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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 1, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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>> this is breaking news from kcci 8 news. steve: the breaking news we're following tonight is happening on highway 141 northwest of the metro between bouton and woodward. the iowa state patrol is on the scene and is blocking off several miles of the highway. stacey: law enforcement officials in a standoff right now with the man des moines police believe is connected to monday's double homicide. steve: kcci's todd magel is live on scene with the very latest. todd? todd: it is an theory night out here -- an eerie night. no traffic at all, it has been blocked off for several hours by safety vehicles. back in the distance, you can see what we believe in the perimeter of what was probably a standoff that has been happening since about 7:30 tonight. we believe them man as the
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murder, michael wachnik. someone's find a 2002 beijing minivan. they blocked off highway 140 one from woodward, which is just to our west -- rather, east, and to perry which is just to our west. thousands of cars have been detoured around this area since we have been here for the last few hours. you might remember that wanchanic is responsible, according to police, for the double murder that happened in des moines yesterday afternoon. a man a woman were killed in their home. for now, we're just really waiting on highway 141. we're told that a state patrol person is negotiating with wanchanic inside his vehicle. they are using a loudspeaker from a state patrol vehicle.
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i don't know if he is shouting back to the are negotiating, we're told. at this point, is going to be shut down for quite a while. as soon as we hear anything happening, we will get back to you. in dallas county on highway 141. steve: earlier tonight friends , and family held a candlelight vigil at the pedestrian bridge, just down the street from the murder scene on the 3900 block of center street to remember the victims. dozens of people gathered in a moment of silence for 36-year-old bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu. the couple was engaged and lived in the home where the murder happened for about a year. howard's mother says she is overwhelmed by the support at tonight's event. >> it's hard to make sense of anything like this, but i know god's in control, and i know my son is wrapped in the arms of jesus right now.
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even better father to his kids and i'm just sorry they have to grow up without him. steve: the couple had 2 children together. heather's mother spoke exclusively to kcci earlier today about her daughter. >> she was a friend to everybody. she was a sweetheart. she never really talked bad about people. steve: again, 39-year-old michael wanchanic is the wanted for the murders. state patrol officers say they believe he is in a car they have surrounded right now on highway 141 between bouton and woodward. we will continue to monitor the situation, todd magel on the scene. we will bring you live updates as we learn more. stacey: right now des moines , police are still searching for a suspect in sunday's deadly shooting on court avenue. 21-year-old edmanuel perez was shot and killed. 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. his condition has not been
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the shooting is one of a number of incidents sparking security concerns about the downtown district. steve: kcci's ryan smith is live where the deadly shooting took place in front of hundreds of witnesses. ryan: it all went down here at third and court avenue. you can see next to me, multiple lighted candles and immortal with three days after that deadly shooting to honor the man killed here. now, some are questioning how he city the size of des moines with a crowded weekend entertainment district does not have surveillanan cameras outside to assist with security concerns. a string of violent acts in recent months have some calling for increased security on court avenue. in 2015, assaults are up in that area. this is the aftermath of an october beat down. it happened near third and court. the location of sunday's deadly shooting. >> there's not a lot of security supplementing the police department. ryan: retired nypd sergeant louis savelli was recruited by
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he now manages his own security firm. >> cameras have become mandatory and a necessity in the post 9/11 world. ryan: the city of des moines does not operate its own security camera anywhere along the popular entertainment district. savelli says images captured from outdoor surveillance could prove vital in a number of downtown crimes. >> not having cameras in the downtown area and one that's pretty well known within the community, bad guys feel that annonymity so they can do whatever they want. ryan: des moines police investigators are reviewing surveillance video taken from inside private businesses. >> we'll do everything we can do to continue to keep downtown as safe as it can possibly be. ryan: downtown community alliance president gene meyer says his group is now brainstorming new options for improving downtown security. >> do we provide more lighting in parking lots, do you go to surveillance video camera systems, do you employ more officers on additional weekends?
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additional funds. i did speak with des moines city councilwoman christine hensley, who represents downtown. she tells me the city of des moines will consider the option of providing funds for downtown security cameras in the near future. reporting live near downtown ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's , news leader. steve: the downtown community alliance reports that it has $30,000 to spend on off-duty officers for court avenue next year. that is $20,000 short of this year's total. steve: west des moines dentist, doctor shawn kerby, is under investigation tonight after federal drug agents searched his home and office today. he runs kerby family dental across the street from valley high school. last year, his dentistry license was placed on probation for 2 years and the state dental board find him $2500. the penalties came after kerby was charged with
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dispensing drugs and failing to keep patient records when medications were prescribed. the board found doctor kerby had prescribed controlled substances to patients he had not seen for an exam in over a year. the dea midwest spokeswoman did not return kcci's calls to ask -- calls asking about the nature of today's raid of the kerby home. stacey: stick a live look outside from our downtown skycam road. it is a chilly one. during ryan's life shot, it looked like there were some flurries. kurtis: some flurries moving into the metro. these are all wrapping around that decaying area of low pressure. as you can see from ankeny, des moines come out to the west side , i think we see on and off snow showers. a pretty shocked coming in from you local. kind of a double exposure.
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9:00 a.m., still some snow showers. by 3:00 p.m., the clouds should be decreasing. six ago p.m., 33. december is a month of extremes like most months, but look at that. a record high, 69. the warmest december day. 22 degrees below zero on december 23 in 1989. which direction are we headed? i will have the answers with your 8 day forecast. stacey: a new i-80 interchange is now open in west des moines and waukee. state and local leaders have been working on the new i-80 ramps and grand prairie parkway project for more than 15 years now. construction kicked off on the ramps last november. it features a new intersection style for the metro the metro. it is called the diverging diamond. the new ramps are expected to help cut traffic on other busy
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university, and jordan creek. we found several drivers giving it a try tonight. >> well, it leads right up to 80. i think it's pretty self explanatory in that sense but if you keep going straight where it turns the other way, it's very confusing. i had to stop and think for a second like, what i am doing. i think people will get used to it. stacey: it might feel weird for awhile. the cross-over design will make it feel like you're driving on the wrong side of the road. officials urge drivers to pay attention and follow the signs. steve: in commitment 2016 news tonight, republican presidential candidate jeb bush is looking to make a jump in the polls here in iowa. he spent the day campaigning across the state. in waterloo, he gave a hint about who his future vice president might be. mr. bush: should i be elected president, i would have my vice president, i think she will be a
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we always talk about this with one gender in mind i think we've reached the point in our country where, maybe we should be a little less gender specific. steve: very interesting. the former florida governor also spoke this evening to dmacc students at the school's newton campus. the latest quinnipiac university poll of likely caucus goers in iowa has bush polling in the single digits, at just 4%. on the democratic side, front-runner hillary clinton has just announced another iowa campaign stop. she now has a town hall meeting in fort dodge planned for 4:15 p.m. this friday at iowa central community college. stacey: incredible new video out of california tonight where officials are investigating a tanker fire. it shut down the 15 freeway near los angeles in both directions. officials say the tanker was reportedly carrying more than 8,000 gallons of fuel when a
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no injuries were reported. president obama back in the u.s. tonight, firm in his commitment to a global agreement on climate change. he's spent the last two days with other global leaders hammering out a plan to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. diane roberts is in washington tonight with what the president wants and how it's faring on both sides of the aisle. diane: president obama says america's status as a world power and its ability to influence events depends on taking seriously what other countries care about and what -- care about, and one of the things they care about is climate change. while president obama has said au revoir to paris, he's asking representatives of the nearly countries at the climate change 200 conference to remain steadfast in the summit's goal. to get all countries to agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions. pres. obama: this is an economic and security imperative that we have to tackle now. diane negotiators are working on : a global consensus to the problem that includes built-in
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pres. obama: by sending that signal to researchers and scientists and investors and entrepreneurs and venture funds, we'll actually start hitting these targets faster than we expected, and we can be even more ambitious. diane the president also wants : the plan to be legally binding in all countries. that will be a tough sell here at home. the republican-controlled house took up a plan tuesday to block carbon dioxide limits at power plants. rep. ryan: i don't think we're out of step with public opinion wanting jobs, wanting economic growth weighing the costs and benefits against these so called legally binding obligations. they don't add up. i think it's very clear. people want jobs. diane democrats say it's not : about jobs, but rather science. >> when we receive credible peer review study after study after study after study telling us that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and that something must be done about it, we need to listen. diane senate majority leader : mitch mcconnell has warned
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deal obama may strike. in washington, diane roberts. stacey: let's take you back outside live to dallas county where law enforcement officials are reportedly in a standup situation with a person of interest in monday's double homicide in des moines. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
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stacey: we continue to follow the breaking news out of dallas county on highway 141. steve: todd magel is live on the scene with an update. todd: is a cold, snowy night. a very quiet highway 141 is cut off from traffic because of the standoff. you looking west toward perry. there are several squad cars iowa state patrol in the dallas county sheriff's office. they believed they spotted the beige minivan liking to -- many been belonged to michael wanchanic earlier tonight. they have had to detour thousands of cars around the area here. expect delays. at this point, we don't know what they are talking about. as you know, he is charged in
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we will be here live in case anything happens. stacey: the holiday seasons officially started in clive. the annual light the plaza event lights up the corner of nw 86th street and university. after the ceremony, the party continued across the street at bruegger's with a visit from santa, hot chocolate and cookies. steve: you might have noticed that it looks like a lot of iowa farmers have forgotten to harvest a single strip of corn in their fields. don't worry it's intentional. ,the iowa dot is asking more farmers to leave 8-10 rows of corn in their fields to create natural snow fences. they pick stretches of road that are prone to snow drifts. the farmers get a little extra money for their crop, and plow drivers say it is really working in areas like the one we found today, near rockwell city. stacey: all right kurtis, you gave us quite the tease earlier this evening. could we be going towards -22? kurtis: we do have warmer days
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a pleasant start of our december. it is a chilling what out there tonight. flurries flying downtown. dew point, 27. west winds at 10. super doppler 8, this area in blue, some snow showers and flurries. in the metro, activity from ames, madrid, ankeny. all of this kind of dropping down to the southeast. you can see the snowflakes zoomed in. typically on a warm day you get the prettier snowflakes like this. 6 a.m., snow showers. 33 at 9:00 a.m. i think flurries should be ending by then. clouds are starting to clear in
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northwest winds at 16, gusting to 21. we have 30.3 inches in the year 2000 in december. the average snowfall for the month at nine inches. 2002, just a little bit more than a trace. snow wrapping around this area of low pressure. again, the moisture has so far to go. nasa wrap up around canada and swing back in. still spinning around with those snow showers and flurries. if you are traveling to the east, light snow green bay to chicago. look to the west, it is all sunshine and temperatures in the 40's. that is what is headed our way. high pressure builds in. we squeeze out a little bit of a northwest when. the clouds pulling out as the day goes along. snow showers wrapping around through the early morning hours. midmorning flurries.
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through the metro around 3:00 -3:30. thursday, filled with sunshine. as we move into friday, more sunshine across the state and actually across most of the midwest. low temperature tonight down to 30 degrees. a few locations may pick up a dusting. that would be yet. most places just see some flurries. tomorrow morning, 37. northwest winds at 10-20. here comes some great sunshine. friday, 48. nothing but sunshine. mostly sunny on our saturday. letters in the 60's. stacy is clapping. because of my performance or the forecast? steve: thank you, kurtis. let's go back out to dallas county where law enforcement
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standoff with the man who is the person of interest in sunday's double homicide in des moines. we're told a negotiator is on
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stacey: training tonight, this baby enter -- baby emani and her mad face watch what she can do on command. >> show me your mad face, haha. -- show me your mad face. show me it again. that is hilarious. steve: people can't stop watching this. the video, first posted on vine, has been shared thousands of times across several social media networks. let's go back out to todd magel who is northwest of the metro. it looks like maybe they have caught the suspect. todd: we do have updates on our breaking news. we were just talking with the woodward fire department. they have been blocking off the
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they just walked up to our car. they said they are not opening up this road. they believe that they do have mr. wanchanic out of his vehicle. they said he was perhaps in a ditch near his car. just behind me, where you see those flashing lights. it looks like the stand up here in dallas county is over. they believed to have mr. wanchanic out. it is a good sign that they are opening up the roads. we will stick around and find out what they discovered and if we get anything before the show, will get back to you there. steve: way to turn to sports now. scott is in. iowa football, isu hoops. who needs more? scott: the hawkeyes a right
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some loud criticism by somb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working.
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we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids
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now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. scott: from coaching hot seat to coach of the year. kirk ferentz has led the hawkeyes to an incredible turnaround, and he gets to add one more honor to this year. he was named the conference coach of the year.
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running back jordan jensen every is -- jordan canzeri is third team all big 10. the new college football rankings are out. the top five remain the same. number four iowa in position for some big things. if they win the big title game and the rest stays the same, i would like clemson in miami and where the national semifinals in the orange bowl on december 31. i would just has to win one more game to get there. nationally syndicated host paul finebaum has "zero chance" against michigan state. that's funny because the players , remember playing 12 times this fall and winning them all. >> in the big ten, if you don't come to play every week, it
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they have seen it, we have seen it. there are a lot of teams in the big ten where the records don't show how good of a team they truly are. >> we have played a lot of good teams as well. there are a lot of teams we have played. everyone plays a good opponent. michigan state is a really good opponent as well. scott: they would be 130-0 if they can knock off the spartans saturday night. we'll have a live, hour-long special friday night at 8:00 right here on kcci. the new cyclones football coach matt campbell says he is blown away by support from the fans and that is before he even got a taste of hilton magic. he was in the house tonight when i was state took on north dakota state. first play of the game.
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that will cost you. he throws down the oop. mckay had a career-high 19
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84-steve: we want to take you back out live to rural dallas county one more time. breaking news we have been following all night long. todd: steve and stacy, we have
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highway 141. i'm to the west, if you can see past this dallas county sheriffs car, you can see the scene. we think the minivan is just off in front of those taillights there. this was the page minivan we believe belonged to mr. wanchanic. he has been hold up in that vehicle here until about seven: -- since about 7:30 tonight. we were told just about two or three minutes ago that they do believe they have him out of the vehicle in a ditch. he is under arrest. a good ending. -- a good ending, we believe, for the standoff. we'll have the very latest video and of course the latest on his potential arrest coming up tomorrow morning on kcci news this morning. we live in dallas county, todd magel, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: at talked to said, he
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