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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it is 33 degrees in des moines. the roads will be slightly affected your most will be lightly affected it here is your planner. drilling to a couple of flurries by noon. headed for a high of 37. we have a lot of sunshine and a big warm up. elizabeth: first at 4:30 a late night stand-off ended tuesday night in dallas county. eric: authorities found and arrested a man wanted for questioning in a double-murder monday in des moines. several miles of highway 141 were blocked off tuesday night in dallas county after authorities found a vehicle matching the description of the suspect michael wanchanic. he was spotted just after 6:00 last night at a casey's store in woodward. after being spotted by an officer he fled in the minivan before the van died stranding him on the highway. dallas county authorities said he surrendered after getting cold. he is a person of interest in the double-homicide of 36-year-old bryon howard and
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he lived in the home with the couple but was not related to them. elizabeth: earlier tuesday night friends and family held a candlelight vigil at the murder scene to remember them. dozens of people gathered in a moment of silence for howard and belieu. the couple was engaged and lived in the home where the murder happened for about a year. howard's mother says she is overwhelmed by the support at the event. >> it's hard to make sense of anything like this, but i know god is in control. i know my son is wrapped in the arms of jesus. he was an awesome son and an even better father to his kids and i'm just sorry they have to grow up without him. elizabeth: the couple had two children together. heather's mother spoke exclusively to kcci earlier about her daughter. >> she was a friend to everybody. she was a sweetheart. she never really talked bad about people.
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still searching for a suspect in sunday's deadly shooting on court avenue. 21-year-old edmanuel perez was shot and killed. 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. his condition has not been released. the shooting is one of a number of incidents sparking security concerns about the downtown district. elizabeth: with the suspect still on the run some are questioning how a city the size of des moines with a crowded weekend entertainment district does not have surveillance cameras outside to assist with security concerns. kcci's ryan smith reports. ryan s.: a string of violent acts in recent months have some calling for increased security on court avenue. 2015 assaults are up in that area. this is the aftermath of an october beat down. it happened near third and court . the location of sunday's deadly shooting. >> there's not a lot of security supplementing the police department. ryan s.: retired nypd sgt. louis savelli was recruited by camp dodge to train iowa law enforcement. he now manages his own security
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>> cameras have become mandatory and a necessity in the post 9:11 -- the post-9/11 world. ryan s.: the city of des moines does not operate its own security camera anywhere along the popular entertainment district. savelli says images captured from outdoor surveillance could prove vital in a number of downtown crimes. not having cameras in the downtown area and one that's pretty well known within the community, bad guys feel that anonymity so they can do whatever they want. ryan s.: des moines police investigators are reviewing surveillance video taken from inside private businesses. >> we'll do everything we can do to keep downtown as safe as it can possibly be. ryan s.: downtown community alliance president gene meyer says his group is now brainstorming new options for improving downtown security. >> we provide more lighting in parking lots do you go to surveillance video camera systems?
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additional weekends? elizabeth: a council woman that represents downtown tells kcci that adding security cameras are an option the city is considering. the downtown community alliance reports that has $30,000 to spend on off-duty officers for court avenue next year. that is $20,000 short of this year's total. eric: a west des moines dentist's home his office were raided by federal drug agents this morning. as well as another location on des moines' eastside. the home and office are connected to dr. sean kirby -- dr. shawn kerby. mark tauscheck explains why this is not the first time kerby has been in trouble. mark: undercover agents with the des moines dea office removed computer equipment and rifles neighbors say dr. shawn kerby is an avid hunter. they also seized the dentist's pickup truck. neighbors say the agents were there much of the morning. dr. kerby has run kerby family dental across from valley high school for eight years according to his website. employees told us he was not in
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license was placed on 2 years probation and he was fined $2500 by the state dental board. the penalties came after kerby was charged with indiscriminately prescribing or dispensing drugs and failing to keep patient records when medications were prescribed. the board found on multiple occasions dr. kerby had prescribed controlled substances to patients he had not seen for an exam in over a year. the dea midwest spokeswoman did not return kcci's calls to ask about the nature of today's raid on kirby's home -- on kerby's home. eric: neighbors we spoke to said kerby is divorced with 3 kids and lives there with his fiancee. they call kerby a great guy very nice and were shocked to see drug agents raiding a neighboring home. elizabeth: we will check in with metinka and a few flurries. metinka: it may affect -- it may affect your morning commute. a burst of heavier snow near
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so far the roads are really unaffected. maybe just wet out there but there could be slippery patches near the fort dodge area. road surface temperatures are hovering near freezing. skies will clear to the west. check out tomorrow's forecast. sunshine and highs in the 40's. elizabeth: a new i-80 interchange is now open in west des moines and waukee. state and local leaders have been working on the new i-80 ramps and grand prairie parkway project for more than 15 years. they feature a new intersection style for the metro the diverging diamond. the new ramps are expected to help cut traffic on other busy metro ramps like hickman university and jordan creek. we found several drivers giving it a try last night. >> it leads right up to 80. i think it's pretty self explanatory in that sense but if
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turns the other way it's very confusing. i had to stop and think foar second, what i am doing. i think people will get used to it. elizabeth: it might feel weird for awhile. the cross-over design will make it feel like you're driving on the wrong side of the road. officials urge drivers to pay attention and follow the signs. eric: gas prices have dropped below 2 dollars a gallon across much of central iowa. and now one financial magazine says one dollar a gallon gas may actually be in our future. money magazine published an article online monday quoting some energy analysts saying the midwest and gulf states should continue to see gas prices drop. those analysts point to high refinery output relatively low -- refinery output, relatively low gas taxes and cheap oil that has led to a global surplus. gas stations in texas are already selling gas as low as $1.40 a gallon. the low prices at the pump are leading to record sales of bigger cars. kcci's vanessa peng has more
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vanessa: as the price goes down consumers are looking up. >> probably going to be a record year for large truck sales this year. vanessa: more iowans are buying bigger cars. >> cheap gas makes people behave a little bit differently in terms of their purchases. vanessa: iowa state university economist dave swenson says consumer tastes are changing from smaller cars to trucks and suvs, thanks to cheap gas and a recovering economy. >> cheap gas is a big component of consumer confidence but consumer confidence has improved , people's incomes, household incomes have gotten better. vanessa: ames ford lincoln owner casey johnson says they'll be up 25% in car sales this year with trucks being a big part of that. >> we've got super low fuel prices at $1.95 which we haven't seen in a long time. we've got unbelievably low interest rates and then we've got high rebates. so those three things put together have really taken truck sales to a new level. vanessa: the low gas prices have also helped rv sales.
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sales and service here in colo they have seen a 20% jump in , sales within the last year. >> it looks like next year is going to continue on as long as gas doesn't jump up or some crazy thing like that happen. you know i think we'll be fine. i think the future looks pretty good. eric: the owner casey johnson says their most popular car is the ford f-150. coming up on kcci donald demands. the gop front runner says he may not participate in the next debate. what he's requesting from cnn. elizabeth: and as the president leaves the climate change conference outside of paris he reiterates the u.s.'s strong support of a g it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices.
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i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. we've got a few light snow showers moving from fort dodge through the metro area, tracking to the southeast. it may reduce your visibility if you are getting an early start. grab your warm winter coats. a little bit on the cool side. snow showers will be diminishing to just flurries around noon time.
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highs near 37. warmer temperatures and more sunshine are in the forecast. i will detail it out coming up in the 8-day forecast. eric: the iowa caucuses are two months away. donald trump still leads the republican field here and he's making waves again. elizabeth: now trump says he may not participate in the next cnn forum unless the network meets his one demand. chief political reporter cynthia fodor has the latest. cynthia: the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the next debate 2 weeks from tonight. now donald trump wants cnn to pay him to be on one of the highest rated shows with more than 20 million viewers. >> how about i tell cnn who doesn't treat me properly they don't. they just don't. right? but how about we do this with cnn, i won't do the debate unless they pay me $5 million all of which goes to the wounded , warriors or go to vets.
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i would love to do it. cynthia: trump would also love to stay on top in iowa but his lead is shrinking with ted cruz on his heels. in the last quinnipiac poll trump remained first with 25% while cruz edged out ben carson for second with 23%. now cruz says he doesn't expect trump to ride the wave all the way. >> i don't believe donald trump is going to be our nominee. i don't believe he's going to be our president. cynthia: cruz is one of the only opponents trump hasn't attacked but after hearing that he had this to say. >> hey there's only one way to get to the top and it's all through trump, let's face it. they have to. they have to. even i think cruz is going to have to hit me because you know he's a nice guy. and he's been so supportive but at some point he's going to have to hit me, right? it's going to be a sad day but we will hit back i promise. elizabeth: republican presidential candidate jeb bush is looking to make a jump in the polls here in iowa. he spent tuesday campaigning across the state. in waterloo he gave a hint about
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might be. >> should i be elected president , i would have my vice president i think she will be a great partner. i mean -- oh wait did i say that out loud? [laughter] we always talk about this with one gender in mind i think we've reached the point in our country where maybe we should be a little less gender specific. elizabeth: the former florida governor also spoke tuesday evening to dmacc students at the school's newton campus. the latest quinnipiac university poll of likely caucus goers in iowa has bush polling in the single digits at just 4%. eric: on the democratic side front-runner hillary clinton has just announced another iowa campaign stop. she now has a town hall meeting in fort dodge planned for 4:15 this friday afternoon at iowa central community college. elizabeth: time is 4:45.
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and the snowflakes floating around the central iowa. the mix master you might want to
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there could be s >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. we are waking up to snow showers. don't worry, it is not going to
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we are tracking snow through boone, down through perry. all tracking to the south east. there is a little more yet to come. this band extends back to southwest south dakota. it is all lifting away. you will notice in proving whether by this afternoon. these snow showers will continue to diminish down to a couple of flurries as we head toward noontime. by early afternoon, skies begin to clear. by 8:00 p.m., there could be a few flakes near waterloo. not much in the way of accumulation is expected. well under .5 inch. so far, it is not affecting your rose. -- your roads.
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a breeze coming in from the northwest, making it a little bit chilly. grab your warmer coats as you're headed out. snow falling in the city. 33 degrees. it is a pretty morning out there. no severe winter weather is expected today. those flurries will be heading out by noon. a high of 37 with weeks of sunshine. the forecast gets better and very quickly. tomorrow, highs jump back into the 40's. highs will be near 50 degrees as we head toward friday. a lot of sunshine coming. elizabeth: thanks metinka. eric: president obama is back in the u.s. this morning, firm in his commitment to a global agreement on climate change. elizabeth: he's spent the last two days with other global leaders hammering out a plan to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. diane roberts in washington with more on what the president wants
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sides of the aisle. diane: president obama says america's status as a world power and its ability to influence events depends on taking seriously what other countries care about and what they care about is climate change. while president obama has said au revoir to paris he's asking representatives of the nearly 200 countries at the climate change conference remain steadfast in the summit's goal. to get all countries to agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions. >> this is an economic and security imperative that we have to tackle now. diane: negotiators are working on a global consensus to the problem that includes built-in reviews every five years. >> by sending that signal to researchers and scientists and investors and entrepreneurs and venture funds, we'll actually start hitting these targets faster than we expected and we can be even more ambitious. diane the president also wants : the plan to be legally binding in all countries. that will be a tough sell here
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the republican-controlled house took up a planet to block carbon tuesday dioxide limits at power -- took up a plan tuesday to block carbon dioxide limits at power plants. >> i don't think we're out of step with public opinion wanting jobs wanting economic growth weighing the costs and benefits against these so called legally binding obligations. they don't add up. i think its very clear. people want jobs. diane democrats say it's not : about jobs but rather science. >> when we receive credible peer review study after study after study after study telling us that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and that something must be done about it we need to listen. ,diane senate majority leader : mitch mcconnell has warned other countries not to trust any deal obama may strike. in washington, diane roberts. elizabeth: still ahead, from
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the metinka: good morning. we are checking snow across the state. moving in from northwest iowa right into the des moines metro area. it is tracking south east. it is blossoming the past half hour. watch for reduced visibility and a little bit of accumulation. you can see enough to cover the sidewalks and most of the road. about .5 inch has fallen overnight. here in des moines, our roads are just wet. you can see a little bit of accumulation right on the soldier -- right on the shoulder area. in des moines, 33 degrees. headed for a high of 37. the weather gets better and better. elizabeth: here's a look at the latest college football playoff rankings. as expected no change in the top 4. clemson, alabama, oklahoma and iowa still top the list. michigan state comes in at
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big ten championship game very important for the hawkeyes. and there's some really good news this morning for head coach kirk ferentz. he is the big ten coach of the year. eric: ferentz has iowa in its first 12 and 0 season in school history and primed for a big ten championship game showdown saturday. tony seeman has more. tony: in a recent interview, kirk ferentz says iowa is the team playing with house money. the hawks doubt it by critics has a chance to silence them with the title. >> rather just winging it. we're treating it just like any other game. the staff has done a great job of that. we are a couple of days in to the preparation. we are a private team. let's go see what happens.
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the hawks are cool, callm and collected. >> you can get too excited or get too big of ahead. all of the excitement about getting into a championship game. every week we chip away. now we are here. tony: on paper, iowa and michigan state look pretty similar. to win a title, it comes down to fundamentals. is there good to make planes -- >> they are going to make plays. it is going to dictate the success we had. tony: we find out saturday night. tony seeman, kcci. eric: the iowa hawkeyes and the michigan state spartans square off in the big ten championship game this saturday in indianapolis kickoff is just after 7:00. you can watch it on fox. kcci sports team will be there in indianapolis. we will have a live pre game hour long special this friday at
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