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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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one police official is fired amid questions over a shooting death last year. why protesters say that's not enough. good morning and thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: it's wednesday, december 2nd. it looks like december outside. metinka: yes, a bit of snow coming down. it might limit visibility and make side streets slippery. but it is light from fort dodge through des moines toward atoma. the darker shade east of the metro may be more moderate but it quickly moves to the southeast. the roads are wet in des moines, 34 right now. a high today of 37 and the snow should be out by noon. you might see sunshine later on today and a good-looking warming trend in your forecast. elizabeth: big stories in central iowa now. a late night stand-off ends with a new development in a double homicide investigation. michael wanchanic was spotted just after six tuesday evening at a casey's store in woodward.
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interest in a double homicide in des moines on monday. several miles of highway 141 between bouton and woodward were blocked off for nearly five hours while police engaged in a standoff with wanchanic. police say the van that he was in died, and he eventually got too cold, threw a handgun onto the highway, and surrendered around 10:30 p.m. 36-year-old bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu were the victims in monday's double homicide. their friends and family came together last night for a candlelight vigil at the pedestrian bridge at 42nd street in des moines. howard's mother says she is overwhelmed by the support for her son and his fiance. dawn marks: it's hard to make sense of anything like this but i know god's in control and i know my son is wrapped in the arms of jesus. he was an awesome son and an even better father to his kids,
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grow up without him. elizabeth: again, the person of interest in the case, 39-year-old michael wanchanic is in custody. officials say he lived in the home with the victims but was not related to them. eric: des moines police are also still investigating a deadly shooting on court avenue. 21-year-old edmanuel perez was shot and killed early sunday morning. 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. police have not yet found a suspect in this case. this shooting is one of a number of incidents sparking security concerns about court avenue. we've learned the city of des moines does not operate its own security camera anywhere along the popular entertainment district. retired nypd sgt. louis savelli was recruited by camp dodge to train iowa law enforcement. he says images captured from outdoor surveillance could provide vital information in a number of downtown crimes. sgt. louis savelli: not having cameras in the downtown area and one that's pretty well known within the community, bad guys feel that annonymity so they can
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eric: downtown community alliance president gene meyer says his group is now brainstorming new options for improving downtown security, including surveillance cameras. the downtown community alliance reports that it has $30,000 to spend on off-duty officers for court avenue next year. which is actually $20,000 less than this year's total. elizabeth: a west des moines dentist is under investigation this morning after federal drug agents searched his home and office tuesday. dr. sean kirby runs kirby family dental. last year, his dentistry license was placed on probation for two years when he was charged with indiscriminately prescribing or dispensing drugs and failing to keep patient records when medications were prescribed. the dea did not return calls for more details on the raid. we'll have more information as we get it. eric: developing this morning, a new call for the justice department to investigate chicago's police department. shaina humphries is watching that development this morning. what are they asking for, shaina? shaina: eric, this request follows the release of a video
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shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times last year. the illinois attorney general is now asking the justice department to look into whether chicago's police practices violated federal law. the chicago police superintendent was fired tuesday, but protesters took to the streets again to demand mayor rahm emanuel and cook county state attorney anita alvarez be fired as well. some activists are accusing emanuel of trying to hide the video of the shooting from the public. and developing around the world right now, the u.s. military says it's planning to send about 200 special operation forces to iraq to intensify the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter says the troops will focus on conducting raids, gathering intelligence, and capturing isis leaders. also happening this morning in the fight against isis, british lawmakers are set to debate and vote on a measure to launch their own air strikes in syria. and a jury is likely to be finalized today in the trial against one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray.
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manslaughter and other charges for his alleged role in the april incident. baltimore's police commissioner says his department is ready for any unrest that may arise during the first trial. several protesters gathered outside the courthouse on tuesday, calling for justice and an end to police violence. elizabeth: an important part of the bakken pipeline project has been approved. the south dakota public utilities commission approved its portion of the 1,100 mile project that runs from north dakota oil fields to illinois. the iowa utilities board is still holding hearings about iowa's portion of the project. those are scheduled to run through this friday. the board says it expects to announce its decision later this month or early in january. eric: you may have noticed it looks like a lot of iowa farmers have forgotten a strip of corn in their fields this season. it's actually intentional. the dot is asking farmers to leave 8 or 10 rows of corn in their fields to serve as natural snow fences. they pick stretches of roads prone to snow drifts, and the
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for their crop. plow drivers say it really is working in areas like here near rockwell city. and the latest look at shows although most roads around the metro are clean this morning, there are still some partially and completely covered areas, green means normal, pink means partially covered. it's not like we are getting a lot. it is the leaflet -- leaf blower variety. metinka: in the metro, temperatures are warming up so roads will just let. in the northwest it is colder so we are seeing a snow-covered situation. it is moving to the southeast pretty quickly and the back edge of snow is near pocahontas and carol. this is our webcam, you can see
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a light dusting, maybe up to a half-inch. you have to bundle up, grab warm coats. we are heading for highs today near 37 degrees with a big warm up tomorrow. elizabeth: from coaching hot seat to coach of the year. kirk ferentz has led the hawkeyes to an incredible turnaround, and gets to add one more honor to an already impressive year. eric: the big ten named ferentz the conference coach of the year last night. this is the fourth time he has won that honor. quarterback cj beathard was named second team all big ten, and so were lineman austin blythe and jordan walsh. runningback jordan canzeri made third team. elizabeth: here's a look at the latest college football playoff rankings. as expected, no change in the top four. clemson, alabama, oklahoma, and iowa still top the list. that makes this week's big ten championship game very important for the hawkeyes. if they beat michigan state and everything else stays the same in the rankings, iowa will play clemson in miami for the orange bowl on december 31st.
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bust for the hawkeyes this saturday in indianapolis. game time is just after 7:00 p.m. on fox. before that on friday night, kcci is hosting a big 10 championship preview special. we'll be live in indianapolis as the hawkeyes get ready for the spartans. join us starting at 8:00pm. you'll hear from fans, players and coach ferentz leading up to saturday's game. eric: iowa state football now has some assistants to go along with new head coach hire matt campbell. campbell brought his offensive line coach tom manning with him from toledo. alex golesh was with campbell a few years ago at toledo before going to illinois, he'll be the tight end coach. cornerbacks coach dk mcdonald and director of scouting john kuceyeski will also follow campbell here. and lou ayeni was with campbell two seasons ago before coming to ames to work for paul rhoads. ayeni stays on as isu running backs coach. and matt campbell was there getting a taste of hilton magic at the iowa state basketball game last night.
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support he's seen in ames so far. in just the first couple of days. the fifth-ranked cyclones hosted north dakota state. first play of the game, the bison forgot to put a man on 6 foot 8 senior jameel mckay, and he throws down an alley oop from georges niang. that started things off well for the cyclones. went on to have 15 points and a they career high 19 rebounds. the cyclones pulled away in the second half, winning 84 to 64 and staying undefeated. elizabeth: still ahead, e. coli outbreak. a recall linked to a celery mix used by costco spreads to more stores and more states. what you need to know ahead. eric: plus, christmas tree shortage? why it may be a little tougher to find your perfect tree this holiday season. alyx: unfortunately, the holidays are a peak season for credit card fraud. coming up, how to stay safe and keep your money safe. shaina: it is a nice light
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creating many issues on the roads. it should be good for you when you go out, the roads are wet so keep in mind. we are going outside to take a look. this is at 3580 and douglas. you can see roads are slick so there hasn't been much, much of it is selling to pick up and
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. washington, d.c. is getting ready for the holidays. at the white house, first lady michelle obama got the first dogs bo and sunny to join the decorating committee. the first lady instagrammed this picture of the pups in front of the tree now standing in the oval office. eric: and house speaker paul ryan will light this year's u.s. capitol christmas tree tonight. this year's tree is the first one to come to capitol hill from alaska since the tradition started in 1964. it will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made by children in alaska. the tree will be lit each day
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january first. this is the true that actually pulled right through the metro area week or so ago. we saw that move through dallas county. it feels like we're getting toward christmas. metinka: kind of gets you in the mood for holidays. we are tracking radar from fort dodge through the metro and toward lamoni. even though we have a few heavier bands that could limit visibility and make side streets slippery. it is feeling chilly with brisk northwest wind and feeling like mid teens and 20's. afternoon it will be a good day, 37 and close to seasonal averages but sunshine returns and along with the sun, a big warm up. shaina: check out how much snow they got this week in sioux falls, south dakota. people there are now cleaning up the nine inches that fell monday, breaking a daily record for that area.
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accidents were reported over the last two days in south dakota and parts of minnesota. a new round of testing of the olympic water in rio de janeiro has found no improvement in water quality. rio is set to host the 2016 summer olympic games next august, and the water in which some athletes are expected to compete is filled with disease-causing viruses linked to human sewage. brazilian officials who had promised to clean things up in time for the games are now saying that won't happen. and a recall stemming from an e. coli outbreak at costco has expanded. the fda says contaminated celery from california-based taylor farms pacific was the source of the illness. the recall now includes 155,000 items including salads and vegetable trays from stores like walmart, costco, target, and safeway. the affected products were primarily distributed in western states, but stores in nebraska, georgia, and arkansas were also affected.
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items is available at eric: nearly 32 million people in the united states were victimized by credit card breaches last year. the holiday shopping season is a vulnerable time. elizabeth: working hand in hand with your credit card company or bank can help keep you safe. kcci's alyx sacks joins us in the studio. alyx it seems like everywhere we turn there's a new scam. alyx: that is the hard truth. what you should always remember when shopping online or in stores is that there are a lot of ways fraudsters can try to get your money. unfortunately there is no way to be immune to it. but being aware helps. online shopping is where consumers are most vulnerable. when shopping online, make sure the website is secure. one way to check is looking for a lock icon by the url. also check in with your financial institution, sign-up up for alert features that are available.
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transaction on your card. next check your accounts , frequently. take advantage of new technology, like digital wallets. like apple pay, google pay, and samsung pay. that way, you never have to pull out your card, and your card information is never exchanged. lastly, beware of scams, like robo calls. don't give personal information over the phone unless you have verified who you're talking to. todd pietzsch: if you use the tools that are out there for you to manage your accounts, you're going to be the one that's in control and not the fraudsters. alyx: there are tools with your smart phone like those apps that can send you alerts and some ask if those are safe. we will explain why coming up. eric: you just have to keep on top of it. alyx: that's exactly right. elizabeth: another warning about holiday shopping this morning. experts say the online shopping craze is inspiring more thieves to swipe packages from doorsteps. nearly 23 million americans say they've had packages stolen from their homes. travelers insurance says to
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specific delivery time if possible, or ask the delivery company to hold your packages at a nearby store. eric: wall street kicked off the new month on a positive note. the dow ended up more than 168 points on tuesday. the nasdaq gained more than 47. and the s and p 500 was up about 22. and here's some good news. december has been historically good for investors. they hope see more good numbers in the future. you might have a harder time finding a real christmas tree this holiday season. and if you do find one, it will likely be more expensive. the u.s. department of agriculture says the number of farms growing trees across the country has declined by more than 30% while demand is up. cyber monday this year was a record breaker. reports show shoppers here in the u.s. spent three billion dollars during the online sales holiday. that's up 12% from last year,
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sales day in u.s. history. elizabeth: what's old is new again for toys this holiday season. classics like legos, crayola, and barbie are getting high-tech makeovers. eric: retro but kind of cool. check out what's new in our holiday gift preview. mattel's view master is back, now with a complementary smartphone app. kids can experience 3d virtual reality from around the world, even check out outer space. elizabeth: the new lego dimension set brings physical lego characters to life through xbox or playstation games. and hello barbie is a new doll that connects to the internet, and can have actual conversations with your child. the barbie recognizes what you say and can discuss anything from food to literature. eric: finally the crayola easy animation studio is giving coloring a new twist. kids hold a smartphone over the page they colored, animating their characters and scenes. so what they colored comes to life.
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we have kind of a snowy morning on our hands. metinka: a little bit but step away from the shovels. you don't need them this morning, it is just light snow that will be out of here by noontime. right now we have snowflakes from ankeny to grimes, and even the airport. up in, they have had just enough snow to cover up tire tracks. it is pretty much winding down across northern iowa. this snow has been coming out of minnesota and the back edge of it is already near the fort dodge tracking to the southeast. we will watch this diminished the rest of the morning. it is on the backside of the system that has been bugging us, finally heading out and check out what's coming. nothing quite heavy for the next several they stretch. by midmorning, snow will diminish the flurries and by noon, a couple of flakes left over. followed by clearing skies. a bit of sunshine is possible to
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that much of accumulation today, just a trace to a half-inch. it might be enough to slick and -- make roadways like. mainly in the side street areas. in des moines, our roads are wet but it is feeling chilly. wind chills in the teens and 20's. feels and looks like winter. 34 degrees, a northwest winds at 14 miles per hour making it feel like the mid-20's. the snow will be out of here by midday. giving us sunshine later on. the weather gets better tomorrow, and keeps getting better. toward the weekend, highs jumping back into the 40's will quickly melt the snow. your sidewalks will improve this afternoon. highs in 50 degrees by friday into the weekend and it looks great. eric: no flakes left. elizabeth: we want to get a look at traffic.
6:22 am
issues. there is a disabled vehicle on i 80 west of mitchellville. normally they don't mention them but it could be blocking quite a bit of the roads so keep that in mind in the area. other than that, accident free. roads are wet from the dusting, keep that in mind. here are your mobile speed units . des moines police car south of grand at 400 southwest 42nd street. on the southeast side at 300 east mckinley avenue. polk county car on the 1300 block of northwest 60 6th avenue. and the southside ankeny on the 1800 block of northeast with the 9th street. eric: controversial comments. some presidential candidates are stirring up controversy this week on the campaign trail.
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eric: welcome back to kcci. two commitment 2016 news were controversial comments make headlines. elizabeth: nikole killion joins us live from washington. it is senator ted cruz who is turning heads.
6:25 am
overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. that statement is something the fact checkers at politico back and the washington post jumped on giving it a mostly false rating and four pinocchio's. crewsuz has been rising in the polls saying he doesn't believe donald trump will be the nominee. however, trump took a softer tone saying he sometimes feels guilty for not serving in the vietnam war. donald trump: i have friends that served and they are very proud of it, some are no longer with us because of the fact that they served. they were brave in many ways. nikole: trump returns to the campaign trail with a rally in virginia. eric: it seems like we get a new poll out every time and there a new poll this morning. what does it show? nikole: this one has been put out pretty frequently but it shows that donald trump is still on top and gaining.
6:26 am
with 27% support among likely gop voters followed by marco two. ben carson seems to be fading at number three, tied with ted cruz at 16%. eric: nikole killion in washington for us. thanks. elizabeth: coming up on kcci, getting into the holiday spirit. what one iowa town is doing to celebrate their progress. and how another family got creative in setting up their tree. plus the latest details from an late night standoff.
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elizabeth: standoff arrest. the late night situation that ended peacefully. why police wanted to speak to this man. eric: plus downtown security concerns. the recent incident that's raising new questions. how officials are working towards a solution. elizabeth: and department under fire. the new calls from officials in chicago to investigate policing tactics. actions they've already taken in the city. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this
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elizabeth: welcome back. eric: along with shaina and metinka. our garbage cans were all out and it was just nearly white on the top. shaina: i had a layer on my car. the light, fluffy stuff is easy to remove. metinka: had it's just enough for the kids to get excited. but the good news for us is it won't stick around. we're tracking it on the radar picture, most of the snow is from fort dodge through des moines and even toward atoma. they will be with us through the next several hours but it will finish by noon time. our roads in des moines are just wet and it is brisk at 34 degrees that we have wind chills into the 20's. the snow will be heading out giving way to peeks of sunshine mainly across western iowa. highs today will stay in the 30's. he have 40's and 50's in your a day. eric: taking a look at some big stories this morning. a late night stand-off ended
6:30 am
authorities found and arrested a person of interest in monday's double-homicide. michael wanchanic was spotted just after 6 tuesday evening at a casey's store in woodward. several miles of highway 141 were blocked off four nearly 5 -- for nearly five hours. authorities found a vehicle matching the description of the suspect. wanchanic fled in the minivan before it died, stranding him on the highway. chad leonard: after about four hours of sitting out here in the cold, the suspect decided to give up and he ended it peacefully. eric: wanchanic is wanted for questioning in the double-murder of 36-year-old bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu. he lived with the couple, but was not related to them. heather's mother spoke exclusively with kcci about her loving daughter. deanna dunn: she was a good mother. she loved her kids very much. she was a caring. dress she was caring. she was a good-hearted person
6:31 am
eric: tuesday night friends and family held a candlelight vigil. they gathered at the pedestrian bridge just down the street from their home to remember howard and belieu. elizabeth: des moines police are still searching for a suspect in sunday's deadly shooting on court avenue. the shooting is one of a number of incidents sparking security concerns in that area. the city does not operate its own security cameras there. but investigators are reviewing surveillance video from inside private businesses. the downtown community alliance says it is looking for ways to improve downtown security. local dentist shawn kerby is under investigation after federal drug agents searched his home and office. last year, his license was placed on probation for two years and he was fined $2,500. the penalties came after he was charged with indiscriminately prescribing or dispensing drugs and failed to keep records. the state dental board found doctor kerby had prescribed to patients he had not seen for an
6:32 am
investigate the chicago police department. this comes after the release of a video showing a white officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. the illinois attorney general is asking the justice department to look into the police to see whether they violated federal and constitutional law. for days, protestors have taken to the streets and city hall in response to video of the 2014 shooting. meanwhile the mayor of chicago has fired the police superintendent and created a new task force for police accountability. defense secretary ash carter says more u.s. special forces will be deployed to syria to take on isis. the team is expected to be based in northern iraq. it will include assault teams and other units. secretary carter told lawmakers the force will be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture militant leaders. and baltimore police officer william porter is set to face a jury in the first trial in the death of freddie gray. the 12 jurors will be seated today, and opening statements
6:33 am
porter has pleaded not guilty to all of his charges, including manslaughter. he's just one of six officers charged in the case. elizabeth: up in flames, the hot christmas toy that has the ability to explode. what one family lost from this popular item. eric: some help from the storm troopers. the fun way this family set up and got ready for their -- alyx: the top things you should be doing to stay safe from fraudsters this holiday season. metinka: roads may be snowy but it will soon melt things away with temperatures headed to near 50 degrees. shaina: we will take a look at some of the wet roads, but nothing major. we have a bit of a slowdown on westbound i 80 near mitchellville. there is a stalled semi. hopefully that will get moving soon.
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metinka: good morning, tracking snow out there early on this wednesday morning from fort dodge to the metro over toward atoma and council bluffs, tracking to the southeast. it is very light that it may be coming down just enough to limit visibility. it is starting to affect
6:37 am
in des moines are roads are wet but just outside the city you will have partially covered roadways. try not to be in a hurry getting out the door. snow showers will be continuing through noon before coming to an end. we put it behind us with sunshine appearing this afternoon. today will be eight cold day so grab the jackets and mittens. but toward the end of the week highs near 50. eric: new this morning billions , of dollars are lost every year in credit and debit card fraud. shaina: tis the season for online shopping, but that is responsible for a good amount of fraud. elizabeth: alyx sacks went to the experts. and alyx, what can someone do to protect themselves? alyx: it's all about getting control back into the consumer. these criminals are constantly looking for a weak link to try and steal information. there are several steps you can take to keep your accounts
6:38 am
and spokesman for the credit union, todd. todd: consumers need to look for the tools to give them the control to manage their finances and take advantage of them and put yourself in control. alyx: like apps on your smart phone, they help you monitor your balance more frequently which is recommended. chase, bank of america verify through visa and american express. they all have alerts you can manage. anytime there is a purchase on your card, it can be sent your mobile device. even when the card isn't present in the case of online shopping, it will to you how much is charged and where and the date. these apps are safer than you think. he says these are encrypted and sent to a secure location. the cost of u.s. payment card fraud grew by 29% to $7.1 billion. live in the studio alyx sacks.
6:39 am
eric: so many people use their credit cards and debit cards every day. got a be careful. shaina: in the morning buzz today, we're seeing multiple instances of popular holiday gifts going up in flames. elizabeth: gives a new meaning to the hottest toy of the season. shaina: a kid in alabama was riding his hoverboard when it exploded. just as he was stepping off parts of the scooter ended up flying across the yard. he is unsure of what caused the board to explode, but apparently it's not stopping the kid from getting another one. elizabeth: he is not deterred, i guess. and in louisiana, one family may be without a home because of the hot toy. jessica horne: i just seen sparks, like shhhhh, like shooting like a firework. and before i had time to even say that it was on fire, the house was on fire. the entire middle of the board, just poof. i mean it just literally exploded. eric: that's awful. elizabeth: four people and two dogs were home when they say the
6:40 am
charging. so far, neither company has recalled the products. but the parents are warning people to use caution if they get a hoverboard for christmas. shaina: you really start to have her, just on shrapnel. eric: well we are a little more a couple weeks away from one of the biggest movies of the year: "star wars." and although the storm troopers are the bad guys they were the , good guys in missouri. the storm troopers helped a family set up their christmas tree. they positioned the action figures at various stages of the set up, rolling out the red cloth, setting up the stand, raising the tree. the storm troopers got their workout. and even appearing to carefully review the instructions. then they unveiled the tree to darth vader himself, and posed for a victory shot at the top. that's some good work. shaina: very creative. elizabeth: and mark zuckerberg is a new dad and is celebrating with a pledge to give billions
6:41 am
shaina: zuckerberg announced on facebook that his wife priscilla chan gave birth to the couple's daughter maxima chan zuckerberg early last week. in announcing their daughter's birth, the couple also pledged to donate 99% of their facebook stock, which is worth about $45 billion. it will go to "during our lives" to promote equality and the human potential. eric: if they are looking for the human potential, $45 billion is a whole lot for it. well, an oklahoma police officer made quite the unusual transport. a miniature donkey named squishy. the officer responded to a call regarding a donkey on the loose in the city. and to ensure the safety of the animal, he drove the donkey to a nearby home for safe keeping. officers say that squishy was only in police custody for about 4 miles.
6:42 am
you have to laurie goodman -- you have to laurie goodman with some bait. elizabeth: take a look at downtown des moines through the skycam. metinka is back with your forecast after the break. >> on cbs this morning, isis sympathizers in all 50 states, why it is hard to find them.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, you are waking up to snowy roads across parts of the state. a light dusting across the street, otherwise it looks pretty. give yourself plenty of extra time. just in case roads are slippery. we have light snow northwest toward fort dodge through des moines toward atoma and even council bluffs. it is tracking to the southeast. it is on the backside of the system affecting our weather the last several days.
6:46 am
we have improving weather to the west. nebraska to the dakotas is quiet and that is what we will move in here for the rest of the week. today we start with snow showers that will diminish by noon. just a couple of flakes leftover over and this afternoon western iowa will see sunshine. this evening looks quiet, the could be flurries left over near waterloo and we will get started on a great stretch of weather. we expect a bit in the way of accumulation with a dusting to a half-inch across much of the area and across much of central iowa. roads are in ok shape although central iowa is starting to be affected with the slide -- side streets getting slippery. grab a warm coat with wind chills in the teens and 20's. no severe snow or ice or severe cold expected today. 34 in des moines northwest wind brisk at 15 miles per hour.
6:47 am
we will have plenty of sunshine in the rest of your forecast and with that sun comes warmer temperatures, just what we needed. any snow that fell today will be melting away with highs friday and saturday either side of 50 degrees. a beautiful weekend and a great start to next week. eric: there are a couple of delays this morning, but let's check traffic. shaina: if you are near a school there is a problem on i-235 near 31st street. effectively slowing things down soon as traffic picks up. on i-35 -- i-235 the 31st. i-80 westbound, this semi-has not been able to get moving. it is slowing things down there. you see the orange and westbound lanes so if you are inbound on i-80 keep that in mind.
6:48 am
here are your mobile speed units . southeast unit at -- a polk county unit in des moines at 1300 northwest 56th avenue. and 8800 northeast the ninth street -- 29th street. it's time to rise and shine. at kum & go, we're doing more for you to start your day right. like serving up a friendly "good morning" along with breakfast sandwiches & breakfast pizza, yes pizza, & donuts & muffins & coffee that are all made fresh & hot in our store's kitchens every day.
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shaina: belgian police have raided five more homes in the brussels area overnight and have detained two people for questioning regarding the paris attacks.
6:50 am
asking the justice department to look into policing tactics in chicago. this comes after the release of a police video showing a white officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. the mayor of chicago has fired the police superintendent. a new task force for police account ability has been implemented. the u.s. is getting pushed back for a plan to send a new special operations unit to step up the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter presented the plan yesterday but iraq's prime minister says his troops are up to the task and foreign combat forces are not needed. the jury in baltimore will be seated for the first trial stemming from the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is one of six charged in the case. he pleaded not guilty to all charges including manslaughter. opening statements may heard today as well. elizabeth: we learned the man involved in tuesday night's standoff has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.
6:51 am
several miles of highway 141 were blocked for nearly five hours while police engaged in a standoff. the van that he was in died eventually and he surrendered when he got too cold. he is a person of interest in the death of 36-year-oldbryon -- bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu. family and friends came together for a candlelight vigil. authorities say the man lived in the house with the victims but was not related. des moines police are searching for a suspect in sunday's deadly shooting on court avenue. the shooting is one of a number of incidents sparking security concerns. security cameras are not operated there but the downtown community alliance is looking for ways to improve downtown security. eric: kirk ferentz has been named coach of the year in the big ten. this is the fourth time he is
6:52 am
clemson, alabama, oklahoma, and iowa are at the top. championship game very important for the hawkeyes. they beat michigan state and everything else stays the same in the rankings. iowa would play clemson in the orange bowl. indianapolis. come game time, it will be 7:00 p.m. on fox. we had will have a special big ten championship preview special that is an hour long and live in ready for the spartans. join us at 8:00 p.m. and hear from fans, players, and coach kirk ferentz. elizabeth: we don't have to worry about shoveling. metinka: it will be melting, snow is falling across much of central iowa. it is showing signs of diminishing.
6:53 am
snow-covered even here in central iowa. you might need a few extra minutes. this afternoon. some sunshine later on and we have a great trend of whether coming our way with highs back end of the week. shaina: a couple of issues on the roads that could affect you eastbound on i-235 near 31st street. there is an accident eastbound on the entrance ramp and i 80 rest bond west of mitchellville. try to avoid those if you can,
6:54 am
eric:jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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