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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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at the scene. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino, california. stacey: a live picture right now from san bernadino right now. just about an hour ago officials held a news conference updating the latest information. steve: fbi officials spoke about their role in the investigation including whether or not they were looking into this a -- into this as a possible terrorist act. >> at this point i know one of your questions is going to be, is this a terrorist incident, and i'll tell you right now we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. so we start from the beginning working with our local partners . we take the presumption that it may be, it may not be. steve: president obama was at the white house today when all of this was unfolding. stacey: he was briefed on the situation right before he sat down for an interview with cbs' this morning's norah o'donnell. pres. obama: the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world, and there's some steps we could
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of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. stacey: this is the second mass shooting in less than a week. 57-year-old robert dear is accused of opening fire friday in colorado springs. stick with us for the latest on this story. we will be bringing you updates in this newscast. also stay informed with kcci online and our mobile app. steve: shocking details this afternoon in the disturbing murders of a des moines couple. police arrested suspect michael wanchanic last night after a 4-hour standoff in the middle of a rural highway. kcci's kim st. onge is live in des moines with new documents in the case. kim: steve, some of the details in this criminal complaint are pretty disturbing. it revealed that wanchanic allegedly took the gun from his stepmother's room, then shot
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several times while they were asleep in their room inside this home here in the 3900 block of center street. their five week old baby was in heather's arms when she was killed. just over 24 hours after at that shooting, officers came face to face with wanchanic in a standoff. >> suspect is down, moving to clear the vehicle. kim: at least 30 officers surrounded michael wanchanic's broken down van on highway 141 in woodward for several hours tuesday night while negotiators tried to convince him to surrender. >> he had a hand gun and he was threatening to take his own life. kim: police tracked down wanchanic around 6:00 at a p.m. nearby caseys after his license plate caught chris charron's attention. >> i grabbed my phone and i was shaking and i told siri call 911.
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casey in reference to a vehicle that they're looking for in reference to a double homicide in des moines. kim: when police arrived, wanchanic took off, getting only 2 miles before his van suddenly stopped starting the nearly 5 , hour standoff. >> i think he just got too cold sitting in there any longer and he eventually got out on his own and gave up. a peaceful ending to an intense standoff. >> i was just a small part. the police, what they do, i just can't imagine that. kim: a small role in getting justice for the victims and their families. >> nobody goes to work hoping that something like this happens. i'm glad all the officers were able to go home knowing it was a success and didn't have to see another dead body. kim: wanchanic is at the polk county jail tonight, charged with two of first degree murder. still no word yet on a motive. live in des moines, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news
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stacey: a teenager is charged with possession of pictures depicting bestiality. fort dodge police say 18-year-old nicholas loftus also faces multiple drug and pornography charges. police say they found evidence in the bestiality case during search warrants for two fort dodge men pulled over in nebraska. they were coming back from colorado with 30 pounds of marijuana in their possession. one of the men lives at the same address as loftus. officers found evidence on an electronic device owned by loftus. the case is still under investigation. in mingo, authorities are asking for your help to solve an attempted burglary case. these new surveillance photos were released today on the jasper county sheriff's office facebook page. you can see an individual and vehicle used in the attempted burglary at greencastle tavern on november 29. if you have any information, call the jasper county sheriff's office. that number is on your screen. steve: it has been a decade-long saga. the battle over des moines illegal franchise fee and now a
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beginning. kcci's mark tauscheck is live in des moines with more on the refund process. mark: this week, midamerican energy utility customers who lived in des moines between 2004 and 2009 started receiving notices in the mail informing them of what their refund will be from the franchise fee class action lawsuit. in the summer of 2004, lisa kragnes sued des moines over a city tax called a franchise fee that appeared on midamerican utility bills. the city contended it paid for vital city services like fire protection and libraries. in 2006, a judge ruled the franchise fee an illegal tax the -- illegal tax. the court judgement against the city was for $40 million, which is why residents like jim clark are now receiving their refund notices in the mail. but later, state lawmakers ruled iowa cities can collect
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the 5% franchise fee legal, for the next six years, it will be at 7.5%. extra money the city is collecting to help pay back that $40 million they borrowed after losing the class-action lawsuit. which is why clark says his 300 dollar refund check will be bittersweet. >> it's just cash right now, then later on we'll pay for it all over again. mark: the 3 refund notices i saw today were for $150, $233, and $302, to give you an idea. after you get your notice, you have until the end of april to file your claim. live in des moines, mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: snowflakes falling this morning in the metro. we took these pictures and west des moines off 235 at 63rd street. a few salt trucks making the rounds as well.
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kurtis: today, we did move above the freezing mark. 36 in the metro, webster city 34. starting to clear out a bit off to the west. beautiful shot coming in your local. notice we are going to cool down. not outrageous for december. it will be a crisp morning. new, 39. i think by 3:00 p.m., 44 degrees. you are going to have spring fever with these temperatures. friday, 49. saturday, 50. i have the latest futurecast, we will see if there is any precipitation on the way in the next eight days. steve: the state corrections department says a fort dodge inmate serving 2 life sentences
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62-year-old jerimiah connolly died on saturday of end-stage emphysema. connolly was convicted in the 1980 killings of an elderly couple in pottawattamie county. authorities in cerro gordo county are investigating the death of a man found unresponsive inside a county jail cell yesterday morning. authorities are identifying the man as 28-year-old dacota alan witham of mason city. he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. witham was the only person in the cell at the time of the incident. 4000 pigs are dead after a fire that destroyed a hog confinement in washington county. investigators haven't said what caused last night's fire at brenneman pork near wellman. no workers were inside at the time. >> commitment 2016. a new poll is out and it doesn't
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steve: continuing to monitor the breaking news in california. at least 14 people have been killed another 14 are wounded, , in a mass shooting at a social services center. police are now searching for as many as 3 shooters, who apparently got away. we will bring you the latest breaking details when kcci 8self. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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e you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know. announcer: this is iowa's news leader.
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steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. stacey: we want to update you now on the breaking news we have been following all afternoon. a mass shooting at a social services center in san bernardino, california. steve: here's what we know so far. 14 people confirmed dead. 14 others are injured. the search continues for 3 shooters. >> information that i think is probably the most reliable at this point is that the suspects have fled, potentially in a dark-colored suv. we do not have any identification on who those suspects are. we do not know what the motive is for the shooting at this point. stacey: once again a live , picture from san bernardino. the search for the 3 gunman continues at this hour. as soon as we learn new information, we will bring it to you. steve: and commitment 2016 news the first votes will be cast in , the 2016 presidential campaign in just 8 weeks.
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donald trump widening his lead nationally, but here in iowa, it's a different story. kcci's sally kidd live in washington with that. sally: support for ben carson appears to be slipping. as the campaigns look ahead to the next gop debate, and the iowa caucuses. ben carson, virtually tied with donald trump in recent weeks, has dropped to third place in a new quinnipiac university poll. dr. carson: the government will grow and infiltrate. sally: trump gets 27% support with his next closest rival , marco rubio trailing by 10 points. carson and ted cruz are both at 16%. but 8 weeks out from the iowa caucuses, cruz is nearly tied with trump in the hawkeye state. >> i think we're seeing voters more attuned to matters of international significance and maybe that's turning them back more toward rubio and cruz who are identified with some of those foreign policy issues in
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sally: trump is firing back at critics who question his claim that thousands of people cheered on the terrorists from jersey city rooftops after 9/11. a campaign advisor tweeted a 2001 news clip from a cbs reporter to back up the claim. mr. trump: they're now finding a lot of people are saying "yeah, that did take place in new jersey, right?" sally: but the reporter puts the number of people celebrating at eight. meantime, chris christie went after trump in a radio interview with laura ingraham, calling the billionaire businessman a nonthreat, saying he's not qualified to be president. he said the same about marco rubio. on the democrats' side, the quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton widening her lead over senator bernie sanders. she's outpolling him 2 to 1. live in washington, sally kidd, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: trial has started for the first of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. a prosecutor says officer
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gray's life by pushing a button on his uniform to call for a medic. porter's attorneys dispute that claim and others, including exactly when gray was critically injured in the back of a police van. stacey: christmas decorations are popping up all over, but none like this. doug churchill of des moines has taken his flock of flamingos and created quite a head-turner on westover boulevard. complete with rudolph the red nosed flamingo and flamingo claus himself. he put it up 3 days ago and says people have been stopping to take pictures. >> a smile, a laugh, that's about it. i do it for fun. stacey: churchill says he puts out themed flamingos for several other holidays as well. steve: an update now on the breaking news in san bernardino. we go to cnn. >> running back westbound on the
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they are trying to figure out if it is clear to approach. trying to find a position of cover and concealment. we have an additional suspect to the right side of the vehicle. they are focusing solely on that vehicle. the suspect, they can be pretty assured, is down in the middle of the street. right now, waiting, calling out to see if there is any additional activity in this vehicle. i think that original scene might have been the situation where the original shootout occurred and there might have been an officer down. not confirmed, just reports that there could be an officer down. two or three vehicles hit, multiple officers -- unconfirmed. this is something that is associated with the shooting,
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rifle down at the suspect's feet . you can see here -- >> that you have it, those gruesome aerial shots. a very gruesome scene there. we are not going to show the body that is apparently there on the scene. tom fuentes, you are watching what is going on. a very gruesome scene. tom, it looks like this is an active situation that has not been resolved. tom: they are still trying to determine if someone else's in that vehicle.
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enough, tinted glass that you can't see through it. we don't know if it is a good or bad guy down on the street. wolf: could be a police officer, could be one of the suspects if there is more than one. >> they have to be careful, this is a residential neighborhood. you are talking about high-powered rifles. law enforcement is taught that you have to have a target to shoot at. you can see, they are using actual front yards and fences of people's neighborhoods to make sure that they have a good angle on this particular vehicle. >> we are breaking in now with new developments in the mass shooting earlier today in san bernardino california. you may recall from earlier that witnesses reported three gunman
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office building had escaped in a dark suv. now, the police have stopped this suv in southern california. it is surrounded. we have not seen any activity there. i don't see anyone in the vehicle. but this is a police armored vehicle that is approaching the suv that they stopped. this is a live picture of what is happening now. earlier today, about 2:00 eastern time, 28 people were shot, 14 of them killed by what witnesses described as three gunman dressed in military gear with assault rifles. the target was apparently a holiday party at a california state office building in san bernardino. these are live pictures. we see police with their weapons
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the vehicle is surrounded. witnesses said the gunmen who attacked the building got away in a dark-colored suv. these are the police armored vehicles approaching that suv, which they stopped. our correspondent carter evans is on the ground. carter: we just saw dozens of police cars racing at a high rate of speed. there were swat vehicles with armed police officers hanging off the side. there are reports of gunfire not far from here and there may be some activity surrounding that and that is where all the police officers are headed right now. that may give you an idea of what is going on with that vehicle. >> it looks to me, on that closer shot from the helicopter,
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passenger-side windows were broken on that vehicle, possibly shot out, possibly something else. but it appeared that the windows on the drivers side and the passenger side were broken. these are the swat teams with the armored vehicle approaching as if someone was in the suv. it also appears the rear window of the suv is broken. this is a live picture from our helicopter. the officers acting very much like there is someone in or around the suv. again, all of this is in response to the shooting. there is a police briefly happening now, let's listen in. >> at this point, the number of fatalities has remained at 14. we have a telephone number we
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who would like to be united with their family that was possibly actually in land regional center. that telephone number is 80 0-637-6653. we are asking that anybody that has family that was at this facility call this telephone number first and the person will advise you where you need to go in order to talk to somebody and get reunited with your families. >> you have an ongoing tactical situation up the road here with a suspect down and officer possibly down? >> i did hear the radio traffic. i believe there may be a suspect down. it is my understanding that the officer is ok. i don't have many updates on that other than the officer is ok.
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again, there is a dark-colored suv and i believe there is one suspect down. it is very active and we will update u.s. soon as we get more information on that. just one scene. >> and just one suspect? >> i only know of one, that doesn't mean there is not more at this point. >> please repeat once again, there is an active scene related possibly to this mass shooting earlier, what is going on? >> the only thing i know is, there were shots fired, officers were involved, and there is a suspect down. whether it is related yet -- whether it is related, we don't know yet. we will remain out here and we will update u.s. soon as we get any additional. >> were any officers hit in the exchange of gunfire between the
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>> i cannot confirm that. i know that all officers are ok. whether they were struck, i don't know. this is such an active, fluid investigation. there are so many aspects to it and we just don't have that information at this time. >> is the building clear? we saw the school buses go by. >> it is my assumption that witnesses and victims were in those buses. but i don't know if the building is completely cleared yet. >> what about the condition of victims at the hospital? how many people are hospitalized and what, generally, if you can tell us what the conditions are. >> i have heard that they range
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trying to escape and they go up as high as gunshot wounds. i don't know their status. >> why the number go up three this hour? where did these three come from? >> i don't know, it was just an update that the fire department provided us. >> i heard that there were gunshots, is that correct? >> we will be back at 4:00. stacey: we're going to break away from our cbs special report and get back to the coverage by cnn. >> 17 people wounded. they are working this active scene as well as this scene that you are seeing from the aerials from our affiliate. again, they do confirm that they have a number of officers responding to the scene. the massive police presence
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wolf: i want to go back to alberto, our cnn producer. was there suspicion that a suspect or more could have been hiding out in that church? alberto: from the position i am looking at, it looks like the police officers were surrounding and checking out the parameter. now it looks like they are not -- they look a little bit more relaxed. but doubt, there are more pleased that are moving further south from the church. we are looking at an area of the leased 3-4 blocks. the church is probably the northwestern ad should of that search area. i can see 1, 2, 3, four blocks down officers.
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church do seem a little bit more relaxed but it is rd to tell what is happening because the police will not let us move from this location. wolf: "there, we will get back to you. this a military, armored vehicles on the streets of san bernardino. on the bottom of the screen there is a body there, we are not showing it to our viewers. >> more than likely, those are swat armored cars. it looks like they have the suspect vehicle blocked in so that it is not able to move anywhere. you also see a third one between the body and the suspect vehicle. it looks like -- steve: we're going to go to cbs news coverage. the cbs evening news with scott pelley covering the mass shooting.
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some of them were injured escaping, so we don't know precisely how many were shot. we do know police have reported at this moment 14 dad, some others in critical condition at the hospital. is this the suspect or suspects? we don't know. the police have told us, in the last few minutes, that no in this. you can see a number of police officers surrounding the vehicle. the vehicle matches the rather broad description that was given. police did not have a very good description of the gunmen. one witness told us that there were three dressed in black, carrying assault rifles, extra magazines, but she could not see their faces and could not tell their race.
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scene unfold live, let's go to jeff in our washington newsroom. jeff: investigators have had a name to go on as they tried to track down the people responsible for the shooting. there was one name. they have not revealed that name, but we know there was a name floating around law enforcement circles. of course, as you mentioned, there is a scene now. there were shots fired. a suspect down, possibly related to the shooting. scott: do not go away, we're not going to leave this coverage, but we are going to pause for just a moment to begin the cbs
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