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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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terrorism for this investigation , and i've told a few of you already, we will go where the evidence takes us. it's possible it goes down that road, it's possible it does not. stacey: authorities are not ruling out terrorism tonight. as they investigate a deadly mass shooting in california. steve: right now, the fbi is rating an apartment connected to one of the suspects. stacey: at least 14 people were killed and 17 injured when gunmen opened fire at a social services center in southern california. police are still clearing the building after finding a possible explosive device. steve: 2 suspects were killed following a shootout with police. another has been detained. swat teams raced through the streets of san bernardino as police searched for the gunmen who attacked the inland regional center 60 miles east of los angeles. police located an suv they believe was used by the suspects and a shootout followed. , one officer suffered non-life
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>> of the suspects that are dead at the scene, one is a male and one is a female. they were dressed in the kind of assault style clothing. steve: the social services facility serves people with disabilities in the area. police say up to 3 people entered the building and opened fire at a conference area where the san bernardino county department of public health was having a banquet. >> they were armed with long guns, not handguns. steve: debbie alvarez's daughter was inside the building. >> she texted me and said she was told, and she told me she was shot in her side. and they were pretending to be dead because these guys were still out there. steve: president obama sent his condolences to the victims and once again called for tougher gun laws. pres. obama: we don't know who the shooters are but we do know is there are steps we can take
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steve: authorities don't know whether this shooting is related to terrorism. >> is this terrorism? i'm still not willing to say that we know that for sure we're -- for sure. we're definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. breaking tonight, law enforcement officials identifying one of the suspects as syed farook. he reportedly has connections to the apartment the fbi is now raiding in redlands. hospital officials are updating the conditions of some of the injured tonight. one area hospital says they are treating 5 patients, 2 of them are in critical but stable condition while 2 others are in fair condition, and one is still being assessed. president obama is urging the u.s. tonight to not let gun violence become "normal." but as kcci's ryan smith reports iowans say mass-shootings now , seem to be all too common. ryan: as tragedy unfolded in san
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>> i just think it's terrible. ryan: iowans offer compassion. spend just a few minutes in the downtown skywalk, it's obvious the sentiment in the west coast is mirrored here in the heartland. >> crazy. there's too many shootings. too much bad stuff going on here. i mean, you hear about it but this is insane. literally, they need to do something. ryan: mark scroggins' reaction from the scene echoes that of zillur rahman, a des moines wells fargo employee. >> this looks like non-stop, it's happening every now and then. the government is doing nothing about it. i think they should do something about it. ryan: iowans we spoke with say it is sad the words "active shooter" are becoming part of our vocabulary. defining a mass shooting as an incident with 4 or more people injured or killed by gunfire, "the washington post" reports san bernardino marks the 355th mass shooting this year.
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calendar days. >> i'm just pissed off this is happening every now and then. it could happen here. ryan: ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: fbi officials continue to raid the apartment tied to a possible suspect in today's mass shooting. a bomb disposal robot is near the mass shooting scene where an explosive device was found. we will continue to update you throughout this newscast as we learn more. stacey: we had the breaking news last night at 10:00. an hours-long stand-off in the middle of highway 141 with a double murder suspect ends peacefully. tonight, that suspect, 39-year-old michael wanchanic, is behind bars charged in connection with monday's deadly shooting. 36-year-old bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu were killed where they lived in the 3900 block of center street. disturbing details of that murder revealed today in a criminal complaint. it says wanchanic allegedly took the gun from his stepmother's room, then shot howard and belieu multiple times while they
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their 5-week-old baby was asleep in heather's arms when she was killed. a team of special trained negotiators helped bring wanchanic into custody last night. todd magel live in studio with how that tactic works. todd? todd: a dallas county deputy, an iowa state patrol officer, even an urbandale police officer spent 4 hours talking to the double murder suspect. all are skilled negotiators who used words, not guns. >> still stopped in traffic. he hasn't got out or anything. todd: the short police chase on highway 141 near woodward ended quickly. michael wanchanic's stolen van broke down. and even though he had a gun, the law enforcement team determined that negotiation would be the best way to deal with the murder suspect. >> oh yeah, these negotiators, you know, they train a lot. they do a good job, they did an outstanding job tonight. todd: dallas county sheriff chad leonard says his deputy was the lead negotiator. the state patrol helped out too. >> sincere, honest communication
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todd: sergeant brett tjepkes heads up the patrols negotiation team. >> if we have some good communications skills, hopefully we can build some trust and try to influence behavior to a positive direction. todd: jepkeys says negotiators used the public address system on their patrol cars to talk to wanchanic. after 4 hours of back and forth, he got cold, and gave up. >> gun is in front of him, he's out of the vehicle. >> we're listening to what this person has to say and we're listening to what they say and we are trying to give them positive alternatives to end a situation peacefully. todd: and that's just what happened. >> you can mark him detained and everybody is secure. todd: the state patrol has 20 state, and most major police departments have several as well. in the past two years, the state patrol team has been deployed 48 times, including last night. stacey: todd, how do they decide when to negotiate? todd: it is up to the incident commander on the scene.
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area last night, no chance of anyone being hurt they decided , there was in imminent threat, and they had the space and time to talk it out. steve: but think a live look outside. the iowa dot camera. you can see the road thinking a little bit less in some places -- a little bit wet. kurtis: we're only dropping down to the 20's. if you strive as clouds around 6:00 a.m.. sunshine, 9:00 a.m.. average high, 38. i know it is not spring but it is sure going to feel that way. maybe 50 on saturday. holding onto the 40's of a slide
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it looks like temperatures are going to be above normal. i'm going to save it. that is the tease. your december precipitation outlook and the temperature outlook coming your way in a few minutes. stacey: we will take you back out live to san bernardino, california, where authorities are investigating a mass shooting. they are awaiting a news conference and expected to update everyone very soon. the fbi is raiding an apartment for evidence right now. at least 14 people were killed, another 17 hurt in the attack at the facility for people with developmental disabilities. police say two suspects, a male and a female, were both killed in a shootout with police. a third suspect was detained, no word on his connection to the shooting. officials say a potentially explosive device was found in the building. the bomb squad is on scene. no word on a motive for the attack. authorities say they are not
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as we learn more. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's
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stacey: fbi officials raided apartment to look for evidence in today's deadly mass shooting in san bernardino, california. 14 people died in another 17 were hurt. law enforcement officials identified one suspect has -- one suspect and he has connections with the apartment in california. >> the focus has now shifted to this neighborhood in redlands. the building behind me under surveillance this afternoon. when they saw a black leave ended up being involved in the shootout. since then, police have gotten search warrant's and have been going into the house using an armored vehicle. all the streets surrounding this building have been closed off. police are bringing in crime scene investigators to look at
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no more explosives inside this building. while they continue to process all of the crime seats. back to you. stacey: we will continue to keep an eye on the scene and update you throughout this newscast as we learn more. stay with for any developments. steve: a trial is underway for six -- for the first of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say he could've saved gray's life by simply wishing a button on his uniform to call in medic. porter was not involved in gray's initial arrest but he was present at five of six stops that the transport van made after gray was taken into custody. gray died of a severe spinal industry -- severe spinal injury. steve: -- stacey: right now
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, officials are in hawaii investigating a dengue fever outbreak. 117 people have been infected from the mosquito-born disease on the big island since september. about 15 of those people are visitors to the state. 29 are children under the age of 18. symptoms include a high fever and severe joint and muscle pain. it's transmitted by infected mosquitos, but can also spread from person to person. a holiday tradition tonight in washington, d.c. house speaker paul ryan lit the capitol christmas tree. this year's tree traveled 4000 miles by land and sea from alaska to washington, dc. it will be lit each night through january 1. steve: a rare procedure performed at the iowa state university veterinary medical center is helping vets understand and refine the use of prosthetics in animals. stacey: and it has dramatically changed the life of one curious 3-year-old feline. >> vincent was brought into the shelter as a very small kitten. stacey: and immediately, they knew something was wrong.
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>> was missing the lower part of -- >> it was pretty obvious that he was missing the lower part of both hind legs. stacey: with a whole lotta help from dr. mary sarah bergh, an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at iowa state vet med -- his prostetic was made >> -- >> his prostetic was made especially for him due to the xrays and mris and ct scans and stuff done at iowa state. stacey: vincent has had a number of surgeries and treatments to place and adjust the titanium prosthetics into his leg bones. necessary, but not an easy thing to see in your pet. >> it was scary. i'm not going to lie. it's a whole different thing knowing your going to have metal poking out of your cat and then to see it. stacey: you can see they did -- you can see vincent is healing and adjusting. as for his mobility -- >> he can run with the best of them. he runs around the house like a crazy cat. stacey: the company that makes the prostetics donated the materials at no cost to the shelter. vincent's legs will get longer. you notice they were pretty short. the shorter legs are so that vincent can work to gain his muscle strength.
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match is front legs. steve: way to go, vincent. it has been great and gloomy for too long. kurtis: it looks like we will get some sunshine in here but we will start out with the cloud cover. temperatures are starting to cool off, but not bad. wind chill, 27. look what a little bit of snow cover. what a contrast. sioux city at 12 right now. 35 in ottumwa. still some clouds around at 6:00 a.m. 29 at 9:00 a.m. sunny skies by noon, starting to warm up. we will cruise up to around 44. 6:11 p.m. temperature, 35. here are those low clouds. notice there is some easterly
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these associated with that system that is spinning over us, now spinning to the east. high pressure to the west is headed our way. you can see the big change tomorrow. still some clouds over towards chicago. in the city, 47 degrees. here is futurecast doing a good job painting in these clouds. midmorning, some clouds off to the east. thursday night, clear skies. it looks like as we head into friday, nothing but sunshine. nothing but sunshine across most of the midwest. looking ahead, it looks like above normal temperatures across a good portion of the midwest. better chances in eastern iowa. it looks like above normal temperatures from bismarck
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it is an el nio year, so near-normal in the midwest with above then almost a petition as you head to the south and southeast. tonight, wind chills in the teens. tomorrow, forecast high of 44. winds continue out of the west. even better days ahead. friday, sunshine and 49. a bit cooler on sunday. mid to upper 40's and more sunshine next week. a boring 8 day forecast. steve: we are back out live in california we -- california where we are awaiting a news conference from authorities investstating today's deadly mass shooting in san bernardino.
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stacey: the show bringing iowa to broadway, "the bridges of madison county" making its debut at the civic center this week. steve: steve berry joins us now with a review. >> iowa's a pretty popular place
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football, iowa state basketball and our top livability rankings. , well, you can add another feather to our cap with the national broadway tour premiere of "the bridges of madison" county which opened last night at the civic center. based on the uber popular novel by iowa native robert james waller, which has sold 400 trillion copies worldwide, this -- just kidding -- this musical stage version will leave you breathless. i enjoyed the book and the critically acclaimed film starring meryl streep and clint eastwood. but this new broadway version takes the story of a life-changing, whirlwind romance to infatuously new heights. i can't say enough about the lush and romantic score by composer jason robert brown, who won a tony award for this production. not to mention the vocal chops and acting skill of the leads and supporting cast. "the bridges of madison county" is filled with enough fiery passion to melt the iowa state fair butter cow. and it's the music, lyrics and
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so moving. yet, "bridges" never crosses the line into gross sentimentality, which could be easy to do. instead, it takes a simple yet poignant love story and embellishes it with honest and heartfelt emotion, creating a touching and memorable theatrical experience that all iowans can be proud of. you don't want to miss your chance to see the show because it only runs through saturday night at the civic center. steve: like you said, and could have gone to syrupy? . >> but the writing in the score, i think, hit it right on. stacey: all right, scott reister. scott: the hawkeye football team can certainly top it. hawkeyes basketball pulling a
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: eight interceptions 12 , wins, and spot among the top 5
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finalists for the walter camp football foundation player of the year award. the junior cornerback has 8 picks this year, that's tied for first in the nation. it also ties an iowa record. other finalists for the camp award are alabama's derrick henry, stanford's christian mccaffrey, clemson quarterback deshaun watson, and oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. it has been a season for the ages. and now iowa gets a shot to raise one more trophy and advance to the college football playoff. saturday will be the fifth ever big ten title game. michigan state has been to three times. iowa is making its first trip to the title game, but don't expect any big game jitters. >> we have played in the a lot of big games. it is important, but it is another game. >> don't get caught up in all
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if we were to win the game, then we can celebrate. scott: that's something to prove is being michigan state. 7:17 kickoff on's -- kickoff on fox. check it out at 8:00 friday night for a pregame special. the hawkeyes basketball team trying to avoid its first loss of the season. down for right before the half. cut into one. 32-31 seminoles at the break. montaigne brandon underneath. about 20 seconds left in regulation. i was going to run the clock
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he ends up turning it over. the game goes into overtime. the hawkeyes do have a three-point lead. they found themselves down 13. davis find some space. madison weekly, uni star player. shauna johnson for iowa state had 28 and iowa state does get the win. behind 22, the hawkeye women are 7-1. uni is losing it's athletic director. troy dannen, who helped guide the panthers to new heights, is leaving to take the ad job at tulane. new cyclones coach matt campbell continues to bring his assistants from toledo.
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veidt will come and coach the linebackers. campbell will not be bringing his old offensive coordinator jason kendall.
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steve:steve: that outline -- that outline in california where we are awaiting a news conference. 14 people killed, another 70 people hurt. while enforcement officials --
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be sure to look at details of the news conference and any details coming up on kcci eight news this morning. kurtis: these clouds are slowly moving out. we will see a few early tomorrow and then break free to sunshine. this is a december 8 day forecast. 49 saturday. a little breezy on saturday. wind in the north sunday will not the temperatures down to the mid-40's. the outlook for december is above normal temperatures. steve: thank you for joining us. don't forget, kcci eight news this morning starts at 4:30. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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