and some still leftover on the highway itself that could make things pretty slippery. as the winter weather continues throughout the season, be sure to keep kcci with you 24/7 right on your smart phone. you can check road reports, live interactive radar, weather alerts and school closings, with the kcci mobile app. elizabeth: there is new information this morning in a double homicide. police have identified the two victims that were found dead at 3918 center street monday. they are brian howard and heather baloo. officers also found two children alive inside when they arrived. the baby and child were taken to a local hospital as a precaution. neighbors say they're shocked. krissy wetrich: this isn't normal, not around here it's not. and then you come home to cops everywhere, ambulances. and you know, this house is
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it's very scary. elizabeth: police are looking for this man and say he is a person of interest in this case. if you have information on his whereabouts, call des moines police. these deaths marked the city's 18th and 19th homicide of the year. they come just a day after the city's 17th homicide of the year. des moines police are still searching for answers in sunday's shooting on court avenue. police say 21-year-old edmanuel perez was killed and 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. we're still waiting for an update on his condition and any information on a possible suspect. and des moines police are also searching for two men accused of shooting another man along cottage grove sunday night. 41-year-old charles shur told police he and a friend were walking home from walgreens when the men tried to rob them. shur said he was shot in the chest and leg when the men didn't get anything. he told police didn't recognize either of the suspects.
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looking for an angry speeder this morning. they say that's probably who torched a mobile speed camera suv saturday night. check out that cell phone video showing the unit fully engulfed. police say the vehicle and all the camera equipment inside was destroyed, costing the city about $40,000. chief kevin doty: i understand that people might not like the fact that they get a citation from the vehicle. but to go to the point of destroying the vehicle just amazed me. eric: officials say they hope to have a new speed camera truck in place in about two weeks. whoever set the car on fire could face arson charges. fort dodge police are asking anyone with any information to call 515-573-1426. elizabeth: developing overnight. new information in a plane crash that killed 162 people in indonesia last year. shaina humphries joins us with what officials now think caused the crash. shaina? shaina: elizabeth, the new
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asia plane crash last december. investigators say the plane's data recorder has been analyzed, and shows there was a problem with the rudder control system during its flight from indonesia to singapore. the recorder also shows that the pilots tried to respond to the problem, but the plane stalled and crashed into the java sea. maintenance records show the plane had problems with its rudder system 23 times in the year leading up to the crash. lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzokhar tsarnaev are heading back to court today to ask for a new trial. tsarnaev's lawyers argue that a june supreme court ruling on the definition of a "crime of violence" put 15 of his convictions into question. tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death for his role in the attacks on the boston marathon in april of 2013 that injured 260 people. and, jury selection continues today in baltimore in the trial against one of the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray in april. on monday, protesters gathered on the city's streets, calling for justice.
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manslaughter and several other charges for his role in the fatal incident. porter is accused of failing to get medical help for gray during a 45 minute trip in a police van. eric:elizabeth: the state department has released the latest batch of e-mails yet from hillary clinton's private email server. despite the investigation, clinton continues to lead the democratic presidential candidates, and she appeared in an interview with charlie rose on monday where she maintained she would not put u.s. boots on the ground to fight isis in iraq and syria. clinton is scheduled to campaign in alabama and florida today, but two republican hopefuls are in iowa. mike huckabee is holding events today in corning, mt. ayr, bedford, and council bluffs. jeb bush will make stops in dubuque, waterloo, and the dmacc in newton. we'll have more on all the presidential candidates campaign plans today live from washington, d.c.
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eric: today is another day where we are floating around the freezing point. metinka: we have re-freeze in some spots. we are tracking snow showers moving in later today. earlier we had snow flurries toward ames. now we are watching nebraska, those will be heading back in here for the afternoon. it is dry in des moines and chilly. we have a wind chill of 21 degrees so bundled the kids up as you send them to school. they will need the coats, hats, and mittens. temperatures near 34 and holding steady. watch the flurries and showers moving in after lunch. eric: good news for commuters. the new waukee interchange at interstate-80 and grand prairie parkway opens today. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks is live in waukee this morning. so alyx, do we know when the interchange will be ready? alyx: it is officially going to be open for business at about noon.
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opens. this is a big wheel, 15 years in the making and $15 million. west des moines coming in with waukee making sure this happens. the partnership between two communities, roads overwritten with a lot of traffic. jordan creek, hickman really gets back up. this is really going to alleviate a lot of stress on commuters. i know a lot of commuters are looking for to it who say they cannot wait. i wouldn't be surprised if there are some that want to drive down this road because they can at noon. there is something a little unique about this roadway, it is the first of its kind. can you help explain? >> you are excited that this is opening today -- we are excited this is opening today. it is a diamond exchange, the first of its kind in iowa. people will stop at their light and crossover to the other side
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traffic. it is a lot safer and it takes build. alyx: it is safer, less land, quicker. they say the traffic will be they are looking to see if there will be less crashes. >> the data shows there are fewer crashes and they are less severe. alyx: the ribbon coming today, you guys are looking forward to it, thank you for joining us. coming up in the next half-hour, we spoke with a local business that believe this interchange will be a big boost for sales. elizabeth: pretty exciting. still ahead on kcci. children hacked. which toymaker has now put the personal information of hundreds of thousands of kids at risk. eric: plus a new coach. >> i love the challenge. i love the build.
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the right place for me. eric: matt campbell is introduced at iowa state. his plan to turn the struggling cyclone football program into a winner. elizabeth: and holiday gift guide. what to know about some of this year's hottest gifts as you check off your holiday shopping lists. shaina: there may be a few patches of ice left on the roads so keep that in mind. we have not seen any big issues yet. there is no word of major icy areas. you should be good when you head out today. we will give you a live look at the roads now, can see traffic expensive. this should be congested over the next hour or so. it is pretty open for you, so hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 50% more data
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. oklahoma is starting to thaw out after that big ice storm this weekend. and check out what this melting ice is leaving behind.
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you see the icicles at the pole. this photo has gone viral on social media, pretty cool. luckily we didn't have anything quite that intense here. metinka: we ended up with mainly rain across des moines and it was snowing in the northwest with more snow and flurries happening there 0-- aldora. iowa by mid. dress warmly with your warm coats and mittens, temperatures will only one of a couple of degrees heading for highs in the mid 30's. showers through the afternoon but a warming trend and sunshine are in your eight day forecast. shaina: thanks metinka. right now, a city worker in utah is being called a hero after he rescued a woman and her dogs from an icy lake. it was all caught on camera. take a look at your screen. thomas braithwaite was making
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city when he heard the woman calling for help and called 911. police officers responded and pulled the woman to safety. they say she was in the icy water for about ten minutes, and was treated for mild hypothermia. braithwaite says it was a good thing he was running late to work that day, otherwise no one would have been there to help save her life. and the latest technology hack could impact your children. thieves targeted popular toymaker v-tech and stole the personal information of about 5 million customers, including hundreds of thousands of children. experts say names, home addresses, ages, and even children's pictures were exposed. v-tech says it has contacted everyone affected and shutdown part of its website as a precaution. elizabeth: sports news now. a new era of iowa state football is underway with the introduction of the new man in charge monday. eric: matt campbell spoke in ames for the first time as the cyclones' new head coach. campbell comes to iowa from toledo, where he spent four seasons as head coach and one as
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he had an impressive 35 and 15 record in his time there, including three bowl trips. campbell says he's ready to help turn the iowa state football program around. >> this place is special. number two, the fans support the facilities. what you have an opportunity to sell, i think you could go to multiple places around the country and not have what this university has. for me, it is about putting together an unbelievable plan, great people, great leaders, and come in here, crude well, and put the best football team we can on the field every saturday. eric: our sports team was in ames for campbell's press conference, and we talked to a few key players on the cyclone's squad who say they're ready to get to work under the new leadership. allen lazard: he's a players coach. just reaching out to the few us players as soon as he got the job just shows how much he really cares about you. joel lanning: just gotta be willing and ready to work with
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ground running. eric: coach campbell has been in ames before two years ago with his toledo team as they played the cyclones. they lost but they did get revenge in toledo when they beat iowa state. elizabeth: college rankings will be out tonight, but the top 14 likely won't change that much. iowa came in at number four last week and a win against michigan , state in the big ten championship game saturday will secure their spot in the playoffs. kcci will be in indianapolis for the game, and our sports team will host a live preview special friday night at 8:00 here on kcci. eric: in economic headlines right now stocks dropped monday , as investors waited for more details on holiday shopping trends. on wall street, the dow ended down more than 78 points. the nasdaq fell almost 19. and the s&p 500 dropped more than 9. we had black friday, small
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now today is giving tuesday. it is meant to kick off the charitable season and encourage everyone to find some way to give back to their community. you can show your support for your favorite charities on social media using the hashtag #givingtuesday. new numbers show shoppers aren't waiting for santa claus or their family to get them the perfect gift. the national retail federation says nearly 60% of people are self-gifting instead, buying themselves presents. u.s. shoppers are expected to spend an average of $800 on holiday shopping. while that's the same number as last year, the chunk of change people set aside for themselves has gone up to about $132 per person. elizabeth: when you are out, you see things, and you figure you may as well. as the holidays get closer, many shoppers are checking things off their christmas lists. eric: here on kcci 8 news this morning, we're starting a holiday gift guide series to help you with those final purchases.
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wearable technology. elizabeth: the apple watch is one of this season's hottest wearables. starting at $350, it gives iphone users the ability to make phone calls, use apple pay, and track their heart rate and steps. android users looking for a smartwatch option can check out the new moto 360 or the samsung gear s2. eric: if you don't need all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch, fitness trackers are a simpler alternative. they are really popular as well. the $150 fitbit charge is one of the more affordable options for heart rate tracking. and cnet editor scott stein says the jawbone up 2 tracker is also a good choice. scott stein: jawbone's app is probably the best right now for everyday wellness, and that means things like keeping track of what you eat, how you sleep, and how you hydrate. elizabeth: for more holiday gift ideas, you can go to / holiday-gift-guide. we'll have more tips over the next few weeks.
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tech toys. little robots and a lot of cool stuff. eric: it'll help people who don't like to get out and shop. we are waking up to less dicey conditions on the roads than yesterday. mobile speed units everything anything has settled down from -- the whole system has shifted to the north, but we have more snow showers around the backside. if they hold together from nebraska they will move into western and northwest iowa by this afternoon. by 2:00, even the metro will see if you snowflakes with the best chances for a shower -- no showers along north of i 80 -- snow showers north of i 80. we could have received drizzle crossed northwest iowa leading to icy patches. by tomorrow morning everything begins to wind back down and by noon we have holes in the clouds across western and
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evening, futurecast leads in some drizzle. clear skies following, sunshine on the way for the end of the week. for today's snowfall we are expected a trace to a half-inch across central iowa with upwards of an inch to the northwest but that is part of the state that picked up over five inches of snow yesterday and even seven in a few spots. watch for slick spots, when he schools have been affected. even across i 80 westbound across west central iowa with a had freezing rain, they will have icy patches. plus you want to grab the winter coats because it is chilly with wind. wind chills are in the teens and the 20's across the state so bundle up. in des moines we're waking up to clouds and 30 degrees. south-southwest wind at 12 miles per hour, it will be cooler and temperatures won't change much with cloud cover and snow showers coming later on heading for 34 with afternoon snowflakes. tomorrow morning with a few
6:22 am
day sunshine across western iowa and the rest of the week looks fabulous. we can put the wintry mix behind us and highs back in the 40's to near 50 by friday and even the weekend is looking nice and quiet. elizabeth: we will get a look at traffic, are there any issues to be aware of? shaina: one accident. a truck could have something to do with the ice, there could be small patches around town. six and hickman, the truck ran into a hole and -- a pole. keep that in mind and if you are going out anytime soon. we have four mobile speed units. 3900 east 29th street and if you are driving past gray's lake you will see at 1800 fleur drive. o'kelly car north of i-35 at 800 northeast 50th avenue and in altoona at north east 56th street. elizabeth: presidential front runners are out on the campaign
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what's making headlines across
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d.c. next. eric: welcome back to kcci. in commitment 2016 news. donald trump says he's feeling
6:25 am
religious leaders, but they're painting a slightly different picture. elizabeth: meanwhile, hillary clinton is getting support from some on capitol hill. nikole killion joins us live from washington with the latest. nikole: good morning. today republican front-runner donald trump heads to new hampshire for a rally. but its his meeting with dozens of african-american pastors yesterday in new york that's garnering attention. several attendees say it was tense as they raised concerns about his so-called racially charged rhetoric. trump, who had been seeking their endorsment, described the meeting as "inspiring" and said he has no plans to change his approach. meanwhile, democratic front-runner hillary clinton is getting the backing of all the female democrats in the senate, except one, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. today she heads to alabama to mark the 60th anniversary of the montgomery bus boycott. eric: you mentioned her trip but this comes as the state
6:26 am
emails. what do they show? nikole: we are talking about 7800 pages of e-mails. they cover everything from benghazi to the arab spring and palestinian conflicts. things like care appointments and her interest in the tv show "homeland". elizabeth: thanks so much. eric: ahead on kcci. multiple homicide investigations. the cases des moines police are working on right now. the new details we have learned in the last hour or so. plus, data recorder details.
6:27 am
from the airasia plane crash. it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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elizabeth: double homicide investigation. the latest shooting that left two dead. what else police discovered inside the home. alyx: the new interchange and waukee. it will be big or commuters between west des moines and waukee. when you could be one of the first drivers to hit the roadway.
6:29 am
in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: check out this little girl's face. she's happy that you see her reaction in just a second. she has a mad phase turning a and it is going viral this morning turning a, lot of other people's frowns upside down. elizabeth: welcome back everyone. eric: a couple of us experienced it on the way to work. it is a bit slippery out there. i was letting just a little bit. metinka: nothing is falling out there, no new snow or freezing drizzle. the weather has settled down. you may need a heated seat if you are lucky to have one.
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a breeze from the southwest with wind chills in the teens. grab the mittens, it feels like 19 in ames. we do have a chance for more snow flurries or snow showers this afternoon. we are expecting a trace of accumulation in central iowa. maybe an inch or so near fort dodge and temperatures will stay cool, holding steady in the elizabeth: thanks metinka. 30's. for the most part metro roads , are all clear this morning, but there are parts of the state still seeing icy and snowy conditions. this is the latest from the blue areas you see on this map is the roads are partially covered. you will want to take it slow in those areas. as the winter weather continues this season, be sure to keep kcci with you 24/7 right on your smart phone. you can check road reports, live interactive radar, weather alerts and school closings, with the kcci mobile app. eric: right now, des moines police are investigating another
6:31 am
this morning, we learned of the victims are brian howard and heather baloo. inside the home they found two little kids alive. having problems with the video but officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 3900 block of center street monday afternoon. they also safely rescued two children from that same house. the baby and young child were rushed to a local hospital as a precaution. detectives are looking for this man, a person of interest in the case. they have determined the incident is suspicious in nature. this marks the city's 18th and 19th homicide of the year. des moines police are still looking the suspect in sunday's shooting on court avenue. 21-year-old edmanuel perez died in the shooting, and 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. his condition has not been released. people are now looking to city and county leaders for answers
6:32 am
violence along court avenue. they've haven't released any information about a suspect. elizabeth: police are searching for 2 men who shot another man in the chest and leg. it happened in front of the home at 2847 cottage grove, just after 11:00 sunday night. 41-year-old charles shur told police he and a friend were walking home from walgreens when two men tried to rob them. shur said he was shot when the men didn't get anything. he didn't recognize either of the men. also this morning, fort dodge police are looking for an angry speeder who torched a mobile speed truck over the weekend. chief kevin doty: when i got the call that it had been destroyed it was like, really? someone would do that? elizabeth: cell phone video shows the unit fully engulfed. police say it was sitting along the side of the road saturday night when someone set it on fire. the ford suv and all the camera equipment inside was destroyed, about $40,000 in damage.
6:33 am
about two weeks. shaina: news around the nation now, we have new details from the airasia plane crash last year. analysis from the plane's flight data recorder shows a faulty rudder control system led to the crash that killed all 162 people on board. the pilots attempted to respond to the problem, but the plane stalled and crashed into the java sea. aircraft maintenance records show the plane had problems with its rudder system 23 times in the 12 months prior to the crash. investigators say bad weather conditions did not play a role. and boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking for a new trial in a different venue. his lawyers are set to appear in court today to argue the motion. the same judge who presided over the trial will hear the arguments. tsarnaev was sentenced to death in j je for his role in the bombing that killed 3 people and injured more than 200. and today, a second set of jurors is due to be questioned in the trial against one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray.
6:34 am
officer to have his case come to trial. on monday a judge questioned about 75 prospective jurors, some of them will return wednesday for more selection proceedings. officer porter faces manslaughter and several other charges for his role in the fatal incident back in april. eric: it's been a long time coming, but today at noon the new i-80 interchange in waukee will open. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks is live in waukee. and alyx, this is great for commuters, but could have positive impact on businesses. alyx: that's right. businesses tell me if you build it they will come. they are hoping this interchange will give them more visibility and accessibility. that they may not of had when the interchange was not here. they say this will help alleviate a lot of issues with traffic as well like orton creek park way will be a lot -- jordan creek parkway will be a lot better. it is pretty much at capacity and overburdened.
6:35 am
they also think hickman is really overcrowded and this will help that as well. it is a big partnership between west des moines and waukee, it was a $50 million project. they were both supposed to make the funds to make this and this is something they have been working on for 15 years. when we spoke with the public works department of waukee they tell us this will be something new for iowa drivers. the interchange will be called a diverging diamond. there are three in kansas tyci but an explanation is that you will have to get used to walking -- driving on what will feel like the wrong side of the road when you pass over i-80. it is supposed to help limit traffic crossing and make it safer, faster, and it takes up less room for property owners. we are not too far away from the intersection where lanes are
6:36 am
alyx sacks, kcci 8 news. eric: coming up this morning on kcci, dreams coming true. the workers who came together for a struggling friend. elizabeth: plus a surprise delivery. a deserving woman gets an unexpected gift from complete strangers. how delivering a pizza changed her life. eric: and dozing off with santa. this little boys first visit to saint nick is a memorable one. how many people have seen this adorable photo this morning. metinka: we are almost done with the latest round of winter weather and we could use sunshine. shaina: until we get that there will be a couple of patches of ice so keep that in mind. we have seen one accident of a truck sliding off the road into a pole. things are moving right along at 35/80 and hickman. everything is starting to pick up but we keep an eye on
6:37 am
metinka: the weather is quieter this morning, flurries up from ames. these are wrapping around the backside of this system. we are not expecting any major accumulations, mainly just a trace or less in central iowa with upwards of an inch near fort dodge.
6:38 am
coats. the 20's for the rest of the state, in des moines of feels like 21. actual temperatures are close to 30 and that is where they stay all day long, maybe warming a few degrees. flurries possible by noon and showers stash snow showers this afternoon. shaina: a group of coworkers banded together to make a dream come true for one of their own. more than 50 people raised enough money to send resa collier to disney world. friends say she brings joy to all of her coworkers and patients. after a loved one recently passed away, they wanted to do something to bring the joy back into her life. resa collier: the emotion, the happiness, they were my family because i had just lost my father. so they were my new family and they had been with me through thick and thin.
6:39 am
much love i felt. shaina: she plans to take the all-expenses paid trip with her husband next october. someone caught the entire surprise on camera, and it's been viewed more than 100,000 times on facebook. eric: so cool for them. yesterday was cyber monday, today is giving tuesday. kind of a cool thing. elizabeth: another uplifting story this morning. a women from washington state thought she was just delivering a pizza to an area church. eric: but when she got there, she got quite the surprise. members of the church decided to find someone in need, collect cash donations, then give them the money. when nicole carroll brought the pizza to the altar during saturday night's service, the pastor handed her $1,900 in cash. troy asher: i prayed specifically, said god, i want somebody who's either a single mom or a student that's working full time, and she's both. nicole carroll: i was shocked and amazed.
6:40 am
to me doing this, i just go to work every day. eric: carroll is a mother of 3, -- there she got $1900. the pastor says he got the idea from another church. elizabeth: a good day for her, definitely. also going viral, a little voice and indiana slept through his first meeting with center. six month old zeke walters dozed off while in line with his parents to see saint nick. and instead of waking him up, santa told them to let him sleep, and improvised. you can see the result. santa pretending to nod off with a sleeping zeke in his arms. his dad posted the photos on his facebook page and they have been shared more than 500,000 times, and viewed more than 32 million times. it almost looks like something that was staged.
6:41 am
little ones as well. we will take a look over downtown des moines, you can see a cool sunrise coming up over the horizon that will get even better over the next few minutes. metinka will look at the forecast and tell us when we inch closer to 50 degrees. >> ahead only on cbs this morning, charlie rose's interview with hillary clinton.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: no weather worries this morning across central iowa, the main system has shifted to the north with rain and snow across wisconsin. snow showers wrap around the backside to the dakotas and into nebraska. if the snow showers hold together, they will be arriving across western and central iowa. it does ring in snow showers by around 2:00 p.m. and he the best chances for snow by 5:00
6:44 am
flurries continue overnight and maybe a patch of freezing drizzle here or there. by tomorrow morning we have a few leftover snow flurries. in especially to the east. skies start to clear out the crossbar was in iowa and as the system finally gets out of the state, we will have drizzle left over by wednesday evening down near atoma. minor accumulations expected with a half inch or less. upper northwest iowa human ac around an inch of new snow -- you may see around an inch of new snow. the roads are very snow covered the northwestern section of the state. it is causing some schools to delay classes so watch for that. also i 80 westbound could have slick spots in and around that area. a had icy conditions yesterday leading to slick roads. now we are dealing with cold temperatures on the backside of
6:45 am
the teens across much of the area but it is pretty in des moines. some brightening sky out there, 30 degrees in des moines with a brisk wind making it feel around 20. high of 34 so temperatures won't change much. afternoon flurries and light snow showers not amount to much. then, the weather turns really nice for the end of the week and weekend. sunshine is back, and along with that warmer temperatures up near 50. eric: they're hoping it's quiet drive to work. shaina: we do have one accident they are working to clear west of the intersection at 6th avenue and hickman. a truck versus pole. could have something to do with ice. there are patches of ice until the sun comes out. just be careful, give yourself
6:46 am
3900 east 29th street, also by gray's lake at 1800 fleur drive. and a polk county car north i-35 at 800 northeast 50th avenue. and in altoona at the 2700 block of north east 56th street. elizabeth: new flight data from the airasia pla hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 50% more data than verizon and at&t for the same price. but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? no. u.s. cellular sized data. good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular
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shaina: news to go. analysis from flight 8501 showed a faulty rather control system led to the crash that killed all on board. pilots attempt it to respond to the problem but the plane stalled and crashed into the sea. maintenance records showed the plane had problem with it system 23 times in the 12 months for the crash. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking for a new trial in a different location. his lawyers are set to appear in court to argue that motion. the same judge from his trial will hear the arguments. he was sentenced to death in june. jury selection will continue against officer william porter. he is one of six officers charged in the death of freddie
6:49 am
he faces manslaughter and other charges for his role in the fatal act them. elizabeth: police in des moines have identified the two victims found dead at 39 18 center street monday. their 36-year-old brian howard and 31-year-old heather baloo. officers also found two children alive in the home when they arrived on the scene and there were taken to the local hospital. police are looking for this man. he is a person of interest in the case. fort dodge police are looking for an angry speeder who may have torched in mobile speed suv over the weekend. cell phone video shows the unit fully engulfed. it was sitting along the road saturday night when someone set it on fire, causing $40,000 in damage. they hope to have a new unit in place in two weeks. eric: the new waukee i-80 interchange is set to open today at noon. the design is called a diverging
6:50 am
cars will cross over traditional oncoming lanes to reach the new i 80 exit. at other exits. espn will release an updated college football playoff last week and it went against michigan state this weekend in the big ten championship game would secure their spot in the playoffs. rankings will be released tonight at 6:00 on espn. elizabeth: luckily a little quieter in the weather department. metinka: roads are much better, nothing to worry about. 30 degrees in des moines with clouds and a sliver of brightening sky. watch for slick spots across northwest iowa. they are heading for highs near 34 degrees so temperatures don't get a chance to warm up at all today. the afternoon we have flurries or brief snow showers and could end up with a dusting to a half inch of snow across central iowa. flurries move out tomorrow
6:51 am
great weather for the end of the week and even to the weekend. highs will quickly warm near 50 degrees. shaina: we have one accident they are working to clear. if you are near the west part of this intersection, sixth and hickman. there is a truck accident. also add a couple minutes on top of drive times. seven minutes from the west mixmaster and six minutes from the east. everything looks fine if you are coming further from that. eric: several school districts are delayed running at the bottom of your screen and you can get those at elizabeth: cbs this morning is coming up next. inc. for joining us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ncicap.o what if the holidays were about people again? and the four-letter word that defined the season
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